p. 519

ma-                              [negative prefix]

ma ahner                      [ma-ahaner]  'slow, slowly'

ma ahner axanah           'he walks slowly'

ma ahner impatnah kocha ink'o'ih          'I work slowly because I am tired'

maan                            [?  ma -an]  'lack, failure'

maan uch'ich'er             'lack of blood, failure to menstruate'

maan uyabich                maan uya'p'.ich   'lack of urine'

ma achi                         [? ma-achi, ma-hachi]  'no, not'

maachiix                       'already not, no longer'

maachi koneer              'not now'

maachi impatnah           'I do not work'

maachi aaxin                 'he does not go'

maachi imbar                maachi imp'ar  'light in weight)

maachi intam                 'shallow'

maachi inyahr                'not once, never'

ma achi ?hr?n               'dr?nk'  [drunk?  BS]

ma hab                         ma.hap'   'busyness, industriousness'

ma habar                      busy, industrious, used'

ah ma habar                  'busy or industrious person'

ma habaren                   'I am busy'

ma habarob                  'they are industrious'

haax maahbar               jaax maahp'ar   'he is busy'

ma habarer                   'usefulness'

ma habi                        'use, make use of, take care of' [cl.1]

ma heror                       [meeror]  'unequal, unalike, opposite'

ma inputz                      'bad, unsuitable, ugly'

ma inbon                      'few, scarce, not many'

ma inbonar                   'scarcity, lack'

ma inxuk'                      'unfermented, weak of taste or odor'

ma intam                       'shallow, thin'

ma intran                      'easy, easily'

ma intran ukuxi             ma intran uquxi   'she gives birth easily'

ma intran uypi inche      'I can do it easily'

ma inchoh                     'immoral, of bad reputation, disliked'

ma intzah                      'untasty, without flavor or sweetness'

ma inubiar                     'deaf, hard of hearing, silent, muffled'

ma ix                            [mi ix] 'no, not yet'

ma mahchi                    'nobody'

tia' ma mahchi ak'otoih   tia' ma.mahchi aq'otoih  'where nobody comes (dark place, where

 spirits lurk)'

p. 52O

ma banban                    'bad, useless, false, mean, undesirable'

ma banban u ut             'ugly, horrible to look at'

ma banban nichor         'my useless (valueless) milpa'        

ma banbanran               'is bad, useless, etc.' [cl.3]

ma banbanres               '

ma bixir                        'unconscious, lacking spirit or vigor'

ma k'ambaar                 ma.q'amp'aar  'useless, valueless'

ma tia'                          'never'

ma tuk'a                       ma.tuq'a  'none, nothing, without, unaccompanied by'

ma tuk'anyahr               'never, at no time'

ma tuk'a ayhan              'there is (are) not, there is nothing or none, have nothing, be poor'           

ma tuk'a ayanop           'they are poor, they have nothing'

ma tuk'a uyahk'een       'he gives me nothing'

ma cheker                    'secretly, mysteriously, unseen'

ma cheker a xanah        'he goes about secretly (said of sorcerers)'

ma cheker uut               'blind'

inte' ixik macheker uut  'a blind woman'

ma chor                        'unfruitful, infertile, barren'

ma uh                           'evil, wicked, unsocial'

ma uhran                      'become evil' [cl.3]

ma uhraner                   'evil'

ma uhres                       'make evil' [cl.2a]

ma uh ma uh                 'very evil'

ma hax                         ma.ja'x  'no, it is not, without, lacking, be without or lacking, empty'

ma hax huk'bir              ma.ja'x huq'p'ir   'not sharp, dull-edged'

ma hax pay ha' rum       'non-irrigated land'

ma hax k'a'bix               'unfinished'

ma hax we'                   'non-food'

ma hax achu'uh             ma.ja'x achuuh   'weaned'

ma hax u k'ani               'unwillingly'

inche ma hax ink'ani      'I do it unwillingly'            

ma hax a gusto              'unwillingly, without pleasure'

mah                             'fault, blame, crime, evil, sin, false, appearing like something else, a lie'

ah mah                         'evil person, criminal, liar'

mah chir                       [?  false netting]  'pubic hair of female, female genital'

mahran                         'be evil or sinful, be at fault, be malicious, feign, pretend'

mahraner                      'evil, sinfulness, fault'


p. 521             

mahres                         'lie to, deceive, misrepresent, swindle, threaten or intimidate' [cl. 2a]

umahresen                    'he lies to me'

maachiix in mahreset    'I didn't lie to you'

mahan                          'loan, a lending'

mahana                         'lend' [cl.2]

mahk                            [from mak] 'anything enclosed or stopped up, congested, congestion'

mahk e ha'                    'dammed up part of a stream'

mahkib                         'enclosure, cover, anything used for closing up'

mahkib e ha'                 'dam over a stream (for irrigation or dam-fishing)'

mahkib e ak'ach            'chicken pen'

mahkib e chitam            'pig pen'

mahkib e beht               'cover of an olla'

mahkib u hor e otot       'roof thatch' mahkib u nak e otot 'wall thatch'

mahkib e tzupon           'flap of shoulder bag'

mahkib uti' e bu'ur         mahkip' uti' e p'uhr  'cover for mouth of cántaro  (water olla)'

mahn                            [from  man]  'anything bought, purchase'

ni mahnob ta chinams   'my purchases in the pueblo'

mahoh nar                    [mahoj : ? Sp. corr.] 'maíz majoso (varity of maize)'

mah k'uih                      'yerba mora (wild herb with poisonous black berries)'

mahch                          [h-infixed form of mach]  'string, strip of bark (used for tying);

the mashte (wild tree the inner bark of which is used for tying)'

mahch te'                      'any tree yielding thin inner bark used for tying; mecate, palo mecate

(wild tree)'

mahchib                        'piece or length of string, strip of tying bark'

mahtz                           [from matz]  'anything used for wrapping around, woman's

                                    skirt (said to be imported from western Guatemala)'

mak                              'an enclosing, a covering, a stopping-up, a plugging, obstruction,

anything which surrounds or encloses, any body congestion [(costipación)]'

mak e yotot                  'house roof'

mak utzem                    'congestion in one's chest, pneumonia'

mak ukahram                'lockjaw'

mak uchu'                     'lack of breast milk'

mak uch'ich'er               'lack of or delayed menstruation'

mak ta uhor                  'scab on one's head'

mak ta uyok                 'scab on one's leg(s)'

mak uchek'                   mak uche'k  'scab on a sore'

mak abich                     mak.a'b.ich  'lack of urine'

mak nakir                     'bowel constipation'

mak ni'ir                       'head cold, head stoppage'

mak k'ab                      'finger ring'

mak uk'ab                    'finger ring'


p. 522

mak xe', umak xe'         [mak : enclose] 'honeycomb'

mak te'                         'fence (of limbs or growing spiny plants)'

pahrbir mak te'             'fence built of limb and brush'

mak te' harar                'vara de bambú (lowland dwarfish bamboo)'

mak te' t'ix                    'fence of spiny plants, organ cactus (commonly planted as a fence)'

mak ti'ir                        'dumbness'

mak tun                        'stone fence, any enclosure built of stones'

mak chan                      'rainbow'

mak chu'                       'lack of breast milk'

mak chuiir

mak chek'                     mak che'k  'scab on a sore, closed sores'

mak tzemir                    'chest congestion, pneumonia'

mak uhutz'in                  [? mak uhutz'in : suppressador] 'chufic (wild

                                    H. herb used in treating diabetis)'

mak utir                        'lack of eye water, "dryness" of the eyes'

makar                           'closed up, covered, congested (Sp. costipado), lacking in body secretion

or flow, cotton ball, bud, bulb, any sheathed fruit, ? any tuber or edible root'

makar u tzem                'congested chest'

makar u nak' uut           makar u naak' uut   'blind'

makar u ut                    'dry-eyed'

makar u yabich             'congested urine'

makar u yarar uti'          'dry-mouthed, congested saliva'

makar u ch'ich'er           'congested menstrual flow'

makar ubah                  'general body congestion'

makar u nak                 'constipated in the bowels'

makar uut uta'               'constipated in the bowels'

makar u chikin              'deaf'

makar u ni'                    'congested in nasal passages'

makar uch'irch'or          'congested throat, choking'

makar u tux                  'closed female genitals, virginal'

makar u ti'                    'dumb'

makar u burich              'lacking in perspiration'

makar u chu'                 'lacking in breast milk, dry (as ? ???)'

makar u chek'               makar uche'k   'scab-covered sore, scabby'

makar u hor                  'scabby head'

makar uyok                  'scabby legs'

makar unichir                'flower buds, flowers not yet opened'

makar ut e k'in              'clouded sky'

makar k'opot                'virgin-bud (wild herb botón de la virgen)'

makas                          'dumb, dumb person, one who speaks with difficulty'


p. 523

maki                             'stop up, plug up, cover over, enclose, surround,  stop a flow or excretion,

approach a thing' [cl.1]

maki u ch'ich'er             'stop (excessive) menstruation'

maki u ni'                      'stop ("running") nose'

maki e ha'                     'dam a stream or irrigation ditch'

maki in te' botella          'cork a bottle'

maki e k'ahk'                'dim a light, place a chimney on a lamp'

maki u chikin                'cup one's ear (as for better hearing), deafen ????'

maki e y ahakar            'deaden a sound'

maki u yabich               'stop (excessive) urine'

maki u nak' uut             maki u na'k' uut  'blind, cover one's eyes'

maki u nak                    'stop (excessive) ) bowel movement'

maki u ch'ich'                'staunch a wound'

makmah                       'approach, come near' [cl.3]

makbah                        'close up, be enclosed' [cl.3]

maku'                           'in, inside'

maku' nihinah                'inside my milpa'

maku' e yotot                'inside the house'

ixin maku'                     'he went in (as into his house)'

ohorih maku'                 'it fell in'

maku' rum                    'in the ground, burrowing'

ah maku' rum                'any burrowing animal'

maku' yotot                  'inside the house, inside'

maku'ir                         [makui'ir]  'interior, the inside of, inner substance, between among'

u maku'ir e yotot           'interior of house, room' u maku'ir e bak     'interior of bone, marrow'

u maku'ir u ti'                'interior of mouth'

u maku'ir e puhr            'interior of water olla'

maku' u k'abob             'between one's hands'

maku' e winikob           'among people, in a crowd'

u maku' u ni'                 'interior of nose, nasal passages'

mam                             'mole (on the skin), dark spots'

mama'                          '(kinship term including all blood and affinal male kin one generation

above speaker, but excluding speaker's father), old man'

man                              'buying, marketing, exchange, trade'

ah man                         'buyer'

man k'in                        'market day'

man nar                        'maize buying (especially in the a?? ??????? in a  pueblo'

ah man nar                    'maize buyer'

man tar                         'market place, plaza'

man chiki'                     'basket buying'

ah man chiki'                 'basket buyer'

mani                             'buy, trade' [cl.1]

inmani tunoor xe uk'anien          'I buy all that I need'

mani ta                         'buy in (a place)'

mani tua'                       'buy for (a person or for a reason)'

mani takar                    'buy from'

mani tama                     'buy for (a certain amount)

tuumani                         [ta u-man-i] 'market town or plaza ("where one buys")'


p. 524

manoh                          'buy, make a trade' [cl.3]

ak'anika imanoh sahmi  'do you wish to buy today?'

manoaar                       'buying, marketing'

ah manoaar                   'buyer, professional tradesman (as a Pokomán Indian who regularly

sells cántaros in the Jocotán plaza)'

mambir                         'bought, traded'

nibit'or mambir ta chinam          'my hat, bought in the pueblo (my pueblo-bought hat)'

manakuch                     [? man-ak-quch] 'escurpión (small green lizard), salamanquisa

(small poisonous reptile, said to court the female with a gift of grass

blades carried on its head)'

manati'                          [Sp. corr.] 'manatee, peje'

manko'                         manqo [Sp. corr.] 'mango'

mar                              'room, plot, patch, open space (cleaned of wild vegetation)'

masakua'                      [Nahuan corr.]  'masacuata (a small fierce animal resembling the tigrillo'

uneh masakua'              'a wild woody vine'

masakua' chan              masakwa'.chan  'a ???????? edible snake'

masa'                            [Nahuan corr.] 'deer'

u yar masa'                   'fawn'

hur masa'                      'deer-hunting'

u wihch'ok masa'          'young female fawn'

u neh masa'                   'a tall wild grass with tassels'

sahk masa'                    'deer-hunt'

masilikulat                     [Nahuan corr.] 'honey-eating bear (v. ahchab)'

mask'ap                        'copper, made of copper, copper-colored'

mask'apran                   'be copper-colored' [cl.3]

mask'apres                   'paint copper-colored' [cl.2a]

mask'ap rum                 'copper ore, copper colored earth'

mask'ap te'                   'yerba de santa cruz (a wild herb)'

mask'ap tun                  'any copper colored stone'

max                              'hole, cavity, hollow, any kind of weevil (gorgojo)'

max ut uyeh                  'hollow in one's tooth'

umaxir e kakaw'           'cacao weevil'

umaxir e nar                  '[syn. for uyark'ir ixim]'

umaxir e bu'ur               'bean weevil'

max te'                         'mashaste (wild woody vine)'

max ch'a'n                    'tinaco, mashaste de tinaco (vine similar to the mashaste)'


p. 525

maxir                            'bored, hollowed out, weevilly'

maxir ni-nar                  'my weevilly maize, my maize is weevilly'

maxran                         'be bored or hollowed out, be or become weevilly'

maxres                         'bore into, hollw out' [cl.2a]

maxresbir                     'bored into, hollowed'

maxresbir nar                'weevilly maize'


maxa'an                        'twilight, dusk, become dusk' [cl.3]       

war amaxa'an               'it is getting dark'

ak'bi' maxa'an               'yesterday evening'

maxa'anih                     'become dark or dusk' [cl.3]

war amaxa'anih             'it is getting dark'

maxa'anix                     'already dark, very dark, already evening'

maxa'ar                        'dusk, twilight, obscure'

maxa'ar mut                  'any twilight bird'

maxmax                        'hollow, bored out, empty, weevilly'

maxmax ut uyeh            'one's hollow tooth'

maxmax ut uyok           'its hollow stalk'

maxmax usui e te'          'hollow trunk of a tree'

maxmax uwoy te'          maxmax uwoi te' 'hollowed-out corner post (as from termites)'

maxmax harar               'any hollow cane'

maxmax kin                  'any hollow stalk'

maxmax nar                  'weevilly maize'

maxmax bu'ur               'weevilly beans'

maxmax t'ix                  'zarza hueca (wild lowland prickly shrub)'

maxtak                         'family'

tunoor e maxtak            'all the family'

ah maxtak                     'family member'

matulin                          'one of the guardian spirits of the maize storehouse'

mach                            'string, twine, split bark (used for tying)'

ut e mach                      'strip of bark'

machi                           'pull off, pick off in strips' [cl.1]

machak                        'machacha (fish)'

machak chay                machak.chai   'machaca (fish)'

mach'                           'moss and fungi (generic), covered with moss or fungus, face beard'

ayan e mach' tor e tun   'there is moss on the stone'

machk' e ha'                 'moss or slime found in water'

mach' ak                       'any moss-like grass; zacate grís (a grayish grass)'

mach' ha'                      'any aquatic moss or slime'

mach' te'                       'lamilla (a hanging moss)'

mach' ti'                        'beard'

mach' tun                      'moss-covered stone'

mauh, ah mauh              [? ma-uh] "duende (dwarf god of mountains and valleys, guardian of domestic animals, especially cattle, dwarf'

mahk'                           ma'hq'  [from ma'q']  'any soft or fresh food, anything munched (out

of hand)'

ma'n                             'workman, hired laborer (mozo)'

u ma'nob                      'one's hired laborers'

hororma'n                     'chief workman'

ma'nah                          'work for hire (trabajar; not used in reference to work in one's own milpa, cf. patnah)'

ma'nah tama e chinam  ma'nah tama e chitam     'work in the pueblo (for Ladinos)'

ma'nah tua' e tumin        'work for wages'

ma'nah tua' uyeror utumin          'work for pay in kind'

ma'nar                          'work, working' [cf. patnaar]

ma'nsan                        'work' [cl.3]

ma'nsah                        'employment'

ah ma'nsah                    'employer'

mak'i                            ma'q'i   'eat out of hand, munch, eat away (as ????? eats flesh' [cl.1]

ink'ani in mak'i e kene'  'I wish to eat a banana'

mak'uh                         'eat, munch' [cl.3]

k'ani in mak'uh tia' in-winnah     'I like to eat (munch) when I am hungry'

mak'uaar                      'eating, munching'

ma'x                             'monkey (generic)'

ma'x ahk'ab                  'a nocturnal monkey (mico de noche)' [kinkajou]

patah ma'x                    'guayabilla shrub'

burem ma'x                   'spider monkey'

mehs                            [me-h-s]  'trash, gleanings, sweepings, ent??????'

mehsib                          'broom'

mein                             [? mah-in, "false being"] 'spirit of plant or animal, shadow'

u mein e te'                   'spirit or shadow of a tree or plant'

u mein                          'one's spirit, one's shadow'

u mein e nar                  'spirit of maize'

u mein e bu'ur               'spirit of beans'

meinah                          'cast a shadow' [cl. 3]

meines                          'shade, make shade for' [cl.2a]

meines e kahwe            'shade coffee plants (as a large shade tree does)'


meinbir                         'having been shaded'

meinbir kahwe              'shaded coffee plants'

ne'n meinbiren umen e te' tia' in wayan  'I am shaded by the tree when I sleep'

meirah                          [? ma-irah] 'many'

meirah winikob             'many men, many people'

men                              [instrumental suffix; used independently with pron.  prefix]

mer                              'failure, impossibility, lack'

merer                           'impossible, unable, failing, ceasing to function'

ne'n mereren                 'I cannot'

ha'x merer                    'he cannot'

merer uch'ich'er            'her failing menstruation'

merer uut                      'failing sight'

merer uchikin                'failing hearing'

merer ukur                    'failing v?i?e [virility]'

mer chor                       [chor : milpa; meaning of mer unknownl] 'one of five rain gods

(special guardian of milpas located in southwest from whence rain bearing winds come)'

mes                              'a cleaning'

e mes nichor                 'the cleaning of my milpa(s) (preparatory to planting)'

intran e mes                  'the clearing (of land) is difficult'

mes k'in                        'milpa-clearing season (March and April)'

mes sik'ab                    mes.sik'ap     'cleaning of weeds from cane fields'

mes chor                      'milpa cleaning (preparatory to firing and planting)'

mes yotot                     [otot : house] 'house-sweeping, housecleaning'

mese                            'clean anything' [cl.1]

mese e sik'ab                'clean weeds from sugar cane'

mese e chor                  'weed a milpa'

mese e tiinah                 'sweep a patio'

mese e yotot                 'clean house'

mesiob                         [? mes-yo'p']  'broom'

k'sab mesiob                'hand broom, whiskbroom'

mesiob te'                     'broom plant or clump bush [generic]; vara de escoba

                                    (wild clump bush from which hand brooms are made)'

mesiob k'opot               'escoba amarga (a wild grass)'

mesuh                           'sweep, clean up' [cl.3]

ne'n mesuen                  'I swept'

k'ani in mesuh               'I want to clean up'

mesuaor                       'cleaning, sweeping'

meter                            'lying down, prostrate, prone, growing along the ground (as a vine)'

meterix                         'already lying down, entirely prone'

metbu                           'make lie down' [cl.2]

metbubir                       'made to lie down'

metre                            'lay a thing down, lay out flat' [cl.2]


p. 527b

metwan                        'lie down (said of animals only), fall prone' [cl.3]

metwan e wakax           'the cows were lying down'

mech                            'shell, hard covering, any kind of shellfish'

perem mech                  'snail'

mech chay                    mech.chai  'shellfish'

mechir                          'having a shell, of the shell variety'

mechirih                        'grow a shell' [cl.3]

mehk'                           me'hq'  [from me'q'] 'load carried in the arms, anything embraced'

mek'e                           'embrace, wrestle, carry in the arms or on the hip' [cl.1]

mek'e uyar                    'carry one's child (on the hip)'

mek'e inte' beht             'carry an olla (on the hip)'

mek'er                          'embrace'

mek'sayah                    'wrestling match, scuffling (as by boys)'

ah mak'sayah                'wrestler'

mek'se                          [syn. for me'q'e]

mihch                           [mi-h-ch]  'anything scraped or rasped'

mihch e suk chih           'bit or quantity of rasped maguey fibers'

mikatz'ah                      'quetzal (a large plumed and brightly-colored bird, now symbol of the republic of Guatemala'

milikah                          'micoleón (a small brown nocturnal animal)'

mis                               'broom, brush'

misawuhui                     [awauhui : any fern] 'calaguaín (wild highland fern)'

miste'                            [te' : plant]l 'any broom plant, any clump bush;

                                    escobilla, escobilla blanca (wild herbaceous plant)'

sak miste'                     'escobilla, escobilla blanca'

mituku'                         'soncoya, cuncuya (wild highland anona)'

mich                             'a drawing, a scraping or rasping'

e mich e suk chih          'the scraping of the agave'

michte'                          [te' : plant, wood] 'rasping stick (used for rasping maguey leaves)'

michi                            'rasp, scrape' [cl.1]

michbir                         'rasped, scraped'


p. 528

mi's                              'housecat (the animal is called by repeating the word in a high voice)'

uyar mi's                       'kitten'

mi's mut                        [mut : bird]  'aurora bird (Ch.Sp. aurora [Trogon elegans])'

mi's chukchuk mut        [chukchukmut : woodcock] 'chorcha gato (bird resembling

                                    the woodcock)'

mo'                               mo  'macaw, parrot [generic]

k'atat mo                      'catatagua (large black vulture)'

mohi                             [h-infixed form of moi] 'anything closed up, closure'

mohiyib                        mohiyip'  'anything used for closing'

mohiyib e tz'ihr              'drawstring of a fiber bag'

mohiyib e yex               'drawstring of a man's drawers'

mohiyib tak'in               mohiyip'.ta'k'in  'metal clasp (as on a Ladino purse)'

mohl                             [used only in compounds; ? archaic form of mohr]

sak mohl                       'sudden paling, faintness'

mohr                            [mo-h-r] 'pile, handful, things brought together; result, state or condition (resulting from several causes)'

inte' mohr e rum            'a pile of earth'

mohch                          [mo-h-ch]  'fold, coil, anything coiled up'

umohchir e chan            'the coil of a snake'

umohchir ukoton           'the fold in his shirt'

moy                              moi  'closing, shutting off, constriction'

moyi                             moiyi  'close, shut off, restrict' [cl.1]

moyi inte' tzupon           'close up a bag'

moyi uyok e ha'            'shut off an irrigation ditch'

moyi uyex                     'tighten one's drawstring (at the waist)'

moyor                          moiyor  'closed up, shut off, restricted; a small opening'

moyor ha'                     [ha' : water] 'restricted or narrow place in a stream'

mok                             'sickness or illness'

mok ubah                     'general sickness'

mok unak                     'one's stomach sickness'

ah mok                         'sick person, patient'

bax mok                       p'ax.mok  '"extracting" of a sickness magically'

mok ki'ir                       'heart ailment'

mok nakir                     'any stomach ailment or upset.'

mok tunor                     'general sickness, general ailing'

mok chanir                   'intestinal ailment, intestinal upset'

mok tzemir                   'chest or lung ailment'

moker                          'illnesses, complaints'


p. 529

mokir                           'sick, sickly'

mokran                         'get sick' [cl.3]

mokraner                      'sickliness, tendency to sickness, ailing'

mokres                         'sicken, cause sickness' [cl.2a]

mokresnib                    'sickening patron (given secretly to an enemy to cause extreme nausea)'

mokse                          'nauseate' [cl.2]

mokse unak                  'nauseate one's stomach'

mokoch                        'wrinkle, crumple, crease, corrugation'

mokochir                      'wrinkled, corrugated, crumpled'

mokochran                   'become creased or wrinkles' [cl.3]

mokochres                   'wrinkle or crease anything' [cl.2a]

mol                               [syn. for mor, used only in compounds]

momoh                         [moj-moj]  'nettly, stinging, having or growing nettles, causing rash;

nettle plants [generic]'

momoh, momohte'        'chichicaste, chichicaste colorado (small H. nettle tree)'

momohte'                     'ortiga <ortija> (small wild L. nettle tree)'

momoht'ix                     'chichicastillo (wild L. nettle tree)'

momoh-ch'ak               momoj.ch'a'k   [ch'a'k : flea]  'chichicaste nigua (wild H. nettle shrub)'

momoh-ch'a'n               'nettle vine [generic]'

mor                              'pile, mound, heap (montón), collection, small hill, mountain crest'

mori                             'scoop or gather up, gather together in piles, ?????? secure (conseguir), catch  a disease, take on a ailment, take on a condition' [cl.1]

mori e sisar                   'catch cold'

mori e muak                 'catch a disease, take sick'

mori e chinchar             'take a chill'

mori e k'ahk'ar              'get an inflammation'

mori e winar                 'get hungry'

mori e wainih                'get sleepy'

mori e k'ahk'                 'catch fire'

umoriix e k'ahk'            'it caught fire'

mori tuk'a uk'ani           'earn a living, acquire necessities'

mori xe war uk'ani        'earn a living, acquire necessities'

moroh                          'be in piles or heaps, form or collect in piles, be heaped together' [cl.3]


p. 53O

morohar                       'a scooping up, a gathering, harvest'

morohse                       'pile up, rake into piles (montonar), harvest' [cl.2]

morohsebir                   'piled up, harvested'

michor tunoor morohsebir         'myu milpa's all harvested'

moror                           'piled, heaped up, pile or heap (montón), harvest'

e moror e habirah         'this year's harvest'

e moror e aambi'           'last year's harvest'

noh moror                    'large harvest'

sian moror                    'many piles or heaps, bountiful harvest'

moror ha'                      'wide spot in a stream ("heaped-together..??)'

moro t'ix                       'blackberry vine'

mos                              'track, imprint, anything dropped'

mose                            [mos-se]  'put or place, drop something in something  else (a. condiment in food)' [cl.2]

mos ta'api                     [t'api : cover]  'cover its front tracks by the tracks of the hind leg)' [cl.3]

moch                            'a folding up, a contraction'

moch uk'ab                   'contraction in the arm'

moch uchicher              'contraction in the muscle'

umochir e chan             'coil of a snake'

mochi                           'do up or fold up, wind up, contract a thing, relax a  stretched or sprung object'

mochi e chich                'relax a rubber band'

mochi ubuhk                 'do up (fold up) one's clothes'

mochi inte' ch'an           'coil or wind up a rope'

mochi ubah                   'relax itself, fold up, spring back (as a bent sapling), coil itself (as a snake)'

e chan umochi ubah      'the snake coils itself'

mochiix                         'coiled up, folded up'

moh                              moj  'sting, burn, rash'

moh uut                        'rash on one's face'

inyah u moh                  'one's painful rash'

mohir                            'nettle-like'

mohan te'                      'any nettle-like tree or plant'

mohran                         'sting, burn, break out in a rash' [cl.3]

mohres                         'cause rash or burning' [cl.2a]

mo'                               'edible shoots of the coral tree; ? boundary marker for  milpas'

mo' te'                          [te' : tree]  'coral tree (the buds of which are greatly  prized as greens,

one is planted at each corner of  a milpa to serve as a marker'


p. 531

mo'htz'                          [mo'-h-c']  'anything closed or drawn in, drawn-in condition, body of a snail'

mo'htz'ib                       'drawstring (of fiber bags, etc.)'

mo'r                             'mozotes [generic], mozote tree'

sak mo'r                       'mozote blanco'

mo'r ak                         'zacate mozote (grass said to have some resemblance to the mozote tree)'

mo'r k'opot                   'any mozote herb or weed'

mo'ch                           'guara (large red bird, probably a macaw, sometimes kept as a pet)'

mo'tz'                           'a closing up, a drawing in, a sink'

mo'tz' ti'ir                      mo'ch'.ti'ir  'sunken cheeks'

mo'tz' tzemir                 'sinking in of one's chest'

mo'tz'i                           'close up, draw in (as a part of the body)' [cl.1]

mo'tz'i u ti'                    'suck in the cheeks'

mo'tz'i e chihr                'close a netted bag'

mo'tz'i u nak' uut           'close one's eyes'

muahn                          'hawk (generic; gavilán)'

sih muahn                     'gavilán negro'

sutz' muahn                   'gavilán negro'

muak                            'seriouis ailment or sickness [cf. mok], bad'

muak chamir                 'fatal illnerss'

muhk                            [h-infixed form of muk] 'anything buried or ???t, umbilical cord, corpse, charm or excrement buried in the ground'

ut umuk                        'one's umbilical cord'

muhk te'                       'rosema (a highland shrub)'

muhkib                         'grave'

muhkib tar                    'graveyard, spot containing a grave, camposanto of the pueblo'

muhkib te'                     'grave post (indicating a grave)'

muhkib tun                    'grave stone (as found in the pueblo camposanto)'

muhr                             [mu-h-r] 'pile, heap, mound, pyramid, low protuberance  in the body'

muhr e xinich                'mound of ant hill'

muhr e wakax               'cow's rump'

muhr e chamen             'earth mound over a grave'

muhr tor e muhkib         'earth mound over a grave'

muhr e ch'o'k                'earth mound of rat hole'

muhr u xahr                  'mons venus of female'

muhr tor upat e chih      muhr tor upat e ch'ij  'rump on horse's shoulder'

muhr uxahr uk'ab e chih            muhr uxahr uq'ap' e ch'ij  'rump at crotch of  horse's front legs'

muhr unak                    'extended abdomen (as of aged people)'

muhr usuih unak            'extended abdomen (as of aged people)'

muhr uneh ey ak'ach     'rump on chicken's tail' muhr uut supraorbital ridge(s)'

muhr una'k' uut             supraorbital ridge(s)'

cha' kohr muhr e nar     'two piles of maize'

ut umuhr                       'a buttock, one's buttock'


p. 532

muhr nakir                    'extended [distended] abdomen'

muhr rum                      'earth mound'

muhr xahr                     'mons veneris of female'

muhr tun                       'stone mound, pyramid'

muhr ut                         'supraorbital ridge, any rise above the eyes'

muhrur                          'gourd vessel, fruit of the murul tree'

muhrur te'                     'murul (large old silk-cotton tree)'

muhx                            [h-infixed form of mux] 'paste, any ground pasty substance'

muhxib                         'metate'

muhtz                           'a pulling out or off'

muhtz ak'ach                 'picking of a chicken'

muhtzi                           'pull out, pull off' [cl.2]

muhtzi inte' ak'ach         'pick a chicken'

muhtzbir                       'pulled off, picked'

muy                              mui  'sapodilla'

tzur muy                       'anona colorada'

sutz muy                       'irayol (sapodilla-????? tree)'

muy te'                         'wild sapodilla (níspero de montaña)'

muk                              'burying, burial, hiding, storing, deceit'

muk hor                        'dive, insertion'

ah muk hor                   'diver'

mukhori                        'dive, force or insert the end into' [cl.3]

in mukhori tua' insi?? ba e chay             'I dive to look for fish'

?unaata amukhori          'he knows how to dive'

mukhori iraxir tam? e ha'           'he dives into the water'

muki                             'bury, hide, store' [cl.1]

muki makuiir e rum       'bury in the ground'

muki e chamen              'bury a corpse'

muki ubakar                 'bury one's seed-maize ears'

mukuubah                     'hide oneself'

mukba                          'hide, make invisible' [cl.2]

mukbir                          'hidden, buried'

mukran                         'hide out, skulk, sneak around' [cl.3]

mukres                         'lose, misplace' [cl.2a]

mukres ubah                 'hide itself, escape by hiding (as in dense foliage)'

muktz'ah                       [muk.utz'-ah] 'disappear, go out of sight, get lost'  [cl.3]

way amuktz'ah e k'in     'the sun is going down'

muktz'ahbir                   'disappeared'


p. 533

muktz'es                       'cause to disappear' [cl.2a]

mukuk                          'large bag (made of a doubled and sewn sedge mat, used for carrying

and storing shelled maize)'

mukur                           'hidden, lost, invisible, be hidden'

e yotot mukur tia' war  'the house is invisible where it is'

mukur ha'                     'spring (of water)'

mukur ut ha'                  'spring (of water)'

mukutz'                         'disappearance, lose, a vanishing'

mukwan                       'be invisible or hidden, ?i?t' [cl.2]

mul                               [?old form of mur]  'mound, heap, pile'

muluk                           'any mound-growing plant, potato (also called ixik  muluk), ? any tuber'

mun                              'a glutting or filling up, a gorging, excess of'

mun e k'opot                'thick wild vegetation, spot blanketed with weeds and shrubs'

muni                             'fill to excess, gorge on, give complete satisfaction'  [cl.1]

mup                              'a showing or pointing out'

mupi                             'show, point out, indicated' [cl.1]

mupi e biir                    'point out the road'

mupi kocha achenah     'show (indicate) how it is done'

muk'uy                         muq'ui  'turtle-dove'

xanab muk'uy               'yerba de tortolita (herb)'

muk'uy witzir                'tórtula gemidora (variety of turtle-dove)'

mur                              'pile, heap, embankment, protuberance'

mur e hi'                       'sand dune'

mur tor unuk uk'ab        'protuberance on one's wrist'

mur uhor uni'                 'nasal ridge'

mur uta' uyok                'raised welt on the calf of one's leg'

mur ha'                         'bank of irrigation ditch, bank of a stream'

mur e ha'                      'bank of irrigation ditch, bank of a stream'

muri                              'pile or stack up, gather in a heap, harvest' [cl.1]

murir                            'piled up, heaped, gathered together, ???? heap'

murir ha'                       'stream with banks'

murir nar                       'piled-up maize'

muruk                           (syn for muluk)

murak                           'plum (generic], jocote (cul. plum tree of several varieties)'

hurukay murak              'hog-plum'

impah murak                 'jocote zamarute'

k'ank'an murak             'jocote amarillo'


p. 534

murak k'opot                'jocotillo (large wild jocote-like shrub)'

murak te'                      'jocote pitarillo, jocote de invierno (a wild jocote)'

murak witzi                   'jocote de montaña (a wild jocote tree)'

murur                           'piled, stacked, heaped, mound-shaped'

murur                           'long slender gourd (generic), calabash, gourd container'

musihk                          [? mus-sihk] 'one's breathing, breathing noise'

umusihk                        'his breathing'

intran umusihk               'his difficult breathing, his breathing is difficult'

musihkah                      'breathe' [cl.3]

ahner amusihkah           'it pants (as a dog)'

maachi uyupi amusihkah            'inability or difficulty in breathing, he can't breathe'

musik                           [? mus-ik] 'breath'

musik ch'a'n                  'ciguapaste de parra (wild climbing shrub)'

musik witzir                  'wild L. shrub'

mux                              'a grinding, a crumbling'

mux a'n                         'masa (ground spring maize ready to be shaped into tortillas'

muxi                             'grind on the metate' [cl.1]

muxi uixim                    'grind one's maize'

muxi e tz'ihk'                 'grind clay (before shaping it into pottery)'

muxru                           [muxur-u] 'grind completely, crumble in the hand, reduce to powder' [cl.2]

muxur                           'ground, ground up, anything ground up, powder'

muxurbir                       'ground, powdered, it has been ground (or powdered)'

muxurbir ich                  muxurp'ir.i'ch   'powdered chilli'

muxurbir k'uhtz'            'snuff, ground tobacco'

muxurbir tanchih           'powdered lime'

muxurbir tun                 'grit, powdered stone'

muxurbir chab               'powdered panela'

muxmux                        'toasted, roasted'

muxmuxpa'                   'toasted tortilla'

muxmux tz'ak                'toasted remedy (as on on the comal)'

muxmuxran                   'be toasted or roasted' [cl.3]

muxmuxres                   'roast or toast (as on the comal or in hot ashes)'  [cl.2a]


p. 535

muxk'urui                      [? mux qurui] 'wild amaranth'

mut                               'bird [generic, but excluding vultures], birdlike'

mut e k'in                      'any day bird'

ahk'ab mut                    [ah.ak'ap'.mut] 'nocturnal bird'

ak'bariaar mut               'nocturnal bird'

ah xur mut                    'a bird with sharp-edged bill'

haha' mut                      'dove'

k'optar mut                   'any wild bird'

mi's mut                        'a bird (aurora)'

uneh mut                       'a highland herb'

pa'ch' mut                     'bird-trapping'

pech mut                      'a bird (sola-estoy)'

kachbir mut                  qachp'ir.mut   'captive bird'

sak mut                        'zenzontle (a bird)'

sarin mut                       'a bird (siete colores)'

mut ak'bar                    'any nocturnal bird'

mut ha'                         'any aquatic bird'

mut ibhr                        'bird shaped olla'

mut te'                          'bird trap'

mutuku'                        [syn. for mituku']

much, ah much              'frog (v. also tuh.tze']

noh much                      'bullfrog'

mu'                               'any mate of speaker's siblings, any sibling of  speaker's mate'

mu'htz'                          [mu'-h-tz'] 'a batting of the eye, a blink, a wink'

muk'uk'                        mu'k'uk'  'anona blanca (white custard apple)'

mutz'                            mu'tz'  'a twitch, a jerk, a tic'

mutz' uut                       'facial tic'

mutz' unak' uut              'twitching around the eyes'

ut umutz'                       'one's tic'

mutz'i                            'twitch, jerk, bat or blink the eyes' [cl.1]

mutz'i uut                      'bat one's eyes, blink'

mutz'i in kohr uut           'wink one eye'

mutz'ur                         'blinking, jerking'

mutz'ur uut                    'squint eyed'

muh                              'well, deep hole (pozo)'

muh e ha'                      'deep spot in a stream (without current and using ????)'

muyar                           'a gourd containing fiber; pashte (a semi-cultivate vine)'

muhur                           [? muj-ur] 'deep'

muyur ha'                      'deep water, deep stream'


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