CHORTI DICTIONARY  (from Wisdom 195O)



From microfilm of handwritten notes deposited at the University of Chicago by Charles Wisdom,

this dictionary was transcribed and transliterated by Brian Stross, Department of Anthropology,University of Texas at Austin, Austin, TX 78712



ch is used here for Wisdom's č,   x  is used here for his š, and h is used here for his x (so transliterated in my normalized version of the Chortí), and b is used here for his p'.    tz  is used here for his  c,  and tz' replaces his c'.  Wisdom's q is transliterated as k, and his q' as k'  (since Chorti makes no  k / q distinction)



A    B    CH    CH'    E    H    I    J     K    K'    L     M     N    O


P    Q    Q'       S    T    T'    TZ    TZ'    U     W     X     Y