p. 511

lahp                              [from  lap]  'anything put on or adjusted, medicinal  poultice or plaster, article of clothing'

lahp tu uk'ab                 'poultice on the arm'

lahp chebir umen e la'p  'poultice made of fat'

lahp tor upouh che'k     'poultice on an ulcer'

lahpib                           'poultice twine, poultice'

lahpib tuunuk                'poultice on one's neck'

lahb                              'a patting, a rubbing; ? palm of hand'

lahba'                           [lahp'-pa']  'tortilla-making'

lahb xu'r                       'flute playing'

ah lahb xu'r                   'flute player'

lahb tu'n                        'playing of the tun drum'

ah lahb tu'n                   'tun drummer'

lahba                            'pat or rub with the palms, touch, massage, erase' [cl.2]

lahba ubah                    'massage one's body'

lahba e xu'r                   'play the flute'

lahba e pa'                    'shape tortillas (for baking)'

lahba u hor e tz'i'           'pat a dog's head'

lahba u k'ab                  'rub one's palms together'

lahba umen uk'ab          'massage or rub with the hands'

lahba e tun                    'beat the tun drum'

lahbah                          'rub palms together, pat one's hands, play a flute'[cl.3]

lahbaar                         'patting or rubbing of the palms; playing of drum or flute' 

lahch                            [from  lach]  'groove, scratch, line, stripe'

lahchem                        'scratched'

lahchemir                      'scratch, mark left by a scratch'

lahchi                            'scratch with nail or claw' [cl.2]

lahchi ubah                   'to scratch oneself'

lahchi unuk'                   lahchi unuk   'he scratches his neck'

lahchbah                       'scratch oneself' [cl.3]

in lahchbah tia' insaran  'I scratch when I itch'

lahchbir                        'scratched, grooved'

lahchbir uut                   'his face scratched'

lahtz                             'narrow, narrow part (of a thing), narrow place (as in a stream)'

ulahtzir ha'                    'narrow place in a stream'

inlahtz                           'narrow'

lahtzar                          'narrow place, narrow part, narrowness'

lahtzir                           'narrow'

lahtzbah                        'narrow itself, get narrow' [cl.3]


p. 512

lahtzran                         'be narrow, narrow itself' [cl.3]

lahtzres                         'make narrow, narrow down, constrict' [cl.2a]

lap                                'a putting in, an adjusting, an arranging'

lap buhk                       'one's dressing, wearing of clothes'

lap tzutz                        'doing up the hair'

lapi                               'arrange or adjust with the hands' [cl.1]

lapi u tzutz                    'arrange or do up the hair'

lapi u xanab                  'put on one's sandals'

labi u buhk                    'dress, wear clothes'

labi u bitor                    'put on a hat, wear a hat'

iinxin u mani inte' niwex tua' inlapi          'I am going to buy (my) trousers to wear'

ha'xir ulapi kalan ubuhk             'he wears attractive clothes'

ma'chi uk'ani inlapi xe bitor yaha'           'I do not want to wear this hat'

lauhwi                            'large leaf, any plant with a single large leaf'

lauhwi k'opot                 'hoja grande (small wild single-leafed plant)'

lauh xu                          'lettuce'

lau xu ha'                      'lechuga del rio (wild lettuce-like plant)'

lah                                'fatigue'

lahan                            'be tired, tired' [cl.3]

nen lahanen                   'I was tired'

inlahan                          'I am tired'

lahbu                            'cause to tire, overwork (as to overwork an animal)'  [cl.2]

la'ht'                             [from   la't']  'load, anything carried or supported'

la'b                               'grease, fat flesh or meat, salve, ointment'

u la'bir chumpi'              'turkey fat'

u la'bir chitam               'hog fat'

la'b te'                          'balsam (large wild L. tree)'

la'bar                            'salve, ointment'

la'bran                          'be greasy' [cl.3]

la'r                                'come! [imp. of tar]'

la't'                               'support, corner post, supporting timber'

inte' ula't'ir e yotot         'one of corner posts of house'

la't'ar                            'carried, supported (usually in hands), carried load'


p. 513

la't'i                              'carry upright, support, hold up' [cl.1]

la'ti'i e yotot                  'support the house (said of the corner posts)'

inla't'i e chiki' ta ni k'ab              'I carry the basket in my hands'

la't'bir                           'carried, supported'

lehb                              [from lep'] 'anything patted with fingers, palms'

lehtz                             [h- inferred form of letz] 'anything climbed up, pole, ladder, stairway'

lehtzib                           'belt used in climbing trees, stirrup'

leoh, le leoh                  [Sp. corr;  syn for  ch'oj]

leb                                'drum, pat, beat'

leb xu'r                         'flute-playing'

ah leb xu'r                     'flute-player'

leb tu'n                         'beating of the tun drum'

lebe                              'drum or pat with the fingers' [cl.1]

lebe e xu'r                     'play the clay flute'

lebe uhor e tz'i'              'pat a dog's head'

lebu uut uk'ab               lepu uut uq'ap'   'pat the palms together'

lebuh                            'play the flute or drum'

lebuaar                         'playing of the flute or drum'

ah lebuaar                     'player of flute or drum'

letz                               'a going up, a climbing' ut uletz ton uyotot 'his climb over his house

(to repair the roof)'

letze                             'climb up, mount' [cl.1]

letze ete'                       'climb a tree'

letze inte' chih               lece inte' chij  'mount a mule'

letze inte' ch'akar te'      'climb a notched pine'

liklik                             [syun for rikrik]

lohx                              [from lox]  'bruise, hurt, mark (caused by a fist blow)'

lohx tuut                       'fist mark or bruise on one's face'

lohch                            [from loch]  'anything bent, flexed, or done up; flexed

                                    part of body, flex'

lohtz                             [from loc] 'anything wrinkled or crumpled, wrinkle, crumple'

lor                                'shade, shadow, dark spot'

lori                               'shade' [cl.1]

e te' ulori e kahwe         'the tree shades the coffee (plants)'


p. 514

lorom                           'shader, umbrella, roof of shed, shading, sombrerillo (wild herb with fleshy leaves)'

lorom te'                       'any shade tree'

lox                                'blow or strike with fist ? fist'

lox uyahk'een inte' uloxir           uyahq'een inte' uloxir   'eh gave me a fist blow'

loxi                               'strike with fist, punch out' [cl.1]

loxi tuuk'ab                   'a strike with hand or fist'

u loxi niweh                  u loxi niwej   'he knocks out my tooth'

ah loxi ta nik'ab             'I strike with my fist'

loxbir                            'struck, knocked out'

uyeh loxbir                    'his tooth knocked out'

loch                              'bend, flex, bow, fold, arc'

lochi                             'bend, flex, fold up' [cl.1]

lochi uyok                     'flex the legs (as of a corpse at burial)'

lochi ubuhk                   'do up one's clothes'

lochi e ch'ok te'             'bend a sapling down (as a hunter does)'

lochir                            'bent, flexed'

lochbir uyok                 'its legs flexed (as a corpse)'

lochbir u k'ab te'           'its' bent branch'

lochbir ubuhk                'his done-up clothes'

lochran                         'be bent or flexed' [cl.3]

lochres                         'cause to bend or flex' [cl.2a]

lotz                               'wrinkle, frown, corrugation'

lotz uut                         'face wrinkle'

lotzi                              'wrinkle, corrugate' [cl.1]

lotzi uut                         'wrinkle one's face'

lotzi unak'uut                 lotzi una'k'uut    'squint one's eyes'

lotzoh                           'wrinkle one's face, frown, squint' [cl.3]

lotzoohut                      [locoh uhut]  'wrinkled face, face of aged person'

ma'chi in na'ta tuk'ot war alotzoh           'I don't know why he is frowning'

lotzor                            'wrinkled, wrinkle'

lo'                                 'loose, slack, dangling'

lo'on                             'long, extended, stretched, unloosed'

lo'onon                         'be stretched or extended, prolong' [cl.3]

lo'ob                             [lo'-op'] 'slackness, looseness'


p. 515

lo'obah                         'become slack or loose (as a taut rope), loosen up' [cl.3]

lo'or                             [lo'-or]  'slackness, slack or loose condition'

ulo'orir e ch'an              'the slackness of the rope, the slack part of the rope'

lo'oran                          'be slack, be loose, get slack' [cl.3]

war alo'oran                 'it is loosening, it is growing slack'

lo'ores                          'slacken, loosen' [cl.2a]

lo'ores e ch'an tuunak e chih      lo'ores e ch'an tuunak e ch'ij   'loosen the rope on a horse's neck'

lo' ch'och'oh                 'kept in a bent or flexed position, growing bent or flexed'

lo' ch'och'oh u yok        'bowlegged'

lo' ch'och'oh u pat         'swaybacked, stopped'

lo' ch'och'oh u k'ab'      'one's arm flexed (as in a sling)'

lo'ht'                             [from  lo't']  'anything crushed or flattened, crushed food, crush in an object'

lo'hch'                           [from lo'ch']  'anything held in the hand, handful'

lohoch'                         'handful [num. class.]'

cha lohch'                     'two handfuls of'

lok'                               lo'k'  [? lo'-ok']  'leaving, departure (salida), a coming up or out, escape'

ulok'ir                           ulo'k'ir  'his departure, his escape, its coming out'

lok' unak                      'movement of one's bowels'

lok'es                           lo'k'es  'throw out, expel'  [cl.2]

lok'esbir                       'thrown out'

ne'n lok'esbiren ta cárcel           'I am thrown out of the jail'

lok'ib                            'escape hole'

u lok'ib e putz'              'smoke flue (four holes at top of clay wall thru which fireplace smoke escapes)'

lok'nak, lok'nakir          [nak : stomach] 'bowel movement'

lok' ch'ich'er                 [ch'ich'er : blood] 'menstruation'

lok' tzutz                       'falling hair, loss of hair'

lok' yeh                        [ej : tooth] 'teething'

ulok' yeir                      'one's teething'


p. 516

lok'oih                          'leave, go away, come out (as from the body), result' [cl.3]

lok'oih u yarar u ti'        'drivel at the mouth'

a lok'oih u nak              'his bowels move'

a lok'oih uyeh               'he teethes'

inte' sitz' look'oih uyeh  inte' sic' look'oih uyej   'teething boy'

lok'oih ta cárcel            'escape from jail'

war alok'oih ubon ubah             'her placenta is coming out'

lok'oih u tzutz                'his hair falls out ?????????'

ulok'oih uch'ich'er         'he bleeds, she menstruates'

ulok'oih u burich           'he sweats'

ulok'oih e ha' tuuyaak    'the water drips from his tongue (said of a dog)'

war a ulok'oih tuuni'     'his nose is running' alok'oih bamban     'it turns out well'

alok'oih kocheira tuno'r e k'in    'it happens thus every day'

lok'bir                           'vacated, gone away, escaped'

lok'bir u tzutz                'bald-headed, hairless'

lok'bir u k'ahk'              'fireless (as a cold fire-place)'

lok'bir uyeh                   'toothless'

lok'bir uyobor               'leafless'

lok'bir uyutir                 'fruitless (as a dying tree)'

lok'se                           'pull out, force or take out, take or carry away, induce to come out' [cl.2]

lok'se u bon ubah          'expel the placenta'

lok'se e ubi' tuubah       'expel worms from the body'

lok'se e ik'ar                 'expel an aigre'

lok'se e tuunak              'expel a frog from the stomach'

lok'se uch'ich'er            'bleed the body, induce menstruation'

lok'se inte' uyeh            'pull a tooth'

lok'se uburich               'induce perspiration'

lok'se uburer                 'take out or reduce a fever'

pichi uyok tua' ulok'se e ch'o'k    'pierce one's foot in order to extract a (parasitic) worm'

lok'se e chab                'rob a beehive'

lok'se u ut                     'take on the appearance of'

lok'se u ut kocha xeen te' ixik   'take on the appearance of another woman (as Siguanaba is

said to do)'

lok'sebir                       'taken out, expelled'

lok'sebir uyeh               'one pulled tooth'

lot'                                lo't'  'a crushing, a flattening'

lot' bu'ur                       'crushing of boiled beans (with the hands into a paste)'

lot'i                               'crush or flatten with the hands' [cl.1]

lot'i e bu'ur                    'crush (boiled) beans'

lot'i uyutir                      'crush fruit'

lot'or                            'crushed, flat, crushed object'

lot'bah                          'crush or flatten of itself, flatten out' [cl.3]

loch'                             lo'ch'   'holding onto, hold, fist'

loch' k'ab                      'fist'

ut niloch' k'ab               'my fist'

loch'i                            'hold tightly in the hand, hold onto' [cl.1]

loch'i u k'ab                  'make a fist of the hand'

in loch'i e te' ta nik'ab    'I hold the stick in my hand'


p. 517

loch'bir                         'held, gripped'

loch'bir uk'ab                'fist, one's fist'

luhp                              [from lup] 'scum, froth, anything dipped off a liquid'

luhpib                           'dipper, spoon, ladle, skimmer'

luhpib e chay                'basket for fishing (used by women)'

luhpib e ruch                 'gourd dipper'

luhpib e chab                'cane-juice dipper (large gourd with handle used for dipping juice from

the boiling vats)'

luhpib tak'in                  luhpip'.ta'k'in   'spoon (of metal)'

luhk'                             luhq'  'limp, sag, limping'

uluhk'ir                         'one's limp'

luhk'ih                           'limp' [cl.3a-1]

luhk'ih axanah               'he walks with a limp'

luhk'ih in xanah             'I walk with a limp'

luhk'iaar                        'limp'

ah luhk'iaar                   'limping person'

luhk'ir                           'limping, lame'

luhk'ran                        'be lame, get lame' [cl.3]

luhk'res                         'cause a limp or lameness, maim' [cl.2a]

luhx                              'swimming, swim'

ut niluhx tor e ha'           'my swim over the stream'

ah luhx                          'swimmer'

luhxih                            'swim (not used in reference to fish)' [cl.3]

e tz'i' aluhxih                 'the dog swims'

luhxih e winik                'the man swims'

luhxiaar                         'swimming, swim'

ah luhxiaar                    'swimmer'

luk                                'huk'

luk chay                        'fish-catching (with hook and line)'

ah luk chay                   'hook-and-line fisherman'

luki                               'hook, catch with a hook' [cl.1]

luki e chay                    'catch fish with hook and line'

lukmah                         'angle with a hook, fish with hook and line' [cl.3c]

iinxin inlukmah              'I am going to fish (with hook and line)'

k'ani inlukmah ta nitak'in            'I wish to fish with my hook (and line)'

lukmaar                        'hook and line fishing'

ah lukmaar                    'hook and line fisherman'

lukmaar e chay             'hook and line fishing'

lukuk                            'hook, anything hook-shaped, fishhook'


p. 518

lukuk t'ix                       'anzuelo (wild woody vine)'

lukum                           'any long large worm, any small snake'

lukum tama uta'             'worm(s) in one's excrement'

saksak lukum                'a large white worm, parasitic stomach or intestinal worm'

chakchak lukum            'long red earthworm (used in fishing)'

chuchu' lukum               'small red earthworm'

lukum unak                   'tapeworm (lombriz del estomago)'

lukum uchan                 'hookworm'

lukum uut uta'               'a tiny anal worm'

lukum nakir                   'tapeworm'

lukum rum                    [rum  : soil]  'earthworm'

lukum t'et'                     lukum.t'e't'  'bejuco de lombriz (woody ground vine)'

lukum chan                   'angleworm lombriz de la tierra)'

lukumyan                      'wormy'

lum                               'earth, soil, land [used only in compounds; cf. rum]'

lum t'ta',  ulum t'a'         'produce, yield of the soil, products of a region'

lup                                'dipping, scooping up'

lupi                               'dip, scoop, dip up and down' [cl.1]

lupi uwe'                       'dip food, eat with spoon or small ladle'

lupi e chay                    'fish with basket'

lupi e ha'                       'skim water or boiling liquid'

lupi e ixim                     'wash boiled maize'

lup ixim                         [ixim : maize]  'cleaning of boiled maize (in running water, and

preparatory to grinding)'

lup we'                         'eating of food with a spoon (instead of with a tortilla)'

lur                                'spot, color'

lurin                              'spotted condition, jaundice'

lurin k'opot                   'escobilla negra (wild herb)'

lu'r                                'patacón (large tick)'


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