p. 690

cha'an                                       'ceremony'

hor cha'an                                 'padrino (horchán)'

noh cha'an                                'important ceremony, rain making ceremony'

chahnche                                  'quiet, silent'

chahnche e kohn                       'still stream'

chahnche taka                           'quietly, silently'

axanah chahnche taka               'he (the sorcerer) goes about silently'

chahncher                                 [chahnche-er]  'quietness'

chahncheran                             'be quiet, be stealthy' [cl.3]

chahncheres                              'quieten, silence, muffle' [cl.2a]

uchahncheres utz'i'                    'he silences his dog'

chahp                                       [from chap]   anything cooked or boiled'

chahpib                                    'cooking olla, any cooking container'

chahpib e xabun                        chahpip' e xa'p'un  'soap vat'

chahpib uyarar usa'                   'chilate vat'

chahpib e sik'ab                        chahpip' e sik'ap  'sugar vat'

chahr                                        'sieve, strainer, filter'

chahran                                    'strained liquid'

chahrnib                                   'strainer, sifter'

chahrnib chiki'                           'basket sieve'

chahrnib tun                              'porous stone used for filtering drinking water'

chahrnib ruch                            'gourd strainer'

chahri                                       'strain, sift' [cl.2]

chahri e sa'                               'strain atol'

chahri e chab                            'strain boiled cane juice'

chahri e hi                                 chahri e ji'  'sift sand (for use as a pottery temper)'

chay                                         chai   'fish (generic)'

luk chay                                    'fishing (with hook and line)'

ut e chay                                   'a fish'

lup chay                                    'fishing with a basket'

k'op chay                                 'gathering of fish (after poisoning in a stream)'

sak chay                                   'pescado blanco (a fish)'

saksak chay                              'a small fish'

chay te'                                     'candelillo, chayté (large wild firewood tree)'

chak                                         'red, reddish, redness, red object'

chak ak                                    'talquezal (wild H. grass with bristly leaves)'

chak kar                                   'quilete rojo (wild herbaceous wild weed with red stalks'

chak kentz'                               'guinéo habanero (large banana)'

chakoben                                 'red beans cooked in a tamale'

chak k'ux k'ab                          'comemano colorado (???, L. climbing shrub resembling the wild comemano blanco'

chak mis te'                              'escobilla colorada (wild herb with reddish leaves)'


p. 691

chak momoh ch'a'n                   chak momoj.cha'n   'chichicaste colorado (semi-cul[tivated]

climbing nettle vine with red flowers)'

chak mor                                  'mozote colorado, mozote negro (small wild H. tree)'

chak mor k'opot                       'mozote colorado (wild herb)'

chak mo' te'                              'guaguileme (wild tree resembling the coral)' chak murak 'cashew'

chak nar                                   'maize bayo (variety of maize)'

chak nichir                                'flor de la cruz (large wild shrub with red flowers)'

chak oroch                               [chak-hor-roch]  'chacra (a black vulture)'

chak pas bom                           'grama colorada (a wild H. grass used medicinally and as a forage)'

chak pas bom ak                      'grama colorada (a wild H. grass used medicinally and as a forage)'

chak bu'ur                                'frijol colorado (small red variety of herb beans)'

chak te'                                    'brazil (large h. UL. tree with red fibrous wood used for dyeing maguey fibers)' [palo de brazil]

chak t'ix                                    'prickly ash (small wild spring shrub (espina colorada)

chak uyopor                             'hoja colorada (wild herb)'

chak hurum te'                          chakp.xurum.te'   'cortez negro, cortez prieto, cortez coyote

(large wild hardwood tree with dark wood used for making oxen yokes)'

chakah                                     'turn red or pink, blush, flush (as the face), redden (as chapped skin)' [cl.3]

chakahr                                    [? chak kahr]  'jiote, palo jiote (large semi-cul[tivated] tree)'

chakahr te'                                'chacaj, palo chacaj, jinicuite (large wild tree said to resemble the jiote)'    

chakar                                      'red object, red part of'

chakar e kiwi'                           chakar e qiwi'  'achiote sauce'

chakar u pek                            'head of penis'

chakar u ni'                               'red tip of the nose'

chakar u chu'                            'nipple'

chakar u na'k' u ut                     'redness in the eyes'

chakar te'                                 'cedar'

chakar                                      'red, red seed or branch'

chakchak                                  'red, dark red, reddish brown, black'

chakchak awauhui                     'culantrillo negro (wild fern with dark red flowers)'

chakchak ehmach                     'a reddish raccoon'

chakchak ich                            'any red chilli'

chakchak kene'                         'guineo cantrado (a reddish banana)'


p. 692   

chakchak kisih                          'a small reddish tick'

chakchak k'ihn te'                     'quina roja (large wild H. tree having most of the medicinal uses of the quina)

chakchak lukum                        '[syn. for lukum rum]

chakchak muahn                       'gavilan colorado (a large red hawk)'

chakchak nar                            'maiz colorado (variety of maize)'

chakchak bahram                     'a red jaguar'

chakchak burer                         'scarlet fever'

chakchak rum                           'beet'

chakchak sahbin                       'a reddish weasel'

dchakchak xinich                      'red and (hormiga colorada)'

chakchak xoch'                         chakchak.xo'ch      'a dark red owl'

chakchak tap te'                       'mangle colorado, mangle negro (descrigbed as a wild

mangrove-like tree)'

chakchak tah te'                        'pino colorado (a H. pine, the commonest in the Chorti region)'

chakchak te'                             'mahogany (valuable hardwood tree now scarce in Eastern                                                                    Guatemala)'

chakchak ch'a'n                        'cypress-vine (semi-cul. climbing vine; (cundeamor)'

chakchak ch'oror                      'roble colorado (an oak with dark-red wood)'

chakchak tz'ihk'                        'red or reddish clay'

chakchak wi'ir                          [syn. for chakchak rum]

chakchak hi'                             'reddish sand'

chakchak hi'-tun                       'red sandstone'

chakchak yah                           'quebracho colorado (wild hardwood tree with reddish wood)'

chakchakran                             'be red, redness' [cl.3]

chakchakres                             'redden a thing, paint or dye red' [cl.2a]

cham                                        'prank deceit'

chami                                       'defraud, obtain by deceit' [cl.1]

cha mar                                    'tobacco smoking'

ah chamar                                 'tobacco smoker'

cha marnib                                cha marnip' [-ar-n-ah-ip'] 'tobacco paper'

chamarbir                                 'smoked (as tobacco)'

chamrih                                    'smoke tobacco' [cl.3]

ne'n chamrien                            'I smoked'

inko' chamrikon                        'let's smoke'

cham                                        'dying, death'


p. 693

chamay                                     chamaih   'die, wilt, droop, die out (as a fire or volcano)' [cl.3-1]; 'dead wilted'

achamay uk'ur                          achamai uq'ur  'his penis loses erectness'

chamay uk'ur                            'his penis lost erectness, relaxed penis'

chamayix                                  [chamrach -ix] 'already dead, long dead'

chamaih                                    [cham-ach-j] 'a death'

ayan imbon e chamaih               'there are many deaths'

chamaih tamu uyotot [tama uyotot]        'death in one's house'

chamen                                     'dead, wilted, corpse'

e chamenob                              e chamenop  'the dead'

chamen awayan                        'be in a coma (dead one sleeps)'

chamen a kuxnah                      'be still-born'

chamen a kuxnah uyar               'her child is still-born'

achamen tu unak                       'dead in her womb'

chamer                                     'death, epidemic causing many deaths'

ah chamer                                 'god of death, sickness, and disease'

chames                                     'extinguish (as a fire), do away with' [cl.2a]

chamih                                      'fatal'

muah chamir                             'fatal illness'

chamsan                                   'poison'

u chamsan e chan                      'snake's poison'

chamsan k'opot                        'Jimson weed'    

ah chamsan                               'poisoner (especially one who poisons his enemy secretly with camotrilo)'

chamsaner                                'poison, poisonness'

chamay umen uchamsaner         'he died because he gets poisonness'

ah chamsaner                            'any poisonous plant (especially the  chamsán, a poisonous mushroom'

chamsanar                                'poisonous'

chamsanirih                               'yield poisonous part, crude poison' [cl.3]

chamsaniria'ar                           [-ir-ih-ar] 'poisonous, yielding poisonous fruits'

chamsanran                              'be poisonous' [cl.3]

chamsanres                               'poison, kill by poisoning'[cl.2a]

chamsanres ubah                      'poison oneself'

chamse                                     'kill, murder, butcher' [cl.2]

chamse e chay                          'dynamite fish (an illegal practice)'

uchamsa'ani inte' winik              'he killed a man'

chamse inte' chitam                   'butcher a hog'

chamsu ubah                             'commit suicide'

chamseyah                                'killing, butchering, murder'

ah chamseyah                           'killer, butcher, murderer'

ah chamseyah wakax                'butcher'

ah chamseyah chay                   'who who fishes with dynamite'


p. 694

chan                                         'snake, long worm (generic), intestine, gut, zigzag line, winding rut, winding, muscle cramp, colic (colico)'

inte' chan tu'ut usuy                   'a snake in one's rectum (said to enter a woman who defecates at night'

uchanir unak                             'any intestinal worm'

chan ut'int'in                              'cramp in backside of knee'

chan unak                                 'intestinal or stomach colic'

chan uchicher                            'muscle cramp'

ha' chan                                    'any aquatic snake'

haha' chan                                'any aquatic snake'

hatz' chan                                 ha'c'.chan     'zumbadora snake'

lukum chan                               'angleworm'

mak chan                                  'rainbow'

noh chan                                   'chicchan (serpent rain deity), boa snake'

poror chan                                'insect which causes rash'

burem chan                               'black snake'

kach chan                                 qach chan   'boa snake'

kachib chan                              qachip' chan   'a constrictor snake'

k'an chan                                  'a large yellowish snake'

k'ux chan                                  q'ux chan    'intestinal pain or cramp'

chan kohn                                 [kohn : stream] 'winding stream'

chan k'opot                              'Spanish sage (cul. H. shrub; chan, chian)'

chan nak                                   'intestinal worms (ailment)'

chan nakir                                 'intestinal worms (ailment)'

chan bi'ir                                   [chan, zigzag;  bi'ir, trail]  ' winding trail'

chan ta'                                     'intestine'

chan ta'ir                                   [chan.'teir] 'intestine'

chan te'                                     'juan-islama (wild shrub with white flowers)'

chan ch'a'n                                'yerba de la vibora (wild climbing vine used in treatment of snakebite)'

chanir                                       'snakelike, pertaining to snakes'

k'ux chanir                                'snakebite'

mok chanir                               'intestinal sickness or upset'

chap                                         'cooking, boiling'

chapsa'                                     [sa' : atol] 'pitcher used for boiling atole'

chap xabun                               [xap'un : soap] 'soap boiling'kk

ah chap xabun                          'soap-maker'

chapchab                                  [chap' : cane juice] 'olla used for boiling cane juice'

chap cu'                                    [chu' :  milk] 'pitcher used for boiling milk'

chapaht                                    'insect said to resemble the centipede'

chapi                                        'boil, cook [cl.1]

chapi take e ha'                         'boil in water'

chapi take e te'                         'roast on the spit'

chapi e xabun                           'boil soap'

chapin bu'ur                              'frijol chapil (small balck variety of herb beans)'

chapbir                                     'boiled, cooked, boiled beans'

nichapbir                                  'my boiled beans'

chapbir pa'                               'tamale (usually that of maize only'


p. 695

chapbir we'r                             'boiled meat'

chab                                         'honey, honey bee, sugar, anything sweet, any whitish

                                                excretion (of plants of of the body)'

chab e sik'ab                            chap' e sik'ap   'cane sugar, cane juice'

chab e yark'ir                            chap' e yarq'ir   'honey of bees'

chab u-kur                                'one's semen'

chab u-ta'                                 'whitish excretion in one's excrement'

chab uya'bich                            chap' uya'p.ich   'diabetes ("suger in one's uring")'

ah chab                                    'anteater [tamandua b.s.]'

pahn chab                                 'digging-up of earth bees'

k'ank'an chab                           'native brown sugar'

saksak chab                             'refined white sugar'

chab kur                                   chap' qur   'semen'

chab kurir                                 chap qurir  'semen'

chab sakir te'                            'piña de pelón (a cultivated pineapple)'

chab sa'                                    [sa' : atol]  'atol made of spring maize'

chab ta'                                    'whitish excretion in the excrement'

chab te'ir                                  chap'.te'ir  [chap.ta'-ir]  'whitish excretion in the excrement'

chabar                                      'sweet food or object, candy, sweet part of anything'

chabaih                                     chap'aih  'become sweet, get sweeter' [cl.3]

war achabaih ni-sik'ab              'my sugar cane is sweetening'

chabaih                                     chap'aij  'sweetness'

chabaih te'                                chap'aij.te'   'caulote, guácimo (small wild L. tree)'

chabir                                       'sweet'

chabi'                                       [chap'-i']  'wax, gum, honeycomb, candle'

uchabi'r e chab                         'the wax of honey'

chabi' te'                                   'any wax producing tree, especially the árbol de cera (small wild H. tree)'

chabran                                    'be sweet or sugared' [cl.3]

chabraner                                 'sweetness'

chabres                                    'sweeten foods or remedies, make syrup pres????' [Cl.2a]

char                                          'thin or clear liquid'

uchar e sa'                                uchar 'e sa'  'water which rises to the surface of boiling atol'

charan                                      'thin, clear, strained; be thin or clear' [Cl.3]

charan sa'                                 'thin or clear atol'

charan ut e k'in                         'clear uncloudy day'

charan ha'                                 'thin or clear liquid, strained beverage, any beverage (orchata)'

charan ha'nar                            'orchata de maiz (beverage of ground uncooked maize)'

charan ha'ch'um                        'orchata de ayote (beverage of ground pumpkin seeds and c                                                      cinnamon)'

charaner                                   'thin portion of a liquid, thin'



chares                                      'thin or clear a liquid' (cl.2a]

chares ubah                              'thin or clear itself'

chatat                                       'chatate (cul. lowland tree yielding edible leaves and shoots'

chatat te'                                   'chatate (cul. lowland tree yielding edible leaves and shoots'

chacha'                                     [? cha'-cha' : double, twice] 'stuck or made fast to something, twinned, identical, clustered'

chacha' uch'i'                            'it grows clustered (or twinned)'

chacha' uyok                            'web-footed'

chacha' tor e tun                       'stuck to a rock (as ivy)'

chacha'ar                                  'identical object, twin, cluster (as of grapes), anything attached, fleshy ?bu?? on the tail of  fowls'

inte' chacha'r uyutar                  'a cluster of its fruit'

uchacha'r uyok                         'the web in its foot'

chacha'rob                                'twins, a pair'

chacha'aran                              'l? ? grow stuck or clustered' [cl3]

chacha'ares                               'stick or place 2 things together, pair or cluster objects, cause

to grow clustered  [cl.2a]

uchacha'res ubu'ur taku uyok e nar        'he makes his beans grow around the maize stalks'

chah                                         chaj  'pinol (maize gruel usually made of toasted maize and cacao)'

chaha'n                                     chaj.a'n [a'n  : spring maize]  'pinol made of spring maize'

chah bu'ur                                 [p'uur : beans] 'pinol made of beans'

chahbir                                     'made or flavored with pinol'

chahbir chitam                          'pinol de coche (pinol seasoned with pork)'

chahbir kar                               'pinol de quilete (pinol cooked with greens)'

cha'                                          'two, second (followed by appropriate num. class[ifier])'

cha' uhor uk'ab                         'middle finger'

cha' uhor uyok                          'toe next to great toe'

cha' ak'bari'                              'two nights ago'

cha'ak'bi'                                  'day before yesterday'

cha' ak'bih                                cha.ak'p'ij  'day after tomorrow'

cha'ar                                       'stepchild, adopted child'

cha'ar ihch'ok                           'stepdaughter'

cha'ar sitz'                                 'stepson'

cha' haha'ar k'in                        'second rainy season of the year (la segunda)'

cha' hori'                                   [from hora] 'two hours ago'

cha' ori'                                    [from hora] 'two hours ago'

cha'hr                                       cha'.hr  [cha'-ahr]   'second time or occasion'

cha' k'aba'                                'family name, nickname (apodo)'

cha' k'in                                    'second day'

cha' k'ini'                                  'two days ago'

cha' k'inih                                 cha'.k'inij    'two days hence'


p. 697

cha' mama'                               'step uncle'

cha' maxtak                              'family one marries into'

cha' mesi'                                  [corr.  of mes] 'two months ago'

cha' noxib                                 'second husband'

cha' k'ohna'                              cha'.q'ohna'  'step aunt'

cha' sak'un                                'older stepbrother'

cha' tata'                                   'stepfather'

cha' te'                                      'two, two things [-te' : general num. class.]'

cha' te' uk'ux                             'one's two pains'

cha' te' uyar                              'one's twins'

cha' te' ta'kar                            'two things joined together'

cha' te' k'in                               'two days'

cha' te' hab                               'two years'

cha' te' nyahr                            'twice, again'

cha' te' nyahr taka                     'only twice'

cha' te' nyahr ak'axi e ha'           'it rains twice (again)'

cha' te'r           [cha'.te'-er]        'pair, couple, double, both'

cha' te'r ubuhk                          'man's clothing (shirt and trousers)'

cha' te'r uk'ab                           'one's hands'

cha' te'r uut uk'ab                      'one's hands'

cha' te'r uyok                            'one's legs'

cha' te'r una'k' uut                     'one's eyes'

cha' te'r ti'on                             'the two of us'

cha' te'r ti ox                             'the two of you (plu)'

cha' tu'                                      'stepmother'

cha' wixkar                               'second wife'

cha' habi'                                  'two years ago'

cha' habih                                 'two years hence'

cha'                                          'metate' (piedra de moler)'

ucha' kakau'                             'small metate used for grinding cacao beans'

ucha' nar                                   'maize metate'

cha' k'ahn                                 [q'ahn :stool] 'molindero (carved table used to support

                                                the metate)'         

cha' tun                                     [tun :stone] 'granite, any stone of which metates are made'

cha'an                                       [cha'-an]  'four (followed by appropriate num. class),

                                                sky, a square'

cha'an k'in                                'midday'

cha'an yahr                               'fourth, fourth time'

cha'anir                                     'four days hence'

cha'ani'                                     'four days ago'

cha'an te' nyahr                         [ch'ar.te' inyahr] 'four times'

cha'k                                        'snail (caracol)'

cha'n                                        'sky, upper region'

ti cha'n                                      'up, upward, high'

cha'nar                                     'high, high up'


p. 698

cha'pe                                      'know, be sure of, be aware of' [cl.2]

ucha'pe kota uche                     'he knows how to do it'

che                                           [che-e]  'say, tell, speak to, speak a language' [cl.2]

inche                                        'I say'

uche                                         'he says'

uche-en                                    'he tells me'

chuti' umen e chorti'                  'translate into Chorti'

che e mentira                            'tell a lie'

cheh                                         [che-eh] 'say, speak' [cl.3]

matuk'a incheh                          'I say nothing'

cheh e winik                             'The man said'

cheen                                       [cheh-en]  'I said'

chenah                                      'be said, be spoken, be told'

tuk'a war achenah                     tuq'a war achenah  'what is being said'

chek                                         'image, reflection, image used by sorcerer, sign, portent,

symptom, doll'

chek kocha inte' winik               'image of a man'

chek e chabi'                            'waxen image'

chek e buhk                              'cloth image'

chek e muak                             'symptom of an illness'       

uchek tame' ha'                         'one's reflection in the water'

cheker                                      'visible, seen, clear, openly'

cheker ut e k'in                         'clear sky'

cheker uut                                'able to see (not blind)'

chektah                                    'be seen or visible, come into view, appear, seem'[cl3]

ten a chektah                            'who goes there?, who is it?'

mabambam a chektah               map'amp'am achektah  'it looks bad (as a sickness)'

chektah kicha                           'seem as, look like, resemble'

chektah kocha inte' ixik             'appear as (or change into) a woman (as Siguanaba does)'

chektah inchi'                            'seem sweet, be slightly sweet'

achektah teka ??n                     ' It seems to me'

chektes                                     'make visible' [cl.2a]

chektes ubah                            'put in one's appearance’

chektes kocha                          'make like, can act resemble'

chektes uut kocha xeen te'        'take on appearance of another person (as apparitions do);

ape or mimic'

chektes uut kocha inte' tz'i'        chektes kocha inte'ci'    'imitate a dog'

cher                                          'spacing, spreading out'

chere                                        'spread ???????, space or place evenly' [cl.1]

chere e ixim tor e semet            'space maize on the comal (for proper roasting'

chere e tun tor inte' kohn           'space stones across a stream (for walking over dryshod)'

cherek                                      'closely packed group of objects, flock, herd'

cherek e wakax                        'herd of cows'

imbon cherek e nar tama ni chor            'many closely growing maize stalks in my milpa'


 p. 699

cherem                                     'dense, placed together'

cherem tun                                'piled or covered with stones, stony all over'

cherem tun rum                         'rocky land'

cherem k'opot                          'densely-growing weeds or shrubs'

cheche'                                     'black crow-like bird (shesheque)'

che'eh                                       che'ej  [cha' : second ; ej : tooth] 'permanent tooth'

che'                                          'do, make, cause, perform, treat, handle, behave' [cl.2]

che' inte' bihir                            che' inte' p'iir  'make a trail'

che' e noh k'in                           'celebrate a fiesta'

che' e trato                              'make a deal, agree on'

che' e ak'ut                               che' 'e akut  'celebrate or give a dance'

che' e avisar                            'inform, advise'

che' e k'in                                 'make drought <drougth> (as sorcerers are sometimes said to do; hacer verano)'

che' e haha'r                             'make rain (as by a padrino: hacer invierno)'

che' e tumin                              'make (earn) money'

chu'u k'aba'                              [uk'ap'a' : one's name] 'give a name to, name child or pet'

chu'u sihk'                                 'build its nest'

che' kochu ubia'r                       che' kochuup'ia'r [kocha up'ia'r] 'treat as one's friend'

ma bamban uchen                     ma p'amp'an uchen   'he treats me badly'

che' uya're                                'obey, do as told'

che' tua'                                    'bring about, make possible'

uche' tua' ayan en ninar             'he makes it possible for me to have maize'

in cha'a k'ayuh                          'I make him (her, it) sing'

che'                                          'force, compel, induce, bring on [used as auxiliary verb]

chuucha'pe                               [ucha'pe : he knows] 'advise strongly,warn'

cha'awayan                               'make sleep, induce sleep'

inche' awayan                           'I make him sleep'

uche' iinxin                                'he makes me go'

cha'atzihmah                             [atzihmah " he sneezes] 'make sneeze'

cho'oik'ih                                  [che'auq'ih] 'make weep, sadden'

uche' uunk'ih                             [inp-uq'-ih]  'it saddens me'

chu'uk'eebe                              chu'uq'eep'e  'induce belching'

cha'a k'otoch                            'make someone come'

cha'axin                                    'make someone go'

cha'axohtah                              'put difficulties in the way of, obstruct'

cha'ahnih                                  'make run, chase, pursue'

cha'anuhxih                               'make swim, teach to swim'

cha'aluhk'ih                               cha'aluhq'ih   'lame, maim'

cha'ak'ihnah                              'anger, goad to anger, excite'

cha'aburchih                             'induce sweating'

cha'a ketbah                             cha'a ketp'ah    'tie up, make remain, hold by force'

uche' inketbahirah                     'he makes me stay here'

che k'in                                     [k'in : day, dry in sun] 'drought-making'

ah che-k'in                                'drought-maker'

che'nah                                     'be done or made, be treated or handled, be made (to do)'

che'niix                                     [che'n-ah-ix] 'it is already done (made)'

che'nah uchoni                          'made to buy'

ache'noob                                 ache'noop   'they are made to'

che'nib                                      [che'-n-ah-ip']  'tool'

che'nib tua' e chor                     'milpa tool'

che'nib tua' e tz'ihk'                   'pottery making tool'

che'nib tak'in                             che'nip'.ta'k'in  'any iron tool'

che'nib te'                                 'any wooden tool'


p. 7OO

che'nib                                      'any stone tool'

che'bir                                      'made, manufactured, done; made to (with following verb)'

che'bir k'ayuh                           che'p'ir q'aiyuh  'made to sing' [sing]

che'bir k'ayob                           'made to sing' [plural]

che'yah                                     'making of, manufacturing, occupation'

ah che'yah                                'maker, occupational worker'

che'yah k'in                               'manufacturing season'

che'yah ruch                             'gourd-making'

che'yah tz'ihk'                           'pottery-making'

che'yah pohp                            che'yaj pohp'  'mat-making'

che'yah bihir                             'trail making'

ah che'yah tz'ihk'                       'potter'

chek'                                        che'k   'large sore, erution, boil, ulcer'

inte' chek' tu uyak'                    inte' che'k tuuya'k   'a sore on one's tongue'

chek' tu noor ubah                    'sores all over one's body'

k'ab chek'                                 k'ap'.ch'ek    'leakage from a running sore'

mak chek'                                 'scab on a sore, closed sore'

noh chek'                                  'large sore, cancer'

pouh chek'                                'abcesss, pussy sore'        

kuch chek'                                quch.che'k  'scab on a sore'

k'ahk' chek'                              'abcess, ulcer, boil'

chek' k'opot                             'yerba de santa Maria (wild medicinial herb)'  

chek'er                                     'sores (coll. term), covered with sores'

chek'er ubah                             'general body sores'

chak tua' uchek'er                     'remedy for one's sores'

chek' to                                    'sore not yet healed, chronic sore'

chi                                            'who, person, individual'

ah chi                                       'someone, individual'

chi e ya'x                                  [ja'x]  'who is he, who he is'

chi tak                                      'who knows (quien sabe meaning of  tak  unknown)'

chih                                          chih  'fiber, tough pith, woody interior of fibrous

                                                plants, woody, anything broken up or shredded'

suk chih                                    suk.chij  'maguey'

uchiir                                        [uchih-ir] 'its fiber, its pith'

uchiir e tinam                            'cotton fiber'

uchiir e sukchih                         'maguey fiber'

ah chir  ch'a'n                            'a wild woody vine'

pihkib chih                                pihkip' chih   'bundle of fiber used as wash rag'

chih t'et'                                    chih.t'e't'   'any woody or fibrous liana'

chih cha'n                                 [cha'n : vine] 'any woody or fibrous vine'

chiirih                                       [chih-ir-ih] 'yield fiber'

chihk'                                       [from chik'] 'pinch of, lump'  

-chihk'                                      (num. class.)

inchih k'ewe'                             'a (one) pinch of food'

chihk'ib                                     'piece of tortilla used to crush food against (before

                                                being transferred to the mouth)'

chihr                                         [chi-h-r] 'netted object, piece of netting, netted bag (rede)'

chihrib                                      'wooden needle used in netting'



chik                                          'buffooning, clowning'

ah chik                                     'clown (as at a fiesta)'

chikir                                        'clownish, funny, causing laughter'

chikirbir                                    'made to laugh by clowning, amused'

chikirsah                                   'clowning, ability to clown'

chikru                                       [chik-ir-u] 'amuse, enterntain by clowning' [cl.2]

chiken to                                  'goodbye'

in k?? pu?h                               [p????]  (???????????????)

chikin                                       'ear' lug of olla, handle of pitcher, point of Indian

machete, any ear-shaped leaf, any small herbaceous plant with

single tufted ear-shaped lef (oreja)'

uchikin ch'o'k                            'orejuela de raton (wild shrub)'

uchikin chitam k'opot                'oreja de coche (small single-leafed plant)'

uchikin t'ur k'opot                     'oreja de conejo (plant)'

uchikin bohb k'opot                  uchikin p'ohp' k'opot   'oreja de coyote (plant)'

k'ux chikin                                'earache'

chikinir                                     'of or pertaining to the ear(s), pertaining to hearing'

mak chikinir                              'deafness'

sat chikinir                                'deafness'

chiki'                                        'basket, basketful of'

cha'te' chiki' e nar                     'two baskets of maize'

har chiki'                                   'basket-weaving'

man chiki'                                 'basket-buying'

chiki' te'                                    'vara de canasto (wild H. reed grass used in basketry)'

chiki' ch'a'n                               'guaco, canastillo (wild L. climbing shrub with large

                                                basket shaped flowers; the plant has great medicinal use)'

chik'                                         'a crushing a ???ching'

chik' tun                                    'crushing stone, handstone'

uchik'tun cha'                            'handstone for metate (mano)'

chik'i                                        'pick up with the fingers, crush food with the fingers

                                                (as with eating)' [cl.1]

chik'i tuuor uk'ab                      'crush with the fingers'

chik'i e bu'ur tor int' ut e pa'       'crush beans against a piece of tortilla (as in eating)'

chik'mah                                   'eat food with the fingers' [cl.3]

chik'mayoh                               'food-eating with fingers (as opposed to the Ladino custom of

using utensils)'

chil                                           [syn for  chir, chirim]

chilim                                        [syn for  chir, chirim]

chilimah                                    'chiligua (chilli-like shrub)'

chilima'                                     [? chil-im ha']  'chilmecate (woody vine growing in marshy areas)' chim                                                  'container, capsule, craw of bird'

chin                                          'rattle, trembling or shaking, throbbing, chill'



chinchah                                   'tremble, shake, rustle (as leaves), vibrate, throb, wiggle (as

worms), rattle, sway back and forth)'  [cl.2]

chin chaar                                 [chin-ch-ah-ar]  'chill, ague; a trembling,  nervousness'            

chinchaar uch'ich'er                   'chill in the blood'

chinchaar ubah                          'general chill'

chinches                                   'shake a thing, cause to tremble or vibrate, swing back and forth'   [cl.2a]

chinches ukabte'                       'shake a limb'

chinchin                                    [chin-ch=in] 'rattling, shaking, trembling, throbbing, gourd rattle (used in ceremonial dances)'

chinchin upaat uut                     'trembling eyelid'

chinchin anam                           [anam : mud] 'bog'

chinchin tor                               [meaning of  tor  unknown] 'a snake called chinchintór'

chinchin hi'                                [hi' :  sand]  'quicksand'

chinch'oh                                  chinch'oj  [? sp. corr.]  'long-handled fishing net


chinam                                      'pueblo'

noh chinam                               'important pueblo, cabecera (of a department)'

ta chinam                                  'in the pueblo, in town, to town'

chinkur                                     [? Sp. corr.]  chincura (wild lowland shrub)'

chipchip mut                             [mut : bird] 'a bird (chipi, chipe, cola dorada, chipe cabeza canela)     

chip                                          'bit, biting'

ah chip                                     'any stinging insect'

chipi                                         'bit, sting' [cl.1]

chipir                                        'biting, stinging'

chir                                           'withe, strand, slender branch, any textile material, netting'

ah chir                                      'netter'

chir sukchih                              [sukchij : maguey] 'maguey fiber-netting'

chir tinam                                  'cotton-netting'

chiri                                          'net, make a netting' [cl.1]

in chiri nik'abchihr                     'I net my shoulder bag'

chirim                                       'any woody vine, withe'

chirbir                                       'netted, any netted piece'

chir ha'                                     [?ch'i'-ir ha']  'mist'

k'ax chir ha'                              'a fall of mist or heavy dew'

chis                                          'avoidance (scolding term used to children)'

chisi                                          'avoid, refrain from, stay away from' [cl.1]

chisi e k'echuh ta bi'ir                'avoid (meeting) Sisimite on the trail'

uchisa apatnah                          'he refrains from working'



chitam                                      'pig, any pig-like or burrowing animal'

ah rum chitam                           'small burrowing pig-like animal'

arak chitam                               'European pig' k'optar chitam      'any wild pig'

ah k'optar chitam                      'peccary

chitam chay                              'a fish (pepemechín)'

chich                                        'soft bone, hard flesh, cartilage, muscle, gristle, tendon, vein or artery, grain (in wood),  tough  herb or stalk, tough latex (as rubber)'

chich ta utahnir uk'ab                'hard flesh or spot on one's palm'

chich tuut uk'ab                         'tendon of the hand'

inchich                                      'tough, inflexible'

noh chich                                  'artery, prominent vein'

chich te'                                    'hule (large native tree, the latex of which is made into rubber)'

chichar                                     'muscle, mass of cartilage'

uchichar uk'ab                          'arm muscle'

uchichar uyok                           'leg muscle'

k'ux chichar                              'muscle pain'

chicharir                                   'pertaining to the muscles'

chicha'                                      'chicha (native alcoholic beverage of fermented sugar

                                                cane juice  [this was derived as  chichi'-ha' :"sweet water", until

it was discovered that the word "chicha" is used all over Latin America]'

chicha' ruch                              [ruch : gourd]  'gourd used for carrying chicha'

chicher                                     (coll. term for  chich)

ut u chicher                               'its vein, its grain'

chicher u ni'                              chicher u nii  'cartilege of nose'

chicher u chikin                         'cartilige of ear'

chicher u nuk                            'front bones of neck, neck veins'

chicher u or u k'ab                    'leader bones of hand, hand veins'

chicher u or uyok                      'leader bones of foot'

chicher u hut                             'face muscles'

chicher u pat                             'vertebrae, backbone of cat'

chicher u k'ab                           'arm muscles'

chicher u nuk u k'ab                  'leader bones of wrist'

chicher u pater                          'cartilege between vertebrae'

chichikwa'                                [?Nahuan c?n] 'a snake'

chichim                                     'muscle, tendon'

chichima'                                  [? chichim-ha'] 'chichinguaste (wild native ne? herb)'

chichar                                     'tough, hard, stiff'

chichran                                    'be tough, toughen up, become hard' [cl.3]

chichres                                    'toughen a thing, harden' [cl.2a]

chichres uni' si' tameek'ahk'       'harden the point of a (planting) stick in the fire'

chichihu                                    'sinquín (tall wild cane)'


p. 7O4

chichi'                                       [chi'-chi'] 'sweet, fresh'

chichi' u yutar                            'sweet fruit, tasty fruit'     [could be  yutir]

chichi' i'ch                                 [chichi'-i'ch] 'syn. for chi'i'ch  '    

chichi' sak'ir te'                         [sak'ir te' : pineapple] 'piña de azucar (sweetest and best liked

of the cultivated pineapples)'

chiwiuhwi                                  chiwíuhui  'ronrón (black insect)', ? tarantula'

chi'                                           'sweetness, freshness, sugar, sweet; the nanse (cul. native shrub

or small tree yielding a small yellow fruit)'

chi'ir                                         'sweet, fresh, clear'

chi'iran                                      'be sweet or fresh' [cl.3]

chi'ires                                      'sweeten, freshen' [cl.2a]

chi'ires e kar umen e sis ha'       'freshen greens with cool water'

chi'i'ch                                      [i'ch : chilli]  'chile dulce, chile de relleno (sweet  cul. chilli, the

most commonly grown of all the vanitres)'

chi' muk'uk'                              [muk'uk' : sweetsop (a semi-cul. anona; anona de azucar)'

chi' karar                                  'chipilín, chipilín de comer (small cultivated lowland

                                                shrub, the leaves of which are eaten as greens)'

chi' karar masa'                         [masa' : deer] 'chipilín de venado (wild H. coarse herb

                                                resembling chipilin)'

chi' karar te'                              'guachipilín (wild chipilin-like shrub)'

chi' karar usih                           [usij : vulture] 'chipilín de zope (wild coarse herb resembling chipilin)'

chi' karar witzir                         [wicir : of the mountains] 'chipilín montés (wild chipilin-like herb)'

chi' murak                                 [murak : jocote] 'jocote corona (a cul. jocote)'

chi' nar                                     [nar : maize] 'spring maize, maize with good flavor'

chi' naranjo                               'sweet orange (naranja dulce)'

chi' sik'ab                                 [sik'ap : sugar cane] 'cane with much sweet sap'

chi'k                                         chi'k 'bird [generic, seldom used]'

choh                                         'growth, growth of plants, thickly growing'

choh k'opot                              'thicket, thick-growing weeds or shrubs'

choh te'                                    'grove, jungle'


p. 7O5

choh ch'a'n                               'thickly growing vines, bramble'

choh bah                                  choh p'ah   'grow, be raised or brought up' [cl.3]

war a ch ohbah                         'it is growing up


chohbahar                                chohp'aar  'growing up, domestic, domestic animal'

ah chohbaar                              'domestic animal'

chohbes                                    'raise children or animals, care for, help growth

                                                (as by cultivation)' [cl.2a]

chohbes uyarakob                    'raise or care for one's domestic animals'

chohbesyah                              'animal-raising or breeding'

ah chohbesyah                          'animal raiser'

chohbiix                                    [chohp'ah-ix]  'grown up, large'

chohk                                       [from chok] 'anything used ????????,  anything invested with ???????, joints'

chohk k'oy                               chohk.q'oi  'anything chewed (except food), cud'

chohk k'oy e wakax                  'cow's cud'

chohk k'oy k'uhtz'                     [q'uhc' : tobacco] 'cud of tobacco'

chohk k'oy sik'ab                      chohk q'oi.sikap' [sik'ap : sugar cane] 'chew??? cane stalk'

chohk k'oy ch'a'n                      [ch'a'n : vine] 'chupa-miel, chupa-miel de peineta (large wild L. tree used medicinally)'

chohk k'oy tz'ak                       [c'ak : remedy] 'cud of remedial herb'

chohk k'oy usih                         [usij : vulture] 'quilete de zope (wild climbing vine)'

chohn                                       [from chon] 'anything sold or offered for sale, wares, merchandise'

uchohnob                                 'one's wares (brought to market for sale)'

chok                                         'waste, abandonment, a throwing away'

chokem                                    'thrown away, abandoned'

chokem otot                             'abandoned house'

chokem chor                            'abandoned milpa'

choki                                        'throw out or away, get rid of, lose, squander' [cl.1]

choki e sohk'                            'throw away trash'

uchoki utimin                            'he squandered his money'

chokmah                                  'waste, be wasteful' [cl.3]

achokmah tamuuyotot               'she is wasteful in her house'

chokmal                                   'wasteful, wasting'

chokmayah                               'waste'

chokbah                                   'get lost, disappear' [cl.3]

chokbuubah                              chok p'uup'ah  'lose oneself (or itself)'

chokbir                                     'abandoned, thrown away, anything abandoned'


p. 7O6

chokwan                                  'throw oneself down at full length, lie sprawling'[cl.3]

chokti                                       [? chok-t-i]  'report one to the authorities (in the pueblo), have arrested, "tell on" a person'[cl.2]

uchoktien                                  'he reports me, he turns me in'

chon                                         'trade, exchange; marketing, a sale'

ah chon                                    'seller (especially in the market)'

ah chon tanchih                         'lime seller'

chonk'in                                    [k'in :day]  'selling day, market day'

chonruch                                  [ruch : gourd] 'gourd-selling

ah chonruch                              'gourd seller'

chonsi'                                      [si' : firewood] 'firewood-selling'

ah chonsi'                                 'seller of firewood'                   

chonsi' tar                                 'spot in plaza where firewood is sold'

chontar                                     [tar : place]  'market place, plaza'

chonchiki'                                 [chiki : basket] 'basket-selling'

ah chonchiki'                             'basket seller'

chontz'ihk'                                [c'ihk' : pottery] 'pottery-selling'

ah chontz'ihk'                            'pottery seller'

chontz'ihk'tar                            'spot in plaza where pottery is sold'

choni                                        'sell' [cl.1]

choni takar                               'sell to (a person)'

choni tanar                                'sell for (a certain amount)'

choni tua'                                  'sell for (another person)'

inxin anchoni nichiki'                  'I am going to sell my basket(s)'

chonmah                                    'sell [intr.], sell for an occupation)' [cl.3]

tia' turaa chonmah                     'there he is (sits) selling'

k'ani inchonmah tia' in'o'k'och    'I in?? (intend) to sell when I arrive (in the pueblo)'

chombah                                  chomp'ah   'get sold, ???dd [traded?]'

a chombah e nar irah                 'maize is sold here'

maachaachombah                     'It doesn't sell (i.e. people don't buy it)'

chonoh                                     'sell' [cl.3]

hay ak'an ichonoh                     jai aq'an ichonoh   'if you wish to sell'

sahmi ainxin inchonoh                'today I shall sell'

chor                                         'milpa, plants or produce of a milpa or district, maize'

nichor                                       'my milpa, produce of my milpa'

ta chor                                      'of the milpa'

ah ta chor                                 'any milpa pest (animal)'

ak'in chor                                 'milpa-clearing'

ah chor                                     'milpa when the ears are first edible'

kohk chor                                 'guarding of the milpa'

k'au chor                                  'talconete [tlaconete ?] lizard'

k'opot chor                               'weedy or abandoned milpa, milpa lying fallow'

mes chor                                  'milpa-clearing (of wild plants)'

onyan chor                               'old milpa, sterile milpa'

bik'it chor                                 'milpa when the stalks are young'

bok chor                                  'milpa-weeding'

k'oy chor                                  q'oi chor   'small milpa lizard'


p. 7O7

chor k'opot                               'abandoned milpa (left weeds, or lying fallow)'

chor peht                                  'hire out and work out in milpas'

ah chor peht                             'one who hires out and works out in milpas'

chor ti'                                      'Chorti language (lenguaje)'

ah chor ti'                                 'Chorti Indian (Indio, natural)'

choroh                                      'make a milpa, prepare a field or plot for planting'  [cl.3]

choroaar                                   'milpa preparation

ah choroaar                              'milpa worker, one who keeps milpas'

choch                                       'an edible marine animal (? turtle)'

k'at choch                                 'cachoche (starfish-like crustacean)'

chochoh                                   [choh-choh] 'growing, living'

choh                                         choj  'good reputation, esteem value, right, law, love,

                                                liking, genuine'

inchoh                                      'valuable, esteemed, liked'

chohen                                     'be worthy, right, esteemed, or respected, worthy, esteemed' [cl.3]

inchohen umenen                      'I am esteemed by others'

choher                                      'price'

chohor                                      'expensive, of high price'

chohen bu'ur                             'expensive beans (in the market, and esp. during the dry season)'

chohbe                                     'love, desire a person, be fond of' [cl.2]

chohbe ubah                             'think highly of oneself'

uchohbeen                                'he likes me, he esteems me'

maachuuchohbe                        'dislike, resent'

chohbean                                  'love, desire' [cl.3a]

chohbebir                                 'loved, desired'

chohbeyah                                'love, fondness'

ah chohbeyah                           'lover'

chohran                                    'be trustworthy, be dependable' [cl.3]

chohres                                    'esteem, venerate or worship, trust or have confidence in' [cl.2a]

cho'                                          'indigo'

cho' te'                                     'indigo shrub (jiquilite)'

cho'k                                        'mushroom [see also  turuk']'

k'an cho'k                                 'a wild yellow mushroom'

sak cho'k                                  'a wild white mushroom'

sibik cho'k                                sip'ik cho'k   'a wild purple mushroom'


p. 7O8

chuauhui                                    'tashiate (a wild highland tree used in making carbon)'

chuahuui te'                               'tatascamite (wild H. tree said to resemble the tashiate)'

chuhi                                        [from chui]  'anything sewn, ? ?tch'

chuhiyib                                    'thread'

chuhk                                       [from  chuk]  'anything caught, "bag" of hunter or fisherman'         

chuhkib                                    'fishhook'

ch'uhben                                   chuhp'en  'old type fireplace (consisting of a small hole

                                                in the kitchen floor, surrounded by three stones, forming a triangle)'

ch'uhbentar                               '[tar : place] 'kitchen'

ch'uhbentun                              'fireplace stone'

chuhbub                                   'agouti (small edible burrowing animal, said to feed on mango

seeds, cotuza)'

chuy                                         chui  'sewing'

chuy bitor                                 chui.p'itor  [p'itor : hat] 'hat-sewing (sewing of the braided strips in spiral ??????)'

chuy buhk                                 [p'uhk : clothes] 'clothes-sewing'

ah chuybuhk                             'seamstress'

chuymah                                   'sew' [cl.3]

ink'ani inchuymah                      'I like to sew'

chuymaar                                  'sewing, baptism'

ah chuymaar                             'Ladino tailor'

chuymaar k'in                           [k'in : day] 'baptismal day'

chuymaar cha'n                         [cha'n : ceremony] 'baptismal ceremony'

chuymaarih                               'perform baptism'

chuymaarbir                              'baptized'

chuymaarbir u sitz'                    'one's baptized child'

ah chuymaarbir                         'baptized person'

nen chuymaarbire                      'I am baptized'

chuymeib                                  [-mah-ip'] 'sewing needle'

chuymeibir                                'sewing needle'

chuyi                                        chuiyi   'sew, baptize (i.e. sew the first clothes for the infant; this

may be    ch'uyi 'lift up')' [cl.1]

kaaxin kachuyi e sitz'                 '????one going to baptize ("sew") the child'

chuk                                         'seizure, capture, attack of illness'

k'in chuk                                   'sunstroke'

chuk te'                                    [te'  : plant] 'any epiphytic plant'

chuk t'ur                                   [t'ur  : rabbit]  'rabbit-hunting'

ah chuk t'ur                               'hunter, dog trained to hunt rabbits'


p. 7O9

chuk chay                                 [chai : fish]  'fishing with net, trap, or by hand; martín pescador

(fish-catching bird)'

ah chuk chay                            'fisherman'

chukchauk'in                             [k'in : time]  'season for net and trap fishing'

chuk chay tar                            [tar : place] 'fishing spot or area'

chuk chay te'                            'javillo (wild tree found along stream banks)'

dchuk ch'a'n                             [chk'a'n : vine] 'any climbing vine'

chuki                                        'catch, take hold of, seize, hunt, take hold (as in ???

                                                ?????), cling (as a vine)' [cl.1]

chuki tak uu ch'an                     'fish with one's net'

chuki e chay                             'catch a fish'

e burer uchuki ak'bar                '??? fever attack (take hold of one) at night'

chuki uya'                                 'wrestle'

chukbir                                     'seized, anything seized'

chukbir chay                             'caught fish, catch of fish'

chuk chuk                                 '???ina ; variety of hawk'            

chukchuk mut                           [mut : bird] 'woodcock (chorcha, chorcha cajeta)'

mis chukchuk mut                     'bird resembling the woodcock'

chukur                                      'seized, taken by sickness (especially with a "fright"), contageous'

ah chukur                                 'sick person, one seized with a fright'

chukur umen e pos on er           'attacked by sorcery

ne'n chukur en umen e sasar      'I am seized by a cold'

chukur umen e k'in                    'sun-struck'

chukti'                                      [? Span. or Chorti corruption] 'chucte (a large semi-cultivated

native tree, related to the avocado)'

chukti' ma'x                              [ma'x : monkey] 'chucte de mico (wild L. tree resembling the

cul. chucte)'

chukti' witzir                             [witzir : wild] 'chucte de montaña (wild L. chucte-like tree)'

chum                                        'a large black vulture'

chumpi'                                     'turkey (chumpe)'

u yar chumpi'                            'turkling'

arak chumpi'                             'domestic turkey'

chumpi'te'                                 'moco de chumpe (wild L. shrub)'

chumpi' ch'a'n                           'guaco (large wild climbing shrub; also called chumpipe and jolote)'

chup                                         'a placing'

chupa                                       'put, place, set in its proper place' [cl.2]


p. 71O

ch'ur                                         chur   'guard, watcher, guardian spirit (Sp. dueño), saint, deity,

spirit of living things or places, sacred'

ch'ur e santo                             'saint, guardian saint'

ch'ur e maxtak                          'guardian saint of family'

ch'ur e chinam                           'patron saint of pueblo'

ch'ur i's ch'a'n                           'name of a hill near Camotlán in which a chicchan (el  serpiente de Camotlan) is said to live; his role is  that of protector of Camotlan pueblo and Municipio)'

ch'urur                                      'watchful, guarding'

ch'urur                                      'tigrillo (small fierce inedible animal about the size of a dog)'

ah ch'urur                                 'tigrillo (small fierce inedible animal about the size of a dog)'

une ch'urur                                'tigrillo'

chus                                         'smoothness, smoothing down, smooth'

chus ok                                    [ok : leg, stick] 'planting stick'

chus te'                                     'any smoothed-down stick or pole, walking stick'

chusi                                         'peel or whittle down (as a stick) smooth, plane'[cl.1]

chuschus                                   'smooth, planed'

chuch, ah chuch                        'squirrel (ardilla comun, ardilla voladora)'

burem ah chuch                         'dark-gray suirrel

saksak ah chuch                       'a light-gray squirrel'

chuchu'                                     [chu'-chu'] 'breast shaped conical'

chuchu'                                     [? chuch-u'] 'small, short, small object(s), small variety of, child, children, animal young, left or left side of'

chuchu' e katu'                          'quarter-moon'

uchuchu' ut uchuchu'                 'one's child'

uchuchu' uk'ab                          'one's left arm'

uchuchu' ubah                           'left side of one's body'

uc;huchuoob                             'one's children, its young'

uchuchuiir                                 [chuchu'-ir] 'its small parts, small ears on a maize stalk'

chuchu' uyok                            'short of stature, short-legged'

yo'pah inte' winik chuchu' uyok tua' inwaren      'a short man came to see me'

chuchu' ak'ac                            'chick'

chuchu' ha'                                'pond, pool, large puddle'

chuch' ihch'ok                           'small girl'

chuchu' kene'                            'guinéo manzano (variety of banana)'

chuchu' k'awin                          'blackbird'

chuchu' lukum                           'a small red earthworm'

chuchu' masa'                           'fawn'

chuchu' mi's                              'kitten'

chuchu' mukuy                          chuch'.mu'q'ui  'tortolita (varity of turtle-dove)'

chuchu'bi'ir                               'small trail, path'


p. 711

chuchu' sitz'                              'small boy'

chuchu' tihkirin                          'tecolotillo (a small owl)'

chuchu' tun                               'pebble'

chuchu' chay                             'pescadito (a small fish)'

chuchu' cha'n                            'cabbage palm (small L. palm; palmito)'

chuchu' chih                              chuchu' chij   'colt'

chuchu' ch'o'k                           'mouse'

chuchu' tz'i'                               chuchu'.ci' 'puppy'

chuchu' wakax                          'calf'

chuchu'ran                                'be small or short, decrease in size' [cl.3]

chuchu'res                                'make small, reduce a thing in size, deflate' [cl.2a]

chuchu'res uban                        'deflate itself, go down'

chuchu'to                                  'still young, not yet grown'

inte' sitz' chuchu' to                   'boy, not yet grown up'

chu'                                          'breast of female, udder, anything breast-shaped, plant sprout, milk, any milky sap of plant; suckling, chichita (wild spring shrub the fruit of which is made into a remedy for regulating the breast milk)'

chu' e ixik                                 'woman's breast, breast milk'

chu' tamu utzupen                     'milk in her udder'

ah chu'                                      'suckling baby'

impah chu'                                'sour milk'

k'ux chu'                                   'breast pain'

chu' k'opot                               [k'opot : weed] 'milkweed (viborana)'

chu' te'                                      [te' : tree]  'matapalo (large wild tree yielding a latex which is used medicinally)'

chu'cha'                                    [cha' : metate] 'leg of metate (so-called because it is breast shaped)'

chu'ir                                        [chui'ir]  'pertaining to the breast or to breast milk'

mak chu'ir                                 'lack of breast milk'

k'ahk' chu'ir                              'breast inflammation'

chu'uh                                       'suckle, grow as a ? ????' [cl.3]

achu'u to                                   'it still sucks, still suckling'

maachiix achu'uh weanih           '("no longer it suckles")'

chuaar                                      [chu'-ar]  'suckling'

ah chuaar                                  'suckler, infant'  {could be suckling infant}

mahaax ah chuaar                     'weaned baby'


p. 712

chu'uhse                                   'suckle a baby, wet-nurse a child' [cl.2]

chu'uhseyah                              'infant nursing, wet-nursing'

ah chu'uhseyah                          'wet nurse'

chu'unen                                   [chal'-'unen : 'unen : son] 'stepson'

chu'ur                                       'suckling, parasitic'

chu'ur u yar                               'one's suckling infant'

chu'ur u nachir                          'parasitic flower'

chu'ur te'                                   'any parasitic plant'

chu'uh                                       'anything round or breast-shaped'

chu'uh e te'                               'shoot of tree'

chu'uh e ha's                             'plantain shoot'

chu'uh ch'ur                              [chk'ur : protrusion] 'bulb, flat round sprout, plant shoot'

chu'r                                         'wetness, dampness'

chu'ri                                        'wet, dampen' [cl.1]

chu'ri u buhk                             'wet one's clothes (as before ironing)'

chu'ri e rum                               'dampen the ground'

chu'rbir                                     'dampened'

chu'rbir buhk                            'dampened clothes'


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