May 25, 2000


As part of an effort to get more funding for our students, I have started this directory of grants and fellowships information.  I am a student, doing this for the benefit of other students and I am not endorsing or recommending any of these agencies in any way.  The directory was compiled using information that has been trickling in throughout the year, news of grants that our students have been awarded, and information available on the web.  Anyone is welcome to come in to the anthropology office and look at it, but *please* do not "borrow" any of the pages!!  If you want an electronic copy (PC compatible, WordPerfect version 8), drop off a formatted disk in the dept office with your name, and come to pick it up in the afternoon of the Friday after you drop it off (give us at least a day to copy it for you!). 


We need your help adding to this book.  If you know of any award, no matter how small or large, for which our students may be eligible / interested, please let us know.  There is a form in the last section of this directory for this purpose; just jot some quick info down and hand it to Celeste (or drop it in her mailbox).  You can use this form if you feel that any information in this book is wrong, misleading, or incomplete, or if you have suggestions on how it could be better organized.


This is also the place where we will be keeping copies of students' application essays.  If you have been awarded a fellowship, PLEASE help out your compadres by submitting copies of your application essays to this little library.  You can leave your name off it if you like, but we need to know the name of the fellowship program.  Give your "essay donation" to Celeste who will add it to our directory.


Your feedback on this project is welcome -- you can contact me by email at  Thanks for any help / suggestions you can give,


Afra Al-Mussawir



Here is some additional information which may be helpful:



Web pages with listings of different funding sources:    


Web pages with advice for proposal writing:

The Art of Writing Proposals for the SSRC:   

Grant Proposal: a website with free grantwriting advice    

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A Grant Getter's Guide to the Internet  

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