Q = K



kahp                             qahp  'a cutting, an opening up'

kahpi                            qahpi 'cut, cut out, open up (as a path)' [cl.2]

kahch [qa-h-ch]            qahch 'knot, clump, cluster, pair, both of, captive; num. class.'

kahch utzutz                  'knot of one's hair (at base of neck) 'kahch e k'opot  'clump of weeds

or shrubs'

kahch e te'                    'thick grove of trees'

kahch uyutir                  'cluster of fruit'

inkahch                         'a pair, one pair, two or more of'

inkahch ukum               inqahch uqu'm  'his pair of testicles, both his testicles'

inkahch unak' uut          inqahch una'k' uut   'both one's eyes'

kahchib                        'anything used for tying or binding, enclosed space'

kahchib e ch'akoner      'bandage for a wound'

kahchib uti' yotot          'rope hinge on a house door'

kahchib e ab-te'            'wire cable of suspension bridge'

kahchib e ab                 'tying of strands of a hammock (at each end)'

kahchib e chitam           'space in which a pig is tied to forage'

kahchib e xanab            'sandal strap'

kahchib e k'eweer        'strap of leather tumpline'

ukahchib utzutz             'string used to tie up one's (woman's) hair'

kahchib buhk                'cloth bandage'

kahchib te'                    'wooden splint'

kahchib ch'an                qahchip'.ch'an  'tethering rope (for cows and pigs)'

kahchib ch'an                qahchip'.ch'a'n 'any vine or liana used for tying or tethering'

kach                             'tying, binding'

kach bak                      'bone-binding'

ah kach-bak                 'bone-binder, surgeon'

kach k'ab                     'ear of maize with thickest grains'

kach te'                        'wooden splint'

kach chan                     'boa (a snake)'

kach ch'akoner             'wound binding'

kach ch'an                    'net-knotting'

ah k'ach ch'an               ah qach.ch'a'n   'net maker'

kachar                          'a knot, a tie, a cluster, anything bound or held'

kachar uor uyok          'webbed feet'

kachar uyutir                 'fruit cluster'

kachar utzutz                'hair knot, done up hair'

kachar e k'opot            'thick wild vegetation'

kachem                        'tied stack; a yoke'

kachi                            'tie, bind, knot, stick together, capture' [cl.1]

kachi e harar                 'tie bamboo sticks (to a roof)'

kachi e ch'an                 'knot fishing nets'

kachi e bak ta kech te'  'splint a bone with sticks'

kachi e ch'akoner          'bind a wound'

kachi cha'te' hun           'stick two pieces of paper together'

kachi utzutz                   'do up one's hair'

kachi e masa'                'capture a deer' kachi e yah putz'        'capture a fugitive'

kachi e chih                  qachi e ch'ij  'tether a horse'

kachi utata' wakax       'yoke a bull'

kachi uxanab                'tie one's sandals'

kachi uyak' tor upat     qachi uyaq' tor upat  'tie one's load on one's back (for carrying with

the tumpline)'

kachi uch'ahnib uyex     'tie the drawstring of one's trousers'

kachib                          'tying rope'

kachib chan                  'devanador (a constrictor snake)'



p. 6OO

kachmah                       qachmah 'tie, bind' [cl.3]

kachmaar                     'a tying, a binding'

kachbah                       'tie itself, get tied up, grow intertwined, cluster' [cl.3]

akachbah uyutir            'its fruit cluster'

kachbir                         'tied, bound, held in a knot, captured, captive'

kachbir utzutz               'one's hair done up'

kachbir uyak'                qachp'ir uya'k  'tongue-tied'

kachbir uk'ab                'one's hands clasped'

kachbir ak'                   'tongue-tied condition'

maachi aohron              [maachoohron] umen ukachbir ak'   'he can't talk because of  his being tongue-tied'

kachbir mut                  'captive bird'

kachbir bob                  qachp'ir.p'ohp'  'captive coyote'

kachbir chih                  qachp'ir.ch'ij   'tethered horse, grazing horse'

kachbir tzutz                 'the hair tied up behind the head'

kirih                              qirij  'canes to which a roof thatch is tied'

kiwi'                             'achiote (semi-cul{tivated} native tree, the seeds of the fruit of which

are made into a red juice used for coloring foods)'

kis                                qi's  'a pushing, a rolling'

kisar                             qi'sar  'a move, a push'

kisbah                          'move of itself, roll along, move or roll over (as in bed)' [cl.3]

kiskis                            'pushing, rolling'

kiskis ta'                       'pelotera (small black stinking beetle which rolls balls of dung to its nest)'

kisu                              qi'su  'push or move (with the hands), roll something' [cl.2]

kisu e ch'a'ak ha'           'row a raft'

kisu inte' noh te'            'roll a log'

kohm                            qohm  'shortness, short'

kohm uyok                   'short legged, short of stature'

ukohmir                        'its shortness'

inkohm                         'short'

kohmran                       'be short, grow-short' [cl.3]

kohmres                       'shorten a thing' [cl.2a]

kohm turuh                   'be short (of stature or height)' [cl.3]

ne'n kohm turen            'I am short'

ha'x kohm turuh            ja'x qohm.turuh  'he is short'

kohr [qo-h-r]                'round object, pellet, squat thing, short, squat'

kohr e uhtz'ub               'pellet of copal'   

kohr e chab                  'mold of panela'

kohr e tz'ihn                  'pellet of cassava starch'

kohr e k'usk'us             'popcorn ball (made of marcillo and syrup; alboroto)'

kohr e xabun                qohr e xa'p'un  'soap pellet'

kohr e tun te'                'ball of raw rubber on the tip of a drumstick'


p. 6O1

kohr unuk                     'adam's apple'

kohr turuh                     'be short or squat, be pellet-shaped' [cl.3]

ne'n kohr tur een           'I am short'

-kohr                            [num. classl]

inkohr                           'one round or squat object, one pellet-shaped object'

inkohr chab                  'one mold of panela'

inkohr unak' ni ut          'one of my eyes'

cha' kohr ut e ixim         'two grains of maize'

cha' kohr uchu'             'her two breasts'

cha' kohr utun               'his two testicles'

ux kohr uchu'                'its three legs (of a metate)'

ux kohr ses                   'three limes'

ux kohr chuhben tun      'the three stones of a fireplace'

cha'kohr muhr e nar      'two piles of maize'

cha'kohr uut u muhr      'both one's buttocks'

cha'an kohr upatox       'its four hoofs'

kol                               qol  [syn. for qor, used only in compounds]

kor                               qor 'pellet, ball, anything pellet-shaped, any large round or ovoid fruit, poultice'

kor-ox                          'masturbation, a cupping in the hand'

ah kor-ox                     'masturbator'

kor ox kur                    qor.ox.qur  'penis masturbation'

korxi [qor.oxi]              'masturbate, expose' [cl.2]

korxi ukur                     'masturbate (one's penis)'

k'ani ukorxi ukur           'he likes to masturbate'

korxibir                        'having been exposed or peeled'

korxibir ukur                 'having masturbated'

kor xa'bun                    'shaped soap (ready for use or sale in the market)'

kor ch'o'k k'opot          'yerba ratón (wild herb made into medicinal poultices)'

kol ch'o'k k'opot           'yerba ratón (wild herb made into medicinal poultices)'

kori                              'shape in the hands, shape anything into balls or pellets' [cl.1]

kori e bak'at pa'            'shape tamales'

kori uk'ab                     'double up one's fingers, make a fist'

kori e pa'                      'shape tortillas'

kori e xa'bun ta uk'ab   'shape soap by hand'

pa' kori                         'shape tortillas' [cl.3]

korna'                           [?qoron-ha' : "aquatic poultice"]  'suelda Comenada (wild tree with              extremely large leaves, said to be on one another "like poultices")'

korna' k'opot                'Santa Maria (wild shrub resembling the suelda comenada)'

korna' te'                      'Palo de Maria (wild tree)

koron                           'medicinal plaster poultice'

koror                            'round, pellet-shaped, ball-shaped, ball, wad, pellet'

koror e tinam                'wad of cotton'

koror taka e tinam       'ball stuffed with cotton'

k'ab koror                    'the fist'

koror hor                      'watermelon'


p. 6O2

koror hon ch'a'n            qoror.hon.ch'a'n   'sandía de culebra (wild

                                    watermelon-like vine)'

koror ch'a'n                  'cucumber'

koror ch'ak                   'medicinal plaster'

kororam                       'be ball-or pellet-shaped' [cl.2a]

korores                        'shape into balls or pellets' [cl.2a]

korbir                           'shaped into balls or pellets'

korbir tz'ihn                  'cassava (shaped and ready for boiling)'

korkor                          'round, ball- or pellet-shaped'

korkor ta'                     'p...tero moreno (small ........)'

koton                           'shirt, blouse, robe'

ukoton e winik              'man's shirt'

ukoton e ixik                 'woman's robe (worn when stream-bathing)'

kox, ah kox                  'pheasant (a large plumed and brightly-colored bird; pavo real)'

sirin kox                       'sirin de pava (a shrub)'

k'uhk'                           quhk'  'shoot, sprout, sucker'

k'uhk' e tzetze'              'piñuela shoot (chismuta)'

k'uhk'uch                      'grow a sprout or shoot' [cl.3]

kuhr [qu-h-r]                'vagina'

kuhch  [qu-h-ch]           'anything carried, load, unborn child'

ayan ukuhch                 'she has (carries) her foetus'

inte' kuhch e si'             'a load of firewood'

kuhchib                        'tumpline, shoulder strap (of a bag), saddle cinch'

kum                              'a sipping, a tasting, a sip'

kumi                             'drink in sips, sip (as a hot gruel)' [cl.1]

kumi uheir e bu'ur         qumi uheir e p'uur  'sip bean soup'

kumib                           'sipping container (bowl or gourd from which soups or gruels are sipped'

kur                               'penis, prong, proboscis, any pointed object, small  pole or limb'

ut ukur                          'one's penis'

ut nikur                         'my penis'

k'ux kur                        'penis pain, venereal disease'

kor ox kur                    'penis masturbation'

kur k'opot                    'cargapino (wild .. herb)'

kur te'                           'chilillo ((wild chili-like plant with aromatic leaves)' 

kurkur                          'pronged, pointed, having a proboscis, penis-like'

kurkur xim                    'cuscu ..hín (a large beetle)'


p. 6O3

kuruh                            'fornicate (said of males only; pisar)' [cl.3]

kuruh takar                   'fornicate with'

kuruh taka umaxtak                  'commit incest'

maachi uk'ani akuruh     'he does not like to fornicate'

kurwa'ar                       quruaan  'fornication'

ma bamban e kurwa'ar taka tuno'r e ixik             map'amp'an e quruaan taka tuno'r e ixik  'it is bad to fornicate with all women'

kurwi'                           qurui  'shoot of plant, small bud, tender top stack of a plant'

kurum                           'pointed, pronged, pronged object, any large tick (specifically the chinche picudo)'

kux                               'birth, sprouting, coming to life'

kux buyar                     'abortion'

kux buyi                       qux.p'uiyi   'produce abortion' [cl.3]

kuxi                              quxi  'give birth to' [cl.2]

kuxi uyar                      'give birth to her child (its young)'

kuxi cha'te' uyar            'give birth to twins'

kuxi taka e k'ux            'give birth with pain'

kuxmah                        'deliver oneself, be in delivery' [cl.3]

war a kuxmah               'she is in delivery, she is giving birth'

kuxma'ar                      'delivery, birth'

kuxnah                         'be born'

war akuxnah                 'it is being born'

war toix akuxnah         'it is just born'

chaakuxnah che akuxnah           'induce delivery'

kuxbah                         'come to life, sprout, come forth, come out of the womb' [cl.3]

war akuxbah e nar        'the maize is sprouting'

akuxbah uch'urub         'its horns are sprouting (said of a young animal)'

kuxbaar                        'born, sprouted, come forth'

kuxbaar tor e tun          'stone-growing (as ivy)'

kuxbes                         'assist in growing or sprouting (as by cultivation or irrigation), revive, resuscitate' [cl.2a]

kuxbi'ix                         quxp'iix   'sprouting, already sprouted or born'

kuxbiix ni nar                'my maize already sprouted, my maize has sprouted'

tia' kuxbiix                    'when it has sprouted'

kuxun                           'a birth'

kuxun k'in                     'birthday'

kuxun tar                      'birth place, birth locality'

kutkut                           'a bird (guarda barranca)'

kuch                             'carrying, transport, anything which carries or holds, womb, vagina'

ukuchir yabich              uquchir ya'p.ich  'bladder'


p. 6O4

kuch si'                         'firewood-carrying'

ah kuch si'                    'firewood carrier (as to market)'

kuch che'k                    'scab on a sore'

kuch yar                       'pregnancy'

kuch yar k'in                 'period of pregnancy'

kuch yar k'opot            'guapillo, guapito (wild medicinal herb of great value'

kuch yabich                  'bladder'

kuchi                            'carry on the back (usually with the tumpline), hold, contain' [cl. 1]

kuchi e sik'ab                quchi e sik'ap  'carry sugar cane (to the press)'

kuchi taka e k'ewe'er    quchi taka e k'eweer  'carry with the tumpline'

kuchi e santo                'carry the saint (as in a procession)'

kuchi e si'                     'carry firewood'

kuchi uyak'                   quchi uyaq'  'carry one's load'

kuchi uyar                     'carry her child (be pregnant)'

kuchi e tun                    quchi e tu'n   'carryi the tun drum (as a boy does on his back for the drummer)'

ukuchi uyabich              'it holds one's urine (said of the bladder)'

maachi uyupi ukuchi      'she can't carry it (i.e. is given to miscarry)'

che ukuchi uyar             'impregnate a woman ("make her carry her child")'

kuchru [quchur-u]        'carry continuously (as to the storehouse during harvesting), harvest' [cl.2]

kakuchru ka nar            'we carry our maize (from the milpas)'

kuchur                          'carried, carrying'

kuchur uyar                  'pregnant'

yo'pah inte' ixik kuchur uyar      'a pregnant woman came'

kuchyah                        quchyaj  'carrying, transport'

ah kuchyah                   'occupational carrier'

kum                              qu'm  'egg, testicle, any large round or ovoid fruit'

cha' kohr ukum             'his two testicles'

k'ux kum                      'testicle pain'

kum k'opot                   'eggplant'

kum te'                         'cojón, cojón de puerco (small wild tree)'

kum t'ix                        'pepino (spiny south american herb)'

kumix                           'smallest, youngest, or least of a series'

kumixir umaxtak          'youngest member of a family'

ukumixir e ixik              'youngest or last child of a woman'

ukumixir uk'ab              'one's little finger'

ukumixir uyamas          'one's ulna'

ukumixir wor uyok        'one's little toe'

ukumixir usipat              'bottom vertebrae of backbone'

ukumixir utzutzer uhor   'short hair on one's neck'

ah kumix winikob         'lesser group of rain deities'


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