p. 549 

ohom                            'froth, foam, suds'

ohom kisih                    'zapillo (tiny bedbug-like insect said to emit a  poisonous foam,

harmful to cattle)'

ohomaih                       'foam, boil, form suds' [cl. II-1]

ohomaih e ha'a              [" e haa] 'the water boils, boiling water'

war oohomaih               'it is boiling, it is frothing'

ohomayix e ha'              'already the water is boiling'

ohomar                         'boiling,, foaming, foam'

ohomar e xabun            [ohomar e xa'p'un] 'soap suds'

ohomar e kakaw           [ohomar e kakau'] 'cacao froth'

uy ohomar uti' e ah much  'foam from a frog's mouth'

ohomes [cl.IIa-1]          'boil or froth (?????)'

ohomes e kakaw          'froth cacao (with a molinillo)'

ohmesnib                      'frother, beater'

ohob                            [ohop] 'cough, catarrh'

ut e ohob                      [ut e ohop] 'a  cough, clearing of the throat'

ohob utzem                   [ohop ucem] 'chest cough, tuberculosis'

ohob uch'on                  [ohop uch'on] 'cough in one's upper chest'

ohob taka e sisar          [ohop taka e sisar] 'cough accompanied with chill'

ohob k'opot                  [ohop.k'opot] 'orozuz; salvia ????? (wild sweet-scented herb''

ohob te'                        [ohop.te'] 'wild cassia (cul. shrub); ? ? chicoria'

ohob t'ix [t'ix : spiny plant]         'napoleón (wild spiny climbing shrub)'

ohob chemir                 [chemir : of the chest]    'chest cough'

ohob ch'a'n                   'bugambilia (plant resembling the napoleón)' [bougainvillia]

ohob ch'onir                 [ch'onir : of the upper chest] 'upper chest cough'

ohobah  [cl.III-1]          'cough'

ohobar                         'coughing, fit of coughing'

ah ohobar                     'cougher, consumptive'

ohobar burer [p'urer:fever]        'coughing fever, pneumonia'

ohobar te'                     'carao (large l. tree resembling wild cassia)'

ohor                             'fall, falling' (wi:549)

uy ohorir                       'its fall'

ohores [cl. IIa-1]          'cause to fall, throw down or out, pull out'

ohoriaar [-ih-ar]            'fall, falling'

ohorah [cl. III-1]          'fall'

ohorah ta rum               'fall to the ground'

ohoriix[-ih-ix]               'fallen, it fell (se cayó)'


p. 55O

ohoron [cl. III-1]          'converse (platicar); talkative, conversing, gossipy'

neen ohor-on-eh           'I was talkative, I talked'

onhr-on [in-ohor-on]    'I talk'

ohor-on-tar                  [ohor-on tay] 'speak for someone or in someone's favor'

ohor-on taren               [ohor-on taren] 'he speaks for me'

ohoron takar                 'to converse with'

maachoohron                [maachi ohoron] 'dumb'

ohoroner                      'voice, conversation'

ohoroner tak-or-en       'his conversation with me'

oyih                              [oix] 'corner post of house, trap, etc.'

uw-oyir e bahch'           [uwoiyir e p'ahch'] 'corner post of a deadfall trap (at front end)'

uwoyir e trapich            [uwoiyir e trapich] 'corner post of a sugar press'

uwoyir e otot                [uwoiyir e otot] 'corner post of a house'

oyihkin                         [oix.kin] 'wall stud (set in a clay wall for rigidity'

oytu'                             [oitu']  '?utui? (?????)'

ok                                'stalk, upright stick or pole, small limb, large twig, handle, appendage, deadfall trap, instrument, leg (also loosely, the foot), leg of garment,

hind leg of animal, paw'

uyok                             'one's (its) leg, its stalk, handle, etc'

ut uyok                         'one's (its) foot'

uyok te'                        'upright pole (as that on which maguey leaves are rasped)'

uyok e nar                    'maize stalk, full-grown maize'

uyok e chor                  'dead stalk(s) in a milpa, milpa with dead maize stalks'

uyok e buur                  'bean stalk'

ok uyex                        'leg of one's drawers'

uyok e machit               'handle of machete'

uyok e xa'n                   'palm frond'

uyok e tz'i'                    [uyok e ci']  'dog's paw'

noh yok                        'right leg'

okir                              'pertaining to the leg(s), leg-like'

bak yokir                      'leg bone'

ok'                               'a break, a dividing in two, any slender object which cuts thru or divides'

uyok' e ha'                    'brook, irrigation ditch, stream or a ditch'

uyok' e kohn                 'current of a stream'

ut uyok' e ha'                'squirt of water'

ok'em                           'broken, divided'

ok'en                            [ok'eN] 'name of an aldea'

ok'es                            'break or divide a thing, split in two' [cl.2a]

ok'oih                           'be broken or divided, break or divide of itself' [cl.3]

on                                [not used independently; basic stem for oni' and onyan]                

oni'                               'before, earlier, previous'

oni' ne'n we'en              'I ate before'

oni' yo'pah                    'he came before'

oni'ix                            'in early times, long ago'

oni'ix ak'etbah irah        'he ?? here a long time ago'

inte'nyahr oni'ix             'once long ago'


p. 551

oni' k'in                         'the day before'

oni'n yahr [oni'-inyahr] 'the time before, once before'

onyan la'in                    'ancient day, ancient time'

onyan chor                   'old milpa (cultivated for many years), sterile milpa'

onyan winikob              'ancient people, ancestors' (wi:551)

ok'                               [oq'] 'decay, rot' (wi;551)

ok'em                           'decayed, rotten'

e te' ok'em                    'decayed tree'

ok'emix                        'completely decayed'

ok'em nar                     'rotted maize'

ok'em buur                   'rotted beans'

ok'em rum                    'decayed soil, soil fouled with vegetable matter'

ok'em te'                      'decayed or decaying wood'

ok'em yeh [ex ; tooth]   'decayed tooth'

ok'mar [oq'om-r]          'rotten condition, rotting part of anything'

ok'mar u cheek             'gangrene or decay in a sore'

ut e yok'mar                 'decayed spot, bit of rot or decay'

ok'mar yeh                   'decay of teeth'

ok'oih [cl. III-1]            'rot, decay, spoil, rotten'

war ook'oih                  [a-ok'oih]  'it is decaying'

ok'oibir                         'rotted, spoiled'

ok'oiran [cl. III-4]         'be rotting or decaying, become rotten'

ok'oires [cl. IIa-1]        'cause or allow to decay'

ok'om                           'rot, decay, rotted condition'

ok'op                           [oq'op] 'sweet gum tree' (wi:551)

ok'op te'                       'lesquin (large wild tree said to resemble sweet gum'

or                                 [abbreviated form of hor]  'head'

or u kehreb                   [or u kehrep'] 'shoulder joint'

or ah k'in                      'midday [also hor ah k'in]' (wi:551)

or tiinah                        [equivalent to hor.tiinax]

oror                              'raven (cuervo)' (wi:551)

kuhtz oror                     duck-raven (pato cuervo)'

os                                 'a fit, a fitting or fitting into' (wi:551)

osaih                            'fit, be of proper fit or size' [cl.3]

a osaih                          'it fits'

a osaih tama e xahr       'it fits into the crack'

osar                              'a fit, a fitting'

ose [os-se ; cl. IIa-2]    'put inside, fit a thing in or on'

ose uor uk'ab makuiir e xoibir  [ose uor uq'ap' makuiir e xoip'ir] 'fit one's finger into a ring'

o suubah [ose up'ah]     'fit itself into'


p. 552

ox                                'hand, foot, extremity, stalk, penis, any stalk or penis-shaped object, handful;

ox                                'ramón (?d??sh nut)' (wi:552)

kor ox                          [qor.ox] 'without skin covering, exposed'

otot                              'house, shed, thatch, covering, nest' (wi:552)

otot tua' awayan tar      'sleeping house'

otot tua' e nar               'maize storehouse'

uyototir e nar                'maize storehouse' (wi:552)

uyototir e santo             'house in which a family's saint is kept'

uyototir e te'                 'thatch covering for sugar press (when not in use)'

noh yotot                      'main house (of a family group)'

sian otot                       'aldea, caserio'

ototran                         'be in a house or housed, become housed' [cl.3]

ototres [cl.IIa-1]           'put in a house, house, cover with thatch'

och                               'entering, entrance'

ochem                          'entered'

ochemir                        'entrance, opening, door, gate'

uyochemir e ch'enar      'entrance to a cave'

uyochemar e yotot        'house entrance'

ocher                            'an entrance'

oches [cl.IIa-1]             'cause to enter, bring in or into (as heat into the body)'

uyoches e k'ihnir tuubah            'he brings heat into his body'

ochii                             'enter a thing or place' [cl. I]

neen oonche eyotot       [in-ochi e y-otot] 'I enter the house'

oochi [u-och-i]             'he enters (it)'

ochibir                          'having been entered'

ochoih [cl.III-1]            'enter, come about, occur, come in (as a time or season), enter into

(as a sickness into the body)'

ochoibir                        'entered, having gone in'

ochoiran [cl. II-4]         'be coming in, be occurring'

ochoires [cl. IIa-1]        'cause to enter or come about'

otz'                               'itch, itchiness' (wi:552)

otz'on                           'itch, itching' [cl. 3]

neen oontz'on               [in-oc'-on] 'I itch'

haax oontz'on               [a-oc'-on]  'he itches'

ootz'on u k'ab               'his hand itches'

otz'on uinen e k'opot     'itching caused by weeds'

otz'on er                       'itch'

otz'on er u ut uta'          'anal itch, ?pinworm'

otz'onles                       'cause itch' [cl.2a]


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