Q' =  K'


p. 6O5

k'ah                              'happiness, contentment, satisfaction, custom'

k'ahyer                         q'ahyer  'consolation, happiness'

ah k'ahyer                     'one who consoles another'

k'ahyes                         'accustom, console, tame, satisfy' [cl.2]

k'ahyes inte'e k'optar   'tame a wild animal'

k'ahyes u-bah               'accustom oneself to something, console oneself, make oneself

known to others'

k'ahyes u pi'ar               q'ahyes u p'ia'r  'console one's friends'

u k'ahyes en                  'it pleases me, it satisfies me'

k'ahyes yah                   'domestication, taming'

k'ahyes yah arak           'the domestication of animals'

k'aih [q'ah-ih]               'be happy, content, or resigned, be settled, become accustomed to,

be consoled,  become domesticated (as animals from nearly wild),

acquaint oneself with a person, object or locality' [cl.3]

in k'aih                          'I am happy'

ak'aih tia a war             'he is happy where he is'

k'aih tama                     'get settled in (a house or neighborhood)'

k'aih taka                      'be accustomed to, be acquainted with'

a k'aih tak ar en            'he is acquainted with me'

in k'aih tak ar                'I am acquainted with him'

macha'ak'aih                 'be unhappy or discontented, be sorry, regret'

ma'achi in k'aih             'I am unhappy'

ma'achi in k'aih tua war aaxin    'I am sorry that he is going'

k'ayix  [q'ah-ih-ix]         'accustomed, domesticated, contented'

k'ahn                            'bench, stand'

uk'ahnir e santo             'saint's altar'

k'ahn te'                        'wooden bench or stool'

k'ahn tun                       'stone stool'

k'ahner                         'benches, furniture, etc.'

k'ahk'                           q'ahq'  'fire, light, heat, ocote pine torch, candle, match, swelling, inflammation (fuego), inflamed eruption, extreme fever'

uk'ahkir e chor              'milpa fire (built at night to scare away marauding animals)'

uk'ahk'ir e chuhben      'fire of the fireplace'

ut e k'ahk'                     'live coal'

k'ahk' tuut e k'in            'comet, falling star'

k'ahk' uch'ek                q'ahq' uche'k  'inflammation in a sore'

k'ahk' ubah                   'fever all over the body, general inflammation'

k'ahk' ut usuy                'inflammation in the rectum'

k'ahk' ut uwe'er            'inflammation in gums'

k'ahk' utzem                 'inflammation in the chest'

k'ahk' uchu'                  'breast inflammation or swelling'

k'ahk' uwe'erir uti'         'chapping of lips'

k'ahk' ut uyeh               'gum inflammation'

k'ahk' uhor                   'head inflammation, brow fever'

k'ahk' uyich'i'                'inflammation in a blister'

k'ahk' uk'ewe'erar         'skin chapping or redness'

k'ahk' uxemem              'liver inflammation'

k'ahk' unak                   '"fire in the stomach" (a common ailment)'

k'ahk' uni'                     'nose burning'

k'ahk' ubahk                 'inflammation in a joint'

k'ahk' uk'ab                  'inflammation in an arm'

k'ahk' uch'orch'or       'throat inflammation'

k'ahk' uchicher              'inflammation of muscles'

k'ahk' uti'                      'any mouth inflammation'


p. 6O6

k'ahk' uboron               q'ahq' up'oron  'inflammation on a swelling'

taka e k'ahk'                 'hot, accompanied with inflammation, inflamed'

ak k'ahk'                      'flax'

kutir k'ahk'                   'striking lightning'

noh k'ahk'                     'bonfire, conflagration'

san k'ahk'                     'spreading eruption, measles'

sa'k k'ahk'                    sa'k.q'ahq'  'any plant used to reduce inflammation'

k'ahk' horir                   'head inflammation, fever in the brow'

k'ahk' nakir                    'stomach inflammation, "fire in the stomach" (a common ailment)'

k'ahk' ni'ir                     'nose burning'

k'ahk' bahkir                 'joint inflammation'

k'ahk' xememir             'liver inflammation ("fire in the liver", "fever in the liver")'

k'ahk' te'                       'royal poinciana (arbol de fuego)'

k'ahk' t'et                      'yedra (cul. climbing vine)'

k'ahk' ti'ir                      'mouth inflammation, "fire in the mouth"'

k'ahk' tun                      'flint stone'

k'ahk' che'k                  'abscess, ulcer, boil, any inflamed sore'

k'ahk' chu'ir [chuiir]       'breast inflammation'

k'ahk' ch'orch'orir         'throat inflammation'

k'ahk' tzemir                 'chest inflammation, diphtheria'

k'ahk'a                         'fire anything (as pottery), bake' [cl.2]

k'ahk'a utz'ihk               q'ahq'a uc'ihk'  'fire one's pottery'

k'ahk'a e is                   q'ahq' e is  'bake a sweet potato'

k'ahk'a e pan                'bake bread'

k'ahk'er                        'brightness, illumination'

k'ahk'er e k'in               'sunlight, brightness of the sun'

k'ahk'ir                         'inflamed, hot, containing "fire"'

k'ahk'ir u suy                'inflamed buttocks'

k'ahk'ir uut uwe'er         'inflamed gums'

k'ahk'ir uche'k              'one's inflamed sore'

k'ahk'ir utor                  'one's inflamed bruise'

k'ahk'ir u sanbair           q'ahq'ir usan p'air  'one's inflamed swelling'

k'ahk'ir ubah                 'inflamed body (general inflammation), ringworm'

k'ahk'ir uhor                 'inflamed head, head ringworm'

k'ahk'ir uut                    'inflamed face, face ringworm'

k'ahk'ir burer                'extreme fever, burning'

k'ahk'ir burer tam' ep??? che'k              'burning f???? ulcer'

k'ahk'ir sarar                 'dermatitis' k'ahk'ir sihk            'bronchitis'

k'ahk'nib                       'spit (for open fire cooking)'

k'ahk'nib e we'r            'meat spit'

k'ahk'bir                       'inflamed, burning'

k'ahk'bir uti'                  'one's inflamed mouth'


k'ahk'ran                      'inflame, become hot or feverish' [cl.3]

war a k'ahk'ran uche'k  'his sore is inflaming'

k'ahk'ranes                   'cause to inflame' [cl.2a]

k'ahk'res                       'cause to burn or inflame' [cl.2a]

k'ahk'res e si'                'rearrange firewood (so it will burn better), stoke a fire'


p. 6O7

k'ahs [q'a-h-s]              q'ahs  'broken piece of, fragment; num. class'

cha' k'ahs tz'ihk             cha'.q'ahs c'ihk'   'two fragments of pottery'

k'ahx [q'a-h-x]              q'ahx  'a fall, anything falling, a fall or descent'

k'ahx e ha'                    'a fall of rain, rainfall'

k'ahx e haha'                 'a fall of rain, rainfall'

k'aht                             q'aht  'beg, request, alms'

ah-k'aht                        'beggar, prayer-maker'

ah-k'aht tumin               'beggar (for money)'

k'ahti                            'beg, ask for, borrow' [cl.2]

k'ahti e tumin                'beg for money'

k'ahti e nar                    'borrow maize (as during the dry season)'

k'ahti uyar                     'ask for one's chi?? (request a father for his daughter in marriage)'

k'ahti e haha'ar              'ask for rain (as during the rain-making ceremony)'

k'ahti tama                    'ask a price for'

in k'ahti dos pesos tamar           'I ask two pesos for it'

k'ahti taka                     'request of, ask for in prayer, borrow from'

kak'ahti taka e kat tata'             kaq'ahti taka e kat.ta ta'  'we ask it of God'

k'ahti e te'                     'ask for (request use of) the su??? price'

k'ahtin                          'question'

k'ahtmah                       'beg' [cl.3]

a'axin axanah ak'ahtinah            'he goes around begging'

k'ay                              q'ai  'a singing, song'

ah k'ay                         'singer'

k'ayuh                          q'aiuh  'sing' [cl.e]

ne'n ink'ani ink'ayu        'I like to sing'

k'aywi                          q'aiwi  'sing [apparently equivalent to a'ayuh; cl.3]

k'aih                             q'aij  'song'

ut nik'aih                       'my song'

ah k'aih                         'singer'

k'ayes                           'sing a song' [cl.2a]

k'am  [? q'an]               q'am  'use, service, value'

k'ambah                       'be of use or value, serve, be occupied with'  [cl.3]

ma'cha'a k'ambah         'it has no use, it is of no value'

k'amba'ar                     q'amp'aar   'use ??? , value, use'

k'ambes                        q'amp'es  'use, consume, use up, exhaust, serve in a certain capacity'


uk'ambes u s??te'          uq'amp'es us??te'  'he uses his planting stick'

uk'ambes e wakax tu utrapich  'he uses bulls at his sugar press'

kocha tua' uk'ambes    'how does it it serve? of what use is it?'

barnaar uk'ambesen      'it serves one well'

k'ampech                      [? Sp. corr.]  'Campeachy [palo de campeche  BS], logwood' (wild L. tree with rose-colored wood)'

k'an                              q'an  'yellow, yellowness, yellow color, ripeness, fruition, finished state

or condition'

k'an ak                         'zacate amarillo (a wild fodder grass)'


p. 6O8

k'an a'n                         q'an.a'n 'ripe spring maize'

ah k'an a'n                    'one name for Ih ben [ihp'en], spirit of maize'

k'an is te'                      'Canistel, caniste' (cul. sapodilla-like tree)'

k'an ich te'                    'pimientillo (wild L. shrub)'

k'an nak                       'yellow bowels, yellow stools'

k'an nichir                     'morning-glory'

k'an ni'                          pico amarillo (a bird)'

k'an ponem                   'jaundice'

k'an p'uhnah                 [q'an-puhnah]  'turn ripe or yellow, ripen ("be turned yellow")' [cl.3]   

war ak'an p'uhnah uyutir e te'    'N. tree  ??? ripening'

k'anpunen                     [q'an-punen]  'jaundice, (mal amarillo)'

k'an punen k'opot         'yerba del taba????? (wild herb used in treatment of jaundice)'

k'an punen burer           q'an.punen.p'urer  'yellow fever'

k'an be ich                    q'an.p'eich  'tomatillo amarillo'

k'an xa'n                       'Tustic (large wild tree; mora, palo de mora)'

k'an ta'                         'yellow stools'

k'an te'                         'madre, madre cacao (large cul. native tree)'

k'an te' witzir                'cacao de nance (large wild tree resembling the madre)'

k'an ti'                          'vibora (small poisonous snake)'

k'an turuk'                    'canturul, canturuquc (a mushroom)'

k'an t'ix                         'cardo santo (wild spiny-leaved herb)'

k'an t'ix te'                    'chicalote (spiny herb)'

k'an chan                      'a large yellowish snake'

k'an ch'ok                     'wild yellow mushroom'

k'an ch'a'n                    'bejuco amarillo (wild woody vine)'

k'an huh                        q'an juj  'garrobo (herbivorous iguana without spines)'

k'anah                          'turn yellow, ripen, come to a finished state'

k'anar                           'any yellow object, yellow part of; a large yellow wasp'

uk'anar e ku'm              'egg yolk'

uk'anar e te'                  'yellow fruit of a tree'

uk'anar uyutir                'yellow meat (or part) of a fruit'

uk'anar ku'm                 'yema de lucero (fruit tree)'

k'anah                          'yellowness, yellow object, roblecito (small L. oak, probably a scrub oak)'


p. 6O9

k'anes                           'help to ripen, make yellow, paint yellow' [cl. 2a]

k'anir                            'yellow object, yellow part'

uk'anirir                        'its yellow part, its yellow seeds or fruit'

k'anirih                         'yield yellow fruits' [cl.3]

k'ank'an                        'yellow, buff, light brown, ripe'

k'ank'an ukab               q'anq'an uk'ap  'yellow sap of a plant'

k'ank'an unak               'yellow stool'

k'ank'an uyabich           q'anq'an uya'pich  'yellowish urine'

k'ank'an uyutir              'yellow (ripe) fruit'

k'ank'an kene'               'guinéo mínimo (variety of banana)'

k'ank'an k'ihn te'           'quina amarilla (variety of quina with yellowish bark'

k'ank'an k'opot             'yellow purslane (verdolaga amarilla)'

k'ank'an murak             'jocote amarillo (a cul. jocote)'

k'ank'an nar                  'yellow (ripe) maize; maize amarillo (variety of                               maize'

k'ank'an punyah            'higuero amarillo (small wild native shrub)'

k'ank'an bu'ur               q'anq'an.p'uur  'frijol amarillo (large yellow variety of bean'

k'ank'an sinam              'yellowish scorpion'

k'ank'an xux                 'yellowjacket'

k'ank'an te'                   'thorn apple (cul. spring shrub; manzanita)'

k'ank'an tun                  'any yellow stone'

k'ank'an chab               q'anq'an.chap'  'native brown sugar (panela)'

k'ank'an ch'oror            'roble amarillo (a yellow oak)'

k'ank'an hi'                   'yellow sand'

k'ank'an hi'tun               'yellow sandstone'

k'ank'anran                   'be or become yellow, ripen' [cl.3]

k'ank'anres                   'make or cause to yellow, ripen fruit (in storage bags), hasten ripening' [cl.2a]

k'anch [Sp. corr.]         'albino'

k'anch nar                     'maize can??? (a variety of maize)'


p. 610

k'ab                              q'ap'  'hand, arm, sleeve of garment, foreleg of animal, feeler of

insect, branch, appendage, handle, pestle, strap, tying rope, belt,

twig of leaf or fruit, flower petal, any large hanging fruit, used by the

hands, by hand'

ut uk'ab                        'one's hand'

ut nik'ab                       'my hand'

uk'[ab                           'its hand, its handle, its appendage'

uk'ab e yark'ir               'feeler of an insect'

uk'ab uyopor                uq'ap' uyop'or   'twig of a leaf'

uk'ab ubuch'nib             uq'ap' up'u'ch'nip'   'pestle of mortar'

uk'ab e tab                   uq'ap' e t'a'p'   'ropes of tumpline (used for tying on the load)'

uk'ab e ch'ant'in            'arrow'

uk'ab e tzupon              'strap of shoulder bag'

uk'abob e tz'i'               uq'ap'op' e ci'  'front legs of a dog'

k'ux k'ab                      'comerrano (a shrub)'

koch' k'ab                    ko'ch'.q'ap'   'fist'

mak k'ab                      'finger ring'

noh k'ab                       'right arm (or hand)'

bis k'ab                        p'is q'ap'   'span of length ("a hand")'

kach k'ab                     'ear of maize with thick-set grain'

k'ux k'ab                      'arm pain'

k'ab mesiob                  'hand broom, whiskbroom'

k'ab nar                        'ear of maize'

k'ab koror                    q'ap'.qoror  'fist'

k'ab xuhrib                   'scissors'

k'ab chihr                     'servadera (small netted shoulder bag)'

k'abir                            'pertaining to the arm (or hand)'

bak k'abir                     'my arm (or hand) bone'

tzutz k'abir                    'arm hair'

k'aba'                           'personal name; "as-called"'

uk'aba                          'one's name, its name'

k'ana'n ha'x uk'aba'       'yellow maize is his name'

ne't ka Carlos a k'aba   'Is your name Carlos?'

upehke'en tama nik'iba'             'he calls me by name, he shouts my name'

tuk'a ak'aba' ne't           'what is your name?'

k'aba umaxtak              'one's family name'

t'ur uk'aba umaxtak      tur uq'ap'a umaxtak  'Rabbit is his name'

xe num nak uk'aba'       'this so-called diarrhea'

kocha uk'aba' e xe irah             'The name of that (what it is called)'

chuuk'aba' [che uq'ap'a']           'name, give a name to'

k'ar                              'opening fissure, interior of neck, throat'

uk'ar e noxi' tun            'crack in a boulder'

uk'ar unuk'                    uq'ar unuk  'throat passage'

k'ark'un                        'tonsil(s)'

k'ux k'ark'un                 'tonsillitis'

k'ar witz                       q'ar.wic'  'waterfall, issuing from a fissure'

k'as                              'a breaking, a breaking off'

k'asan                           'a break'

k'asi                             'break a thing, break in two' [cl.1]

k'asi e si'                       'break up firewood (into short lengths)'

k'asi tuno'r                    'break completely'



p. 611

k'asnah [q'as-an-ah]     'break, break up, break off' [cl.3]

k'asbah                         'break in two of itself, snap' [cl.2]

war a'axin ak'asbah      war aaxin aq'asp'ah   'it's going to break!'

ma'achi uyupi ak'asbah              maachi uyupi aq'asp'ah  'it can't break'

k'asbi'is [q'as p'ah-ix]    'broken, completely broken, it broke (se quebró)'

k'asbir                          'broken, broken up'

k'asbir si'                      'cut firewood (proper lengths for the fireplace)'

k'ax                              q'ax   'fall, drop, excretion'

k'ax abchir                    q'ax.a'pchir  'passage of urine'

k'ax yabchir                  'passage of urine'

k'ax ha'                         'rain, a rain'

k'ax nak                       'stools, bowel movement'

k'ax nakir                     'stools, bowel movement'

k'ax tunir                      'passage of a (bladder) stone'

k'ax chir ha'                  'mist'

k'axih                           'fall, drop, shed' [cl.3]

ak'axih e ha'  ;               'it rains ("the water falls")'

war ak'axih e ha'           'it is raining'

k'axih e ha'                   'it rained'

ak'axih e chir ha'       'it mists'

ak'axih e tihu'                'the dew is falling, it dews'

ak'axih e tokar              'the fog descends, it is foggy'

ak'axih inbon e ha'        aq'axih inp'on e ha'   'it cloudbursts'

k'axih tuut e rum           'fall to the ground'

k'axih inbihk e ha'         'sprinkle, shower'

k'axih ut e ha'                'sprinkle, shower'

k'axih tor e rum             'fall on or over the ground (as rain)'

ti cha'n tia' warix ak'axih e tokar tor e witzir       'up where the clouds were falling on the mountain(s)'

ak'axih uyar                  'her child drops (before delivery), she is in labor'

ak'axih uyopor              aq'axih uyop'or   'its leaves shed'

war ak'axih uyopor       'it (tree) is shedding its leaves'

ak'axih unak                 'his bowels evacuate'

ak'axih utahn uyok       'his arch(es) falls (he is flat-footed)'

tia' ak'axih e ha'            'rainy season or period ("when it rains")'

k'axar                           'a fall, falling, abortion, miscarriage'

ah k'axar                      'abortionist'

k'axar ha'                      'rain, a rain'

k'axares                        'abort, assist at an abortion' [cl.2a]

k'axares ubah               'abort oneself, induce abortion'

k'axarih                        'abort itself, result in miscarriage' [cl.3]

ink'ani ak'axarih            'I wish to abort ("I wish that it abort itself")'

chamaih ak'axarih        'it is still-born or aborted ("it is dead, it drops")'

chamach k'axarih         'it was still-born'

war ak'axarih                'she is aborting, she is miscarrying'


p. 612

k'axarbir                       'fallen, aborted, aborted fetus'

k'axarbir utahn uyok     'flat-footed'

k'axarbir unak               'evacuated bowels'

uk'axarbir                     'her aborted fetus'

k'axer                           'a fall or drop

k'axes                           'throw down, throw out or off' [cl.2]

uk'axes usi' tuut e rum  'he throws his (load of) firewood to the ground (from his back)'

uk'axes unak                 'he evacuates his bowels'

k'a'                               'finish, end'

k'abah                          q'a'p'ah   'come to an end, stop, stop doing, finish up, have just, at the

end of' [cl.3]

k'abah taka                   'finish with, be done with'

uk'abah taka nipatna'ar             'I finish with my work'

k'abah e k'in                 'at the end of day, at dusk ("finished, the day")'

k'abah ka huch'             'at the end of our pressing (???????)'

k'aba'ar                        'finish, end, culmination, finished, ended'

k'aba'ar e ak'bar           'end of night, ?????'

k'aba'ar e ha'ha'ar k'in   'end of rainy period'

k'aba'ar e bi'ir               'end of trail'

k'aba'ar e k'in               'end of day, ???'

k'aba'ar e chan             'either end of a snake'

k'aba'ar e hab               'end of the year'

k'aba'ar e ch'amoa'ar    'end of the harvesting'

k'aba'ar ha?                  'stream's end, stream's mouth'

k'aba'ar kohn                'stream's end, stream's mouth'

k'aba'ar k'in                  'sundown'

ta k'aba'ar hab              'year's end'

k'abes                          'finish anything, bring to an end, complete' [cl.2]

k'abes uyaranir             'complete her parturition'

k'abes takar                  'finish with, give up doing, cease with'

uk'abes takar utz'ihk    uq'a'p'es takar uc'ihk'  'she finishes with her pottery'

uk'abes takar uqarer     'he gives up his drinking'

ink'abes takar nimes     'I finish with my (milpa) cleaning'

k'abix                           'finished, c?????, stopped, worn-out, used up'

k'abix nibuhk                q'a'p'ix nip'uhk   'my worn-out clothes, my clothes are worn out'

k'abix unar                    'his maize is completely used up'

ma hax k'abix               ma.xa'x q'a'p'ix   'unfinished'

k'ehch [q'e-h-ch]          'anything carried, load'

ut uk'ehch                     'one's load'

inte' k'ehch e nar           'a load of maize'

k'ek'                             'strength, vitality, health'

k'ek' ch'ich'                   '"strong blood" (condition of certain individuals which causes sickness when they come too close, especially to infants and the sick; similar to evil eye'

k'ek'er                          'strength, force'


p. 613

k'ek'oh                         'be strong or active, be in good health' [cl.3]

ink'ek'oh                       'I am strong'

k'ek'oi'ix  [q'eq'oh-ix]   'already strong, completely active'

k'ek'oa'ar                     'force, strength'

ah k'ek'oa'ar                 'strong person'

k'ek'ohse                      'strengthen' [cl.2]

k'ek'ohse uch'ich'ir        'strengthen one's blood (as with a tonic)'

k'ek'ohse uki'nik           'strengthen one's heart'

k'ek'ohse uchicher       'strengthen one's muscle'

k'ek'ohse uyotot umen inte' wa'ar te'      'brace one's house with an upright post'

k'ek'ohsenib                 'anything used for strengthening'

k'ek'ohsenib tua' uch'ich'er      'tonic for one's blood'

k'ek'ohsenib tz'ak         'tonic remedy'

k'ek'ohsebir                  k'ek'ohsepir  'made strong or active'

k'ek'on                         'strong, healthy, virile'

k'ek'on ubah                 'good health, strong body'

k'ek'on uch'ich'er          '"strong blood"'

k'ek'oner                      'strength, good health, energy, prowess'

ah k'ek'oner                  'strong person, one in good health'

ayan uk'ek'oner            'he has strength, he has good health'

taku'uk'ek'oner             'of strength, in good health'

k'ech                            'carrying, load (as of goods)'

uk'echir e si'                  'his carrying of firewood'

k'ech ha'                       'water carrying'

k'ech si'                        'firewood-carrying (with the tumpline)'

ah k'ech si'                    'firewood carrier'

k'eche                          'carry (especially with the tumpline), carry off or away' [cl.1]

k'eche tu'uk'ab              'carry in one's hand(s)'

k'eche tor upat              'carry on one's back'

k'eche e si'                    'carry firewood (to home or to market)'

k'eche e tz'ihk               q'eche e c'ihk'     'carry pottery (to market for sale)'

in k'eche nitumin           'I carry my money (I have money)'

e bahk'ut u k'echor       ???????? carries'

k'echer                         'anything carried, transported goods'

k'echmah                      'carry, transport' [cl.3]

k'echbir                        'carried'

k'echbir te'                    'driftwood'

k'echuh                         'Sisimite (apparition said to carry off straying children and to attack

lone hunters, drunkards, and immoral people; he is guardian of hills and rocky precipices & is protector of wild animals and secluded spots)'

k'ix                               'heat, warmth'


p. 614

k'ixih                            'warm, warm oneself, get warm'  [cl.3]

ak'ixih tu'ut e k'ahk'       'he gets warm before the fire'

k'ixia'ar                         'warming, warms it'

k'ixbir                           'warmed'

k'ixran                          'become warm' [cl.3]

k'ixres                          'warm a person (as a child before putting it to bed)' [cl.2a]

k'o                               q'o  'tooth, molar, beak of bird'

k'ohi  [q'o-h-i]              'anything chewed, a chew of'

k'ohk  [q'o-h-k]            'cut or broken part of; num. Class'

ink'ohk                         'a (one) broken part'

ink'ohk e te'                  'part of a tree or log which has been cut in pieces'

k'ohna'                         'any female blood or affinal relative one generation above speaker,

but excluding speaker, and his mate's parents'

k'ohp  [q'o-h-p]            'anything picked up, gleaning(s)'

uk'ohpob                      uq'ohpop'   'his gleanings'

k'oy                              q'oi  'chewing, a chew of, smoking'

k'oy k'uhtz                    q'oi q'uhc'   'tobacco-chewing'

ah k'oy k'uhtz               ah q'oi q'uhc'   'tobacco chewer'

k'oy sik'ab                    q'oi.sik'ap   'chewing of sugar cane'

k'oy te'                         'any plant chewed for its medicinal value'

pah k'oy te'                   'caña de cristo (wild cane)'

k'oy chor                      'small milpa lizard'

k'oy tz'ak                      'chewing of remedial herb'

k'oy mah                      'chew, suck' [cl.3]

k'oyh [q'oi-j]                'chew of, cud, anything chewed; a wild black honey bee'

k'oyh e tz'ak                 'chew of remedial herb'

k'oyh e k'uhtz               'chew of tobacco'

k'oyi                             q'oiyi   'chew (without swallowing), suck on'  [ch.1]

ink'oyi e k'uhtz              'I chew tobacco'

k'oyi uk'ab                    'suck one's thumb'

k'ok                             q'ok  'a dividing, a separating'

k'oki                             'divide into parts or pieces, separate, cleave, pull apart' [cl.1]

k'okoch                        'break, broken place or spot, cleavage'

k'okchem  [q'okoch-em]           'broken'

k'okchem e bak           'broken bone'

k'okchemar                  'a break, broken place or spot'


p. 615

k'okchi  [q'okoch-i]     'break in two' [cl.2]

k'okchi umen uk'ab       'break in two with the hands'

k'okchi ubak                 'break one's bone'

k'okchimah                   'break, break in two' [cl.3]

k'okchima'ar                 'a breaking, a breaking up'

k'okchibir                     'broken'

k'okchibir uyamas        'one's broken elbow'

k'op                             q'op   'claw, hook, anything used for seizing, a picking up'

uk'ob e hopob              'claw(s) of a crab'

k'op chay                     q'op.chai   'gathering of fish (after poisoning them in a stream)'

ah k'op chay                 'members of fishing party who grab the fish, diver for fish'

k'opi                             'pick up, get hold of, obtain (conseguir, cf. mor), collect, gather, buy

in the market' [cl.1]

k'opi e chay                  'catch fish (by hand), grab poisoned fish'

k'opi taka uk'ab            'pick up fish with the hands'

k'opi e bo's                   'pick up or collect trash'

k'opi uyutir tua' uchoni 'pick up or sack fruit to sell'

k'opmah                       'pick up, collect, save' [cl.3]

k'opma'ar                     'collecting, saving'

k'ope'                           'catfish (called "offspring of eels")'

k'ot                              'arrival, coming'

ah k'ot                          'one who arrives, new arrival'

uk'otir                           'his arriving, his arrival'

k'otes                           'bring' [cl.2a] war uk'otes inte' ixik   'he is bringing a woman'

k'otoih                          'arrive, come, frequent a place' [cl.3]

ak'otoih ta chinam         'he arrives in town, he frequents the town'

ink'otoih                       'I come, I arrive'

k'otem                          'I came, I arrived'

k'otoyen                       'I came, I arrived'

chaq'otoih [che aq'otoih]           'make arrive, come'

q'o'                               q'o'   'fatigue'

k'o'ih                            'be tired, tire out' [cl.3]

ink'o'ih                          'i tire, I am fatigued'

k'o'ih haxir                    'he tired out'

k'o'yix                          'already tired, completely tired, he was tired'

k'o'yer                          'fatigue, lassitude'

k'o'yes                          'tire, cause fatigue, overwork (as an animal or hired workman)' [cl.2a]

k'o'yir                           'tired'


p. 616

k'o'ht'  [q'o'-h-t']           'small crushed bit of, lump;  num. class'

k'o'ht' e tz'ihk                q'o'ht' e c'ihk'   'lump of (crushed) clay'

cha' k'o'ht' tz'ihk           'two lumps of clay'

k'o'ht'ib                        'any crushing instrument, Ladino coffee grinder'

k'o't'                             'squeezing, crushing'

k'o't' nuk                      'strangulation (with hands), a choking'

ah k'o't'nuk                   'strangler'

k'o't'i                            'crush in the fingers, crush to bits, squeeze, seize violently, arrest' [cl.1]

k'o't'i unuk                    'strangle someone'

k'o't'i e chu'                  'squeeze water from bladder'

k'o't'i  uchu' e wakax     'milk a cow'

k'o't'i e tz'ihk tu'uk'ab    'squeeze clay in the fingers (before molding it)'

uk'o't'i e nobani             uk'o't'i enop'ani  'they arrested me'

k'o't'bir                         'crushed, squeezed, strangled'

k'uhk'                           'La Siguanaba (ugly female apparition who is protectress of stream and fish and who frightens immoral people on lonely trail at night)'

k'uhtz                           q'uhc'   'tobacco, cigar'

ut ni k'uhtz                    'my bit of tobacco, my cigar'

huch' k'uhtz                   'tobacco-pressing, tobacco-curing'

pak k'uhtz                     'tobacco-rolling, cigar, rolled-up tobacco'

pak' k'uhtz                    pa'q'.q'uhc'    'tobacco planting'

pach' k'uhtz                  pa'ch'.q'uhc'   'tobacco-pressing'

pech' k'uhtz                  pe'c'.q'uhc'  'tobacco-stacking'

but k'uhtz                      'tobacco smoking'

k'oy k'uhtz                    'tobacco chewing'

k'uhtzo te'                     'tobacco pipe'

k'um                             'rinsing, cleaning, washing'

k'um ha'                        'rinsing with water'

k'um ti'                         'mouth-rinsing, mouthwash, gargle (remedy)'

k'um ch'orch'or             'throat gargle'

k'umi                            'rinse, clean out by flooding, gargle (as a remedy)' [cl.1]

k'umi uti'                       'rinse one's mouth'

uk'umi uch'orch'or         'he gargles his throat'


p. 617

k'un                              'softness, tenderness, flabby condition, any soft or tender part of, effeminacy, calm, serenity'

k'un ukur                      q'un uqur   'one's impotence (sexual)'

k'un uti'                         'soft or tender parts of one's mouth'

k'un unak' u'ut               q'un una'k' uut   'soft flesh under the eyelid'

k'un uchu'                     'nipple'

k'un uk'ewe'erar uti'      'soft flesh inside the lips'

uk'unir e che'k              'tender part of a sore'

ink'un                           'soft, weak, feeble'

k'ar k'un                       'tonsil(s)'

k'unar                           'soft or tender part of anything, flabby part of the body'

k'uni                             'pacify, mollify, placate' [cl.1]

k'uni inte' chih               q'uni inte' ch'ij  'pacify a horse'

k'uni uyar                      'pacify one's child'

k'unbah                        'be weak or feeble, become impotent' [cl.3]

ak'unbu'ubah                'his body weakens (requiring a tonic)'

ak'unbu ukur                 'his penis weakens (he becomes impotent)'

ak'un boob uchicher      [aq'un p'oop' uchicher   'his muscles get flabby'

ak'un bu'uchu'               'her breasts weaken'

k'unbes                         'weaken, tenderize (as meat), soften a thing' [cl.2]

e ikar uk'unbes ubah     'the aigre weakens his body'

e sisar uk'unbes utzem   'the cold weakens his chest'

war ak'unbesan             'it is weakening me'

k'unran (q'unlan)           'be soft or flabby' [cl.3]

k'unraner                      'softness, pliability'

k'unres (q'unles)            'make soft or pliable (as bark string)' [cl.2a]

k'us                              q'us  'tiny pellet, small round object, small seed, cereal'

k'usk'us                        'containing or having small seeds, cereal-like'; the maicillo (a tall

cultivated grass yielding white cereal)'

k'usk'us witzir               'maicillo montés (wild sugar cane-like grass used as fodder)'

k'ux                              'pain, soreness, illness'

ut e k'ux                       'a (specific) pain, a twinge'

ut uk'ux                        'one's pain, one's twinge'

taketz k'ux                    [taka e q'ux]  'painful, accompanied with pain'

ayan inte' ut e k'ux tu'ut nipix     'there is a pain in my knee'

k'ux unak                      'pain or ache in the stomach'

k'ux ubah                      'general pain(s)'

k'ux ut usuy                  'rectal pain, hemorrhoids'

k'ux umen e ch'uhch'ar 'pain resulting from a strain'

k'ux uta' uni'                  'pain in one's nostrils'

k'ux upat ukur               q'ux upa't uqur   'pain in one's foreskin'

k'ux ut urax                   'forehead pain, frontal headache'

ha'tz k'ux                      'sudden piercing pain'

noh k'ux                       'great pain, agony'


p. 618

k'ux almir                      'corr. of alma; syn for q'ux.nak, q'ux.nakir] 

k'ux eh                         'toothache'

k'ux eir                         'toothache'

k'ux eir k'opot              'agenciana (a wild H. herb)'

k'ux hor,  k'ux horir        'headache'

k'ux hor umen e sor      'headache from asthma'

k'ux hor umen e k'in     'headache from overexposure to the sun'

k'ux hor k'in                  'headache caused by sunstroke (jaqueca)'

k'ux hor k'opot             'naguapate (a wild L. herb used for stomach ailments)'

k'ux hor u'ut                  'sinus ailment'

k'ux ki', k'ux ki'ir           'heart pain, heart ailment'

k'ux kerar                     'face pain, mumps'

k'ux nak, k'ux nakir       'stomach pain or illness, stomach ache, abdominal cramp, menstrual and labor pains, peritonitis.

k'ux nak k'opot             'escorcionera (wild perennial herb)'

k'ux nak te'                   'cedrón (cul. H. tree); baraso (wild H. shrub)'

k'ux ni', k'ux ni'ir           'any nasal pain'

k'ux nuk, k'ux nukir       'neck pain, sore throat (ronquerra), laryngitis'

k'ux pat, k'ux patir        'backache'

k'ux pekir                     'soreness in the head of the penis'

k'ux bahk, k'ux bahkir   'pain in joint'

k'ux bahk te'                 'walnut (semi-cul. hardwood tree)'

k'ux bahk ch'a'n            'balsam-pear (a lowland vine, canculu?co)'

k'ux bahker                  [k'uch p'ahker] 'arthritis'

k'ux bak, k'ux bakir      'pain  ?????? {in a joint}'

k'ux bak k'opot            'yerba de re??ma (a wild vine)'

k'ux bak te'                   'huele de noche hediondo (wild L. shrub)'

k'ux baker                    'rheumatism'

k'ux kur, k'ux kurir        'penis pain or soreness, venereal disease'

k'ux ku'm, k'ux ku'mir   q'ux.qu'm. q'ux.q'u'mir   'testicle pain ("stone ache")'

k'ux k'ab, k'ux k'abir     'arm pain(s), hand pain(s)'


p. 619

k'ux k'ark'un                 q'ux.q'arq'un 'tonsil soreness, tonsillitis'

k'ux k'ark'unir               'tonsil soreness, tonsillitis'

k'ux sihk, k'ux sihkir      'catarrhal pain'

k'ux sor, k'ux sorir        'headache and pain caused by asthma'

k'ux suy unak                'abdominal pain'

k'ux ti', k'ux ti'ir             'mouth pain, mouth soreness, general aching of teeth' k'ux tun  

[syn for q'ux.qu'm]

k'ux tuno'r                    'general pain(s), pain all over the body'

k'ux chan, k'ux chanir   'intestinal pain or cramp'

k'ux chikin, k'ux chikinir            'earache'

k'ux chichar                  'pain or soreness in a muscle'

k'ux chicher                  'general muscle pain or soreness'

k'ux chu', k'ux chu'ir      'breast pain'

k'ux ch'orch'or, k'ux ch'orch'orir            'throat pain, pharyngitis'

k'ux tzem, k'ux tzemir   'chest pain, pleurisy'

k'ux ut [q'uš hut], k'ux utir         'neuralgia'

k'ux wi'ir                       'navel pain'

k'uxun                          'painful, aching, pain, hurt, have one's feelings hurt, be sorry or sorrowful' [cl.3]

k'uxun u yeh                 'aching tooth'

k'uxun u nak                 'aching stomach'

k'uxun u che'k               'painful sore'

k'uxun u sambiar           'painful swelling'

ak'uxun                         'it pains, it hurts'

ak'uxun u hor                'his head hurts (aches)'

ak'uxun ukuxma'ar        'her delivery pains (her)'

ak'uxun en                    'it hurts me, it hurts my feelings'

k'uxuner                       'painfulness, soreness'

ah k'uxuner                    'any stinging insect'

k'uxunran                      'be painful, be sore' [cl.3]

war ak'uxunran             'it is getting painful'

k'uxunres                      'hurt, cause pain, torture' [cl.2a]

k'u'm                            'maize dough (masa), any kind of paste'

k'u'm e a'n                    'masa made of spring maize'

k'u'm e ixim                  'masa made of ripe maize'

k'u'm tua' e pa'              'masa for tortillas'

k'u'm tua' e xeb             'masa for xipes'

k'u'm yarar sa'              'thick chilate'

huch' k'u'm                   'maize-grinding (on metate)'

na' k'u'm [na'k'-k'u'm]  'ball of ground maize'

potz' k'u'm                    'pressing of masa to remove water'

k'u'm pa'                       [family name]

k'u'm sa'                       'atol made of masa'

k'u'm tz'ak                    'medicinal paste or salve'

k'u'x                             'pimple, any small skin eruption'

k'u'x ubah                     'body pimple(s)'

k'u'x tunor ubah            'pimples all over one's body'

k'u'x u'ut                       'pimple(s)' on one's face'

ink'u'x                           'pimply, covered with pimples'

burem k'u'x                   'black pimple(s)'

sak' k'u'x                      'rough pimple, wart'

k'u'x ut, k'ux utir           'face pimples'


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