p. 457

e                                  [definite article; copula]

e winik                         'the man'

e k'in                            'the sun, the day'

eh                                 'tooth, cutting or chopping edge of a tooth'

ut uyeh                         'tooth, one's tooth, one of one's teeth'

ut niweh                        'my tooth'

uyear                            [u-y-eh-ar] 'one's teeth'

inte' niwear                   'one of my teeth'

uyeh e tz'i'                     uyeh e ci'  'dog's tooth'

hux yeh, hux yeir           'tooth pulling'

lok' yeh                        lo'k' yeh   'teething, the growing teeth'

burem yeh                    'blackened teeth'

burem uyeh                   'has black tooth, has tooth blackness'

k'ux eh                         'toothache'

ehch'ak                         'fingernail, claw, toenail, end strand (as at ends of a hammock)'

ehch'ak uyok                'one's toe nails'

ehir                               [eir] 'teeth (coll. term); pertaining to the teeth'

k'ux eir                         'aching of the teeth'

ehketz                          'chacha (large brightly-colored bird of several varieties)'

sak sak ehketz              'chacha blanca (a large white bird)'

ehk'ar                           'tomorrow'

ehk'ar t'a biix e k'in       'tomorrow morning'

ehk'ar ak'bir                 'tomorrow night'

ehk'ar namtz'aar k'in    'tomorrow evening'

ehk'ar ch'a'an k'in         'tomorrow noon'

ehm                              'a descent, a going down'

ehmaih                          'go down, let itself down' [cl2-1]

ehmar                           'down, downward, low place, down grade, descent'

jehmarob                      'low places, lowlands, valleys'

ehmar taarah                 [ta.irah] 'down here'

ehmar yaha'                  'down there'

uyehmar e kohn            'the down[stream] current of a stream'

iinxin ehmar                  'I go downward'

ehmar e k'in                  'afternoon'

ehmse                           'lower a thing, take or let down' [cl.2a]

ehmach                         'raccoon (generic)'

burem ehmach              'a black raccoon'      

eht                                'a trying, trial, test'

ehta                              'try, test' [cl.2-1]

ehta uche                      'try to do (something)'

ehta usisar e ha'            'try the coldness of water (as before diving)'

ehta uk'ihnar                 'test its heat (as by sticking the finger into water to see how hot it is)'

ehta uhachi                   'lift gingerly, heft'

ehta inwe'                     'try to eat'

ha'hta                           [ha'-ehta] 'sip water, taste water'

we'hta                          [we'-ehta] 'taste food (as before eating it probar)'

ehtayar                         'trial, attempt, experiment'

ehtz'                             'observation, study, imitation (of a person or animal)'

ehtz'u                            'study or observe concentrate on, familiarize oneself with something,

imitate, mimic, pretend'

ehtz'u uut                      'ape or mimic (a person or animal)'

uyehtz'u uut e tzuk ladinob         'he mimics the Ladinos'

ehtz'u tua' maachi uwira             'pretend not to see'

uyehtz'u tua' akanoh kocha achenah      'he studies ((it) to learn how it is done'

eik'ar                            'syn. for ehk'ar

ek'em                           'descent, downgrade, setting'

ek'maih                         'go down, sink, settle'

ek'maih ubah                'let itself (oneself) down'

ek'maih tuusuih e beht   'settle to the bottom of an olla'

ek'maih tama e ha'        'sink in water'

ek'maih e te'                 'climb down a tree'

eek'maih e k'ahk'          'the fire goes down'

ek'mayix e k'in              'the sun went down, sundown'

ek'mar                          'down, downward, descent, downgrade'

ek'mar e k'in                 'the setting of the sun, setting sun'

ekmar aaxin                  'he goes downward (downhill)'

ek'mar k'in                    'sunset'

ek'mes                          'take or lift down' [cl.2a]

em                                '[descend]'

emaih                           'go down, be low' [cl.3-1]

emse                            'let a thing down, lower' [cl.2a]

esk'insuch                     'esquinsuche (cul. shrub)'

ex                                 'men's drawers'

ex ch'a'n                       'calzoncillo (passion-flower)'

eya                               'exclamation used to attract attention, used also to open prayers

and speeches, as  eya kat tata'  'Oh God''


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