p. 536

nahp                             'forgetfulness, a forgetting'

nahpah                         'be or become forgotten, pass out of memory or use, forget'

war anahpah                 'it is being forgotten about (as an old custom)'

nahpah nimen kocha uche   'I forget how one does it'

nahpeen                        'I forgot'

nahpes                          'forget something, ignore, pay no attention to' [cl.2a]

nahpes ubiaar               'ignore one's friends'

nahpes xe war uche      'pay no attention to what one says'

naht                              'far, distant'

naht uyok                     'tall, long-legged'

nahtir                            'distant, remote'

nahtir yaha'tar               'far from that place'

nahtir irahtar                 'far from this place'

nahtir e chinam              'far from the pueblo'

nahtirah                        [irah : here] 'far from here, far away'

nahtirar                         'distance, remembrance'

maachi inna'ta unahtirar             'I do not know its distance (how far it is)'

hantih                           nahtij 'distance, "farness"'

naht ketbah                   'be far away, lie or live in a remote place' [cl.3]

naht ketbes                   'take far away' [cl.2a]

naht ketbes umaxtak     'he takes his family far away'

nahtran                         'be remote, be far away' [cl.3]

nahtres                         'remove to a distant place' [cl.2a]

nahtres ubah                 'betake oneself far away'

naht'                             [na-h-t']  'anything stuck or held in place; twigless fruit'

naht'ib                          'glue'

nak                               'stomach, stomach region, abdomen, womb, bowels, interior, front of

the body, front side of anything, side of an object, w???t, wall'

unak e kohn                  'bank of a stream'

unak e noh ha'              'shore of a lake'

unak e chiki'                 'side of a basket'

unak e ch'en                 'wall of ditch or canyon'

unak e witzir                 'steep side of a hill, face of cliff'

unak ukahram               'one's jaw'


p. 537

unak uni'                       'side of one's nose'

unakir uni'                     'phalange of one's nostril'

unak uti'                        'rim of a container'

unak uti' e chiki'            'rim of a basket'

unak urax                     'one's temple'

unak uchikin                 'one's cheekbone'

uut unak                       'one's navel'

ut unak                         'one's stomach (bowels, etc), its side'

unak e te'                      'heart of a tree, interior of a plant'

unak uyutir                    'fruit core' unak e ch'um        'heartmeat of a pumpkin'

noh nak                        'abdominal swelling, pregnancy'

num nak                       'bowel movement'

k'an nak                       'yellow stools, yellow bowels'

k'ax nak                       'bowel movement'

k'ux nak                       'stomach ache'

sihb nak                        'stomach swelling, pregnancy'

nak k'opot                    'tres puntas (wild H. shrub)'

nakir                             'intestinal, pertaining to the bowels or stomach'

lok' nakir                      lo'k'.nakir  'bowel movement'

lukum nakir                   'tapeworm'

mak nakir                     'bowel constipation'

mok nakir                     'any stomach sickness or upset'

muak nakir                   'stomach ailment'

muhr nakir                    'extended abdomen, paunch'

noh nakir                      'abdominal swelling, pregnancy'

num nakir                     'diarrhea'

pah nakir                      'stomach sourness, dyspepsia'

pas nakir                      'opening-up of the bowels (with a remedy)'

k'ux nakir                     'stomach pain, stomach ache'

k'ahk' nakir                   'stomach inflammation ("fire in the stomach")'

nam                              'disappearance, waning, vanishing, dearth,, lack'

nami                             [cl. 1]  'hide, put out of sight'

namatz'                         'disappearance, a waning'

namtz'ah                       [namac'-ah]  'disappear, wane, go out of sight' [cl.3]

anamtz'ah e kat tu'        'the moon wanes, the moon sets'

war anamtz'ah e k'in     'the sun is setting'

namtz'ahbir                   'having disappeared, having set'

namtz'aar                      [-c'ah-ar]  'disappearing, waning; a disappearing'

u namtz'aar e k'in          'the setting of the sun'

u namtz'aar e katu'        'the setting of the moon, the waning of the moon'

namtz'aar e k'in             'sundown, evening, at sundown'

biirih namtz'aar e k'in     'take the trail at sundown'

namtz'aar k'in                'sunset'

namtz'es                       'case to disappear, hide a thing' [cl.2a]

namtz'iix                       'set, waned, disappeared'

namtz'iix e k'in              'after sundown, dusk, at dusk, the sun already set' [-c'ah-ix]:

nana'                            'mother [used in compounds only, see tu']


p. 538

nano'i                           [?  nana', plus oi] 'father's mother, mother's mother'

nar                               'maize (especially ear maize, and on the stalk), ripe maize, tortilla made

of ripe maize'

man nar                        'the buying of maize'

pak nar                         'the bending over of the maize ears (as they will dry)'

pak' nar                        [pa'q'.nar]  'maize-planting'

petz' nar                       [pe'c'.nar]  'stacking of maize (in storehouse)'

bik'it nar                       'a variety of small maize'

burem nar                     'a dark variety of maize'

buch' nar                      [p'u'ch'.nar] 'maize-shelling (in the mortar)'

k'ank'an nar                  'yellow (ripe) maize; variety of maize called maiz amarillo'

k'ab nar                        'ear of maize'

sak nar                         'maize blanco (variety of maize)'

saksak nar                    'maiz ra??e, maiz pu??agua'

sarin nar                       'maize manchado'

saj nar                          [sax.nar] 'maiz de sabana'

nat'                               'a making fast, a gluing down'

nat'ar                            'stuck, held fast'

nat'i                              'make fast, stick down, hold a thing in place' [cl.1]

nat'bah                         'become fast or fixed, get stuck' [cl.3]

nat'bir                           'having been stuck or made fast'

nach                             'leaning position, lack of balance'

unachir e te'                  'the leaning of a tree'

unachir unak yotot        'the leaning of a house wall'

nachar                          'anything leaned or bend, pole or other object leaned against another

for bracing'

nachbah                        [nachp'ah] 'lean, lean itself, grow leaning, leaning' [cl.3]

nachbah ach'iih             'it grows leaning'

anachbah tor e ha'         'it leans over the water'

nachbah tuut [ta uhut]:  'lean against'

inbihr anachbah             'it leans slightly'

nachbaar [-p-ah-ah]     'one's leaning, its leaning, its tendency to lean or bend'

nachbu                         'lean one thing against another, make lean' [cl. 2]

nachbubir                     'having been made to lean or bend over'

nachbuyah                    [nachp'uyax] 'a leaning or bending (as of a plant to cause growth in a

certain direction)'

nachre [nachar-e]         'lean a thing'

nachre inte' uk'ab te'     'lean or bend a tree branch'

nachwan                       'lean, grow leaning or bent' [cl.3]

nawe'r                          'matasano (also called white zapote)'

pah nawe'r                    'quince'


p. 539

nawe'rte'                       'matasanillo (wild tree resembling the matasano)'

nawe'r witzir                 [nawe'r wicir] 'matasano cimarron (a wild tree)'

na'                                'small olla, any round olla-shaped fruit'

buur na'                        'small olla for cooking beans'

na'k'                             'ball, ball-shaped, pelled, any ear-shaped or pellet-shaped fruit, ear of

hard ripe maize (mazorca)'

una'k' e chor                 'ripe ears of the milpa'

ayan una'k ni-nar          'three are ears on my maize'

but' na'k'                       [p'u't'.na'k'] 'maize shepe stuffed with ground beans'

nak' uhtz'ub                  [na'k'.uhc'up']  'pellet of copal wax'

nak' ut                          [na'k'.ut]  'eye, eyeball, flower disc; a wild herb with eye-like berries (ojo).'

nak' ut, unak' ut            [na'k' ut, una'k uut]  'one's eye, its disc'

unak' ni-ut                    'my eye, my eyeball'

ink'ohr unak' ut             [inq'ohr una'k' uut]  'one of one's eyes'

cha'-k'ohr unak' ni-ut    'my two eyes'

nak'ut'kah                     [na'kut'kax] 'quelite de ojo (wild herb with eye-like fruit)'

nak' ut k'opot               'regargar (small wild lowland herb)'

nak'ah                          'yield pellet-shaped fruit, yield ears' [cl.3]

war anak'ah                  'it is producing ears (said of young maize)'

nak'ahbir                      'having yielded  ???? eared out'

nak'um [na'k'-q'u'm]     [na'.q'u'm]   'ball of ground maize, shepe [tamale]'

nak'ir                            'round, ball-shaped, pellet-like'

na't                               'belief, knowledge, knowing'

na'ta  [cl II-1]:              'know, be familiar with, suppose, believe'

ma' chuy na'ta               'he does not know, he's mistaken'

na'ta ut                         [na'ta uut]  'know by sight, recognize'

na'ta tua'                       'know a????t'

na'ta kocha                   'agree witth, believe as another does'

na'ta kocha uk'aba        [na'ta kocha uq'ap'aa] 'know one's (another's) name'

neen in na'taani             'I know'

na'taar                          'knowing, wise; ability'

na'tayah                        [na'tayax] 'knowledge, ability, skill'

ah na'tayah                   'skilled, wise, or intelligent person'

na'tbir                           'known, well-known, familiar'

nehp                             'hard thick skin or shell'

nehpah [cl.III-2]:          'develop hard or thick skin, begin to ripen'

war a nehpah                'it is beginning to ripen'

nehpar                          'beginning to ripen, ripening fruit'

nehpar ich                     'ripening chilli'

nehpar kene'                 'ripening banana'


p. 54O

nehpiix [-ah-ix]             'ripe, already ripening, completely ripe'

neh                               [nex] 'tail, hanging flap, tassel of maize, tatter, bushy ferns, plume

shaped plant. (cola), clump grasses'

u-neh e masa'               'deer's tail'

u-neh e tz'i'                   [unex e ci'] 'dog's tail'

u-neh masakwa'            'a woody vine'

u-neh masa'                  'a tall wild grass'

u-neh mikatz'ah             'cola de quetzal (fern)'

u-neh mut                     'cola de pava (herb)'

u-neh sinam                  'cola de alacran (coarse herb)'

u-neh churur                 'curarma (or curarina), cola de tigre (a woody vine)'

u-neh chih                     [u.nex ch'ix] 'cola de caballo (horsetail)'

u-neh huh                     'cola de iguana (coarse herb)'

neh te'                          'any plant with tail-like inflorescences'

ne'n                              'I [[disjunctive pers. pron, 1st sing.]'

ne't                               'you [disjunctive pers. pron. 2nd]'

nian                              'none, not any'

nian inyarh                    'at no time, not once'

niantar                          'nowhere, in no place'

nian-winak                    'no man, nobody'

nian-winikob                 'nobody'

nian yahr  [nian-h-ahr]   'never'

nihk                              'shaking, trembling, spasm, convulsion'

nihk u bah                     'body trembling, general spasm' nihk umen e sisar   'trembling because

                                    of the cold'

u-nihkir u yobor e te'     'trembling of the leaves of a tree'

nihkes [cl. IIa]              'shake a thing'

nihkes inte' uk'abte'       'shake a branch (to get the fruit)'

nihkes u-pat                  'shake its back (as a wet dog)'

nihkes e chinchin           'shake the gourd rattles'

nihkesyah                     'act of shaking'

nihkiaar [-ah-ar]           'shaking, trembling'

ah nihkiaar                    'trembling person, spastic'

nihkih                           'tremble, shake' [cl.3]

war anihkih                   'he is trembling'

inte' winik war anihkih  'a trembling man ("a man he is trembling")'

nir                                'curing, cure'

niri                                'cure (especially by magic)' [cl.2]

niri taka inte' chumpe'    'cure with a turkey'

niri taka e k'uhtz'           'cure with tobacco'

niri u-men e baxir u-mok           'cure by means of "pulling out" the sickness'

nirom                            'a cure, a curing'

ah nirom                       'curer (curandero)'

ah nirom winik              'male curer'

ah nirom ixik                 'female curer'

niroh                             'a cure, act of curing'


p. 541

niruh                             'cure itself, become cured, cure up' [cl.3]

niruaar [-uh-ar]             'curing, curative'

ah niruaar                     'curer'

nich                              'flower [seldom used except with suffix -ir]'

nichir                            'flower(s), inflorescence of a plant, any flowering plant'

inte' u-nichir                  'a flower, one of its flowers'

u-nichir e chor              'flower of maize, maize flowers of the milpa'

u-nichir e a'n                 'flower of young maize'

u-nichir e chikarar         'edible flower of the chipilín'

u-nichir e ch'um            'pumpkin flower'

u-nichir e te'                  'flowers of a tree'

u-nichir campana          'flor de campana (wild herbaceous plant)'   [possibly Brugmansia]

u-nichir china                'chinaflower (cultivated highland old world shrub)'

u-nichir mayo                'flor de mayo (wild lowland tree with white flowers)' [ed. possibly Plumeria]

u-nichir tun                   'flor de piedra (wild lowland herb)'

u-nihicr mulata              'mulata (small plant)'

k'an nichir                     [q'an.nichir] 'morning glory'

sak nichir                      'flor blanca (wild tree)'

sibik nichir                    'violet'

nichirih                          'flower, produce flowers, come into flower' [cl.3]

war anichirih                 'it (the plant) is flowering'

nichiriar                        'flowering, of the flowering type'

nichiriaar te'                  'tree in flower, flower producing tree'

nichiriaar ch'a'n             'flowering vine'

nichiriix [-ih-ix]             'already flowered or flowering'

nichirbir                        'having produced flowers'

nichran                         'be in flower, be covered or adorned with flowers' [cl.3]

nichres                          'adorn or bedeck with flowers (as an altar or cross)'

nichte'                           'placenta (costumbre, suciedad)'

ni'                                 'nose, beak, snout, proboscis, ??? horn, any sharp protrusion

(on ????????),  pointed end, tip, trap)'

ni' e xim                        'proboscis of beetle'

ni' e sus te'                    'iron point of planting stick'

ni' e chan                      'tail end of a snake'

ni' e cha'k                     'horn of a snail'

ni' u-tzupom                  'teat of udder'

ni' u-pix                        'one's kneecap'

ni' u-bak                       'end of one's bone'


p. 542

ni' u-k'ab                      'end of finger, fingertip'

ni' u-chikin                    'tip of animal's ear'

ni' u-ch'orch'or              'uvula'

ni' u-yak'                      [ni' u ya'k] 'tip of tongue'

ni' u-yamas                   'tip of elbow'

ni' uyok,                       'toe'

ni' uut uyok                   'toe'

ni' u-yopor                    [ni' uyop'or] 'pointed end of a leaf'

ni' uyuch' e k'in             'tail of a comet'

uni'                               'its top, its point, its end'

u-ni' bak                       'its bone point'

uni' si'                           'unburnt portion of firewood (protruding from fireplace or kiln)'

u-ni' ta' k'in                   'its iron point'

u-ni' te'                         'its wooden point'

k'an ni'                          'pico amarillo (bird)

k'ux ni'                          'any nasal pain'

k'ux ni'ir                        'any nasal pain'

ni'ir                               'pertaining to the nose or nasal passages'

mak ni'ir                       'head cold'

pas ni'ir                         'opening up of nasal passages'

k'ak' ni'ir                       'nose-burning'

lok' ni'ir                        [lo'k.ni'ir] nose-running, sniffling'

noh                               'great, important, main, principal, great deal of, enlargement, swelling,

right (as opposed to left)'

e noh e haha'ar k'in       'a great deal of rain (as asked for in the rain- making ceremony)'

unoh unak                     'her abdominal swelling (as from pregnancy)'

noh ha'                         'large body of water, lake'

noh ha'p                       'large break or cleavage, wide gap resulting from a break'

noh hor                         'main end or projection, principal point'

noh hor uk'ab               index finger'

u-noh hor uk'ab            'index finger'

noh hor uut u-k'ab        'index finger'

noh kahr [kahr : bite of]            'large bite (as of food)'

noh k'ehrab                  'right shoulder'

noh k'in                        'fiesta' noh k'in e chuymaar [noh.k'in e chuimaar] 'baptism fiesta'

noh k'in e santo             'fiesta of a saint (especially that of the municipio patron saint'

noh k'ibitz'                    'avalanche'

noh moror                    'bountiful harvest'

noh much                      'bullfrog' [ed. Bufo marinus?]

noh nak                        'abdominal swelling, pregnancy'

noh ba'k' [p'a'q' : fright]             'extreme fright, terror'

noh bihir                       'highway (of the sort linking the pueblos with one another; (camino real)'

noh k'ahk'                     'bonfire, conflagration, extreme inflammation, high fever'

noh k'ahk' k'opot          'yerba del cáncer (a wild medicinal herb)'

noh k'ab                       'right arm or hand'

u-noh k'ab                    'one's right arm (or hand)'


p. 543

noh k'abir                     'right handed'

noh k'ux                       'great pain, agony'

noh xa'n                        'palma real (royal palm)'

noh xah                        'wide plain (as that surrounding Jocotan pueblo)'

noh xehr                       'right side'

u-noh xehr                    'right side of one's body, one's right side'

u-noh xehr u-bah          'right side of one's body, one's right side'

noh xukur                     'great river (used in Jocotan and Olipa municipios to denote only the \

Rio Jocotan)'

noh te'                          'large beam, central beam (in a house roof), log'

noh t'ix                         'night blooming cereus'

noh chan                       [noh chan] 'Chicchan (serpent deity of water and rain; see also ch'iih chan),                                boa snake'

noh chan                       [noh chaan] 'important ceremony (specifically the rain-makers ceremony)'          

noh ch'e'k                     'large sore, cancer'

noh che'k u-ti'               'cancer of lip'

noh che'k u-nak            'cancer of stomach'

ch'aka unoh che'k         'cure one's large sore'

noh chinam                   'important pueblo (specifically a departmental capital, like Chiquimula; cabecera)'

noh chich                      'artery, prominent vein'

noh ch'an                      'rope, large twine'

noh ch'ak                      [noh.ch'a'k]  'a large flea (pulgón)'

noh ch'en                      'large hole, cave, mine'

noh weaar                    [noh.wiaar] 'important meal (as during a fiesta), feast'

noh winik                      'important man, official'

noh yah                        'extreme soreness'

noh yok [ok : leg]         'right leg'

a noh yok                     'your right leg'

noh yotot [otot : house]             'main house of a family group'

noh yuch'                      'planet, bright star'

nohran                          'be large or fat, increase, fatten up' [cl.3]

knoer war anohran        'now it is increasing, now it is fattening up'

nohraner                       'fatness, large size, importance' u nohraner e chitam 'fat size of a hog'


p. 544

nohres                          'enlarge, fatten, increase the size of, make important' [cl.2]

nohres ubah                  'fatten oneself, increase one's own prestige, boast'

nohres unak                  'widen, extend the sides of'

nohres inte' chitam tua e noh k'in           'fatten a hog for the fiesta'

e haha'ar u-nohres e kohn         'the rains increase the streams'

nohta' [noht-a', nohot-a']           'large, high, full'

nohta' e kat tu'              'full moon'

nohta' e xukur               'river at floods'

nohta' e ha'                   'great deal of water'

nohta' u-yeh                  'any large tooth, molar'

nohta' ha'                      'any large body of water, lake'

nohta' is                        'yam'

nohta' is te'  [te' : tree]  'cuculmeca (wild H. tree with yam-like fruit)'

nohta' ich                      'chileguaque (a variety of cultivated chilli)'

nohta' xak chay             [nohta'.xak.chai] 'a large trout'

nohta' xuhrib                 'large knife, sceptre'

nohta' te'                       'any large tree'

nohta' chay                   'cuyamel (a large fish), any large fish'

nohta' chan                   'any large snake'

nohta' usih                    'buitre (a large vulture)'

nohta'ar                        'largeness of size, large part(s) of anything'

umen unohta'ar             'because of its large size'

u-nohta'ar uyopor         [unohta'ar uyop'or] its larger leaves'

nohta'aran                     'a large increase in size' [cl.3]

nohta'ares                     'enlarge a thing'[cl.2a]

noi, noy [?form of noh] 'great, important'

nok                              'cotton fiber, ?cotton cloth'

nonoh [noh-noh]           'very great, very important'

nonoh ha'                      'large lake'

nonohta' [noh-noh-t-a']             'very large'

nox                               'height, increase in size or age, importance'

noxib                            [? nox-xip', noh-xip'] 'husband'

noxi'                             'tall, high, adult, old, long, old person, ?deep'

noxi' u-yok                   'long legged'

noxi' tor e rum              'high over the ground'

noxi' hor uk'ab              'middle finger'

noxi' u-neh                    'long-tailed'

noxi' u-tzutz                  'long-haired'

noxi' uhor uut uk'ab       'middle finger'

noxi' harar                    'vara banderilla (a wild L. cane)'

noxi' ha'                        [ha' : water]  'sea'


p. 545

noxi' ihch'ok                 'tall girl, maiden

noxi' sitz'                       'youth' 

noxi' tixar                      'h????? ?l????' [BS tixar 'splinter']

noxi' tun                        'boulder'

noxi' winik                    'grown man, tall or old man, giant'

noxi' witzir                    'high hill'

noxi' witz'                     'high waterfall'

noxi' yak [ak : grass]     'any tall grass, zacate camalote (wild fodder grass)'

noxi'ir                           'height, length, age'

ne'n noxi'irer                 'I am tall, I am old'

umen u-noxi'ir               'because of its height'

noxi'iran [cl.III-4]         'be tall, be high, be old, grow up, grow old'

noxi'iraner                     'height'

noxi'ires [cl.w2IIa-1]    'heighten, lengthen, build high'

noxi' turuh                     'be long, be high' [cl. ?]

ne'n noxi' turen              'I am high (tall), I stand high'

ha'x noxi' turuh              'he stands high'

noxi' wa'wan                 'stand high, be high' [cl.3]

noh                               [nox :animal] 'animal [meaning uncertain]'

nohbiw                         [p'iu : ? from buey]  [noxp'iu] 'ox'

e nohbiwob                  'the oxen'

noh ta'                          'animal track, any mark or residue left by an animal'

no'n                              'we [indep pers pron, 1st plural]'

no'x                              'you [indep pers pron, 2nd plural]'

nuhk [nu-h-k]               'umbilical cord'

u-nuhk                          'its cord'

ut unuhk                       'one's navel'

nuhm  [nu-h-m]             'contact, communication'

nuhmse                         'establish contact between persons, communicate back and forth

(especially in arranging marriage)' [cl.2]

nuhmse ta ka                'establish contact for, arrange a marriage for'

nuhmsebir                     'arranged for, arranged to be married'

nuhmsebir e winik         'he (his marriage) has been arranged for'

nuhmseyah                    'matchmaking'

ah nuhmseyah               'marriage go-between'

nuh?? [????-k']             'joint, class, cluster'

nuhbes [cl. IIa-1]          [nuhp'es] 'marry [as a priest does]'


p. 546             

nuhbih                          [nuhp'ih] 'get married' [cl.3]

nuhbih taka inte' ixik      'get married to a woman'

nuhbiaar [-ih-ar]           'marriage'

u-nohk'in e nuhbiaar      'marriage festival or celebration'

nuhubiix [-ih-ix]            'married, long married'

nuhubiix e maxtak         'married couple or family'  (cf. maxtak 'family')

nuk                               'neck, stem, twig, inflorescence'

u-nuk                           'one's neck'

nuk u-k'ab                    'wrist'

nuk uy-ok                     'ankle'

nuk u-or uk'ab              'knuckle'

nuk e puhr                    'neck of water jar'

nuk e koton                  'neck of shirt'

nuk uy-utir                    'twig of fruit'

nuk u-yopor                 [nuk uyop'or] 'twig of leaf'

ah xur nuk                    'quebranto hueso (a bird)'

k'ot' nuk                       [q'o't'.nuk] 'a strangling, strangulation'

k'ux nuk                       [q'ux.nuk] 'pain in the neck, sore throat'

nukir                             'necklike, pertaining to the neck'

buhr nukir                     [p'uhr.nukir] 'goitre ailment'

nukta' [nukut-a']           'large, thick, tall (used in reference to small objects; cf. noh and nohta')'

nukta'ich                       [i'ch : chilli]  'chile chocolate, chile fuerte (variety of cert. chilli),

any large chilli'

nukta' buur                   'lima bean, any large bean'

nukta' chihr                   [chihr : fiber bag] 'large fiber bag'

nukta' chor                   [chor : milpa] 'milpa when stalks are tall and grown'

nukta'un                        'large variety of avocado'

nukta'ar                        'large size, large part of anything, bigness'

nukta'aran [cl III-4]      'get large, grow up'       

nukta'ares [c.IIa-1]       'enlarge, cause to grow'

nuk' [?nuk']                  'leader of a vine'

nuk'ih [cl.II-1]              'lead out, grow out (????), go ahead'

war anuk'ih e buur        'the beans ??????'

num                              'opening, passage, conduit, lane, passage, flow'

num tor e ha'                 'ford over a stream'

num u-tux                     'opening of vagina'

num u-ni'                      'nasal opening or passage'

num u-chikin                 'ear opening'

num u-suy unak            'anal opening'

num u-suy ubah            'anal opening'

num nak                       [nak : stomach, bowels] 'bowel movement'


p. 547

num nak k'opot             'arrowroot; also yuquilla de monte (small wild plant resembling cul. arrowroot'

num nak te'                   'yulpate (wild medicinal herb)' ?

num nakir                     'diarrhea'

num nakir burer            [p'urer : fever] 'typhoid fever'

num tz'ak                      'laxative, purgative'

num yabich                   [num ya'p.ich] 'urinal flow, passage of urine'

makar u-numyabich      'congested (is) his urine'

numer                           'a passing, passage'

u-numer                        'his passing by'

ah numer                      'passerby'

numes                           'cross or pass over, pass something over something else' [cl.2a]

numes inte' winik ta biir             'pass man on the trail'

numes e ab                   'cross over a bridge'

numes u nak                 'pass one's bowels'

numes e chumpi' tor ubah          'pass a turkey over one's body (as the curer does)'

numes e lukum              'force out body worms'

numes u bah                 'make one's bowels move'

numes u ch'icher           'induce menstruation'

numib                           'conductor, carrier, funnel, artery or vein'

numib e ha'                   'hollow canes or concave leaves used to conduct water from a spring to

a road or house'

numib uyabich               'urine tube (said to conduct urine from the bladder)'

numib uch'ich'er            'vein(s)'

numib uni'                     'nasal passage(s)'

numib unak                   'conduit leading to stomach'

numib usuy                   'lower intestine'

numib uta'                     'lower intestine'

numib ukur                   [numip' uqur] 'conduit in penis'

numir                            'trailing (as a vine)'

numir k'opot [k'opot : weed]     'any trailing or running weed'

numir bu'ur                   'a black highland bean (frijol talete), any trailing vine bean'

numir cha'n                   [cha'n : vine] 'any trailing vine'

numse [cl IIa-2]            'get along, fare (as in life)'

uya'reen kocha war unumse     'he tells me how he is getting along'

ma bamban unumse      'he gets along (fares) badly'


p. 548

numuy                          [numuih] 'pass, go by, come out, pass (as time passes), trail (as a vine)'

[cl III-1]

numuy u ta'                   'pass the bowels'

numuy u nak                 'pass the bowels'

a numuy e k'inar            'time passes'

a numuy e ch'a'n tor e rum         'the vine trails along the ground'

war ixta anumuy e k'in  'thus time passes, thus the days go by'

anumuy ubon ubah        'her place to come out'

war anumuy e chihchan             'a chicchan (tornado) is passing'

numuy tor                     'pass by or over'

a numuy e k'in               'later on ("passes the day")'

numuyix e k'in               'the day is already past, at the end of the day'

nubi                              [nup'i]  'bring together, join, attach' [cl.1] (wi:548)

nuht' [h-infixed form of nu't']      'joint, splice, things joined together, cluster, pair; numeral classifier'

innuht'                           'a (one) pair of'

in nuht' ukum                [in nu'ht' uku'm] 'his two pair of) testicles'

in nuht' unak' niut          [in nu'ht' una'k' niut] 'my two eyes'

nuht'ib                          'tying or splicing material'

nuht'ib e buhk               'mending thread (for clothes).

nut'                               'a joining or splicing, cluster, bunch' (wi:548)

nut'i [cl.1]                     'join, splice'

nut'i e te'                       'join timbers (end to end)'

nut' e buhk                    'sew patch (to cloth)'

nut'i takar                     'attach to'

nut'bah                         'stick together, grow together or in a cluster' [cl.3]

nut'bes [cl IIa-1]           'cause to grow together, stick'

nut'ur                            'joined ?????, clustered; ??????'

ni'ar                              [nyar] 'daughter's husband'

ni'ar tz'ir                        [nyar c'ir] 'daughter's husband'  (wi:548)


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