p. 623

sahk                                         'a hunt, a search'

sahk tua' e ah puch                   'opossum hunt'

sahk tua' e ma'n                        'search for laborers'

sahk masa'                                'deer hunt'

ah sahk masa'                           'deer hunter'

ah sahk masoob                        'deer-hunting party'

sahka                                       'hunt, search for' [cl.2]

sahka e wakax                          'hunt for a cow (at milking time)'

sahka e masa'                           'hunt deer'

sahka u pia'ar                           sahka u p'iaar   'search for one's friend'

in sahka chate' ma'nob tua' apat'noob tama nichor   'I look for 2 mozos to work in my milpa'

sahkar                                      'hunt, hunting'

uk'em besen tua' e sahkar         'it serves me (I use it) for hunting'

sahkmah                                   'hunt about, hunt (as an occupation)' [cl.3]

inna'ta insahkmah                      'I know how to hunt'

tunor yahr asahkmah                 'he hunts all the time'

asahkmah tia' awi'nah                'it (animal) hunts when it is hungry'

sahkmayah                               sahkmayaj  'searching, a hunt'

ah sahkmayah                           'hunter'

sahk'                                        'grasshopper, any grasshopper-like insect'

burem sahk'                              'locust'

sahmi                                        'today'

i'inxin sahmi                              'I go today'

yo'pah sahmi                             'he came today'

sahmi ak'bar                             'last night, yesterday evening'

sahmi or ah k'in                         'today at noon'

sahmi sakohbar                         'early this morning'

sahmi ch'a'an k'in                      'this evening'

sahorin (zahori-in)                     'spirit of the sungod (said to twitch in the calves of sorcerers,

curers, and diviners, thus giving them information they seek'

sahp                                         'fast, fasting'

ut sahp                                     'his fast, his fasting period'

sahp k'in                                   'fast day'

sahpar                                      'fasting, a fast'

sahpar k'in                                'fast day'

sahpih                                       'fast' [cl.3]

sahpih take'e ixim                      'fast on maize foods'

sahb                                         sahp'   'stroke, pat, rub'


p. 624

sahbi                                        'rub or stroke, smooth out' [cl.2]

sahbi utz'i'                                 sahp'i uci'    'stroke one's dog'

sahbi uhor e tz'i'                        'pat a dog's head'

sahbi u tzutz                              'pat or stroke one's hair'

sahbi tu'u k'ab                           'stroke with one's hand'

sahbin                                       'weasel (called "stroker', since it is said to keep its coat smooth

by stroking it)'

sak                                           'pale, gray, whitish, clear, clarified'

sak u'ut                                     'pale-faced, faint, blonde-skinned'

sak uhor, sak utzutz                  'gray-haired'

sak ak                                      'zacate blanco, (wild H. grass used for strengthening clay walls'

sak ha's                                    'white plantain (platano blanco)'

sak kar                                     'quilete blanco (wild herb with a whitish stalk)'

sak k'ux k'ab                            'comemano blanco (a shrub with white flowers)'

sak miste'                                 [meste' :  any broom plant or clump bush]  'escobilla, escobilla                                                               blanca (wild herbaceous plant)'

sak mohl                                   'sudden paling or faintness, quick fading, fainting or fainting spell'

sak mohlah                               'pale, fade, faint' [cl.3]

sak mohlah e ixik                      'the woman fainted'

sak mohlah u'ut                         'his face paled'

axa'asak mohlah                       'it's going to fade'

sak mohles                               'cause to pale or fade, bleach a thing' [cl.2a]

sak mohlar                                'paleness, faded condition, faintness'

sak molen                                 'cuaja tinta (a shrub)'

sak molen k'opot                      'cuajatinta de monte (wild shrub resembling the cul. cuajatinta)'

sak mo'r                                   'mozote, mozote blanco (a small wild highland tree)'

sak mo'r k'opot                        'mozote blanco (a wild herb)'

sak mut                                    'zenzontle (bird)' [Mimus gilvus 'tropical mockingbird' BS]

sak nar                                     'maiz blanco (variety of maize)'

sak nichir                                  'flor blanca (a wild lowland tree with white odorous flowers used

for decorating crosses)'

sak pasbom, sak pasbom ak     'grama, grama blanca (a cultivated forage and medicinal grass)'

sak pohp                                  sak.pohp'   'palo de mayo (a wild tree)'

sak puhn                                   'a turning white or loss of color, a fading'

sak puhnah                               'turn white, fade, lose color (as a fruit which withers or

fails to ripen)' [cl.3]

p. 625

sak bu'ur                                  'frijol blanco (small white herb bean, resembling the US navy bean)'

sak rum                                    'alkali, any white earth, white clay wall (of a house)'

sak rum ha'                               'alkali water (found in hot springs and used as a body wax for rheumatism)'

sak rum tz'ihk                           sak.rum.c'ihk'   'clay containing alkali'

sak t'a'h                                    sak.t'a'x   'white film on the eye'

sak t'ix                                      'crucetillo (wild spiny shrub)'

sak t'ix nichir                             'white rose (a cultivated white rose bush, rosa blanca)'

sak chay                                   'pescado blanco (edible fish)'

sak cho'k                                  'a wild white mushroom'

sak ch'a'n                                 'bejuco blanco (a wild woody vine)'

sak ch'a'n te'                             'gualmeso (wild tree with whitish inner bark)'

sak tz'ihk                                  sak c'ihk'     'kaolin, any whitish clay'

sak tz'ihk rum                           sak c'ihk' rum  'soil or earth containing kaolin'

sak was                                    sak.was  'tortilla made of spring maize (sacuáz)'

sak wich                                   gavilan blanco (a white winged hawk)'              

sak hurum te'                            sak.jurum te'  'cortés blanco (large wild hardwood tree)'

sakah                                       'be pale, gray, or clear; be gray-haired; blanch,  become dawn, lighten (as the sky)' [cl.3-1]

war asakah uhor                       'he is getting gray'

sakah u'ut                                 'his face paled (as from fear)'

sakah u'ut e k'in                        'the sky lightened (it became dawn)'

sakar                                        'white object, white part of anything; white seed, pearl, white film

on the eye'

sakar e chk'um                         'pumpkin seed'

sakar e ku'm                             sakar e qu'm  'white of egg'

sakar unak' u'ut                         sakar una'k' uut  'white(s) of the eyes'

sakar uyeh ch'ak                       'crescent(s) of finger nails

sakar uk'ewe'erar                     'whitish spot(s) on one's skin'

sakem                                      'pale, gray, gray-haired'

sakem u hor                              'gray haired'

sakem u'ut                                'pale-faced'

sakemar                                   'white or faded spot'

sakir                                         'white seed or kernels, any kind of small white objects [coll. form]'

usakirir e ch'um                         'pumpkin seeds'

sakirih                                      'yield white seeds' [cl.3-3]

sakohb                                     'dawn'


p. 626

sakohbah                                  'get up at dawn (mañanear)' [cl.3]

i'inxian insakohbah                    'I am going to get up at dawn'

sakohbar                                  'dawn-rising, dawn, at dawn'

sakoben                                   'clear, bright (as the day), shiny'

sakobenar                                'clearness, brightness'

saksak                                      'white, light-gray, bleached, faded'

saksak uk'ab                            saksak uk'ap  'its whitish sap or milk (of a plant), its sap is whitish'

saksak utu' chay                       saksak utu'.chai  'whitish eel'

saksak ah puch                         'tacuazín blanco (a whitish opossum)'

saksak ak                                 'zacate habanero (a wild and very tender fodder grass)'

saksak awa'uh                          saksak.awauui  'culantrillo blanco (a wild fern)'

saksak ehketz                           'chacha blanca (a large white bird)'

saksak lukum                            'a large white worm, parasitic stomach or intestinal worm'

saksak nar                                'a variety of maize (maiz raque, maiz puchagua)'

saksak pehpem                         'a large white butterfly'

saksak pinyah                           'higuero blanco (a small wild native shrub)'

saksak bak                               'bleached bone'

saksak bah                               saksak.p'aj  'taltuza blanca (a light-gray burrowing animal)'

saksak pa'y                              saksak.p'a'i   'white breasted skunk (zorillo blanco), polecat'

saksak bu'ur                             'garbanzo (chick pea)'

saksak sinam                            'a dull-white scorpion'

saksak suk chih                        ak.sak suk.cih  'bleached maguey fiber'

saksak xinich                            'a whitish ant found in ????? wood (hormiga blanca)'

saksak tah te'                            'white pine (of highland habitat;  pinabete)'

saksak te'                                 'palo blanco (a large wild tree used in woodworking)'

saksak tui'x                               'a small white heron (garcita blanca)'

saksak tun                                'pumice stone'


p. 627

saksak t'ix                                'espino blanco (a small lowland spiny tree, commonly set out as a hedge)'

saksak t'ohrok                          'a small light-gray lizard (cotete blanco)'

saksak chay                              saksak.chai    'platiada (a very small fish)'

saksak chab                             'white sugar (refined)'

saksak chuch                            'a light-gray squirrel (ardilla blanca)'

saksak ah chuch                       'a light-gray squirrel (ardilla blanca)'

saksak ch'oror                          'white oak (roble blanco)'

saksak usih                               saksak.usij  'a whitish vulture (zope blanco)'

saksak hi'                                 saksak ji'  'white sand'

saksak hi'tun                             'whitish sandstone'

saksak hoh                               saksak joj  'white heron (garza blanca)'

saksak yah                               saksak yaj  'quebracho blanco (hardwood tree)'

saksakran                                 'whiten, fade' [cl.3]

saksakres                                 'whiten, bleach, clarify' [cl.2a]

saksakres uyabich                     saksakres uya'pich   'clarify one's urine'

saksakres uyarar uti'                 'clarify one's saliva (stop bleeding gums)'

sakur                                        'white, light colored'

sakuren                                    'white beans'

sak'                                          'rough, roughness, rough object'

insak'                                        'rough, chapped'

sak' k'u'x                                  'rough pimple, wart'

sak' rum                                   'clay wall (of a house)'

sak tun                                     'rough stone, stone on a ???'

sak' hun                                    sak.jun  'rough inner bark (of trees), crepe paper'

sak'ar                                       'rough surface, rough object, rough part of'

sak'ar u yamas                          'rough skin on elbow'

sak'ran                                     'be rough-surfaced, become rough' [cl.2a]

sak'res                                      'roughen, cause chopping' [cl.2a]

e ik'ar u sak'res niti'                   e ikar u sak'res niti'   'the wind chaps my mouth (lips)'

sak'ir                                        'pineapple'

sak'ir te'                                    'pineapple plant'

ha' sak'ir te'                              'a cul. pineapple'

sam  [? san]                              'being, being in a place'

sambu                                      'put, place, lay out (as on the ground)' [cl.2]

sambu inte' k'ahn                      'set a chair (as for a visitor)'

sambu e bu'ur tua' achapi          'set beans on the fire (to cook)'

sambuyah                                 samp'uyaj  'putting, placing, arranging'

samwan                                    'be in its place, be set up, be where it belongs, be laid out' [cl.3]

san                                           'increase, swelling, spreading out, mucous'

san k'ahk'                                 'spreading eruption(s); ? scarlet fever or measles'

san t'u'                                      san.t'u'  'any body opening which changes in size'

usant'u'i'ir unak' u'ut                  usan.tuiir una'k' uut  'pupil of one's eye'

u santu'i'ir usuy                          'one's anal opening'

sani                                          'stretch a thing, stretch or extend between two points, spread out, blow up' [cl.1]

sani inte' sum ch'a'n                   'stretch out a coiled rope' [cf. YUC sum 'cable, soga';  CHR sum  'twist, turning, revolve, rope' BS]

sani e ab                                   'extend a hammock'

sani uk'ab                                 'reach with one's hand, open out the arm(s)'

san bah                                     'extend, spread itself out, reach to, produce new buds or leaves, swell (as flesh)' [cl.3]

sanbah ta e rum                        'reach (extend) to the ground'

asanbah e te'                             'the tree spreads out (grows out)'

war asanbah uk'ab te'               'its branches are spreading out'

warix asanbah unak'                  'her stomach was swelling (she was pregnant)'

asanbah nik'ab                          'my arm swells'

sanbi'ix                                     'swollen, spread out, it is already swollen'

sanba'ar                                    'swelling, increase'

sanba'ar u ch'orch'or                 'swelling of the throat'

sanba'ar utor                             'swelling in a bruise'

sanba'ar uyak'                           sanp'aar uya'k   'swelling in the tongue'

sanba'ar unak'                           'abdominal swelling, tumor, pregnancy'

ah mok umen usanba'ar unak'    'she is sick because of her pregnancy'

sanba'ar uchu'                           sanp'aar ucu'  'swelling of the breast(s)'

sanba'ar uku'm                          'swelling in the testicle(s)'

sasnba'ar uyok                          'swelling in the leg(s), elephantiasis'

sanba'ar uk'ewe'er                    'swelling in the skin, erysipelos'

sanba'ar u'ut uta'                       'rectal swelling'

sanba'ar umen e k'ihna'             'swelling caused by (application of) hot water'

sanba'arob                                'all kinds of swellings'

sanba'ar uk'erar                        'mumps'

sanba'ar upek                           'swelling in the head of the penis'


p. 629

samba'ar k'opot                        'yerba de erisipela (wild herb used in the treatment of erysipelos)'

samba'ar burer                          'swelling accompanied with fever'

sambahran                                'become swollen' [cl.3]

sambahres                                'cause swelling, spread or open a thing out, impregnate a female' [cl.2a]

sambahr                                   'swelling, pregnancy'

sambahr unak                           'abdominal swelling, pregnancy'

sambwe'er  [? samp'ah-weer]  'flor de muerto (wild med. herb)'

sakun                                       saq'un  'elder, greater, elder sibling, elder male or female cousin

of speaker's generation level'

usakunob                                  'one's older siblings or cousins'

sar                                            'itch, mange, skin scaliness, scabby condition, ? ringworm'

sar uhor                                    'head itch, dandruff'

sar ubah                                   'body itch, eczema'

sar uk'ewe'erar uhor                 'scalp itch'

usar e tz'i'                                 usar e ci'   'itch of a dog'

sar taka e che'k                        'itch accompanied with sores'

taka e sar                                 'with itch, having itch'

inte' tz'i' taka e sar                     'a mangy dog'

usar e chay                               'scale of a fish'

sarak  [? sar-ak]                       'whiskbroom, any clumpbush; zaraque (a wild highland clump-bush); penis [slang]'

saran                                        'itch [cl.3], itchy'

saran uyok                                'he has itchy leg'

usaran uyok                              'his leg itches'

saraner                                     'itchiness'

sarar                                         'itch, itchy'

sarar uk'ewe'erar                      'scaly condition of one's skin'

k'ahk'ir sarar                             'dermatitis'

sarar burer                                'fever accompanied with itch'

sarin                                         'vari-colored, spotted, spot'

sarin u'ut                                   'spotted face, freckled, loss of pigmentation (mal de ????a)'

sarin ubah                                 'spotted body, measles'

sarin ak'ach                              'spotted chicken'

sarin kasitz                                'a brightly-colored beetle (mariquita, chachimba)'

sarin mut                                   'pute-colores (a bird)'

sarin nar                                   'maiz manchada (spotted variety of maize)'

sarin pehpem                            'spotted butterfly'

sarin buhk                                 'colored or spotted clothes'

sarin burer                                'scarlet fever'

sarin bu'ur                                 'frijol manchado, frijol de tinta (spotted variety of bean)'


p. 63O

sarin sarin                                 'spotted with many colors'

sarin te'                                     'cassia (small cul. tree; caña fistula)'

sarin hun                                   sarin jun  'colored paper (used to decorate ritual objects)'

sarinir                                       'spotted'

sarinran                                    'become spotted or vari-colored' [cl.3]

sarinres                                     'spot a thing, color' [cl.2a]

sat                                            'loss, disappearance'

sat ti'ir                                      'dumbness'

sat tumin, sat tuminir                  'money loss, spending of money'

ah sat tumin                              'spendthrift'

sat chikinir                                'deafness'

sati                                           'lose, lose sight of' [cl.1]

sati e tumin                               'lose money, spend money'

ansat a'ani nipitor                      'I lost my hat'

satar                                         'lost, hidden'

satar e katu'                              'moon when least visible, new moon'

satar e k'in                                'sun when barely visible, the sun is barely visible'

satbah                                      'get lost, disappear' [cl.3]

satbah tor e bi'ir                        'get lost on the trail'

asatbah uchikin                         'he gets deaf'

war asatbah u'ut                        'he is getting blind'

satbi'ix e k'in                             'the sun disappeared (act)'

satba'ar                                    'hidden, lost, bereft of'

satba'ar uchikin                         'deaf'

satba'ar u'ut                              'blind'

satba'ar uti'                               'dumb'

sawpsoho [corr. of sauce]        'willow'

sa'                                            'atol'

sa' taka e atz'am                       'salted atol'

sa' taka e chab                          'sweetened atol'

insa's sa'                                   'clear (strained) atol'

pahpah sa'                                'unsweetened atol'

paxpax sa'                                'atol without flavor'

sa'k                                          'seizure, capture, a crushing, a trap'

sa'k k'ahk'                                [q'ahq' : fire]  'any remedy used to draw out inflammation or

                                                fever; sacáj (plant said to resemble the yerbamora)'

sa'k sis                                     [sis : cold]   'any cold remedy'

sa'k ch'o'k                                'rat trap'


p. 631

sa'kar                                       'contagious, contagious illness; a large fighting ant'

sa'kar burer                              'contagious fever'

sa'ki                                         'seize, capture, "draw out" (as an illness from a patient), seek for, ??? in a trap, infest or take hold of (as a disease does, obliterate'      [cl.1]

e sisar usa'ke'en                        'the cold takes hold of me'

usa'ke e mok umen e tz'ak        'he draws out the sickness by means of his remedy'

sa'kbir                                      'seized, taken hold of'

sa'kbir umen e burer                 'taken with fever'

ne'en sa'kburen emen e sisar    'I am taken with a cold'

sa'r                                           'boastfulness, vanity, conceit'

sa'ran                                       'boastful, vain'

sa'rih                                        'be boastful or vain, try to impress others, flirt'  [cl.3]

sa'rih ubah                                'improve one's appearance, primp, dress and act like a Ladino'

sa's                                           'clearness, transparency, light color'

insa's                                        'clear, transparent'

sa's ha'                                     'clear water, clear liquid'

sa's tun                                     'any transparent stone, glass'

burem sa'stun                            'obsidian'

sa'sah                                       'be or become clear, clear up' [cl.3]

sa'sa'                                        [? sa's-ha', sa's-sa']   'brain'

sa't  [possibly  sat]                    'destruction, waste'

sa'ti  [? sati]                              'kill, destroy, get rid of, use up' [cl.1]

sa'ti unar                                   'use up one's maize (from the storehouse)'

sa'ti e k'optar tama uchor          'destroy (by trap) the wild animal(s) in one's milpa'

sa'tbah                                      'die, wither' [cl.3]

war asa'tbah nic??nah               'my milpa is dying (not growing well)'

sa'tbah tunor uyopor e te'          sa'tp'ah tunor uyop'or e te'   'all the leaves of the tree died'

sa'tba'ar                                    'a dying, a withering'

seht' [se-h-t']                            'slice, gash; num. class.'

inseht' we'er                              'a (one) slice of meat'

seht'ib                                       'slicing knife'

seysohk                                    seisohk   'jilotillo (a small wild tree with bitter maize-like fruit)'


p. 632

semet                                       'comal (a shallow plate about two feet in diameter, built into the fireplace and used for roasting or baking)'

bak semet                                 'comal-molding'

ser                                            'a binding, a tying'

sere                                          'bind, tie up' [cl.1]

serek                                        'any material used in binding, any bindweed or vine used for

tying, bejuco de pescado (H. woody vine)'

set'                                           'slicing open, gash, girdle (cut around a tree)'

set'e                                         'cut partly open or in two, slice open' [cl.1]

set'e u suy e te'                         'girdle a tree'

set'e inte' chay                          'slice open a fish'

se's                                           'hoof disease of animals, piojillo (insect causing hoof disease)'

si                                              'number, collection series, line of objects, row'

si e te'                                       'row of trees'

se e tun tor e kohn                    'line of stones over a stream (over which one walks)'

si k'in                                        'days of the Saints (month of November), days of the Dead

(Oct 31 and Nov. 1)' [Todos Santos and Dia de los Muertos  BS]

sian                                          'many, numerous'

sian ik'ar                                   sian ikar   'strong continuous wind, wind coming from several directions'

sian k'in                                    'many days, series of days, a?????'

sian k'opot                                'thick and variegated growth of weeds'

sian k'opot tar                           'weedy spot'

sian moror                                'bountiful harvest'

sian otot                                   'aldea, caserio'

sian otot tar                              'inhabited locality, anyplace containing houses'

sian tah te'                                'pine grove'

sian te' tar                                 'forest, grove, wooded area'

sian takar                                  'many clouds, cloudy sky'

sian tun                                     'stony or rocky area (pedregal)'

sian winik                                 'many men, many people, crowd'

si'in                                           'extended, long, in a line or series'

si'in kin                                     'singuín (tall wild cane growing near streams)'


p. 633

si'in kin te'                                 'chichipate (large wild H. tree said to have cane-like branches)'

sihk                                          'any respiratory noise, catarrh'

sihk taka e sihm                        'catarrh with mucous'

taka e sihk                                'catarrhal'

k'ahk'ir sihk                              'bronchitis'

sihk k'opot                               'verbena (native shrub with aromatic leaves)'

sihk burer                                 'catarrh with fever'

sihk takin                                  'dry catarrh'

sihk te'                                      'floripondia, flor de campana (cul. H. tree)'

sihk ch'a'n                                 '?reñal (small cul. tree)'

sihk tzem, sihk tzemir, sihk utzem          'chest catarrh'

sihk witzir                                 'verbena montés (small wild shrub said to resemble the cul. verbena)'

sihkir                                        'catarrhal'

k'ux sihkir                                 'catarrhal pain'

sihkir burer                               'catarrhal fever'

sihkir sihm                                'catarrhal mucous'

sihk'  [si-h-k']                           'nest, thatch, bits gathered together'

sihk'ir                                       'nesting, of the nesting type'

sihk'ir tar                                  'nesting place or area'

sihk'ir chan                               'any nesting snake'

sihk'ir ch'o'k                             'nesting rat, field rat'

sihk'uih                                     'make a thatch, build its nest'

sihm                                         'mucous'

sihm uni'                                   'nasal mucous'

sihm utzem                                'chest mucous'

sihm uch'orch'or                        'throat phlegm'

ut e sihm                                   'bit of mucous'

sihkir sihm                                'catarrhal mucous'

sihm burer, sihm burer uni'         'hay fever'

sihm burer utzem                       'catarrhal fever'

sihm takin                                 'dry mucous'

sihmir                                       'filled with or having mucous'

sihmran                                     'get mucous, full with mucous' [cl.3]

war asihmran uni'                      'his nose is filling with mucous'

sihmraner                                  'mucous condition'

sihmres                                     'cause mucous' [cl.2a]


p. 634

sihb [si-h-p']                             'swelling, bloated condition, increase'

sihb unak'                                 sihp' unak  'stomach swelling, pregnancy'

sihb nak', sihb nak'ir                  sihp' nak, sihp' nakir   'stomach swelling, pregnancy'

sihbir                                        'swollen, swelling'

sihbir e chamen                         'bloated corpse'

sihr  [si-h-r]                              'anything raised or lifted'

siht                                           'a stunning or numbing (as from a blow), spasm'

sihto                                         'stun, numb' [cl.2]

sik'                                           'a searching for, a hunt'

ah sik'                                       'hunter'

sik'ba                                       'search or hunt for' [cl.2]

sik'ba e korom                          'hunt animal'

usik'ba e masa'                         'he hunts deer'

sik'ba e kar                               'search for greens'

sik'ba e tz'ihk                            sik'p'a e c'ihk'  'search for clay (for pottery-making)'

sik'bar                                      'a hunt, a search, hunting expedition'

ah sik'bar                                  'hunter'                              

ah sik'barob                              'hunting party, collecting party'

sik'babir                                   'hunted, searched for'

sik'bayah                                  sik'p'ayaj  'a hunting, a collecting'

ah sik'bayahob                          'hunter, group of women who go out to look for wild vegetables'

sik'bayah tz'ihk                         sik'p'ayaj.c'ihk'  'clay hunting'

ah sik'bayah tz'ihk                     'hunter for clay'

in k'a'bah takar e sik'bayah tz'ihk'          'i finish with the clay-hunting'

sik'wan                                     'go hunting, be with a hunting party' [cl.3]

asik'wan                                   'he hunts, it (animal) hunts'

sik'ap  [?si'-k'ap']                     'sugar cane, cane juice, any sweet cane'

huch' sik'ab                               huch'.sik'ap  'cane-pressing'

mes sik'ab                                'the cleaning of the cane field (of weeds and grass)'

paxpax sik'ab                           'cane with little or no sugar'

k'oy sik'ab                                'cane chewing'

sum sik'ab                                'cane pressing'

simah                                        'ladle, spoon, any elongated gourd made into ladles'

simah te'                                   'ladle-calabash tree (jicaro de cuchara)'

simpohp                                   [?si-in pohp]  'santule (wild tree)'

sinam  [? siin-am]                      'scorpion, any long spider'

uneh sinam                                'cola de alacrán (a coarse herb)'

k'ank'an sinam                          'yellowish scorpion'

saksak sinam                            'a dull-white scorpion'


p. 635

sinam ich                                  sinam i'ch   'chile de alacran (L. cul. chilli)'

sinam k'opot                             'borage (wild H. coarse herb)'

sip                                            'garrapata (a tick)'

sipat                                         [? si-pat, si'-pat]  'backbone, stick or stay used for rigidity'

ut usipat                                    'a vertebra'

sipater                                      'the vertebrae'

sipatir                                       'pertaining to the backbone'

sib                                            'swelling, puffing up, increasing'

sibi                                           'increase, expand a thing' [cl.1]

sibih                                         'swell up, become bloated, become pregnant, increase' [cl.3]

asibih u nak'                              'she is pregnant'

war a sibih u nak'                      war a sibih u nak  'she is getting (more and more) pregnant'

sibihran                                     'become swollen, increase in size' [cl.3]


sibir                                          'increased, swollen, pregnant'

inte' ixik sibir unak'                    inte' ixik sibir unak   'a pregnant woman'

ne'n sibiren                               'I am pregnant'

sibran                                       'become bloated or swollen' [cl.3]

sibres                                       'cause swelling, blow a thing up' [cl.2a]

sibik                                         'purple, dark-blue, black, fireplace soot (hollin); mejorana

(a cul. herb)'

usibikir e k'ahk'                         'soot of the fire'

usibikir e beht                           usip'ikir e p'eht  'soot clinging to an olla'

insibik                                       'purple, dark-colored'

sibik kisih                                 sip'ik kisij   'a variety of bedbug'

sibik k'opot                              'purple purslane (verdolaga morada)'

sibik nichir                                'violet'

sibik bu'ur                                 'frijol morado (a purplish variety of bean)'

sibik cho'k                                'a wild purple mushroom'

sibikah                                      'turn purple' [cl.3]

sibikar                                      'purple spot, purple color'


p. 636

sibikran                                    'be purple or dark blue, turn purple' [cl.3]

sibikres                                     'make purple, paint purple [cl.2a]

sir                                             'a raising or lifting'

siri                                            'raise a thing, lift up' [cl.1]

usiri upik'                                  usiri upi'k'   'she lifts her skirt'

sirin kox                                   sirin qox  [meaning of sirin unknown, possibly a

                                                span. corr.] 'cirín de pava (a wild shrub

                                                resembling the cirín)'

sirin te'                                      'cirín, cirín macho (a small wild fruit tree)'

sis                                            'cold, coldness, freshness, lemon, lime'

usisir e chay                              'the coldness of a fish'

sa'k sis                                     'any plant or remedy said to cure colds or body  "coldness"'

sis ha'                                       'cool or cold water, ice, cold spring'

sis kar                                      'cool or cold vegetable, fresh greens, any "cold" vegetable (eaten

to reduce fevers and inflammations, said to be caused by "fire",

or "heat")'

sis k'in                                      'cold day, cold season (from Nov. to May; verano)'

sis pak                                      'tortilla made of camagua maize (sispaque)'

sis te'                                        'sour lime tree (lima dulce)'

sisahres                                    'make cold, freshen up (as a wilted vegetable), cause a cold' [cl.2a]

sisahran                                    [sisa-h-r-an]  'be cold' [cl.3]

sisaih                                        sisaih  'be numb or without feelings in cold, numb, cold (in the body)' [cl.3]

sisaih                                        sisaij  'numbness (of the body)'

sisaih u ch'ich'er                        'poor circulation'

sisaih uyhok                              'numb leg'

sisaih u hor uk'ab                      'numbness in the fingers'  [ed. should be of elbows]

sisaih burer                               'fever with numbness'

sisar                                         'cold weather, head cold, body "cold" (said to cause lack of warmth and lack of excretion and proper functioning; resfrio)'

sisar uhor                                  'head cold'

sisar unak'                                sisar unak   'cold in stomach or abdomen'

sisar uni'                                   'cold in nasal passages'

sisar unuk'                                sisar unuk   'cold in the throat'

sisar ubah                                 'general cold, chill'

sisar ubahker                            'cold in the joints, joint stiffness'


p. 637

sisar ubaker                              'cold in the bones'

sisar uch'ich'er                          'cold in the blood, chill'

sisar utzem                                'chest cold'

sisar u'ut usuy                           'cold in the rectum'

sisar uyabich                             'kidney cold'

sisar ak                                     'lemon grass (a cultivated grass with lemon-scented leaves;

té de limón, zacate de limón)'

sisar k'opot                               'chalchupa (wild med. herb)'

sisar burer                                'chill with fever, malaria'

sisar burer utzem                       'chilly fever in the chest'

sisar burer te'                            'quina tree (see k'ihn te')'

sisar burer tz'ak                        'quinine'

sisar te'                                     'comino cimarrón, comino silvestre (a wild highland shrub)'

sisarer                                      'chronic cold, serial frigidity'

sisbah                                       'be or to turn cold, cool itself' [cl.3]

sitz'                                           'boy, male child, grandchild, of male sex, "son" or "boy"

(affectionate term used of children in addressing boys and young men)'

sitz' takin                                  'puny anemic child, slender boy'

sih                                            [syn for usij; sij also seems to mean "black"]

sih muahn                                 'gavilan negro (large black hawk)'

si'                                             'stick, stalk, firewood, stay or rib (used for stiffening)'

si' tua' e chuhben                       'firewood for the fireplace'

ah si'                                         'firewood cutter, firewood seller'

uni' si'                                       'unburnt end(s) of firewood (protruding from a fire)'

burem si'                                   'stack of charred firewood'

but si'                                       'firewood burning'

kuch si'                                     'firewood carrying (as to market)'

k'ech si'                                    'firewood carrying'

si' te'                                         'marío, palo marío (large wild tree)'

si' ta' [? si'-t'a']                          'azote (a cultivated tree yielding an edible shoot at the crest of the trunk'

si' ta' witzir                                'azote de montaña (wild highland tree resembling the azote, but

used only medicinally)'

sohi                                          [from   soi]  'anything bent or curved, bend, curve'

sohki [so-h-k]                          'trash, rubbish, dead or dried plant, dried part of plants, wild vegetation cut in the milpas or the ????, overhanging eaves of

house roof'

u sohkir e bu'ur                         'dried bean stalks'

u sohkir e sik'ip                         'any ???? leaves'

sohr                                          'a scraping, a rubbing'


p. 638

sohri                                         'scrape (as food from a bowl with a spoon), ?ras? {erase}, clean

out rubbish' [cl.2]

sohrmah                                   'scrape' [cl.3]

sohrnib                                     'any scraping instrument'

sohrbir                                      'scraped, cleaned out'

soy                                           soi  'bend, arc, arch, arched covering'

usoy e y-otot                            usoi ey otot  'house roof'

soyem                                      soiyem   'bent, arched, sagged, curved'

soyem e te'                               'bent tree, the tree is bent'

soyem e ch'ih                            'sway-backed horse'

soyemir                                    soiyemir    'bend in a??????, sag'

usoyemir e te'                           'the bend in the tree'

soyi                                          soiyi 'bend anything, make arc shaped' [cl.1]

soyor                                        soiyor    'bent, curved, bent object'

soybah                                     'be bent, bend itself, bend or sag'[cl.3]

soybir                                       'bent, arched'

sok                                           'a throwing away'

soki                                          'throw away, get rid of, remove rubbish from'  [cl.1]

sok'                                          'throat inflammation, throat dryness, ????? condition'

sok' uyakach                            'throat soreness in chickens (cured with tomato ?an tree)'

sor                                           'scraping or rasping sound, asthma'

ah sor                                       'asthmatic person'

so'play                                      so'plai  [? Sp. corr.]  'fishing net (ataraya)'

suhk'                                        'a wiping, a cleaning off'

suhk'i                                        'wipe (as with a cloth), clean by rubbing' [cl.2]

insuhk'i nini'                              'I wipe my nose'

usuhk'i e k'a'n ha'xto in tur wan             usuhk'i e q'a'n ja'xto intur wan  'he

                                                wipes off the stool before I sit down (on it)'

suhk'u uhor                               'wipe one's forehead'

suhk'nib                                    'wiping cloth'

usuhk'nib nini'                           'my handkerchief'

u suhk'nib ubah                         'one's bathing towel'

suhk'bir                                    'wiped, cleaned off'

suhm [su-h-m]                          'twist of, coil or braid of, anything coiled (as curly hair), plant tendril, curling twig, twine'

suhmib                                      'hand twister (used in making rope and twine)'


p. 639

suhn                                         'quiet, calm, soothing, fondling'

ah suhn                                     'woman who quiets her child (not letting it cry continuously), soothing person, one who embraces another'

suhner                                      'soothed state, condition of calm or quiet'

suhnbir                                     'quieted, calmed, solaced [placid, soothed]'

suhnu                                        'quiet, calm, soothe, con????te, solace' [cl.2]

suhnu uyar                                'soothe one's child (to stop crying)'

suhnunib                                   'any toy or object for soothing ?????]

suhb [su-h-p']                           'anything dipped or rinsed, mess of greens'

suhbib                                      suhp'ip   'dipping or rinsing instrument'

suhbib e kar                              suhp'ip' e kar  'stick used to stir boiling greens'

suhbib e buhk                           'stick used to stir boiling clothes'

suhr  [su-h-r]                            'anything shed or cast off'

usuhrir e chan                           'shed hide of a snake'

suhr upat e ku'm                       'white skin inside an eggshell'

suhs [su-h-s]                             'anything peeled down or sharpened to a point, pointed object'

suhsib                                       'planing tool, paring knife'

usuhsib e tzutz                           'razor'

suht  [su-h-t]                             'anything turned or revolved, returned gift, anything given back'

suhtib                                       'reply, answer'

ma'achi ink'ani usuhtib               'I do not like his reply'

ut usuhtib                                  'one's reply'

suy                                           suih   'base, support, foundation, underside or bottom of,

stump, stubble, buttock(s)'

usuy                                         'one's buttock(s), its base, its trunk'

suy uch'uhmur                           'sole of one's heel'

suy uchikin                                'bottom of ear, part of ear which joins the head'

suy upat                                    'lower back, kidney region'

suy uti'                                      'bottom of mouth'

suy uyak'                                  suih uya'k  'base of tongue'

suy ukerar                                'jaw'

suy unak'                                  'abdomen, intestines, womb'

suy uk'ab                                  'base of hand'

suy usipat                                 'coccyx'

suy unuk'                                  suih unuk  'base of neck'

suy e xanab                              'heel of a sandal'

suy uyex                                   'seat of one's trousers'

suy e te'                                    'lower trunk of tree'

suy e cha'                                 'end of metate (opposite from operator)'

suy e bitor                                'crown of hat (the crown being worn ???)'


p. 64O

suy e beht                                 'bottom of olla'

suy e chiki'                                'bottom of basket'

suy e chehr                               'heavy cord at base of fiber bag (around which all the strands are looped)'

suy ey ak                                  'stubble of (cut) grass'

suy ey ab te'                             'catwalk of suspension bridge'

suy ey otot                                'foundation of house'

ut suy                                       'rectum'

suy te'                                       'trunk of tree'

suih                                          'base, support'

suyi                                          suiyi   'support, hold up' [cl.1]

suyir                                         suiyir  'pertaining to the rectum'

yah suyuyr                                yah suiuir   'rectum soreness, piles'

suk                                           'a cutting, a trim'

suk ti'                                       'a shave'

suk chih                                    ["trim fiber", "trimmed fibrous plant"] 'maguey plant, maguey fiber                                               or cord'

sukchi'ir e ch'an t'in                   'bowstring of maguey fiber'

arak sukchih                             'any cultivated maguey'

har sukchih                               'the twisting of maguey fiber (into twine and rope)'

hok' sukchih                             hoq.sukchih  'maguey-rasping'

bahk'ib sukchih                         p'a'hq'ip'.sukchih   'maguey patch'

saksak sukchih                         'bleached maguey fiber'

suk chih witzir                           'maguey cimarrón, maguey silvestre (wild maguey)'

suki                                          'cut off, trim, pare' [cl.1]

suki uti'                                     'shave one's face'

suki uyopor e te'                       suki uyop'or e te'   'trim the leaves of a tree'

sul                                            'bald, shed, bare, infertile'

sula'ih                                       'become bald or shed, become infertile' [cl.3]

war a sula'ih uhor                      'his head is getting bald'

sum                                          'a twist, a turning or revolving, any twisted object, rope'

usumir e tzohnok                       'twist on a thread'

usumir e suk chih                      'twist in (a roll) of maguey fiber'

ut e sum                                    'piece of rope'

sum kohn                                  'winding stream'

sum bi'ir                                    'winding trail

sum sik'ab                                sum.sik'ap   'cane-pressing (denoting the turning of the rolls)'

ah sum sik'ab                            'cane feeder (at the press)'

sum ch'an                                 'rope making'

ah sum ch'an                             'rope maker'

sum ch'a'n                                 'tijeretas (small wild herbaceous plant with many tendrils)'

suma'ar                                     [sum-mah-ar]    'twisting cording, braiding techniques


p. 641

sumi                                         'twist, turn or revolve, braid' [cl.1]

sumi e sik'ab                             'feed cane into the press'

sumi e ch'an                              'twist rope or twine'

sumi e ab                                  'braid a hammock'

sumi e suk chih                         'twist maguey fiber'

sumi e u tzutzer                         'curl or braid one's hair'

sumi e k'ewe'er                         'braid a leather quirt'

sumbir                                      'twisted, braided revolved'

sumbir tzutz                              'curly hair'

sumbir u tzutz                            'one's braided hair'

sumbir e xukur                          'winding river'

sumbir k'ewe'er                        'braid a leather quirt'

sumbir chohr                             'twisted or circling line'

sumbir uneh                              'its curled tail (as of a pig)'

sukchih                                     'twisted maguey fiber'

sumk'ah                                    'warp, curl, coil' [cl.3]

sumk'ah umen e k'in                  'warp because of the sun'

a sumk'ah e chan                      'the snake's coils'

a sumk'ah u tzutz                       'his hair curls'

sumk'a'ar                                  'a warp, a coil a warping' inte' sumk'a'ar e tzutz  'curly hair'

sumk'abir [sumq'ah.p'ir]            'having become warped or coiled'

sumk'abir utzutzer                     'one's hair done up in curls'

sumk'abir chan                          'coiled snake'

sumk'abir te'                             'warped timber'

sumk'es                                    'cause to warp or curl' [cl.2a]

sumk'es utzutzer                        'curl one's hair'

sun                                           'foreign, non-native, non-Chortí'

ah sun                                       'non-Chorti person'

suntu'k                                      'sunflower'

sub                                           'a dipping up and down, rinse'

sub kar                                     'rinsing of greens (to clean them)'

sub buhk                                  'clothes rinsing'

subi                                          'dip up and down, rinse' [cl.1]

subi e kar                                 'rinse greens (before rinsing)'

subi e buhk                               'rinse clothes'

subahr  [h-infixed form of sup'ar]           'feeling of shame, embarrassment, shyness'

subahrah                                   'feel ashamed, be embarrassed' [cl.3]

subahrah u'ut                            'he showed shame in his face, he looked embarrassed'

a subahrah niut                          'I am ashamed'

subahrah niut                            'I was ashamed'

a subahrah u'ut tu'ut e winikob  'he is shy in front of people'

subar                                        'shame, modesty, bashfulness, embarrassment'

ah subar                                   'shy person'

taka e subar                              'shameful'

ma ha'x subar                           'unashamed, proud,  he (it) is not shameful (to be ashamed of)'

subari                                       'shame a person, cause embarrassment' [cl.2]

subari ubah                               'shame oneself'

subaryah                                   sup'aryaj  'the shaming of something'

subin                                        'embarrassment, shame, pregnancy'


p. 642

sur                                            'shedding, casting off'

usurir e chan                             'the shedding of a snake'

surem                                       'shed'

surem e chan                            'shed snake'

surem uhor                               'one's bald head'

suri                                           'shed, cast something off, get rid of' [cl.1]

suri utzutzer                              'shed one's hair, get bald'

suri upat, suri uk'ewe'r              'shed its hide'

suri umech                                'shed its shell'

surbir                                        'shed, rid of'

surbir umech                             'shed of its shell'

sus                                           'a peeling off, a paring down'

sus hor                                     'haircut, hair-cutting'

ah sus hor                                 'barber'

sus hori                                     'cut hair, work as barber' [cl.3]

sus horia'ar                               'hair-cutting'

ah sus-horia'ar                          'barber'

sus horbir                                 'one's (its) hair cut'

sus te'                                       'planting stick, spear'

sus ut                                        'shave'

susem                                       'peeled off, sharpened'

susi                                           'peel off, smooth down (by shaving or paring), cut, trim' [cl.1]

susi uhor                                   'cut one's hair'

susi ukur                                   'pull back one's foreskin'

susi upat                                   'peel (as a fruit)'

susi u'ut                                    'shave'

susi utzuk te'                             'trim one's beard'

susu uni'                                    'sharpen to a point'

susi ut e te'                                'whittle a piece of wood'

susbir                                       'peeled off, sharpened'

susbir uni'                                 'its sharpened point, cut or sharpened to a point'

susbir te'                                   'planed timber'

susk'ah                                     susq'ah  'peel of itself (as a eucalyptus)' [cl.3]'

susto', susto' ch'a'n                    'cochinito, susto (a wild highland vine)'

sut                                            'turn, a returning, a turning around, ?????????'

suti                                           'turn or revolve a thing, turn around, send back, turn up or down' [cl.1]

sut e k'ahk'                               'turn a lamp (its flame) up or down'

suti ehmar                                 'turn downward'

suti ticha'n                                 'turn upward'

suti e nar                                   'return (a gift of) maize'

suta'axin                                   [suti aaxin]  'send a person back'

ne'n insuta'axin e ixik                 'I send the woman back'

usuti i'inxin                                'he sends me back'


p. 643

sutbah                                      'return, come back, turn oneself around (used also as an auxiliary and without pronominal pref??s to mean "again") [cl.3]

insutbah                                    'I come back, I turn around (to go the other way)'

sutbah umori                             'he gets it back, he retrieves it'

subbah uya're                           'he says again, he repeats'

sutbah ubahna                           'he reheats it'

sutbu'uche                                [sutp'ah uche]   'he does it over again'

sutbu'uk'asi                               sutp'uuq'asi   'he breaks it again'

sutba'ak'axi                               'it rains again'

sutba achektah                          'he (it) reappears'

sutbi'ix inche                             'I did it over again'

sutba'ar                                    'a return'

usutba'arir                                 'his return'

sutbes                                       'send back, make a return of' [cl.2a]

usutbes e nar ta umaxtak           'he sends maize back to his family'

sutbir                                        'turned, crossed, thrown back'

sutbir una'k' u'ut                        'cross-eyed, his eyes have crossed'

sutbir utzutz tu'ut uhor               'one's hair thrown back over the head (Ladino style)'

sutbir uyok                               'cross-legged'

sutrem  [sutur-em]                    'turned, reversed'

sutremah                                   'revolve oneself' [cl.3]

sutrema'ar                                 'turning of one's body'

sutru [sutur-u]                           'retrieve a thing. res??? or turn wrongside out'  [cl.2]   

insutru niyex                              'I turn my trousers wrongside out'

sutru e suturnib                         'revolve the molinillo (in the hands)'

sutuk                                        'dizzy, drunk'

sutuknah                                   'whirl (s the ground seems to when one is dizzy), whir' [cl.3]

sutuknah u'ut                             'be dizzy, be drunk'

a sutuknah niut                          'I am dizzy'

sutukna'ar                                 'vertigo, a whirling, a spinning top'

sutur                                         'backwards, in reverse, entwined (as a vine), circular'

sutur ehmar                               'turned down or under'

sutur axanah                             'walk backwards'

uch'uhmur sutur                         'his heel turned backwards (on his feet, as is that of Sisimite)'

suturir                                       'back or wrong side of anything, inner side'

usuturir e koton                         'inner side of shirt'

usuturir e yex                            'inner side of trousers'

suturnib                                    'beater for liquids (molinillo)'

usuturnib e kakaw                     usuturnip' e kakau'  'cacao beater'

suturbir                                     'turned round and round, revolved, reversed'

uyok suturbir                            'his (Sisimite's) feet turned backward'

suturbir ukoton                         'his shirt turned wrong-side out'


p. 644

sutut                                         'revolving, spinning'

sutut e ha'                                 'revolving water, eddy'

sutut ha'                                    'whirlpool'

ah sututha'                                'evil spirit of whirlpools'

sutut ik'ar                                  sutut.ikar  'whirlwind'

ah sutut ik'ar                             'Devil (who visits Earth disguised in a whirlwind'

sutut ch'an                                'bullroarer'

sutahn  [? sut-tahn]                   'convex surface, breast (as of a fowl), outer side of a bow; bay

tree (large semi cultivated  highland tree; laurel laurelillo

(large highland tree)'

sutahn uhor                               'one's forehead'

sutah uyok                                '????'

sutahn te'                                  'wild bay tree (large tree resembling the bay tree);                                                                                     laurel silvestre, laurel (blanco)'

sutz                                          'any cherry-like fruit (capulin)'

sutz muy                                   'irayol (wild L. tree with sapodilla-like fruit)'

sutz muy te'                               'jagua (large wild L. tree resembling the irayol

sutz te'                                      'capulín, capulín de comer (large wild cherry tree occasionally transplanted to the  patios)'

sutz ch'a'n                                 'bejuco de cinaca (wild woody vine)'

sutz'                                          'bat (generic)'

burem sutz'                               'a black bat'

sutz' k'opot                               'yerba de murcielago (wild L. vine)'

sutz' muhan                               suc' muahn   'gavilán negro (large black hawk)'

suwikir                                     [said to be equivalent to caparrosa]

sub                                           su'p'  'sharp point, pointed object'

subin                                        su'p'in  'spur, hooked spur, spur'

subin t'ix                                   'subín, espino blanco (small wild spiny tree, commonly used as

a hedge)'

su't                                           'acid, of acid taste, acid part of anything'

insu't                                         'acidity'

su'tahi                                       'become acid' [cl.3]

su'tar                                        'acidy, acid condition'

su'tar unak'                               su'tar unak  'acid stomach'

su'tar u bah                               'general acid condition'

war aboroh u su'tar                   'his acidity is getting worse'

su't puhnah                               'turn acid' [cl.3]

su'tran                                      'be acid, get acidy' [cl.3]


p. 645

su'traner                                   'acidity'

su'tres                                       sutres  'make acid, allow to turn acid' [cl.2a]

su'tsu't                                      'acidy, of acid taste'


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