p. 621

rax                               'flat level surface, forehead, crown, summit of hill, cumbre'

ut u rax                         'one's forehead'

rax u'ut                         'forehead'

rax uhor                        'crown of one's head (skull)'

rax te'                           'whetting block (made of zapote wood)'

rax tun                          'whetstone'

rax rik                          'gavilancito (small sparrow-hawk)'

roch                             'vulture'

rum                              'earth, soil, land,  piece of ground, cultivated plot, milpa; terrestrial, burrowing, in or along the ground'

ut e rum                        'ground, soil'

ut rum                           'piece of land, plot, patch'

ut nirum                        'my piece of land, my land'

urum                             'one's land, one's milpas and gardens'

inte' rum                       'piece of ground, plot'

ti karum                        'in our land, in our country'

ayan e rum tar               'there is dirt on it, it is dirty'

ah rum, ah t arum          'any terrestrial or burrowing animal, ground-nesting bird'

ah rum chitam               'a small burrowing animal'

ah rum ch'o'k                'a burrowing rat'

atz'am rum                    'salty soil, salt bed'

hok' rum                       'earth-digging'

pach rum                      'sterile ground or soil'

kux rum                        'damp ground, swamp'

k'ibitz rum                     'eroded land, eroded spot'

k'opot rum                    'land covered with weeds'

lukum rum                    'earthworm'

mask'ab rum                 'copper ore, copper-colored earth'

muhr rum                      'earth mound'

pay ha' rum                   pai.ha'.rum   'irrigated land, irrigable land'

pak' rum                       p'ak.rum   'clay wall, mud wall'

pak'bir rum                   p'akkp'ir.rum   'finished clay, clay wall'

huhy rum                      'the mixing of clay (with sand, etc.)'

puhsib rum                    'plot used for pre-planting'

bak'at rum                    p'ak'at.rum  'peanut'

bok rum                       p'ok.rum  'burrowing'

bor rum                        p'or.rum  'rising ground, upward slope'

burem rum                    'loam, black soil'

bu't'bir rum                   p'u't'p'ir rum   'a filled-in cavity or depression'

sak rum                        'alkali'

sak tz'ihk rum               sak.c'ihk'.rum   'earth containing kaolin'

sak' rum                       'clay wall (of a house)'

rumar                           'country, region, district, neighborhood'

rumir                            'cultivated plot, patch, garden, dirty spot'

rumir e bu'ur                 'bean garden'

rumir e sukchih             'agave patch'

rumir u yamas               'rough dirty skin on one's elbow'

rumir ut upix                 'rough skin on the kneecap'

rumran                          'get soiled or dirty' [cl.3]

rumres                          'soil, sprinkle earth on' [cl.2a]

rumres ubuhk                'sprinkle earth on clothes (as when washing them)'

ruch                              'round gourd or calabash, gourd container, made of a gourd, gourdful of'

inte' ruch e ha'               'a (one) gourdful of water'

ha' ruch                        'water gourd'


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