p. 713

ch'aan                           [ch'ah-an] 'bitter taste'

ch'aar                           [ch'ah-ar] 'bitter taste, bitter part of (as of a fruit)'

ch'aar k'opot                'Salvia santa (wild aromatic shrub resembling sage)'

ch'aar te'                       'sage (semi-cul. shrub of great medicinal value; salvia)'

ch'ah                            'bitterness bitter taste, gall)'

inch'ah                          'bitter'

ch'ah puhnan                 'turn bitter' [cl.3]

ch'ah te'                        'flor amarilla, chacte (small wild L. tree with yellow flowers of great

med. value)'

ch'ahran                        'be bitter' [cl.3]

war ach'ahran               '???f  thing bitter'

ch'ahres                        'make bitter, add bitter parts' [cl.2a]

ch'ahch'ah                     ch'ahchah   'bitter'

ch'ahch'ah te'                'palo amargo (wild tree with bitter leaves)'

ch'ahch'ah ch'ab            'bitter honey, any wild ????'

ch'ahk                          [from ch'ak] 'anything cut or slashed, lightning flash, ray of light'

ch'ahkib                        'machete'

ch'ahkib chan                [chan : snake] 'coral snake'

ch'ahkib chan k'opot     'yerba corál (wild herb)'

ch'ahn                           [? ch'a-h-n]  'twine, rope, strand of fiber, spun fiber, any trailing or

climbing vine'

bu'ur ch'ahn                  'a climbing vine (frijol enredador)'

ch'ahna                         'spin, weave its net (as a spider)'

ch'ahna i tanam             'spin cotton'

ch'ahna e suk chih         'spin maguey fiber'

ch'ahnah                       'spread itself out (as a growing vine), go out (as a tendril)' [cl.3]

war a ch'ahnah unichir   'its flower(s) is growing out'

ch'ahnan                       'anything spun, length of spun fiber'

ch'ahnanah                    'be spun'

ch'ahnanib                    chahnanip'  'machine spinner'


p. 714

ch'ahnar                        'strand, withe, line or string, leader or tendril (of a plant), trailing vine, growing like a vine,

anything which leads out'

ch'ahnar e ch'o'h   ch'ahnar 'e ch'o'j       'strands which support a food hanger'

ch'ahnar e chiki'            'basket withe'

ch'ahnar e chihr             'drawstring of netted bag'

ch'ahnar uyex                'drawstring of trousers'

ch'ahnar e ch'a'n           'leader of vine plant, tendril'    

ch'ahnar e ch'um           'pumpkin vine'

ch'ahnar e bu'ur            'bean vine'

ah ch'ahnar                   'one who acts as a guide'

ch'ahnar ak                   'zacate de parra (tall grass resembling a climbing vine)'

ch'ahnar mut                 'guia de león (small bird said to precede a mountain lion and to warn of approaching danger'      (cf. TZE k'ahk'al wax  BS)

ch'ahnari                       'guide, lead' [cl.2]

ch'ahnari ubiir makuiir i winikob   ch'ahnari up'iir mahuiir i winikop          'weave one's way through

a crowd'

ch'ahnarih                     'send out a plant leader or tendril, grow (said of  vines), move in a

zigzag fashion' [cl.3] 

war ach'ahnarih             'it is growing (said of a vine)'

ch'ahnarwah                 'be spun'

ch'ahnbir                       'spun'

ch'ahnbir tanam             'spun cotton, candle wick, thread'

ch'ahch'                        'gato de monte (a wild cat)'

burem ch'ahch'              'gato negro (dark gray wildcat)'

ch'ahch' uut                   ch'ahch uut  [? "cat-faced, cat appearance"] 'gray'

uch'ahch'ir uut               ch'ahchir uut 'its grayness'

ch'ahch' uut bu'ur          ch'ahch uut p'uur   'frijol grís (a grayish bean)'

ch'ahch'ran uut              ch'ahchran uut  'be gray' [cl.3]

ch'ahch'res uut              'make gray, dye gray' [cl.2a]

ch'ahch'res nuut            [ch'ahchres-n-ah uut] 'be dyed or colored gray'

ch'ay                            ch'ai  'chayo or copapayo (cul. L. tree)'

ch'ak                            'a cutting or hacking, large tooth, fang'

ch'akbente'                   ch'ak.p'ente'  'the cutting of wild vegetation in the milpas before planting (desmonte)'

k'ani inche inte' ch'akbente'       'I wish to do a milpa clearing'

ch'akbente' k'in             'cutting or clearing season'

ch'aksi'                         [si' : firewood]  'firewood cut in proper length, ready for use or sale'

ch'ak chan                    [syn. for ch'ahkip'chan]

ch'akar                         'notch, ??ach, step on a stairway; notched'

ch'akar e t'ihbib te'        chakar e t'ihp'ip' 'notch on a pole ladder'

ch'akar te'                     'pole ladder, notched pole'

ch'akarbir                     'notched, stepped'


p. 715

ch'akem                        'hacked, wounded'

ch'akemar                     'wound, cut, girdle (as on a tree)'

ch'aki                           'cut or hack, chop down, wound' [cl.1]

ch'aki e k'ahk'               'strike fire (from a flint)'

ch'aki e te'                    'chop down a tree'

ch'aki uyahba'x             'wound one's enemy'

ch'akon                        'wound'

ch'akon e te'                 'girdle a tree'

ch'akoner                     'wound(s)'

ah ch'akoner                 'wounder, murderer'

kac ch'akoner     'akoner  'wound-binding (as with bandages and                          poultices'

ch'akbir                        'hacked, chopped'

ch'akbu                        ch'akp'u  'nail, nail down' [cl.2]

ch'akbunah                   'be nailed down' [cl.]

ch'akbunib                    'nail'

ch'akru                         [ch'akar-u]  'notch a pole, make many notches, girdle a tree' [cl.2]

ch'akwan                      'be made fast, be nailed' [cl.3]

ch'akum                        'ditch'

ch'aku' ch'aku'              'woodpecker'

ch'am                           'a gathering, a harvesting'

ch'amnar                       'maize-harvesting'

ch'am narob                  cham.narop'  'maize-harvesting group'

ch'amnari                      'harvest maize' [cl.3]

ch'ambu'ur                    'bean harvesting'

ch'ambu'uri                   'harvest beans'

ch'amin                         'grasp, pick up, gather'

ch'amoh                        'harvest' [cl.3]

war ach'amoob             'they are harvesting'

iinxin in ch'amoh tia' atakbah     'I shall harvest when it is dry'

ch'amoaar                     [-oh-ar] 'harvest, harvesting of'

ch'amoaar k'in              [also ; uk'inir e ch'amoaar] 'harvesting season'

ch'amohse                    'harvest a crop' [cl.2]

ch'amoh                        'harvest, harvested crops'

ch'an                            'strand (as in netting or weaving), twine, cord, anything used for

tying (mecate), fishing line or net, netting'

ch'an e xa'n                    'strip of palm frond (used for tying fronds to a house roof)'

uch'anir e te'                 'bark string'

hur ch'an                       'net-throwing, net-fishing'

noh ch'an                      'large twine, rope'

pur ch'an                      'softening of bark string (in a liquid)'

kahchib ch'an                qahchip'.ch'an    'tethering rope'


p. 716

sum ch'an                     'rope-making, rope-twisting'

sutut ch'an                    'bullroarer'

ch'an k'opot                  'cordon de San Francisco (c???dy herb with small branches said

to resemble twine)'

ch'an pat                       'stiff warp strand (used in textiles)'

ch'an pat e chiki'           'warp strand in basket'

ch'an pat e chihr            'warp strand of shoulder bag'

ch'an te'                        'majagua, majas (large wild tree the inner bark of which is used for tying)'

ch'an t'in                       'the bow (now used only as a toy'

hur ch'ant'in                  'bow-shooting'

ch'a'                             'lying down, horizontal, horizontal position'

ch'a'pahr                       'litter (used for carrying, as saints in processions, the dead to the grave,

and harvested crops to the storehouse; called in Spanish ; tapisco)'

ch'a'ak                          'surface made of reeds or canes (used to cover beds, doors, maize

and bean threshers, and fish traps), raft'

ch'a'ak te'                     'bed, house door, fish trap; vara de cama, vara blanca (a wild H. cane)'

uch'a'ak te'ir uut e yotot            'door of a house'

ch'a'ak te' harar            'jimelite (a wild H. cane)' ch'a'an  'lying down, reclined, trailing

(as a vine), level; lie down' [cl.3]

inch'a'an                       'I lie down, I go to bed'

ch'a'an uchikin              'its ears lying down (said of an animal)'

ch'a'an uneh                  'its tail dragging (as a lizard's)'

ch'a'an k'in                    'west, afternoon, early evening'

ak'bi' ch'a'an k'in           'yesterday afternoon'

ch'a'an k'in we'             'evening meal'

ch'a'an tar                     'level or flat area, plain'

ch'a'anan                      'tendency to lying down; weakness, lassitude, chronic fatigue'

ch'a'ar                          'lying down, in bed, horizontal, in a place or locality, be in a

place' [cl.4]

ch'a'ar e te'                   'the tree (trunk) is felled'

ch'a'ar ta rum                'lying on the ground, ground growing (as a vine), it is lying (growing

along the ground)'

maachi inna'ta tia' ch'a'ar'          I do not know where he (she, it) is'

ch'a'aren                       'lie down'

ch'a'ar te'                      'horizontal timbers (as in a house), log lying on the                                                   ground, felled tree'

ch'a'ar ch'a'n                 'any ground vine or runner'

ch'a'aran                       'lie down, be recumbent or horizontal' [cl.3]

ch'a'ares                       'make lie down, lay a thing down' [cl.2a]


p. 717

ch'a'arib                        'support (for anything lying horizontally)'

ch'a'arib e semet           'comal support (side walls of fireplace)'

ch'a'arbir                      'laid down, horizontal beam laid on top of corner posts of house'

ch'a'bu                          'put or place, set (*as a table), set food to cooking, put a child to

bed' [cl.2]

ch'a'butar                      'take aim (with a gun)'

ch'a'buntar                    'take aim'

ch'a'wan                       'be in its place, be laid down or reclined'

ch'a'k                           'flea'

momoh ch'a'k               'chichicaste nigua (nettle shrub)'

noh ch'a'k                     'a large flea (pulgón)'

ch'a'kwaya'                   [? ch'a'k-wai-y-a'] 'casam pulga (a poisonous flea-like insect; contact

with its feet is said to cause loss of feeling in the skin)'

ch'a'k waya' k'opot       'yerba de casam pulga (wild herb)'

ch'a'n                            'vine or climbing shrub (generic), vinelike, growing like a vine

[compounded with many words to form names of vines and vine-like plants)'

max ch'a'n                    'mashaste de tareas (a vine)'

momoh ch'a'n               'any nettle vine'

beich ch'a'n                   'wild tomato vine'

bu'ur ch'a'n                   'small wild bean-like plant'

kahchib ch'a'n               qahchip'.ch'a'n  'vine or liana used for tying'

koror ch'a'n                  'cucumber'

k'an ch'a'n                    'a wild woody vine'

sak ch'a'n                     'bejuco blanco (vine)' sutz ch'a'n  'bejuco de cinacas (woody vine)'

sek' ch'a'n                     'velvet-bean (vine)'

ch'a'n fresal                  'strawberry'

ch'a'n ikar                     'fennel (H. cul. herb with aromatic seeds)'

ch'a'n murur                  'tecomate, tecomatillo (cul. old world gourd vine)'

ch'a'n beich                   'tomatillo (native american tomato, a cul. vine)'

ch'a'n bu'ur                   'any climbing bean; frijol de ???nin (black vine bean with large pods)'

ch'a'n k'o'                     ch'a'n.q'o'  'barco (native ground vine)'

ch'a'n t'ix                      'sarsaparilia (semi-cul. H. prickly vine)'

ch'ehp                          [from  ch'ep] 'pinch or bite of...'

-ch'ehp                         (num. class.)

unch'ehp y atz'am          'a pinch of salt'

ch'eik                           'onion, any onion-like wild fruit'

ch'eik k'opot                 'cebolla albarrana, cebolla silvestre (wild H. native herb somewhat resembling the cultivated onion)'


p. 718

ch'eik te'                       'cebollín (large wild shrub with onion-like fruit)'

ch'en                            'opening, hole, perforation, cave, grave, ditch, vat, well, tank, canyon, arroyo, hollow, valley, cavity'

ch'en e xanich               'ant hill'

ch'en e ha'                    'small gully or rut (left by rain)'

ch'en e bu'ch'nib           'cavity in a mortar'

ch'en ukahram              'cleft in chin'

ch'en ukur                     'groove around the head of the penis'

ch'en uta uhor ukur       'groove around the head of the penis'

ch'en uk'ab                   'line in the (palm of) hand'

ch'en utahnir uk'ab        'line in the (palm of) hand'

ch'en uk'erar                 'hollow of the cheek'

ch'en urax                     'deep brown wrinkle'

ch'en usuy unak            'wrinkle in abdomen (said of an aged person)'

ch'en uti', ch'en uk'eweerar uti'  'vertical groove of upper lip'

ch'en uchikin                 'groove of outer ear'

ch'en utz'ahk'ib uor uk'ab          'wrinkle in a knuckle (of the finger)'

ch'en uyamas                'hollow spot near elbow'

noh ch'en                      'large hole, cave, mine'

pahn ch'en                    'grave digging'

bu't' ch'en                     'grave filling'

ch'en k'ab                     'palm line'

ch'en tun                       'crag, eroded boulder (with a hollow at its base under which travelers

wait during a rainstorm)'

ch'en chan                    'variety of burrowing snake'

ch'en huh                      'garrobo de cerro (small cave-dwelling iguana)'

ch'enar                         'hole, burrow, grave, vat'

u ch'enar e ch'o'k          'rat hole'

u ch'enar e bah             'burrow of taltuza'

u ch'enar e chamen       'grave'

u ch'enar e bohnib         'dye vat'

u ch'enar e tumin           'perforation in pendant coin'

ch'ener                         (coll. form)  'lines, wrinkles'

ch'ener u k'ab               'wrinkles of palm' ch'ener u chikin    'grooves of ear'

ch'enir                          'hollowed out, empty, open, pertaining to a hole or cavity, living in a

hole or cave'

ch'enlan                        'be dug out or concave, indented or cracked'

ch'enlan ut e biir            'the road's gullies (as after a rain)'

ch'enles                        'dig, excavate, mine, make concave (as the top of a mortar)' [cl.2a]

e haha'ar u ch'enles e biir           'the rain gullies the trail'

ch'enk'ah                      'crack or open up of itself' [cl3]

ch'enk'ah k'iix               ch'enq'ah q'iix  'It cracked, it opened'

ch'enkex                       'chenquísh (orchid found growing on tree trunks)'


p. 719

ch'ep                            'pinching, bite (as of a snake)'

ch'epe                          'pinch, bite' [cl.?]

ch'epeh                         'partridge'

ch'er                             'coming out'

ch'ereh                         'issue forth, come out' [cl.3]

ch'erer                          'conjunctivitis'

ch'ereh, ch'ere'              'matter, pus, issue from the body (chele)'

ch'ereh u ut                   'matter in the corners of the eyes'

ch'ereh u kur                 'wax under the foreskin'

ch'euhui                         '????? pottery vessel'

ch'e wob                      ch'e wop  'kitchen utensils'

ch'euh tun                     [tun : stone] 'stone bowl'

ch'euh tz'ihk'                 [tz'ihk' : clay] 'clay bowl'

ch'e'                             'armpit'

ch'i                               'smallness, small size'

ch'iir                             'small, slight'

ch'iirha'                         [ha' : water] 'soft rain, showers (lloviana)'

ch'ich'i                          'little, slight'

ch'ihr                            'baking, toasting; ?comal'

ch'ihr ixim                     'maize-toasting (on the comal)'

ch'ihri                           'bake (as on the comal), toast' [cl.2]

ch'ihri tor e semet          'bake on the comal'

ch'ihri ta tan                  'bake in hot ashes'

uch'ihri ukakau'             'she bakes her cacao'

ch'ihrmah                      'bake, roast' [cl.3]

ch'ihrnah                       'be baked'

ch'ihrnib                        'comal, spot in fireplace used for baking'

ch'ihrk'ah                      ch'ihrq'ah 'tan (as one's skin)' [cl.3]

ch'it                              'small lizard'

ch'it kohn                      'piscóy (small bird)'

ch'ich'                           'blood, dark red sap of plants'

ch'ich' ta uyabich           ch'ich' ta uy'p.ich   'blood in one's urine'

ch'ich' ta uyeh               'bleeding gums'

ch'ich' ta uni'                 'nosebleed'

k'ak' ch'ich'                   'condition of "strong blood"'

ch'ich' awauhui              '[awauhui : centipede] 'doradilla (small ????)'

ch'ich' k'opot                'globe amaranth (semi-cul. herb : siempre-viva)'

ch'ich' nak te'                'simarruba (semi-cul. tree)'   (Bursera simarruba)

ch'ich' nakir                  [nak : abdomen] 'dysentery, bloody ????; guacuco  (large wild L. shrub

with aromatic leaves)'


p. 72O

ch'ich'nar                      [nar : maize] 'variety of maize (maiz sangre de cristo)'

ch'ich'bu'ur                   [bu'ur : bean] 'frijol de sangre (dark red variety of beans, much preferred

for making soup)'

ch'ich' tar                      [tar : place] 'bloody place on the flesh, flesh cut'

ch'ich' te'                      'any plant or tree with blood-like sap; drago or sangre de drago

(wild H. tree with red sap)'

ch'ich'en                       'bleed, menstruate, bloody' [cl.3]

war ach'ich'en               'it is bleeding, she is menstruating'

ch'ich'enran                   'be bloody or menstruating'

ch'ich'enres                   'cause to bleed, cure by bleeding (known to the Chorti but not

practiced)' [cl.2a]

ch'ich'enres ubah           'make itself bleed, induce menstruation'

ch'ich'er                        'blood stream, a bleeding, bloody, fresh (as meat)'

uch'ich'er we'r               'fresh meat'

ch'ich'er uni'                  'nosebleed, bloody nose'

ch'ich'er ubak               'bloody bone'

ch'ich'er uta'                  'gum or mouth bleeding' [probably inaccurate on Wisdom's part;  should

probably be ch'ich'er uti']

ch'ich'er uta'                  'blood in the bowels, dysentery'

ch'ich'er uut uta'            'blood in the bowels, dysentery'

ch'ich'er u yabich          ch'ich'er uya'pich  'blood int he urine'

uch'ich'er e ixim            'blood accompanying delivery, menstrual flow (soltura)'

ch'ich'er ubah                'blood accompanying delivery, menstrual flow (soltura)'

lok' ch'ich'er                 lo'k'.ch'ich'er  'menstruation'

ch'ich'er k'opot             'orégano de monte, or orégano montés (wild shrub resembling the

cul. orégano)'

ch'ich'er te'                   'orégano, or oregano de Castillo (cul. shrub yielding edible greens'

ch'ich'erbir                    'blooded bled, covered with blood'

ch'iwan                         [?ch'i'-waan] 'vegetable pear (native cul. ? vine; huisquil)'

ch'iwan t'ix                    'spiny amaranth (wild spiny herb ; huisquilete)'

chih                              ch'ij [? ch'i'-ij] 'horse, mule'

uneh chih                      'cola de caballo (jointed stem fern or horsetail)'

kachbir chih                  'tethered horse'

ch'i'                              'growth'

ch'i'bu'ur                       [p'uur : bean] 'frijol grande (tall variety ???? bean)'

ch'i'ch'a'n                      [ch'a'n : vine] 'yerba grande (wild herb)'

ch'i'er                           [ch'ie'r] 'growth'

ah ch'i'er                       'growing animal (or plant)'

ch'i'ih                            'grow, grow up' [cl.3]

war ach'i'ih                   'it is growing'

in ch'i'h                         'I grow'

ch'i'h bamban                ch'i'h p'amp'an  'grow well, thrive'

ch'i'h ta'kar                   'grow attached (as to a wall or tree trunk), grow in a cluster (as grapes)'

ch'i'h ba'kar                  'grow entwined, grow around'

ch'i'h tech'er                  'grow open or spread out, spread out (as a growing tree)'

ch'i'h tor e rum              'grow along the ground'


p. 721

ch'i'h tor e tun               'grow on rocks'

ch'i'h ch'uyur                 'grow climbing (as a climbing vine)'

ch'i'h waar                    'grow vertically (as a stalk plant)'

war ach'i'h waar            'it is growing up

ch'i'ihse                         'enlarge, increase, make grow, bring up children, adopt a child or pet'


ch'i'ir                            'abnormal growth, protrusion, swelling, wen; malanga or coco

(semi-cul. native herb'

ch'i'ir unuk                    'goiter'

ch'i'ir unuk uk'ab           ch'i'ir unuk uq'ap  'wen on the wrist'

ch'i'ir urax                     'bump on the forehead'

ah ch'i'ir, ah ch'i'ir k'opot           'a wild herbaceous plant'

ch'i'ir k'opot                  'quequexhque   (wild herb resembling the malanga)'

ch'i'ran                          'be growing' [cl.3]

ch'i'res                          'assist in growing, cultivate, care for plants' [cl.2a]

ch'i'ix                            'grown, grown up, adult, old, large'

ch'i'ix e nar                   'grown maize'

ah ch'i'ix                       'grown man'

ch'i'ih                            'growth, large, great, supreme, giant'

ch'i'ih chan                    [chan : snake] chicchan (deity of rain and spirit of water; also called ah ch'i'hchan and ch'i'hchan noh ha')'

ch'i'ih chan ik'ar  ch'i'ij.chanikar             [ikar : wind] 'storm, hurricane (said to be caused

by the passing of a chicchan)'

ch'i'ihchan ixik               [ixik :  woman] 'female aspect of Chicchan'

ch'i'ih chan winik           [winik : man] 'giant'

ch'i'ch'                          'ruin, destruction, misuse'

ch'i'ch'ba                      'ruin a thing, misuse, destroy' [cl.2]

ch'ich'bah ubah             'destroy itself'

ch'i'ch'bayah                 'ruination, destruction'

ch'i'ch'bah                     'ruin, destruction'

ch'i'ch'wan                    'go to ruin, decay' [cl.3]

ch'ohp                          [from ch'op]  'waste, trash, anything thrown off,  placenta,

foetus prematurely delivered, honey, guarumo

(small wild pa???-like tree)'

ch'ohp te'                      'guarumo blanco (wild tree similar to the guarumo)'

ch'ohpi                         'expel, throw out or off' [cl.2]

ch'ohpi e ubi' tuubah    'expel worms from one's body'

ch'ohch'                        'an uprooting, a prying up'


p. 722

ch'ohch'i                       'uproot, dig under, pry up' [cl.2]

ch'ohch'i e k'opot umen machit              'uproot weeds with the machete'

ch'ohch'nah                   'be uprooted'

ch'ohch'nib                   'uprooting tool, end of machete blade'

ch'ohch'ob                    [ch'ohch'-hop'] 'wad or stuffing used in hollow aching teeth (said to

"uproot" the tooth), chilindrón, or chilindrón de castilla (large wild L. tree)'

ch'ohch'ob te'               'chilindron blanco (small wild L. tree)' ch'ok chok 'green, unripe,

young, new, newly-born'

ch'ok ak'ach                 ch''ach   'young chicken'

ch'ok arak                    'young domestic animal or fowl'

ch'ok ihch'ok                'newly-born female child'

ch'ok mi's                     'kitten'

ch'ok nar                      'maize with grains just forming (jilote)'

ch'ok nar te'                  [nar : maize]  '????oco (small wild tree with maize-like fruit)'

ch'ok buhk                   'new clothes'

ch'ok bu'ur                   'green beans'

ch'ok bu'ur xeb             'shepe made of maize and green beans'

ch'ok k'uhtz'                 ch'ok.q'uhc'  'uncured tobacco'

ch'ok sitz'                     'newly-born male child'

ch'ok si'                        'green firewood'

ch'ok te'                       'young tree or plant, green wood'

ch'ok tz'i'                      ch''   'puppy'

ch'okor                         'green, young, green or unripe fruit'

ch'okran                       'be green, unripe, or young' [cl.3]

ch'okranix                     'already green or young'

ch'ok to                        'still green or young, soft, delicate'

ch'ok to uchor              'one's unripened milpa'

ch'ok ch'ok                   'green, unripe, young, new'

ch'on                            'upper part of chest, lung(s), lower throat, breast, cliff or bluff'

ahab uch'on                  'whooping cough'

ch'on k'ahk'                  'inflammation of lower throat (? quinsy)'

ch'op                            'a throwing off or away, expulsion'

ch'opi                           'throw away, get rid of' [cl.1]

ch'or                             'any round object, woman's breast, bulb, hanging gourd  (jagual),

squat or breast-shaped'


p. 723

ch'or ha's                      'plátano gordo (a large plantain)'

ch'oror                         'breast shaped, conical'

ch'oror                         [? ch'or-or] 'acorn; oak (generic)'

burim ch'oror                'roble negro'

k'ank'an ch'oror            'roble amarillo'

saksak ch'oror              'white oak (roble blanco)'

ch'orch'or                     'breast-shaped, throat, adam's-apple'

k'um ch'orch'or             'throat gargle'

k'ux ch'orch'or              'throat pain'

ch'orch'or k'opot          'hojasén (semi-cul. L. herb with resinous stalk'

ch'orch'or k'ahk'           'throat inflammation'

ch'orch'orir                   'pertaining to the throat'

k'ahk' ch'orch'orir         'throat inflammation'

ch'oh                            'food hanger (made of braided maguey strands strung from a kitchen

rafter; it is used to protect food from rats), any mat-like woven piece'  

ch'o'k                           'rat, any rat-like animal'

ah puch ch'o'k              'opossum-like animal'

ah rum ch'o'k                'a burrowing rat'

ba'h ch'o'k                    'a small rat-like burrowing animal'

burem ch'o'k                 'a black rat'

ch'o'k mi's                    'mousing cat'

ch'o'k te'                       'rat trap (ratonera)'

ch'o'k ch'an                  'suspended food hanger'

ch'o'h                           'puma (n. american lion)'

ch'u                              'anything hanging, hanging fruit, raceme of plant'

ch'u ukahram                chu ukahram  'hanging flesh under the chin'

ch'u unaak' uut              'fold of flesh under the eye'

ch'u usuy unak              'fold of flesh in the abdomen'

ch'u ch'aan                    'uva de monte or uva silvestre (wild climbing grapevine)'

ch'ubah                         'hang, droop, bow' [cl.3]

ch'ubah ach'i'h              'it grows hanging (as grapes)'

ch'uba                          'hang a thing, set in a hanging position' [cl.2]

ch'uba uhor                   'bow or hang one's head'

ch'uba e bahch'             'set the deadfall trap'

ch'uba e wakax             'yoke an ox'

ch'ubabir                      'set, hung'

ch'ubabir e bahch'         ch'up'ap'ir 'e pahch'  'set deadfall'

ch'ubes                         'hang a thing, yoke an ox, set the deadfall' [cl2a]

ch'upsayah                    'a hanging'

ch'uun                           'hanging'

ch'uun ch'a'n                 'any hanging vine'

ch'uur                           'hanging, floating, pendant, epiphytic, climbing (as a vine)'

ah ch'uur                       'any hanging vine'

ch'uur uchu'                  ch'uur ucu'  'pendant breast'

ch'uur uti'                      'hanging lip'

ch'uur u tzutz tuut urax   'one's hair hanging over the forehead (as most men wear it)'


p. 724

ch'uur utzutz tu upat      'one's hair hanging behind (as woman wears it)'

ch'uur ukur                   'penis when not erected'

ch'uur uyutir                  'hanging fruit, ripe fruit'

ch'uur turuh                   [tur-uh : be] 'float, glide, hang' [cl.3]

nen ch'uurturen             'I am hanging'

ch'uurix                         'hung up, already hanging'

ch'uur t'ix                      'nance de iguana (wild L. spiny shrub with nance-like fruit'); any

hanging spiny plant or fruit'

ch'uur ch'a'n                  'any hanging vine'

ch'uur uhor                   'vanilla (semi cul. climbing vine'

ch'uur umach'                'musgo negro (epiphytic black moss found hanging on trees in swampy areas'

ch'uurib                        'hook, hanging twine, support for hanging'

ch'uurib e we'r              'small hooked limb used for hanging meat'

ch'uurib e ab                 'ropes used for tying hammocks to trees or poles'

ch'uurib e sukchih,  ch'uurip' suktzih       'sticks to which warp threads are tied, upright pole

on which maguey leaves are rasped'

ch'uurib e wakax           'oxen yoke'

ch'uurib e k'uhtz'           'timber framework to which tobacco leaves are hung for drying'

ch'uurib e k'ewe'r          'pole to which a hide is attached when being scraped (burro)'

ch'uurib e buhr              ch'uurib e p'uhr  'low table supporting round-bottomed ollas'

ch'uwan                        'hang, suspend, float, swim (said of fish only)'[cl.3]

ch'uwan tor e ha'           'float on water'

ch'uwan tam e ik'ar       ch'uwan tam e ikar  'glide in the air'

ach'uwan e chay           'the fish swims'

war ach'uwan uyutir      'its fruit hangs down (is ripe)'

ch'uwan aaxan              [aachin, from a-ix-in, it goes] 'float along, go gliding (as a vulture)'

ch'uhi                            [from ch'ui] 'anything raised or lifted'

ch'uhk                          'wake (velorio), examination, an observing'

ch'uhksan                     'look on (as at a fiesta), be a spectator, be present'


ch'uhksayan                  'a watching, a wake'

ch'uhkse                       'show, hold up for inspection' [cl.2]

ch'uhku                         'examine, watch, find out about, gape at' [cl.2]

ch'uhmur                       'heel (of the foot)'

ch'uhr                           [from ch'ur] 'anything protruded, drop of a liquid;  numeral classifier'

in ch'uhr ha'                  'a (one) drop of water'

ch'uhr ik'ar                    [ikar : wind, aigre] '"drops" of aigre (said to enter the body and cause sickness)'

inch'uhr ik'ar                 'a (one) drop of aigre (gota de aigre)'


p. 725

ch'uhr ch'ah                  'drop or fall in drops, trickle, seep, dripping' [cl.3]

ch'uhr ch'ah e ha'          'dripping water'

ach'uhr ch'ah e ha'         'the water drips'

war ach'uhr ch'ah          'it is dripping'

ch'uhrch'es                    'drip water, allow to seep thru' [cl.2a]

ch'uhrub                       'anything hanging or protruding'

ch'urub ha'                    'dripping water (as from leaves or a house eave)'

ch'uhch'                        'a jerk, a pull'

ch'uhch'ar                     'a jerk a strain'

ch'uhch'ar upat              'jerk or strain on one's back'

ch'uhch'ar ubahk           'strain of a joint'

ch'uhch'i                       'tear or pull away violently, strain, jerk' [cl.3]

ch'uhch'bah                   'jerk of itself, tear itself away' [cl.3]

ch'uhch'ur                     'jerked, strained'

ch'uhch'ur upat              'one's strained back'

ch'uy                            'anything climbing, raceme of plant, a climbing'

ch'uy k'opot                  'any climbing shrub'

ch'uy ch'a'n                   'any climbing vine'

ch'uybah                       'raise itself, climb up' [cl.3]

ch'uych'uy                     'rising, climbing, taking to the air'

ch'uyi                            ch'uiyi  'raise a thing, lift up, hang up' [cl.1]

ch'uyu ubitor                 ch'uiyuup'itor  'tip one's hat (as a courtesy)'

ch'uyu upi'k' tia' uxari e kohn     'lift one's skirt when crossing a stream'

ch'uyi e chinch'o'h tich'a'n e ha'  'hold the fishing net above the water'

ch'uyib                          'anything used for climbing, belt used for climbing tree, arbor or

plant up which vines grow'

ch'uyur                         'climbing, rising, raised'

ch'uyur e pahch'            'a set deadfall'

ch'uyur e ch'o'h             'suspended food hanger'

ch'uyur k'opot               [syn. for ch'uy k'opot]

ch'uyur ch'a'n                [syn for ch'uch'a'n]

ch'um                           'pumpkin, any pumpkin-like fruit, large squash'

bik'it ch'um                   'pepitona (pumpkin-like) fruit'

ch'um ch'ih                    [chij : horse] 'ayote de caballo (wild ground runner yielding a non-edible squash'

ch'unun                         [? ch'u-un un : hanging avocado] 'any pear or pear-like fruit'

ch'unun k'opot              'yerba chununa (wild climbing shrub said to resemble the chununa vine)'

ch'unun ch'a'n               'chununa (wild L. climbing vine with an extremely sweet pear-like fruit)'


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