p. 488

ka-                               'our (personal pron. Prefix, with nouns); we (subj. personal pron.

prefix, with verb)'

kah                               'start, beginning, beginning of a season or activity'

kah e haha'ar k'in          'beginning of the rainy season (principio del invierno)'

kah e pak'nar                kah e pa'q'.nar  'beginning of planting (in May)'

kah e behruar               kah e p'ehruar   'beginning of near-dry season' [cf. Sp. febrero]

kah e ch'amoaar           'beginning of harvesting'

kah e yaxk'in                'beginning of dry season (principio del verano)'

kah e k'ihnar                 'beginning of the warm season'

kaih                              [kah-ih] 'begin, start doing [used as auxiliary and without pron. prefix to indicate inception]' [cl.3]

in kaih                          'I begin'

kayen                           'I began'

kaih inpatnah                'I start working'

kai ohronen                  'he starts talking to me'

kahbah                         'start of itself, get going' [cl.3]

kahyes                          'start anything' [cl.2a]

kahyes uwiaar               'start one's meal'

kahyes upatnaar            'start one's work'

ukahyes e huch'            'start the pressing (of sugar cane)'

kahp                             [ka-h-p]  'anything held in the mouth, tobacco paper'

kahr                             'bite, mouthful, bite of'

noh kahr                       'large bite'

-kahr                            [num. class]

inkahr we'                     'a (one) bite of food'

cha'kahr sik'ab              cha'kahr sik'ap  'two bites of sugar cane'

kahri                             'bite, bite into, take a bite of, bite off' [cl.2]

kahri e pa'                    'bite into a tortilla'

kahri e t'ix                     'bite the cross-stick (said of a tree which serves as a living cross)'

e tz'i' warix ukahri e winik         'the dog was biting the man'

kahram                         'chin'

kahramir                       'pertaining to the chin or lower face'

bak kahramir                'jaw bone'

kahwe                          'coffee [Sp. corr.;  see  p' ? j]

kak                              'a getting'

kakaw                          kakau'  'cacao (fruit and tree)'

kakaw te'                     'cotonrón (a wild shrub)'

kakawbir                      'flavored with cacao, any cacao-flavored drink'

kakawbir sa'                 'atolillo (hot drink made of chilate and cacao)'

kakti                             [kak-t-i]  'obtain, get hold of, acquire'


p. 489

kalimpre                       [Sp. corr.] 'cul. coriander'

kalimpre k'opot            'culantro montés, culpantro de tripa (small wild ???)'

kan                               'learning, training'

ah kan                          'learner, apprentice'

kanah                           kanaj  'occupation, profession; skilled trade'

kani                              'learn anything' [cl.1]

kanoh                           'learn, learn how' [cl.3]

kanoh e cheyah xa'bun              kanoh e cheyaj xa'p'un   'earn soap-making'

kanoh ubahner              'learn by oneself'

kanoh aluhxih                'learn how to swim'

kanoh kocha tua' apak'mah       kanoh kocha tua' apa'q'mah  'learn how to plant'

kanoa'r                         'learning, education, training'

ah kanoa'r                    'learner, apprentice'

kanse                           'teach, train' [cl.2a]

kanse utz'i' ato'poih       'teach one's dog to jump'

ukanseen                      'he teaches me'

akanseen kocha aank'tah          akanseen kocha aanktah  'teach me how to dance'

kansean                        'teaching, teach' [cl.3]

ey otot tia' war akansean           'the house (school) where she is teaching'

tia' akansean                 'school ("where one teaches")'

kansenah                      'be taught'

kansenah umen u tata'   'be taught by one's father'

ne'n kanseneen             'I was taught'

kanseyah                      kanseyaj   'teaching, training'

ah kanseyah                  'teacher'

kanel                            [Sp. corr.]  'cinnamon' [< canela ]

kanel te'                        'canelón, ???? ???? ?????; canela de monte)'

kantir                            [Sp. corr.]  cántil (a ??? and very poisonous snake; also called

kantir chan)'

kantir k'opot                 'yerba de cántil (a wild herb)'

kap                              'holding in the teeth, including ???'   {possibly  clenching}

kapar                           'holding in the mouth, sucking, suckling'

kapar k'uhtz'                 kapar q'uhc'  'cigar-smoking'

kapar uyar                    'one's suckling baby'


p. 490

kapi                              'hold with teeth, suck on, suckle, smoke a pipe' [cl.1]

kapi u tu' uk'ab             'suck one's thumb'

kapi e k'uhtz'                'smoke a cigar'

kapi inte' ch'i'                'suck a sweet'

kapmah                        'suck, suckle' [cl.3]

war a kapmah               'It is sucking (said of an unweaned baby)'

kapmato                       'still suckling (infant)'

kar                               'greens (quelite), edible leaves and shoots, any small succulent plant, vegetable (as opposed to a fruit);  loroco, flor de loroco (climbing vine

the leaves of which are much eaten as greens)'

sak kar                         'quelite blanco (a wild herb)'

sis kar                          'any cool or cold vegetable, fresh greens'

sub kar                         sup' kar  'rinsing of greens (before boiling)'

kar k'opot                    'santo domingo (wild L. shrub)'

karte'                            'palo quelite (wild tree resembling the coral)'

karcha'n                       'chayote (wild native climbing vine- resembling the loroco)'

kar u itzir                      'loroco de montaña (described as resembling cul. coroco)'

karar                            'greens, any tree or shrub producing edible greens'

karih                             'yield greens and shoots' [cl.3]

kariaar                          'greens-yielding'

ah kariaar                     'any plant yielding greens'

ah kariaar te'                 'greens-yielding tree'

ah kariaar ch'a'n            'greens-yielding vine'

kar                               'drunkenness, dizziness, drinking'

umen u karir                 'the cause of his drinking'

karaih                           'be drunk, ????' [cl.3]

war akaraih                  'he is drunk'

war karaih                    '???? he was drunk'

a karayob                     'they are drunk'

karan                            'drunk'

ah karan                       'drunkard, drunk person'

karaner                         'habitual drunkenness'

karer                            'drunkenness, dizziness, insanity'

ah karer                        'drunkard, insane person'

ah karerob                    'drunken people; crowd of drunks'

karer u hor                   'dizziness, insanity'

ay-an e karer uhor        'be insane; insane'

ay-an e karer unak        'upset stomach'

ah mok umen u karer    'sick because of his drunkenness'


p. 491

karse                            'make someone drunk, ply with drinks' [cl.2]

karse uyahpa'x              'get one's enemy drunk (in order to injure or kill him later)'

karsuubah                     'get oneself drunk'

kat                               'supernatural being (meaning uncertain)'

katata'                          '? ka-tata', kat-tata') 'Christian god'

e katata'                       'God'

katiyon, ah katiyon        'angel príncito (one of the sky deities associated with the Chicchans)'

katu'                             [? ka-tu, kat-tu' ] moon, moon deity (female guardian spirit of trees and

of ?de., who presides over agriculture, fruit trees and childbirth)'

e katu'                          'the moon, the moon deity'

k'ux katu'                      'eclipse of the moon'

k'ux k'in                        'eclipse of sun'

kahi                              kaji   'groin'

kayan                           'edible shoot of plant (especially of pacaya plant)'

kehkem                        'jaquilla (a lowland pig-like animal said to resemble a peccary)'

kehr                             [pass{ive}  of ker]  'anything separated or divided, separated part'

kehreb                          'shoulder'

or ukehreb                    'shoulder joint'

keht                              [from ket] 'possession, anything kept or owned'

ut mi keht                     'possession of mine'

u kehtob                       'his possessions'

kene'                            [corr. of guineo] 'any variety of banana'

pa'hkib kene'                pa'hq'ip'.kene'  'banana orchard'

bik'it kene'                    'small variety of banana'

k'ank'an kene'               'guineo mínimo (banana)'

ker                               'opening up, separating; dividing in half'

kerar                            'side of an object or of the body; num. class.'

ukerar uti'                     'one's cheek, side of the face'

ukerar uhor                   'side of one's head'

ukerar uut                     'side of one's face'

kerar e kohn                 'side or bank of a stream'

kerar usuy unak            'side of one's abdomen'

inkerar ni bah                'one side of my body'

cha' ukerar                   'its two sides'

k'ux kerar                     a'ux.kerar   'face pain, mumps'

kere                             'separate, divide, open up'

kerehb                          [? ker-hehp'] 'a dragging, a pulling in or back'


p. 492

kerehba                        'drag, pull back or in' [cl.1]

kerehba e te'                 'drag a log'

kerehba umen e ch'a'n               'lead with a rope'

kerehba e ch'an t'in       'draw the bowstring, shoot an arrow'

kerehba e ch'an            'pull in the fishing net'

kerehba e chay             'fish with the ?line'

kerehbes                      [equiv - kerehp'a]

kerehbnab                    'dragging rope, leading'

herer                            'division, separation

ket                               'possession, ownership, keeping'

ta m ket                        'in my possession'

tuu ket                          'in his possession'

kete                              'keep around, possess, hold onto' [cl.1]

kete tuno'r urum            'keep all one's land'

kete imbon ucho           'own (keep) many milpas'

ketbah                          'be in a place or in a condition, remain, stay, be left over' [cl.3]

ketbah tamuuy otot       'remain in one's house (stay at home)'

ketbah tuurum               'stay in one's country'

taaka aketbah               'where is it, how far away is it?'

na'ta aketbah                'know where it is'

ketbeen arah                 'Remain here!'

hayte' atumen aketbah   jaite' atumen aketp'ah  'how much money do you have left'

aketbah ta tun u kohn    'He comes from Tunués'

aketbah in sis chate' k'in            'it stays cold for 2 days'

ketbaar                         'location, place'

ketbaar e k'echuh         ketp'aar e q'echuj  'Place where a Sisimite lives'

ni ketbaar                     'my neighborhood, my home (mi lugar,mi hogar)'

ketbes                          'leave alone, leave in its place' [cl.2a]

ketbes nitz'i'                  'leave my dog alone!'

uketbes uyutir teete'      'he leaves the fruit on the tree'

ketbir                           'owned, held'

ketbir rum                     'owned land'

ketbir otot                    'owned house (not abandoned)'


keche                           'require, as time or labor' [cl.1]

ukecheer uch te' k'in e patnaar              'it requires much work of me'

ukechen tunor e k'in      'it (the work) took all day'

kihb                              [ke-h-p']  'anything raised or lifted'

kihbib                           'wedge'

ukihbib e trapich           'wedge in the auger press (used to tighten the ?oli?)'

kiki'                              [imperative of ixin, also an expression of disbelief, similar to vaya!]


p. 493

kilis                              'predatory bird, falcon'

ah kilis                          'deity said to eat the sun and moon (thus causing eclipses)'

kin                                'cane, slender stick or limb, grass blade, straw (used in house walls),

any slender-stalked plant'

ak kin                           'grass blade, long-stalked grass'

oy kin                           oij.kin   'wall stud'

siin kin                          'singuín (wild cane)'

k'inam                          kinam  'jobo de montaña (a wild fruit tree resembling

                                    the cultivated jobo)'

kinih                             kinij    'rafter (in house roof), rib (of object or of

                                    the body, stay'

kib                               'lever, anything used to raise with , levering'

ukibir taka an te e te'     'his lever ?????'          

kibi                               'raise (as with a lever or wedge), pry up or loose'  [cl.1]

kirik                             'thunder, a rumbling'

kirik tuut e k'in              'thunder in the sky'

kiriknah                        'thunder' [cl.3]

ayan e haha'ar tia' war akiriknah            'there is rain when it is thundering'

kiriknaar                       'thunder, thundering, thunderstorm'

inbon e kiriknaar           'much thunder, continuous thundering'

ah kiriknaar                  '"Thunderer" (one of the names of the god Chicchan)'

kiriknes                        'make thunder (said of a Chicchan)' [cl.2a]

kisih                             kisij  'any small tick, bedbug'

bik'it kisih                     'a small tick'

sarin kisih                     'a brightly-colored beetle'

sibik kisih                     'variety of bedbug'

kisih ta'                         [ta' : excrement] 'cockroach-like insect'

ki'                                 'heart'

k'ux ki', k'ux ki'ir           'heart pain'

ki'nik                            [nik : beat, throb] 'heartbeat, heart throb'

ki'nkah                         [ki'nik-ah,  cl.III] 'beat or throb (said of the heart)'

war aki'nkah                 'it (his heart) is beating'

maach aiki'nkah            'it does not beat'

ki'nkaar                        [kil'nikah-ar]  'beating, throbbing, heartbeat'

ah ki'nkaar                    'heart'

ki'nkaar k'opot             'corazón (a wild herb)'

ki'ir                               'or or pertaining to the heart'

mok ki'ir                       'heart ailment'


p. 494

kiix                               [kah-ix]  'already, by now, already started, beginning of'

kiix ak'a xih e yotot       kiix aq'a xih eyotot  'the house is already beginning to fall down'

kiix e haha'ar k'in          'beginning of the rainy season'

kohk                            'wait, pause, delay, watching'

kohk u yaranir              'delay in parturition'

kohk e santo                 '"watching" of the saint (vela del santo)'

kohk tekpan                 'keeping of the watch (by a mayordomo)'

ah kohk tekpan             'mayordomo'

kohk chor                     'milpa guarding (when the ears are newly formed)'

ah kohk chor                'milpa watcher'

kohk chorih                  'guard milpa' [cl.3]

kohk tz'i', ah kohk tz'i'  'watch dog'

kohk mah                     'wait' [cl.3]

ah inkohkmah               'I am waiting'

kohkmaar                     'waiting, ????'

kohknib                        'place used for watching or guarding'

kohknib e chor             'small hut in a milpa (in which the guard rests and sleeps)'

kohko                          'wait or wait for, tarry, delay, be long in doing, put off doing, watch,

guard, protect' [cl.2]

kohko uchor                 'guard one's milpa'

kohko uyar                   'care for one's child'

kohko e tekpan            'care for the church'


kohko inte' u biaar        'wait for one's friend'

kohko inte' k'in             'he waits one day'

kohko tam u uchoroaar             'be long in doing one's milpa work'

kohko upatnar              'put off one's work'

in kohko inche              'I put off doing it'

hay te' ahab akohko      jai te' ajap' akohko  'how old are you?, how old you are'

chate' u hab ukohko      'he is 2 years old'

kohkaawe'                    'he eats slowly'

kohk inpatnah               kohk impatnah 'I work slowly'

kohk akuxmah              kohk aquxmah  'she is long in delivery'

kohko tua'                    'wait until, wait for'

kohko tua' ak'anah unar            'wait for one's maize to ripen'

iinxin inkohko tua' anumuih ux te' k'in     'I shall wait until 3 days pass'

kohko tua' uyo'bi          'waylay, wait in ambush for'

akohkoen                     'wait for me!'

irah akohkonet              'don't be so slow'

kohkon                         'hope'

kohkbir                        'watched, guarded'

kohkbir chor                 'guarded milpa'

kohn                             'small stream (quebrada)'

pat kohn                       'stream bank'

?????                           ???????

kohr                             [?  ko-h-r]  'uncovered or exposed object (as a picked chicken,

skinned animal, or peeled fruit)'


p. 495

kohri                            'scrape (s a butchered hog), pick (as a chicken), rub'  [cl.2]

kohrnib                         'scraping instrument'

koht                             '[? ko-h-t] 'quadruped, on all fours; num. class.'

ux koht tz'i'                   ux.koht ci'  'three dogs'

un koht wakax              in koht wakax  'one cow'

kon                              'intention, plan'

kona                             'intend to' [cl.1]

kona u'nchi                   kona u'nchi     'I intend to drink (get drunk)'

koner                           [? kone-er, kone'-er]  'now, today, this time'

ma achi koner               'not now'

koner ak'bar                 'tonight'

koner hab                     koner.jap'  'this (present) year'

kor                               'a freeing, a loosening'

kor buhk                      'undressing'

tia' ak'uxon nik'ab intran e kor buhk      tia' aq'uxon niq'ap' intran e kor.p'uhk  'when my arm hurts the undressing is difficult'

kori                              'let loose, free, take off' [cl.1]

kori u buhk                   'take off one's clothes'

kori ukur                      'pull back the foreskin (of penis)'

inkori nibuhk                 'I undress'

koror                            'naked, uncovered, exposed'

koror ubuhk                 'undressed, naked'

korom                          'game animal or animal [generic], pertaining to game animals'

insikba e korom taka nitzt'i'       'I hunt animals with my dog'

e korom ta witzir           'the game on the [mountain]'

koromtar                      [tar : place]  'game locality, area good for hunting'

korom tz'i'                    korom.ci'   [ci' : dog] 'hunting dog, game dog'

ah korom tz'i'                ah korom.ci'   [ci' : dog] 'hunting dog, game dog'

kormah                         [korom-ah]  'hunt, search for game' [cl.3]

k'ani in kormah ehk'ar   'I wish (shall) hunt tomorrow'

war akormah                'he is (out) hunting'

kormaar                       'hunt, hunting activity'

ah kormaar                   'hunter'

ah kormaarob               'hunting party'

kormes                         'hunt' [cl.2]

kot                               'a kneeling, a bending over'

kotor                            'kneeling, bent over'

kotor en                       'I am kneeling

kotba                           'make kneel, bend over or down' [cl.2a-3]


p. 496

kotwan                         'kneel, bend over' [cl.3c]

in kotwan                     'I kneel'

kotwanen                     'I knelt'

war akotwan e ixik       'the woman is kneeling'

koch                             'portrait, image, reflection, likeness, mask'

kocha, kochah              'how, in what way, as, as much as, like, because, way, manner'

kocha inte' ixik              'like a woman'

kocha chamaih              'because he died'

kochuuche                    [chocha uche]  'how he does it, how does he do it?'

kocha yoha'                  'like that, in that manner'

kocheurah                    kochei rah  [kocha-urah]  'in this manner, like this'

ko'                               'any long slender gourd, gourd vessel, dry gourd'

ak ko'                           'a forage grass'

ax ko'                           'striped squash, spotted gourd'

ko'ra                            'little, few, to a slight extent, for awhile, for a short distance'

ko'ra si'                        'bit of firewood'

ko'ra buur                     'a few beans'

ko'ra e k'in                   'a little of drought, a short dry spell'

ko'ra e bihir                  'a little of the way'

axanah ko'ra                 'it (infant) walks a little'

apatnah ko'ra                'he works for a while'

k'ank'an ko'ra               'slightly yellow'

chakchak ko'ra             'slightly red'

takinix ko'ra                  'already slightly dry (as plants partly dead or dying)'

ko'ra anyahr                 [ko'ra-inyahr]  'a few times'

ko'ra kóra                    'little by little'

kuhkay                         kuhkai    'lightning-bug, star'

ah kuhkay                     'insect resembling the lightning-bug'

kuhtz                            'duck  [not certain]'

kuhtz oror                     [oror  : raven] 'duck-raven (pato cuervo)'

kuk                              'a turning or rolling over, anything rolled up or over,  a roll of'

ti' kuk                           'a type of slope'

kuki                              'turn a thing over, turn upside down' [ch.1]

kukbah                         'turn or roll oneself over (as in bed)' [cl.3]

kukbir                          'turned or rolled over'

kukran                          'roll, tumble' [cl.3]

kukrem                         [kukur-em]  'rolled'

kukremah                     'fall or topple over' [cl.3]


p. 497

kukremes                     'topple a thing, push over' [cl.2a]

kukres                          'roll or tumble a thing' [cl.2a]

kukur                           'pushed over, rolled, rolling, tumbling'

kukur ha'                      'tumbling water, tumbling stream (as over rocks)'

kukru                           [kukur-u] 'roll or push over, roll something (as a log)' [cl.2]

ukukru e te' ehmar e witzir        'he rolls the log down the hill'

kukru aaxin                   'it goes rolling, it rolls along'

kukech                         'cockroach'

kukechte'                      'cucaracho (wild H. shrub)'

kupulik                         'oriole (oropendula)'

kur, kuruk                    'spine, thorn, ? tip, hair'

kuruk                           'gusano pelludo (hairy poisonous worm)'

kurur                            'spiny, thorny, porcupine'

kuskus                          'cucaracha (small crawfish-like crustacean said to resemble a cockroach)'

kusum                          'mold, fungus, plant rust'

ukusumir k'eweer          'mold on leather'

takeekusum                  'having mold'

kusum taka                   'moldy, having mold'

kusumer                       'mold, covered with fungus'

kusumran                      'become moldy' [cl.3]

kusumres                      'cause to mold, allow to mold' [cl.2a]

kux                               'wetness, dampness'

kuxrum                         'wet or damp ground, swamp'

kuxtar                           'wet spot, swamp'

kuxur                            'wet, damp'

ne'n kuxuren                 'I am wet'

kuxur ubuhk                 'one's wet clothes, his clothes are wet'

ah kuxur                       'person wet by rain'

ukuxurir                        'its wetness, its wet or damp part'

kuxun e rum                  'the ground is wet'

kuxuran                        'be wet or damp, get wet' [cl.3]


p. 498

kuxures                        'wet or dampen anything' [cl.2a]

ukuxures ubuhk            'she dampens her clothes (before washing)'

kut                               'beating, tapping'

kuti                               'beat, tap, strike' [cl.1]

kutin                             'large native drum (kutín)'

hatz' kutin                     ha'c'.kutin  'beating of the drum'

kutir                             'beating, tapping, striking [this is kutil in some compounds]'

kutir k'ahk'                   'striking lightning'

k'uch                            kuch  'buitre grande (large vulture)'


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