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hay                               jai  'if, possibly, whether, or'

hay maachi                   jai maachi  'if not, unless'

hay ayan                       jai ayan  'if there be..'

hay intaka                     jai intaka  'if only (hortatory)'

hayma                          jaima  'perhaps, or, or else, otherwise'

hayte'                           jaite'  'how much, how many'

hayte' e winikob ayan   jaite' 'e winikop' ayan  'how many men (people) are there'

hayte' utumin                 jaite utuman 'how much money (he has)'

hayto                            jaito  'if, still, yet'

hab                               jap'  'year'

inte' hab                        inte' jap'  'a (one) year, a year from now'

koner hab                     koner.jap'  'this (present) year'

k'a'baar hab                  q'a'p'aar.jap'  'year's end'

haban                           jap'an  'annual, yearlong'

habante'                        jap'ante'  'any annual plant, plant growing fint?? its usual season (apante)'

habante' bu'ur               jap'ante' p'uur  'dry-season beans'

habih                            jabij   'next year'

haralay                         jaralai  'myrtle' (see also xirchi)

hardina                         jardina [? Sp. corr.] 'cardenillo (an undescribed plant)'

ha'                                ja'  'rot, rotten part of anything, gangrene, cancerous flesh'

ha' uche'k                     ja' uche'k  'rotten flesh in a sore'

ha' upatox                     ja' upatox  'hoof and mouth disease'

uhe'ir                            uje'ir  [u-ja'-ir] 'its rot, its rotting part'

ha'pa'                           ja'.pa'  'Santa Maria, or hoja de Santa Maria (wild L.shrub)'

ha'pa'nichir                   ja'pa'nichir [nichir : flower] 'Rosa de Santa Maria  (wild shrub with

rose-like flowers)'

ha'pa'te'                        ja'pa'te'  'Palo de Santa Maria (wild L. shrub)'

haha'                            jaja' [ja'-ja'] 'rotten, spoiled, gangrenous'

haha' ku'm                    jaja' qu'm  'rotten egg'

haha' nar                       jaja' nar  'maize'

haha'ar                         jaja'ar   'rot, rotten part or spot'

haha'aran                      jaja'ran  'rot' [cl.3]

haha'res                        jaja'jres  'cause rot, rot the flesh, allow to rot' [cl.2a]

ha'x                              ja'x  'he, she, it, he (she, it) is, be' [cl.4]

ha'xir                            ja'xir  'he, she, it'

hiero-hiero                    jiero-jiero [Sp. corr.] 'dirty, soiled'

hihb                              jihp'  'lightning'

ut e hihb                       ut e jihp'  'lightning flash'

hihbih                           jihp'ih   'lightning, make lightning (as deities do)'

war eihbi                      war eihp'i [war a-jihp'ih]  'it is lightning'


p. 761

hihbiaar                        jihp'iaar  [jihp'-ih-ar]  'lightning, electric storm'

ah hihbiaar                    ah jihp'iaar  'Lightning-maker (a name for ah patnar winikob)'

hihbih                           jihp'ij  'lightning bolt'

hihbk'ah                        jihp'q'ah   'flash suddenly (*as lightning)' [cl.3]

hihr                               jihr  [from jir]  'any thing left or left over, remainder'

hihrib                            jihrip'   'resting place'

hihrib ta bihir                 jihrip' ta p'iir  'resting place on the trail (used by carriers of heavy loads;

each has a large tree to provide shade and rocks to sit on)'

ta hihrib                        ta jihrip'   'resting spot'

hihx                              jihx [from jix]  'anything shelled or removed from its covering (as

maize, beans, cacao, etc.)'

hiht'                              jiht'  [from jit'] 'anything attached, load tied to a mule or a man's back'

hiht' e nar                      jiht' e nar  'load of maize'

hiht' e si'                       jiht' e si'  'load of firewood'

hiht'ib                           jiht'ip'  'tying rope, cargo rope, tumpline rope'

hiht'ib e ab                    jiht'ip' 'e ap'  'rope at each end of a hammock'

hin                                jin  'a reaching out, a coming forth'

hinah                            jinaj  'seed, cultivated milpa, young maize plants, sprouting maize, maize                                     crib, piece of planted ground'

hinih                             jinih  'reach out or up, come forth, issue, sprout'  [cl.3]

hinik                             jinik  'snarl, growl, rumble'

hinikin                           jinikin  'snarling, growling'

hiniknah                        jiniknah  [jinik-in-ah] 'snarl, growl, exhibit anger' [cl.3]

ahiniknah e tz'i'              ajiniknah 'e ci'  'the dog growls'

hiniknaar                       jiniknaar [jiniknah-ar] 'a snarl or growl'

hir                                jir  'rest, remainder'

hirar                             jirar 'residue'

hirih                              jirih  'rest, remain (after a part is removed), last'  [cl.3]

keirih                            keirih [ka-jir-ih]  'we rest'

iinrih                             iinrih [in-jir-ih] 'I rest'

hirix                              jirix  'rested'

cheirih                          cheirih  [che a-jir-ih]  'make ???? rest, allow to rest (a work animal)'

hirihse                           jirihse  'allow or permit to rest' [cl.2]

hirih                              jirij  'rest'

hirolo                            jirolo  [? Sp. corr.] vara de camel (wild reed grass resembling ???)'

his                                jis  'stake, grazing rope'

hisi                               jisi  'put out on a grazing rope (as a cow)' [cl.1]

hisi inte' wakax             jisi inte' wakach  'put a cow to pasture'


p. 762

hix                                jix  'a peeling, a shucking'

hixi                               jixi  'pull off with the fingers, push off with the

                                    hand' [cl.1]

hixi e nar                       jixi 'e nar   'shell maize'

hixbir                            jixp'ir  'shelled, shelled maize'

uhixbir                          ujixp'ir  'one's shelled maize'

hixbir ixim                     jixp'ir ixim  'shelled maize'

hit'                                jit'  'tight, made fast, tightness'

hit'em                           jitem   'tightened'

hit'i                               jit'i  'tighten, pull tight' [cl.1]

hit'i e ch'a'n                   jit'i 'e ch'a'n  'tighten a rope'

hit'i e kuch tor e chih     jit'i 'e quch tor 'e ch'ij  'tighten a load on a mule's back'

hit'ir                              jit'ir  'tight, taut'

hit'bah                          jitp'ah  'become tight or taut' [cl.3]

hi'                                 ji'   'sand, sandbar'

hi' e kohn                      ji' 'e kohn  'sandbar in a stream'

uhi'ir e tz'ihk'                 uji'ir 'e c'ihk'  'sand such as a temper in pottery'

k'ank'an hi'                   q'anq'an.ji'  'yellow sand'

saksak hi'                     saksak.ji'  'white sand'   

hi'rum                           ji.rum  [rum : soil]  'sandy soil, sand bed'

hi' tun                           ji'.tun  'sandstone'

k'ank'an hi'tun               q'anq'an.ji'  'yellow sandstone'

saksak hi'                     saksak.ji'  'white sandstone'   

hi'ran                            ji'ran  'be sandy' [cl.3]

hi'res                            ji'res  'make sandy, add sand' [cl.2a]

hi'res utz'ihk' ha'xto ukori          ji'res uc'ihk' ja'xto uqori  'sand one's clay before shaping it'

hlusion k'opot               jlusion k'opot  [Sp. corr.]  'monte de ilusión (small wild herb)'

hon                               jon   'foul odor'

honon                           jonon  'anything with foul odor, any foul insect; chicote (ground-nesting bee)'

hobob                          jopop' [? hop'-jop' : enclosed, anything enclosed]  'crab, crawfish

(possibly also a generic name for crustaceans)'

ah rum hobob               ahrum jopop'  'land crab (cangrejo de la tierra)'

awauhui hobobo            awauhui jopop'  'crawfish'

ha' hobob                     ha' jopop'  'fresh-water crab'

hor                               jor [possibly hor]  'clump brush, any thick herbaceous plant'

hoh                               joj  'heron (garza, garza común)'

ha' hoh                         ha' joj  'marsh-heron'

saksak hoh                   saksak.joj  'white heron (garza blanca)'

hum                              jum  'straw'

humus                           jumus  '? containing straw'


p. 763

hun                               jun  'thin bark, inner bark, paper; amate (a large wild native fig tree)'

pe'tz' hun                      pe'c'.jun  'stack of papers, bark'

putz' hun                       puc'.jun  'envelope'

sak' hun                        sak' jun 'rough inner bark (of trees), crepe paper'

sarin hun                       sarin jun  'colored paper'

hun pat                         jun.pat [pat : covering]  'inner bark (of trees), any thin bark'

hun te'                          jun.te'  'papelillo (wild L. shrub)'

hun t'ix                          jun.t'ix  'zarza de iguana (wild H. prickly shrub)'

hur                               jur  'a closing, closed'

hur ti' chihr                    jur.ti'.chihr  'large netted storage bag, any bag with drawstring'

hur ti'                            jur.ti'  [ti' : mouth]  'closed-mouthed, closed at its mouth (and of

anything with a drawstring)'

hurem                           jurem  'closed, restricted'

huri                               juri  'close up, close tight, tie in ?m?u?? f??, close in on an enemy' [cl.1]

huri ukoton                   juri ukoton  'button up one's shirt'

huri uxanab                   juri uxanap'  'tie on one's sandals'

huri uyex                       juri uyex  'tie the strings of the (men's) drawers'

huri unuk'                      juri unuk  'button the neck or collar'

huri uti'                         juri u ti'  'close an opening (as of a bag)'

huri e tzupon                 juri 'e cupon  'close up a shoulder bag'

hurum                           jurum  'yoke'

hurum tua' e wakax       jurum tua' 'e wakax  'yoke for oxen'

hurum te'                      jurum te'  'wooden yoke; cortez tree (a large wild hardwood tree used

in making yokes)'

sak hurum te'                sak.jurum.te'  'cortez blanco tree'

hurub                            jurup'  'drawstring, any tying material'

huh                               juj  'iguana [generic], any large crested lizard'

ha' huh                          ha'.juj  'iguana de agua'

uneh huh                       unej.juj  'cola de iguana (wild coarse herb)'

poch'em huh                 po'chem.juj  'cuckoo'

k'an huh                        q'an.juj  'garrobo (an iguana)'


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