Course Syllabus

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I Basic Source Materials


Bibliography of Mayan Languages and Linguistics, 1978, Lyle Campell et al., (eds.). PM 396l, B 524, LAC  (excellent bibliography through l976).

            Handbook of Middle American Indians, 1967, 1969, R. Wauchope (series ed.).  Vol 7 (ethnographic sketches of Mayan groups), Volume 5 (linguistic sketches and other useful materials). F 1434, H 3, LAC (ref).

            Supplement to the Handbook of Middle American Indians, (V.R. Bricker (series ed.), Volume 2 (sketches of Cholti and Huastec), Volume 3 (articles on Yucatecan, Tzotzil, Quiche, and Chorti literature).

            Languages of Guatemala, l966, Marvin K. Mayers (Ed.) (contains ethnographic and grammatical sketches of Mayan languages in Guatemala, along with illustrative texts and a 2OO word comparative word list).  PM 3361, M 3, 1966 LAC.

            Estudios de Cultura Maya  published periodically by the Centro de Estudios Mayas, U.N.A.M. de Mexico. (contains many fine articles dealing with all aspects of Mayan cultures.

 G 972.O15, Es 87.

            Journal of Mayan Linguistics, 1978-, PM 3961, A 36, LAC (journal is preceded by 3 separately published earlier attempts at a journal:  l) Marlys McClaran (ed.) l976, Mayan Linguistics (U.C.L.A., Latin American Studies Center) PM 3961, A 44.   2) Nora England (ed.), l978, Papers in Mayan Linguistics (U. Of Missouri, Misc. Pubs. in Anthropology No. 6).    3) Laura Martin (ed.), l979, Papers in Mayan Linguistics.  Columbia, Mo., LucasBrothers Pubs.

            Annual Review of Anthropology. 1985. has overview article and helpful bibliography by Lyle Campbell and Terrence Kaufman, "Mayan Linguistics: Where are We Now?".

            Annual Review of Anthropology. 1995?. has overview article and helpful bibliography on Maya Hieroglyphic Writing by Victoria Bricker.


II  Maya Culture and Civilization: Background Introductions


            Elizabeth P. Benson, l977, The Maya World. (pb)  F l435, B 47, l977 LAC.

            Peter Canby, The Heart of the Sky.

            M.D. Coe, l966, The Maya (pb); revised edition l98O (pb)  G 972.Ol5, C 65m, l966. 

            Freidel, David, Schele, Linda, and Joy Parker. 1993.  Maya Cosmos. (uses ethnographic data to inform studies of Classic Maya worldview)

            Menchú, Rigoberta.  I Rigoberta Menchú.  F1465.2, Q5, M3813, 1984 LAC

            Sharer, Robert (& S.G. Morley, G.W. Brainerd) 1994. The Ancient Maya. (fifth edition) G 972.Ol5, M 827a, l956, l983, 1994. (most comprehensive account, well illustrated)

            Schele, Linda and Mary Ellen Miller 1986. The Blood of Kings. (most           up to date materials on Maya kingship, iconography, and hieroglyphic writing)

            Schele, Linda and David Freidel. 1990.  A Forest of Kings.  (The first real history of the Classic Maya)

            George and Gene Stuart, l977, The Mysterious Maya.  F l435, S 89, LAC

            T. Patrick Culbert, l974, The Lost Civilization: The Story of the Classic Maya.  F L435, C82, LAC

            J.E.S. Thompson, l966, The Rise and Fall of Maya Civilization.

G 972.Ol5, T 374r.

            Carter Wilson, 1965.  Crazy February. G 8l3, W 692 C PCL, LAC & 813, W69l8 C


III  Ethnographic: Mayan Societies Today


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Gaspar Pedro González, A Mayan Life. (La Otra Cara) Yaxte' Press


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Estudios Indigenas, Universidad Autonoma de Chiapas.


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            T. Rugely  2001.  Maya Wars:  Ethnographic Accounts from Nineteenth-Century Yucatan.



IV  Folklore/Oral Literature   


Annals of the Cakchiquels. (Cakchiquel - trans. by Recinos  G 972.81, An 72m, 1967 LAC)

            Sarah Blaffer, l972, The Black Man of Zinacantán (Tzotzil). F 1221, T 9, B 55, LAC.

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            The Book of Chilam Balam of Chumayel. (Yucatec - trans. by Roys qG 972.O15, C 435cE, l967; Edmonson).

            The Book of Chilam Balam of Tizimín (Yucatec - trans. by Makemson, Edmonson)

            Louanna Furbee (-Losee) (ed.), l976, l979, l98O, Mayan Texts I, II, & III. (Nos. l, 3, & 5 of the International Journal of American Linguistics, Native American Texts Series of monographs) PM 3968.8, M 39, LAC.

            Gary Gossen, l974, Chamulas in the World of the Sun. (Tzotzil oral literature). F 1221, T 9, G 677, LAC.

            C.A. Castro, l965, Narraciones Tzeltales de Chiapas.  G 97O.3, kT996C, LAC

            John Fought, 1972, Chorti Texts I.  PM 3661, Z 73, F 6, LAC.

            Charles Andrew Hofling, 1991,  Itzá Maya Texts (has a grammatical overview)

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            Robert Laughlin, l98O, Of Shoes and Ships and Sealing Wax.  (Tzotzil texts)

            Montejo, Victor, 1991.  The Bird Who Cleans the World: and other Mayan Fables.

            Marvin Mayers, l958, Pocomchí Texts.  497.4, M453p  or  MCFICHE 1983, LAC

            Montejo, Victor, 1991.  The Bird Who Cleans the World: and other Mayan Fables.

            Peñalosa, Fernando, 1995.  Tales and Legend of the Q'anjob'al Maya.  Yaxte' Press.

            Peñalosa, Fernando (ed.) 1992.  Cuentos de Don Pedro Miguel Say.  Yaxte' Press.  (Kanjobal /  Q'anjob'al texts)

            Popol Vuh (Quiche - best translations are by Recinos (GZ, G913.7281, P 814S, 1947), Edmonson (F 1421, T 95, no. 35 LAC) , D. Tedlock, 1985).  Also see F 1465, P 828, 1961, LAC.  G 913.7281, P 814S, 1964, l969. 

            Mary Shaw (ed.), l97l, According to our Ancestors. (S.I.L. texts and translations from ACH, AGU, CAK, CHJ, IXL, JAC, KEK, MOP, PCM, PCH., QUI, TZU, USP).  F 1465.3, F 6, S 48, LAC.

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V  Mayan Vocabularies


HUA   R. Larsen, l955, Vocabulario Huasteco (S.I.L.)  FILM 8391 LAC

CHC   G. Zimmermann, l955, "Das Cotoque: die Maya-Sprache von

         Chicomucelo." (in Zeitschrift fur Ethnologie l955:59-87) L572.O5,

         Z37 PCL

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       (U.N.A.M.) PM 3969, S3 LAC      

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        Yucateco Colonial.  (U.N.A.M.) (2 volumes; I Mundo Fisico, II

        Aprovechamiento de los Recursos Naturales) PM 3969, A48, LAC

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           plus). F 1221, L2, B 78, LAC

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        (MCMCA 26 - in LAC. Microfilm collection.

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VI Mayan Grammars


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VII Mayan Reconstructions


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