B  and   P'  =   B



p. 577

bah                               p'ah 'body, self, a being, a spirit'

nibah                            'myself, my body'

ubah                             'himself, oneself, one's body'

ubo'ob                          up'oop' [up'ahop'] 'their bodies, themselves'

bahan                           'solitude, aloneness, alone, by itself'

ah bahan                       'person living alone, bachelor, outcast, solitary  animal ???'

bahaner                        'alone'

ubahaner                      'by himself, by oneself'

in bahaner                     'by myself'

inxanah ni bahaner        'I go alone, I walk alone'

tune'en in bahaner         'I live alone'

ubahanob                     up'ahan op  'by themselves'

bahk                             'joint (in the body or in a plant)'

bahk uk'ab                   p'ahk uq'ap  'arm joint, elbow'

bahk wut uk'ab             p'ahk uut uq'ap'  'hand joint'

bahk w-or uk'ab           'p'ahk uor uq'ap'  'finger joint'

bahk uyok                    'leg joint'

bahk wut uyok              'foot joint'

bahk wor wut uyok       'toe joint'

bahk uyamas                'elbow joint'

bahk uk'ehreb               p'ahk uk'ehrep'  'shoulder joint'

bahk unok uk'ab           'wrist joint'

bahk uya'                      'hip joint'

bahker                          '[coll form of p'ahk] 'joints, all the joints'

baker ubah                   'joints of the body'

ubaker ubah                 'one's body joints'

baker wut uk'ab            'joints of one's hand'

ubahker                        'one's joints'

k'ux bahker                  q'ux p'ahker  'arthritis'

bahkir                           'pertaining to the joints (of the body)'

k'ahk' bahkir                 q'ahq'.p'ahkir  'joint inflammation'

k'ux bahkir                   q'ux.p'ahkir  'pain in a joint'

bahkoih                        'be jointed, having joints' [cl.3]

bahkoih te'                    'any jointed plants'

bahkoihbir                    'jointed'

bahk'                            [p'a.h.k'] 'a bind, a tie'

bahk'ib                         'binding twine ??? (used for tying ?? ??????? joints)'

bahn                             p'ahn    'heat, warmth'

bahna                           'heat or warm up a thing' [cl.2].

bahna e ha'                   'heat water'

bahna e xanab              'heat a poultice'

botu' ahnbir                  'heated, warmed'


p. 578

bahnbir ha'                    'heated water'

bahnwinah                    'be heated'

bahanwinib                   'spot on the fireplace for heating ollas of water'

bahk'                            p'ahq' [paaq'] 'fright, sudden terror (espanto)'

bahk' umen e chan        'fright caused by a snake'

bahk' ch??chan ik'ar     'fright caused by hurricane'

bahk' e ha'                    'fright caused by water (fear of drowning)'

bahk' e chamen             'fright caused by looking at a corpse'

bahk' e hah??               p'ahq' e xah??  '?????'

bahk' ut                        [ut : face, appearance] 'apparition, evil spirit, anything which causes fright, aigre, scarecrow'

bahk' ut te'                    'manzanilla, manzanilla de Castilla (cul[tivated] shrub of great med[icinal] value)'

bahk' ut chamaih           [chamaij : death] 'death fright'

bahk' ut wayak'            p'ahq'ut.wayak  [wayak : dream] 'nightmare'

bahk'uh                        'frightened, received fright (sp. estar espantado)' [cl.3]

bahk'ubir                      'frightened'

bahk'uhse                     'frighten, terrify, cause fright (espantar)' [cl 2]

bahk'uhsebir                 'frightened, terrified (espantado)'

bahk'uhsebir chamaih    'he died of fright'

bahram                         p'ahram 'jaguar' (onza)'

burem bahram              'a black jaguar'

bahs                             p'ahs [p'a.h-s] 'bundle, package, roll of objects, anything tied up'

bahs e si'                      'bundle of firewood'

bahsib                          'tying cord, wrapping leaves'

bak                              'bone, any bone-like object, made of bone'

bak utzem                     'one's rib'

bak uyamas                  'one's elbow bone, radius'

bak uya'                       'one's thigh bone or femur'

bak ukahram                'jawbone'

bak ukehreb                 p'ak uk'ehrep'  'shoulder bone'

bak uk'erar                   'cheek bone'

bak wut upix                 'shin bone'

bak uyok                      'leg bone'

bak wut uyok               'foot bone'

bak usuy                       p'ak usui  'coccyx'  (cf. suih 'lower back')

bak wut                        'any facial bone'

ubak e winik                 'bone of a man'

ubak e ak'ach               'chicken bone'

uni' bak                        'its bone point'

hutz bak                       'bone dislocation'

bak uk'ab                     'one's hand bone'

kach bak                      'bone binding'

k'ux bak                       'pain in a bone'

saksak bak                   'bleached bone'

bak kahramir                'jawbone'


p. 579

bak k'abir                     'any hand bone'     

bak tzemir                    'rib'

ut ubak tzemir               'his rib'

bak utir                         'any facial bone'

bak ya'ir                       [a' : thigh] 'thigh bone, femur'

bak yokir                      [ok : leg] 'leg bone'

bakar                           'maize cob'

baker                           [coll. form of p'ak] 'bones, group or assemblage of  bone in the body, skeleton'

baker u hor                   'head bones, skull'

baker u-ut                    'head bones, skull'

baker u-pat                  'back bones, vertebrae, scapula'

baker u-yok                 'leg bones'

baker u-tzem                'ribs'

baker u-k'ab                 'arm bones'

baker u-ut u-k'ab          'hand bones'

baker u-or uut uk'ab     'finger bones'

baker usipat                  'bones of the back'

baker uni'                     'bones of the nose'

u-baker, u-bakerir        'one's bones'

k'ux baker                    'rheumatism'

bakir                            'bony, bone-like, pertaining to the bone(s)'

hutz bakir                     'bone dislocation'

k'ux bakir                     'bone pain'

bakran                          'be thin or bony, be emaciated' [cl.3]

bakraner                       'thinness, anemia'

bakres                          'make thin, starve (as one's child or an animal)' [cl.2al]

bak'                              'a wrapping a tying up, a binding'

bak'ay                          p'ak'ai  'a yoke'

bak'ayran                     'be yoked, wear a yoke' [cl.3]

bak'ayres                      'yoke (as an ox or bull)' [cl.2]

bak'ar                           'around, encircled, entwined'

in-xanih bak'ar ey otot  'I walk around the house'

war achuwan e mut bak'ar e tekpan      'the bird is gliding around the church'

bakar utzutz ta uhor     'one's hair entwined in braids around the head  (as worn by older women)'

bak'ar e ch'a'n tama e te'ob       'climbing vine wrapped around trees'

bak'at                           'wrapped, tied up, bound'

bak'at pa'                     'tamales'

bak'at rum                    'peanut'

bak'i                             'wrap, tie up, bind, entwine, go around or encircle'  [cl.1]

bak'i e bak'at pa'          'wrap up a tamale'

bak'i u-tzutz                  'wrap up one's hair'

bak'i u-bak                   'wrap up one's (broken) bone'

bak'i e ch'akoner          'bind up a wound'

bak'i taka e ch'an          'wrap or bind with string'

bak'i u-yok e machit     'bind a machete handle (with a rawhide strap)'

bak'i ubah                     'wrap or entwine itself around'

e ch'a'n ;ubak'i ubah ta e te'       'the vine entwines itself around the tree'

bak'bir                          'wrapped, tied up, bound'

ban                               'goodness, value, usefulness, beauty, remedy'

ne'n banen kocha ha'xir             'I am as good as he (as a Ladino)'

ne'n banen tu'ut ha'xir    'I am better than he'

ban taka                       'properly, correctly, well, without charge'

banban                         'good, useful, right, proper, well, truthful'

banban u-ut                  'beautiful, well-behaved, good mannered, be as well-behaved, etc.'

banban uchor                'one's productive milpa, one's milpa is productive'

banban takaren             'it's alright with me!'

banban uche                 'he speaks truthfully'

banban apatnah            'he works properly, he works well'

banban k'opot              'chula blanca, chula colorada (??? herb)'

banban te'                     'yerba del guapo (small plant)'

banbanran                    'be good, be useful' [cl.3]

banbanres                     'make good or useful, improve' [cl.2a]

ban                               'yes, in case'

ban tua'                        'in case that'

bak'ahr                         p'aq'ahr   'danger, risk'

ubak'ahr e bi'ir              'the danger of the roads'

inbak'ahr                      'dangerous, risky'

bak'ahran                     'be dangerous' [cl3]

bak'ahres                      'make dangerous, cause danger to' [cl.2a]

bar                               'weight, heaviness, heavy object, dead weight, foetus, any foreign substance put in the baby by sorcery'

ut ubar                          'her foetus'

ayan u-ut ubar tama unak          'she has a foetus in her womb'

ubarir                           'its weight'

inbar                             'heavy'

bar ekta                        'heft' [cl.3]

baran                            'be heavy, heavy' [cl.3]



barar                            'heavy, any heavy substance, weight, foetus'

bares                            'make heavy, add weight to' [cl.2a]

bas                               'a tying up, a wrapping, a cover'

ut ubas                                     'its cover'

basar                            'a wrapped up article, package'

basi                              'wrap up, do up in a bundle, cover completely' [cl.1]

basi e chab                   'wrap panela (native sugar)'

basi e xep ta uyopor e sik'ab     p'asi e xep' ta uyop'or e sik'ap  'wrap shepes [tamales] in sugar

cane leaves'

basi taka e xe'x             'wrap in maize shucks'

basi inte' chamen tama inte' pohp           'wrap a corpse in a mat (for burial)'

basi ta e hun                 'wrap in paper'

basbir                           'wrapped, covered'

basbir xep                    'wrapped shepe(s)' [tamales]

basbir uhchub               'copal wrapped in shucks'

bask'ah                         'wrap itself up, get covered over'

bax                               'a pull, a pulling up'

baxi                              'pull up, pull out, "pull out" an ailment (by imitating a pulling movement

over the patient's body)' [cl1]

baxi e k'opot                'pull up weeds'

baxi ubahk'ut                <p'axi up'a'q'.ut> '"pull out" one's fright'

baxi u-ik'ar                   '"pull out" one's aigre'

baxi umuak                   '"pull out" one's sickness'

bax mok                       [mok, muak : sickness] '"pulling out" of a sickness'

bax muak                     [mok, muak : sickness] '"pulling out" of a sickness'

baxbir                           'pulled out'

baxbir chor                   '"pulled out" milpa (one completely weeded)'

bat                               'small lizard (generic)'

ah bat                           'lagartija (small lizard)'

bah                               p'aj  'deep yellow, brown, any brown object; mole,

                                    taltuza, (a small brown burrowing animal of several varieties); ? coffee'

saksak bah                   'taltuza blanca (a light gray taltuza)'

bah ch'o'k                     'taltuza ratón (a rat-like taltuza)'

bahbah                         'brown, coffee colored'

bahbah ehketz              [ehkec: chacha] chacha morena (brown variety of chacha bird)'

bahbah bu'ur                 [p'uur : bean]  'frijol moreno (brown variety of beans)'


p. 582

bahbahran                    'be brown, become brown' [cl.3]

bahbahres                     'dye or paint brown' [cl.2a]

bahbah-xeh                  'musaraña (small coffee-colored animal)'

bahbah chuch               'brown squirrel'

bahbah ch'o'k               [ch'o'k : rat] 'large brown burrowing animal'

pa'y, pa'ih                     p'a'i, p'a'ij  'skunk'

burim pa'y                    'black skunk'

saksak pa'y                  'white-breasted skunk, polecat'

pa'y k'opot                   'yerba de zorillo (weed said to have a skunklike odor'

ba'k'                             p'a'q'  'fear, fright'

noh ba'k'                      'extreme fear, terror'

umen uba'k'ir                'because of his fright'

ba'k'ar                          'fear, terror, fearful, terrible'

ba'k'at                          'timid, afraid'

ba'k'at e ixik                 'timid woman'

ba'k'er                          'fear, reverence'

ba'k're                          [p'a'q'ar-e] 'fear anything' [cl.2]

no'n ba'k're e bi'ir ak'bar           'we fear the trail at night'

ba'k're inte' chamen      'fear a corpse'

uba'k're e xerbah          up'a'q're e xerp'aj 'he fears the spirit(s) of the dead'

ba'k'tah                        [p'a'q'at-ah] 'be timid, be afraid [cl.3]

ma'achi aba'k'tah          'not to be afraid'

ba'k'ta'ar                      'timidity, lack of aggressiveness'

ba'k'tes                         'make afraid, put fear into someone, frighten' [cl.2a]

uba'k'teson                   'it frightens us'

ba'x                              'harm, curse, sorcery, malice, hate, misfortune'

ah ba'x                         'curser, reviler, gossiper, enemy'

uyah ba'x                      'one's enemy'

cham;aih umen e ba'x   'he died from a curse (malediction)'

suti e mok umen e ba'x  'send a sickness back (to one's enemy) by a curse'

ba'xan                          'misfortune, ill luck'

ba'xi                             'curse someone, lay a curse on, revile, slander, hate, despise' [cl.2]

ba'xon                          'malediction, prayer for harm (to one's enemy)'

ba'xoner                       'evil-speaking, a cursing'

ah ba'xoner                   'sorcerer, one who pronounces a curse'

ba'xbir                          'slandered, cursed'

ah ba'xbir                     'slandered person'

ne'n ba'xbiren               'I have been slandered'

behr                             'a dragging, a pulling'


p. 583

behrmah                       'carry, drag along' [cl.3]

behrma'ar                     'carrying, transport'

behrbir                         'carried, brought in, harvested'

behrbir tunor ninar        'all my maize has been carried (into the storehouse)'

behru                            'carry, drag along, carry continuously (as at harvest), bring in crops'

behru ubu'ur ta uyotot   'carry one's beans to one's house'

behru'ar                        'the harvest'

behru'ar k'in                  [k'in : time] 'harvest, harvest season, autumn, near dry season (canícula, lasting from Nov. to Feb.)'

behru'ar k'in bu'ur         'near-dry season beans (frijol de verano)'

behru'ar k'in uyutir        'near-dry season fruit'

beht                              p'ehti  'olla, boiling vat'

beht tua' e chab            p'ehti tua' e chap'  'large olla for boiling cane juice'

beht tua' e bu'ur            'olla for boiling beans'

ubehtir e nar                 'olla for boiling maize'

ubehtir uyuhtz'ner          'mint olla (in which it is grown)' (cf. uyuhutz'ner 'yerbabuena' (wi:746))

pak' beht'                     'olla-molding (with the hands)'

beht tak'in                     p'eht.ta'k'in   'kettle, any metal pot'

beht tz'ihk'                    [c'ihk' : clay] 'olla made of fired clay'

be'ich                           'tomato (generic)'

k'an ba'ich                    q'an.p'aich  'tomatillo amarillo (a small semi-cultivated tomato)'

be'ich k'opot                 'friega-platos, tomatillo (wild herb)'

be'ich ch'a'n                  'tomatillo de monte (wild tomato vine)'

ben                               'weed(s), shrub(s), shrubbery'

ben ta chor                   'weeds or shrubs in a milpa'

ben te'                          'small wild vegetation, shrub'

bet                               'owe, an owing, debt'

beta                              'owe' [cl.2]

beta e tumin                  'owe money'

beta e nar                     'owe maize'

ubete'en                        'he owes me'

betes                            'contract a debt, rent' [cl.2a]

betes taka                     'rent from'

betoh                            'owe, be in debt' [cl.3]

ma'chi inna'ta ha'ite' in-betoh     'I do not know how much I owe'


p. 584

betoa'ar                        'debt, indebtedness'

ah betoa'ar                   'debtor'

betbir                           'owed, owed to, anything owed, debt'

ni-betbir                       'my debt(s)'

beya'                            'magpie (urraca; said to have been a talkative old woman who betrayed Jesus and the Jews and was punished by being changed into a bird)'

sbih                              'line, groove, streak, path, trail, road [seldom used without suffix -ir; v bihir]

bihk'                             [h- inferred form of p'ik'] 'bit, small quantity of, pinch of'

inwahk'u ni bihk'ir         'I give my bit'

-bihk'                           [num class]

umbihk ta'                     'bit of excrement'

cha bihk' atz'am            'two pinches of salt'

bihk'ah                         'be reduced in quantity, dwindle' [cl.3]

war abihk'ah ka-nar      'our maize is dwindling'

bihk'es                          'reduce, make dwindle, use up' [cl.2a]

bihk'ir                           'small in quantity'

bihk'irih                        'yield small fruits, yield a scanty harvest' [cl.3]

bihn                              'thought, pondering, worry, preoccupation'

ma'achi apatnah umen ubihnir   'he does not work because of his worrying'

bihnua'ar                       [p'ihnuh-aj] 'thinking, worrying, worry'

bihnuh                          'think, ponder, worry, be preoccupied or concerned, plan' [cl.3]

war abihnuh takar         'he is thinking of someone (about something)'

bihnuh tua' uyinar          'worry about one's crop'

bihnuh taka umaxtak     'think of one's family'

ambihnuh hayte' aaxan utoyen   amp'ihnuhjaite' aaxin ut'oiyen   'I wonder  (ponder on) how

much he will pay me'

bihnui'ix                       [p'ihnu-ix] 'thought about, pondered, worried'

bihnubir                        'thought about, worried over'

bihs                              [p'i-h-s] 'anything measured or weighed, a weight or

                                    measure of, num. class.'

bihsib                           'measuring stick (two "arms" long used for measuring

                                    land), weighing balance (used in the markets)'

biht                               [p'i-h-t] 'load carried on the head, anything carried or supported'

inti' biht e nar                'a load of maize'

bihtib                            'container used for head-carrying'

bihtib e bu'ur                 'bean basket'


p. 585

bihir                              [p'ih-ir] 'road, trail, route'

bihir e xinich                 'ant trail

bihir e machtak             'family trail'

bihir e chor                   'swathe across a milpa'

bihir e kohn                  'bed of a stream'

bihir e ha'                      'bed of a stream'

bihir e cha'ak                p'iir e cha'k  'trail left by a snail'

bihir ta chinam              'the road to the pueblo ("road to town")'

bihir ta uyotot               'trail to one's house (or aldea)'

bihir taka e tun              'rocky trail

bihir tor e witzir             'trail over a mountain'

noh bihir                       'highway (camino real)

sum bihir                       'winding trail'

bihirih                           'go by trail, take the trail or road [cl.3]

bik'                               'bit, small amount of'

bik'it                             'small thing, small variety of (denoting small and collective objects'

bik'it e hinah                 [p'ik'it e jinaj] 'sprouting maize, young maize, the maize is sprouting'

bik'it uyok                    'little toe'

bik'it uk'ab                    'little finger'

bik'it uor uk'ab              'little finger'

bik'it kene'                    [kene' : banana] 'guineo, dátil (small variety of banana'

bik'it kisih                     [kisij : bedbug] 'chinchito (small tick)'

bik'it koko'                   [koko' : coconut]  'cohune palm (coroso)'

bik'it nar                       [nar : maize] maiz cuarenteño (a small variety of maize yielding in forty days)'

bik'it bu'ur                    'frijol pequeño (small red bean), any small bean'

bik'it xinich                   [xinich : ant] 'a tiny red ant'

bik'it tun                       [tun : stone] 'pebble, gravel'

bik'it chor                     [chor : milpa] 'milpa where the maize stalks are young'

bik'it ch'um                   [ch'um : pumpkin] 'pepitoria (cul. vine with non-edible

                                    pumpkin-like fruit)'

bik'it us                         [u's : small fly]  mosca pequeño (a tiny fly)'

bik'itir                           'small object, small member of a series'

bik'itir uyok                  'toes (except the big toe)'

bik'itir uk'ab                  'fingers (except the thumb)'

bik'itran                        'be tiny, grow small' [cl.3]

bik'itres                        'reduce in size, make small' [cl.2a]


p. 586

bis                                p'is  'length, measurement, weight'

bis k'ab                        [q'ap' : hand] 'span of length (cuadra)'

bisi                               [p'isi] 'measure, weigh' [cl.1]

bisi uchor                      'measure off one's milpa'

bisi e chab                    [p'isi e chap'] weigh panela'

bisi ta uk'ab                  'measure length by spans (of hands), heft'

bisbir                            'measured, weighed'

bisbir ta nik'ab              'mesured by my hand'

bix                                [p'ix] 'consciousness, life, spirit'

bix ix                            'pijije (small bird said to call loudly at dawn)'

bixan                            'soul (alma), spirit'

bixan u-k'ab                 'one's pulse'

bixan k'opot                 'yerba de la ?????, c?????iag? (a wild morning glory)'

bixar                             'l.c.'

pixer                             'gaiety, joyousness'

bixir                              'alive, living, awake, sportive, gay'

bisir ubah                      'its live body, its living body'

ne'n bixiren                   [ne'n p'ixiren] 'I am alive'

bixk'ah                         p'ixq'ah  'wake up, remember, come to life (a plant at the beginning

of the rainy season)' [cl.3]

war abixk'ah                 'he is waking up'

in bixk'ah                      'I am awake'

bixk'e'en                       'I awoke'

bixk'aar                        'awakening, remembrance, coming to life'

bixk'es                          'waken, remind, revive' [cl.2a]

bixran                           'be awake, be alone' [cl.3]

bixraner                        'consciouisness, life'

bixre                             [p'ixer-e]  'make gay or lively, entertain' [cl.2]

bixre uyarob                 'entertain one's children'

bixres                           'waken , give life to' [cl.2a]

bixam                           [p'ixam] 'parent-in-law'

ubixamob                     'one's parents-in-law'

inte' ni bixam                 'a parent-in-law of mine'

bixmar                          'any relative of speaker thru marriage to his children'

bit                                [p'it] 'head, upper end, head-shaped fruit'

bit uk'ur                        [p'it uq'ur] 'head of penis'

bit uyotot                      'peak of house roof'

biti                                [p'iti] 'carry on the head or shoulders, support on upper end' [cl.1]

biti e chiki'                    'carry a basket (on one's head)'

biti tor e chapahr           'carry on the litter (as a corpse to the grave)'

biti tor uk'ehreb            'carry on one's shoulder(s)'

biti ta uhor                    'carry on one's head'

biti e pohp                    <p'iti e pohp'>  'carry a mat (on the head, as to market)'


p. 587

bite e payuh                  p'iti e payuj  'wear a shawl'

biti u-bitor                    'wear a (one's) hat'

bitir                              'resting on the head'

bitir ubitor                     'with his hat on (wearing a hat)'

bitor                             [? p'it-or, p'it-hor] 'hat, any kind of rounded crest  (as of a plant)'

ubitor e winik                'the man's hat'

ubitor e yotot                'roof of a round house'

ubitor e cho'k               'crest of a mushroom'

hari bitor                       'hat weaving'

bitor xa'n                      'palma de sombrero (L. palm from the fronds of which hats are made)'

bitz'                              p'ic'  'a sliding or slipping'

bitz'i                             'slide an object, cause to slide' [cl.1]

bitz'kah                         'slide, slip, move along (said of a snake)' [cl.3]

bitz'k'ah ni yok              'my foot slipped'

unxin in bitz'k'ah tor e yak         'I am going to slide on the grass'

bitz'ea'ar                       'a slip, a sliding ????'

bitz'k'es                        'cause to slide or slip, bend' [cl.2a]

bitz'bitz'                        'smooth, slippery'

umen ubitz'bitz'ir           'because of its slipperiness'

ubitz'bitz'ir e bihir          'slippery part of a trail'

imbitz'bitz'                     'slippery, slick'

bitz'bitz'ran                   'be smooth or slippery' [cl.3]

war abitz'bitz'ran umen e haha'ar           'it (the trail) is getting slippery because of the rain'

bitz'bitz'res                    'make smooth, grind smooth' [cl.2a]

ubitz'bitz'res utz'ihk'       'she smoothes her (new) pottery'

bitz'bitz'resnib               'any smoothing instrument'

bitz'bitz'resnib tun          'polishing stone'

inte' bitz'bitz'resnib tun tua' e tz'ihk'        'a polishing stone for (smoothing down) pottery'

bi'                                 'wax, any latex (sap, rubber)'

bi'itz'                             'stretchiness, elasticity'

ubi'itz'ir                         'its elasticity'

bi'itz'an                         'stretch, extend itself out, bend' [cl.3]


abi'tz'an                        'it stretches'

bi'tz'e                            [p'i'c'-se]  'syn for bitz'es <p'i'c'es>'

bi'itz'ebir                       'stretched, extended, bent'

bi'itz'er                          'stretchiness, elasticity'

bi'itz'es                         'stretch a thing (as rubber), extend out, bend' [???]

bi'itz'k'ah                      'stretch of itself, uncoil (as a snake), snap back (as a bent sapling)' [cl.3]


p. 588

bohk                            p'ohk [from p'ok] 'wild vegetation pulled up, de?? Lean vines, trash

(esp. of milpas)'

bohbi                            p'ohp'i  'coyote, ? fox'

bohb te'                        'zunza, zunzapote'

bohb uch'                     'pucuyo (a nocturnal bird)'

bohb we'er                   'caballero (a bird)'              

bok                              p'ok    'a pulling up, burrowing'

bok k'opot                   'week-pulling'

bok rum                       'earth-digging, burrowing'

ah bok rum                   'any burrowing animal'

bok chor                      'milpa-weeding'

ni-bok corer                 'my milpa-weeding'

boki                             'pull up or out (with hands), burrow into' [cl.1]

boki e k'opot                'pull weeds'

boki e takin ch'a'n         'pull up dead vines'

boki inte' wa'ar te'         'pull up a post'

boki e rum                    'burrow the earth (as a burrowing animal)'

bokmah                        'pull weeds, burrow' [cl.3]

unxin in -bokmah ehk'ar            'I am going to pull (weeds) tomorrow'             

abokmah                      'it burrows'

bon                              p'on   'abundance, plenty, many of, any abnormal growth                          or excretion, foreign matter'

ubon ubah                    'placenta (suciedad, costumbre, lózuio?)'

ubon ubon                    'cow's placenta'

ubon unak                    '"filth" in the stomach (sent by sorcery)'

ubon uhor                     '"filth" in one's head (worms sent by sorcerer)'

imbon                           'many, much, excessive'

bonir                            'plentiful, abundant'

bonran                          'be plentiful, grow or exist in abundance' [cl.3]

bonres                          'make an abundance of, increase' [cl.2a]

pok'o'                           p'oq'o'  'hog plum (jobo); see   horqai murak) [cf. CHN pok'  'hogplum']

bor                               p'or   'growth, increase, swelling, wealth' [cf. TZE p'ol]

bor unak' uut                p'or una'k' uut   'white film on the eyes (nube)'

bor tama ucha' kohr unak' uut               p'or tama ucha'.qohr una'k' uut  'cataract in both eyes'

bor tor ubah                 'growth on the body (as a wart)'

inbor                            'increasing, much'

bor ha'                          'increase of water, rain, swelling of streams'

bor rum                        'raising ground, upward slope'


p. 589

boroh                          'increase, get worse, break out with, abound, congregate, become

wealthy, rise' [cl.3]

war ainboroh ni maxtak             'I am increasing in family (said by a man with a pregnant wife'

aboroh e winikob          'the people congregate'

war aboroh                   'he is getting rich'

aboroh uchor                'his milpa increases (grows)'

aboroh uchorob            'his milpas increase (in number)'

aboroh u sahk               'his catarrh gets worse'

aboroh e ikar u nak       'his stomach aigre gets worse'

aboroh u chu'                'her breast milk increases'

aboroh u burer              'his fever goes up'

war aboroh unak          'she is pregnant'

aboroh e ixik                'the woman is pregnant'

boroh taka e chi'k         'break out with sores'

boroh taka e burich       'break out in sweat'

boroh taka e sar ubah  'break out with eczema'

boroh taka e su'tar        'his acidity increases'

warix aboroh tia' an pihaani       'it was getting worse when I cured it'

boroa'ar                       'abundance, plenty, collection, throng'

borohse                        'increase, make grow, make worse, increase a body                          condition or excretion' [cl.2]

borohse uyabich           p'orohse uya'p.ich  'increase ones' urine'

borohse uchu'               'increase the breast milk'

borohse uburich            p'orohse up'ur.ich  'increase perspiration'

borohse unak                'increase (or induce) bowel movement'

borohse ubixan             '{awaken? / increase?}  one's pulse'

borohse uk'ihnar ubah   'increase one's body heat (as during chills)'

borohse utakinir uti'       'increase thirst, make one thirsty'

uborohse unak              'it increases her abdomen (as a growing foetus does)'

boron                           'swelling, swollen spot'

boror                            'increasing, growing, swelling out'

boror ha'                      'increasing water or rain, swelling stream'

boyom                          p'oyom   'tepescuintle (edible burrowing animal'

bo's                              'trash, any useless thing(s), anything disliked'

bo's tuut e tekpan         'trash in front of the church (after market day)'

ut e bo's                       'bit of trash'

bo'si                             'throw away , get rid of' [cl.1]

buh                               'any legume, hard nut or berry'

buhi                              p'uhi [from p'ui] 'length of, piece of, anything cut to desired size'

-buhi                            [num class]

buhk                             'cloth, clothing, piece of cotton weaving'

buhk uyex                     'muslin'

ut e buhk                      'piece of cloth'

ut u-buhk                      'piece of one's clothing'

lap buhk                       'wearing of clothes' pohkib buhk         'cloth wash rag'

pohch' buhk                  'clothes-washing'

sarin buhk                     'colored or spotted clothes'

sub buhk                      'clothes-rinsing'

buhkih                          'wear clothes' [cl.3]

bamban imbuhkih          'I dress well'


p. 590

buhkse                         'dress someone, help in dressing' [cl.2]

buhksu ubah                 'dress oneself'

buhn                             p'uhn [h-infixed form of p'un] 'anything cleaned or purified'

buhnib                          'purifier (especially a plant or other substance used to purify boiling

cane juice'

buhr                             'bottle-necked olla (used by the women for carrying

                                    water; cantaro), any large roundish object'

buhr unuk                     'one's goitre'

mut buhr                       'bird-shaped olla'

buhr nukir                     'goitre ailment'

buht'e'                          p'uht'e' [? puht'-te']  'stiffening poles (set in clay walls to strengthen them), malva (cul[tivated]. herb; Sp. malva real, malva de Castilla)'

buy                               p'ui  'a cutting, a cutting into pieces'

buy si'                           'firewood-cutting'

ah buy si'                      'firewood cutter'

buybir                           'cut, cut up'

buybir sik'ab                 p'uip'ir sik'ap  'cut cane stalks (ready for the press)'

buybir k'opot                'cut weeds'

buyyar                          p'uiyar  'anything chopped or cut up'

kus buyyar                    qus.p'uiyar    'abortion'

buyyi                            'cut up, chop into pieces, cut in two, cut loose' [cl.1]

buyyi e si'                     'cut firewood (into proper lengths for the fireplace or kiln)'

buyyi e k'opot               'cut weeds (by thrusting the machete under the roots)'

buyyi e sik'ab                p'uiyi e sik'ap   'cut sugar cane stalks (into proper

                                    lengths for pressing)'

buyyi e uyar                  'bring about abortion'

buk                              'a sowing, a scattering'

buka                             'sow (as seed), scatter broadcast' [cl.1]

bukbir                          'scattered, sown'

bukru                           p'ukru [pukur-u] 'smooth or level down, scatter a pile (desmontonar)' [cl.2]

bukur                           'sown, scattered out, leel, smoothed out'

bukuran                        'be level, be flat or spread out' [cl.2a]

bukures                        'make level, scatter out' [cl.2a]

bukurbir                       'leveled down, scattered, spread out'

ni ixim bukuhbir            'my (shelled) maize has been scattered'

bukursah                      'a leveling out, level or scattered pile'


p. 591

buk'                              'reed, cane (generic)'

bul                                p'ul    'syn. for p'ur' bun  'clearness, cleanness, purity'

ubunir e ha'                   'clearness of water (of of a stream)'

buni                              'clean, clarify, purity' [cl.1]

ubuni usik'ab                 'he clarifies his {boiling?} sugar cane juice'

bunbun                         'clear, clarified, pure'

bunbun ha'                    'pure or clean water (fit for drinking)'

bunbun sik'ab               'clear (clarified) cane juice'

bub                              'buque (said to be an edible tadpole)'

bur                               'a burning, a charring, a heating up'

bur k'inir                       'sunburn'

bur ich                          'sweat, perspiration'

ahk'ab burich                'night sweating'

burich te'                      'blue gum (variety of eucalyptus)'

burich k'opot                'jamaica rose (cul. lowland coarse herb)'

burchih                         [p'ur.ichih] 'perspire' [cl.3]

imbihk' aburchih            'perspire slightly'

imbor aburchih              'perspire excessively'

imburchih tia' impatnah  'I sweat when I work'

burchia'ar                     'perspiring, attack of sweating'

burchbir                        'made to sweat'

burem                           'burned, charred, black, dark gray, darkened, dyed, any                          dark dye, colored, impure'

burem uyabich              p'urem uya'p.ich  'one's dark urine'

burem uyeh                   'one's blackened tooth'

ah burem                      'tinta de monte shrub'

burem ah puch              'tacuasin negro (an edible opossum)'

burem ehmach              'mapache negro (a dark-gray raccoon'

burem k'opot                'burnt-out area (in a forest or milpa); saca-tinta (cul. native shrub)'

burem ma'x                   p'urem.ma'x  'spider monkey (kept as a pet)'

burem nar                     'maiz negro (dark variety of maize)'

burem bahram              'onza negra (black jaguar)'

burem ba'y                   p'urem.p'a'i   'zorillo negro (black skunk)'


p. 592

burem bu'ur                  'small black variety of bean'

burem k'u'x                   'black pimple(s), acne'

burem k'u'x tuno'r         'acne'

burem k'u'x tuno'r ubah             'acne all over one's body'

burem rum                    'black soil, loam'

burem sahk'                  'locust'

burem sa'stun                'obsidian'

burem si'                       'stick of charred firewood'

burem sutz'                   'murcielago negro (a black bat)'

burem xoch'                  p'urem.xo'ch  'lechuza negra (black owl, said to be a

                                    bird of ill omen)'

burem te'                      'tree(s) charred by fire, tree struck by lightning;  palo negro (a wild hardwood tree with black wood)'

burem chan                   'blacksnake'

burem chuch                 'ardilla negra (a dark-gray squirrel)'

burem ah chuch            'ardilla negra (a dark-gray squirrel)'

burem ch'ahch              'gato negro (a dark-gray wildcat)'

burem ch'oror               'roble negro (variety of oak)'

buerm ch'o'k                 'variety of black rat'

burem tzetze'                'piña cabeza de negro (cul. variety of piñuela)'

burem yabich                p'urem ya'p.ich     'dark urine'

burem yabich burer       'blackwater fever'

burem yeh                    p'urem.yej  'blackened teeth'

burem yeir                    'blackened teeth'

buremar                        'a burn, a scorch, a scar'

buremar tor uk'ab         'burn on one's hands'

buremar ta e buhk         'scorch on cloth'

buremar umen e k'ahk'  'a burn from fire'

buremar ch'a'n              'meona (wild climbing fern)'

buremran                      'be scorched, be charred' [cl.3]

buremres                      'burn slightly or accidentally, scorch, singe' [cl2a]

buremres umen e k'ihna'            'scai??'

buremres uhor utzutz     'singe one's hair'

buremres umen e tak'in             p'uremres umen e ta'k'in  'singe with an iron, brand'

burer                            'fever, excessive body heat' (cf. TZE bulel 'boiling')

burer ubah                    'general fever (calentura, jumbrillo)'

burer unak                    'abdominal fever'

burer uut uhax               p'urer uut uxax   'fever in one's brow'

burer uchan                  'intestinal fever'

burer umen e sor           'asthmatic fever'

burer ut usuy                 'fever in one's buttocks'

burer uut                       'fever in the face'

burer ubahk                  'fever in a joint'


p. 593

burer taka e burich        'sweating fever'

taka e burer                  'feverish, accompanied with fever'

ahk'ab burer                 'night fever'

ich'i' burer                     'fever with blisters (as in smallpox)'

num nakir burer            'typhoid fever'

k'ahk'ir burer                'extreme fever, burning fever'

k'an punen burer           q'an punen.p'urer   'yellow fever'

sanba'ar burer               sanp'aar.p'urer   'swelling accompanied by fever'

sarar burer                    'fever accompanied by itch'

sarin burer                    'scarlet fever'

sak'ar burer                  sa'kar.p'urer   'any contagioius fever'

sihk burer                     'catarrhal fever'

sihm burer                    'hay fever'

sisaih burer                   sisaix.p'urer  'fever with numbness'

sisar burer                    'chill with fever, malaria'

burer te'                        'copalche (small wild tree with aromatic leaves and fruit (copalchi)'

bures                            'burn anything up' [cl.2a]

buri                              'dye, darken anything' [cl.1]

burin                             'burn, scorch'

burta                            [p'urut-a]  'bake, fire (as pottery or lime)' [cl.2]

buruih                           'burn of itself, burn up' [cl.3]

aburuih umen e k'in       'it burns from the sun'

buruih tunor                  'burn completely, burn all over'

war aburuih uyotot        'his house is burning'

burut                            'baked, fired, burned'

burut akar                     'burnt charcoal'

burut tanchih                 p'urut.tanchij   'baked lime'

burut tz'ihk'                   'fired pottery'

burutbir                        'completely baked or burnt'

burutnib                        'kiln'

burutnib e tz'ihk'            'pottery kiln'

burutnib e tanchih          'lime kiln'

burutnib e ak'ar             p'urutnip' e aq'ar   'charcoal kiln'

burutsan                       'bake, fire' [?]

but                               'a burning, a baking'

but k'uhtz'                     p'ut.q'uhc'  'tobacco-smoking'

ah but k'uhtz'                'smoker'

but si'                           'firewood-burning'

ubutsi'ir                         up'utsi'ir   'his burning of firewood'

but tz'ihk'                      'pottery firing'



buta                              'burn, bake, fire, sting, burn the skin (as a nettle)' [cl.2]

buta e tz'ihk'                 'fire pottery'

ubuta inbon e si'            'he burns much firewood'

ubuta uk'uhtz'                'he smokes (his) tobacco'

buta uta' e wakax          'burn cow manure'

buta e wakax                'brand a cow or bull'

butan                            'burn, sting, brand'

butan e wakax              'cattle brand'

butan e awauhui            'centipede sting'

butan e xinich                'ant sting'

butnib                           'kiln, branding iron'

ubutnib e tz'ihk'             'pottery kiln'

ubutnib e tanchih           'lime kiln'

buch                             'any kind of flap, hanging or dangling object, hanging part of body, flag'

buch e koton                'decorative flap on front of man's shirt'

buch u k'ehreb              'withered arm (if entirely ???)'

buch u yok                   'withered leg'

buch u nuk'                   p'uch u nuk   'hanging chin (of aged person)'

buch u ch'orcho'or        'uvula'

buch u chikin                'lobe of ear'

buch u tux                     'clitoris'

buch u xahr                   'penis when not excited'  (xahr 'crotch')

u buch                          'its castrated ???t'

buchi                            'hang a thing, hang up [cl.1]

u buchi u buhk              'he hangs up his clothes'

buchbah                       'hang of itself, dangle, flap (as in the wind)' [cl.3]

buchbes                        'cause to hand, let hang, castrate'

buch'                            'point, tip, pointed object, needle, sliver'

bu'ur                             [p'uh-ur] 'bean(s)'

huch'bir bu'ur                'crushed beans'

to't' bu'ur                      'the crushing of boiled beans (into a paste)'

pak' bu'ur                     pa'q'.p'uur  'bean planting'

behruar k'in bu'ur          'dry-season beans'

bik'it bu'ur                    'any small bean'

burem bu'ur                  'small black variety of bean'

k'ank'an bu'ur               q'anq'an p'uur  'variety of bean (frijol amarillo)'

sak bu'ur                      'frijol blanco (variety of bean)'

saksak bu'ur                 'garbanzo (chickpea)'

sarin bu'ur                     'frijol manchado'

sibik bu'ur                     sip'ik p'uur  'frijol morado'

bu'ur k'opot                  'frijolillo negro (small wild L. shrub)'

bu'ur na'                       'small olla (used for cooking beans)'

bu'ur te'                        'any leguminous plant; frijol arbolito (small black variety of bean)'

bu'ur ch'ahn                  'frijol enredador (climbing bean, also called ch'ahn)'

bu'ur ch'a'n                   'caracolillo (small wild bean-like plant)'

bu'urih                          'yield beans' [cl.3]


p. 595   need to check on this page (I don't have it)


p. 596

bu'hk'                           p'u'hq' [p'u'-h-q']  'a swallow of'

inte' bu'hk' e ha'            'a swallow of water'

bu'ht'                            [p'u'-h-t'] 'stuffing, filling, anything used for filling in, douche, penis (animal), anything used to increase size or weight'

bu'ht' e xa'bun               'vegetable matter added to boiling soap (to increase it)'

bu'ht' e kakaw              p'u'ht' e kakau'  ''ground maize boiled in the cacao drink'

bu'ht' ha'                      'douche liquid'

bu'ht' ha' unak               'vaginal douche'

bu'ht' ha' uut uta'           'rectal douche'

bu'ht' k'opot                 'malva común, malva montés (wild H. herb said to resemble cult. malva)

bu'ht'ah                         'be filled in or stuffed (be bred or fermented (said of the female)' [cl.3]

war abu'htah                 'she is being bred'

ak'bi' bu'ht'ah e wakax  'yesterday the cow was bred'

bu'ht'ib                         'container, pocket, dipper, douche bag'

bu'htib e k'ab chir         'pocket of shoulder bag'

bu'ht'ib k'ewe'er            'douche bag made of cow hide'

bu'k                              'caña brava (wild reed grass), reed grass (? generic)'

bu'k te'                         'caña de Castilla, vara de Castilla (wild reed grass resembling caña brava)'

bu'k'                             'a swallowing'

bu'k'i                            'swallow anything' [cl.1]

bu'k'bir                         'swallowed'

bu't'                              'a filling up, a rise, increase'

ubu't'ir e ha'                  'the rise of a stream'

ubu't'ir e kohn               'the rise of a stream'

bu't' ha'                         'rise of a stream or lake'

bu't' na'k'                      'maize shepe (stuffed with ground bean and pumpkin seeds)'

bu't' ch'en                     'grave-filling'

ah bu't'-ch'en                'one who helps fill in a grave'

bu't'i                             'fill s.t. up, stuff, enlarge, insert the penis (said only of animals)' [cl.1]

bu't'i e ch'en                  'fill in a grave, a hole'

bu't'i e tinam                 'stuff in a cotton wad (into a shotgun)'

bu't'i e pa' tama ante' chihk        'stuff tortillas into a bag'

bu't'i unak                     'douche the vagina'

bu'k'i ukuch                  'douche the vagina'

bu't'i ukur                     p'u't'i uqur   'insert its penis'

bu't'mah                        'stuff, fill, fornicate' [cl.3]

war abu't'mah               'it is fornicating'

bu't'mahar                     p'u't'maar   'copulation (of animals)'

ah bu't'mahar                'stud, bull'

bu't'bir                          'filled, stuffed, bred'

bu't'bir rum                   'filled in cavity in a road, filled-in washout'



bu't'k'ah                        'fill itself up, rise, fill with sap' [cl.l3]

war abu't'k'ah e ha'       'the stream is rising'

abu't'k'ah e noh ha'       'the lake fills up'

war abu't'k'ah e te'        'the tree(s) are filling (with sap)'

bu't'ur                           'full, solid, filled in w/ sap'

bu't'ur ut e tz'ihk'           'a solid lump of clay'

bu't'ur ut e te'                'a solid piece of wood'

bu't'ur ruch e ha'           'full gourd of water'

bu't'ur e kohn                'flooded stream'

bu't'ur u chu'                 'her breasts full (of milk)'

bu't'ur u kuch                'her womb filled up (with the foetus, i.e, pregnant)'

puch'                            p'u'ch'   'a breaking'

puch' nar                      'maize-shelling (in the mortar)'

puch'i                           'husk, shell (in mortar), pound, break up' [cl.2]

puch'i e kahwe              'husk coffee'

puch'i e ku'm                p'u'ch'i e qu'm   'break an egg'

puch'i e ixim                  p'u'ch'i e ixim  'shell maize'

puch'nib                        'mortar'

puch'nib te'                   'wooden mortar'

puch'nib tun                  'stone mortar'

puch'bir                        'husked, broken up, pounded'

butz'                             p'u'c'  'smoke, incense, steam, vapor, a smoking or incensing'

butz'nar                        'the smoking or incensing of maize (as at a ceremony or to protect

(from evil)'

butz'nara'                      [p'u'c'-nar-a'] 'incense maize' [cl.3]

butz' buhk                     'the incensing of one's clothes (as after coming too near a corpse)'

butz' bu'ur                     'the smoking or incensing of beans'

butz'aih                         'give forth smoke' [cl.3]; smoky'

war a butz'ai e chuhben             'the fireplace is smoking'

butz'ar                          'steam, vapor, smoke'

u butz'ar e sak'ap          'steam from exploded sugar cane stalk'

u butz' e kuhtz'              'tob[acco] smoke'

u butz' e kahk'              'smoke from fire'

u butz' e k'ihna'             'vapor from hot water'

butz'a'                           'incense (with copal)' [cl.2]

butz'a' ubah                  'incense oneself'

butz'a' e nar                  'incense maize'

butz'a'nib                      'incense burner'

butz'ayoh                      'incensing, incense-burning'

butz'bah                        'incense oneself (as a protection against sorcery)'                          [cl.3]

butz'bahar                     'copal incensing, "bath" of incense'


p. 598

butz'k'ah                       p'u'c'q'ah     'give forth incense' [cl.3]

butz'k'es                       p'u'c'q'es   'incense anything' [cl.2a]

butz'k'es e ik'ar             p'u'c'q'es e ikar  'incense the air'

butz'ran                        'be smoked or incensed' [cl.3]

butz'res                         'smoke anything' [cl.2a]

ubutz'res unar               'he smokes his maize'

in-butz'res ni-bu'ur        'I smoke my beans'

butz'resbir                     'smoked, it has been smoked'

butz'resbir nar               'smoked maize'

butz'se                          [syn. for p'u'c'res]    


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