p. 658

ta                                 '[locative and instrumental particle]'

mani ta                         'buy in, buy at (a place)'

ta'ar [ta-ar]                   'spot, place, locality'

atz'am ta'ar                   'salt locality'

korom ta'ar                   'game locality, area containing wild animals'

man tar                         'market place, plaza'

muhkib tar                    'graveyard'

kuxun tar                      'birthplace, birth locality'

ta ha'                            'in water, aquatic or marine, swamp-dwelling'

ah ta ha'                        'aquatic or swamp-dwelling animal or bird'

ta ha'a chan                  'any aquatic snake'

ta ha'a mut                    'aquatic bird'

ach'i'ih ta ha'                 'it (a plant) grows in water'

ta kohn                         'in a stream, in running water'

ta k'opot                       'area containing wild vegetation'

ah ta k'opot                  'any wild plant (especially weeds)'

ta pohp                         'part of fireplace used for baking'

ta pohch', ta pohch' buhk          'spot in a stream where clothes are washed'

ta k'ahk'                       'firebox, fireplace'

ta k'ahn                        ta q'ahn  'storage shelf (built at one end of kitchen)'

ta rum                           'on, in or toward the ground, terrestrial,  burrowing, down, downwards, floor of house'

ah ta rum                      'any terrestrial or burrowing animal or bird'

ta rum mut                    'ground nesting bird'

ohor ih ta rum               'he fell to the ground, he fell down'

ch'a'ar ta rum                'lying on the ground'

ch'a'bun e beht ta rum   'put the olla on the floor! Put the olla down!'

ta xah                           ta xaj   'lowlands (Sp. los bajos), in or of the lowlands'

ah ta xaj                       'lowland person, animal, or plant'

ta xah winikob              'lowland Chorti (esp. of Joc. mumape?)'

ta xah nar                     'lowland variety(s) of maize'

ta xah k'opot                'lowland wild vegetation (Sp. monte del bajo)'

ta tah                            ta taj  'in the forest, of the forest type'

ah ta tah                       'any forest animal'

ta tah te'                       'any forest tree'

ah ta tah te'                   'forest tree'

ta te'                             'in trees, arboreal'

ah ta te'                        'arboreal animal'

ta tun                            'on a stone, growing on a stone or in rocky spots'

ta tun ch'a'n                  'any rock-growing vine'

ah ta tun                       'any insect found under stone'

ta chinam                      'in, to, or at the pueblo, pertaining to the pueblo (equiv. to Eng. "in Town", or "to Town")'

in xin ta chinam             'I go to town'


p. 659

ta chor                          'in the milpa, of or pertaining to the milpa'

ah ta chor                     'any milpa pest (animal)'

ta ch'en                         'cave dwelling, living in holes, burrowing'

ah ta ch'en                    'any burrowing or cave animal'

ta witzir                        'in or of the mountains, highland, highland type or species'

ah ta witzir                    'highland person, animal, or plant'

ah to witzir winikob       'highland Chorti (esp Jolopo municipio)'

ta witzir nar                   'highland variety(s) of maize'

ta witzir te'                    'any highland tree'

tah                                'forest, wooded area'

tah tar                           'forested area'

tah te'                           'pine tree (generic), any forest tree, pine torch'

saksak tah te'                'white pine (pinabete)'

sian tah te'                    'pine grove or forest'

tah te' tar                      'pine forest or area'

tahn                              'inner side or surface of, center, interior, concave side of ' [cf. su tahn]

tahn upat                      'inner bark (of tree)'

tahn uk'ab                     'palm of hand'

tahn uyok                     'sole of foot'

tahn e xanab                 'upper side of sandal'

tahn e ch'an t'in             'concave side of bow'   

tahn uti'                         'roof of mouth'

tahn uni'                        'nostril'

tahn u'ut suy                  tahn uut.suih   'inner side of rectum'

tahn ubak                     'shaft of bone'

tahn ubah                      'interior of body'

tahn uyak'                     tahn uya'k  'surface of tongue'

tahs  [from tas]             'slashed or cut portion of, shred'

-tahs                             '(num. class)'

tahsib                           'cutting or slashing tool (esp the machete)'

tahch [from tach]          'half'

-tahch                           [num. class.]

in tahch                         'one half'

in tahch e pohp             'each half of a sedge mat (the ???)'

in tahch e k'in                'half the day'

in tahch e chab              'mold of suger (one half a package)'

cha tahch e ch'um        'half a pumpkin'

tahchu                          'divide or cut in half' [cl.2]

tahchubir                      'divided in half, cut in half'

tahu                              'meeting, coming together'

tahubir                          'met, come upon, found'

tahwi                            'meet, come upon or find, overtake, receive or accept' [cl.2]

intahwi a'ani ni tatar ta bi'ir        'I met (or overtook) my father on the trail'

tahwia'ar                       'a meeting, an overtaking'


p. 66O

takar [taka-ar]              'with, with it, from it'

mani takar                    'buy from (a person)'

takar                            'help, cooperation'

umen u takar tua' ne'n   'because of his help to me (his helping me)'

banbanu takar tama nichor        'his valuable assistance in my milpa'

takarmah                      'help, be of assistance' [cl.3]

in takarmah tia' uyupien             'I help when I can'

u'ubi'en hai intakarmah              uup'ien jai intakarmah  'he asked me if I (would) help'

takarbir                        'helped, given cooperation'

ne'n takarbir e               'I am helped'

tak                               'dry, dryness'

takih                             'be dry, dry up' [cl.3]

takih u ti'                       'be thirsty'

a takih ni ti'                   'I am thirsty'

a takih e kohn               'The stream dries up'

a takih u bah                 'his body "dries up" (stops excreting normally)'

warix atake'e chor       warix atakee ch'or   'the maize is drying (ripening on the stalk)'

atak e e wakax             'the cow dries up'

war ataki u che'k          'his sore is drying up'

takihse                          'dry anything' (in the sun or on the comal; as herbs, pottery before firing,

or maize before storing), dam up (as a stream), dry up the body' [cl.2]

takihse e ha'                  'dam a small stream (as for fishing)'

takihse u chu'                '??? reduce the breast milk (after weaning)'

takihse u yabich            takihse u ya'pich  'reduce (excessive) urine'

takihse inte' u che'k       'dry up a sore'

kora tan tua' atakihse e che'ek   'a little ash to dry up a sore'

takihsenib                     'drying mat (on which ?????? are dried), drying  rope (from which maize ears are hung for drying)'

takihseyah                    'drying of anything or any drying p????'

takihseyah ha'               'dam fishing'

ah takihseyah ha'           'dam fisherman'

takihseyah nar               'maize drying'

takihseyah tz'ihk            takihseyah tz'ihk'   'drying of freshly moulded pottery (before firing)'

taki'ix  [tak-ih-ix]          'already dry, completely dry'

taki'ix e kohn                'dried-up stream'

taki'ix uti'                      'already thirsty, very thirsty'

takin                             'dry, thin, slender, skinny, bony, anemic, puny, dead, withered, empty'

takin e kohn                  'dry or nearly dry stream, the stream is nearly dry'

takin ubi'ir e kohn         'low or nearly dry stream bed'

takin uch'ich'er              'one's dry or clotted blood'

takin u'ut e k'in              'dry sky without rain clouds'

takin uch'orch'or           'one's dry throat'


p. 661

ak takin                        'dry grass, hay'

ixik takin                       'puny anemic woman'

sihk takin                      'dry catarrh'

sihm takin                     'dry mucous'

sitz' takin                      'puny anemic child'

takin ha'                        'dry stream (as during the dry season)'

takin ixik                       'spinster, mother without breast milk'

takin ich                        takin i'ch   'dried chilli'

takin nar                       'ripe maize (beginning to dry; camagua)'

takin nuk'                      takin nuk  'dry throat, parched throat'

takin ohob                    takin.ohop   'dry cough'

takin pa'                       'totoposte (a tortilla made with salt and taken as food on journeys'

takin beht                     takin p'eht   'empty olla'

takin bos                      takin.p'o's   'dry trash, trimmings from firewood (used only in the ?????)

takin burer                    'any fever (without sweating)'

takin bu'ur                    'dried ripe beans'

takin bu'ur xep              takin.p'uur.xep'   'shepe containing ripe beans and maize'

takin k'uhtz                   takin.q'uhc'  'cured tobacco'

takin k'u'x                     takin q'u'x   'dry pimple, wart'

takin xep                      takin.xep'   'dry shepe'

takin xe'x                      'dry maize shucks'

takin chu'                      takin xu'   'without breast milk, dry (as a cow)'

takin tanchih                 'dry powdered lime'

takin te'                        'dead tree or plant, dead wood, driftwood'

takin ti'                         'thirsty, dry mouthed'

takin che'k                    'dry sore'

takin we'r                     'dried meat'

takin winik                    'thin man, bony man'

takin witz'                     'dry waterfall'

takinir                           'dryness, almost-c????? dryness'

takinir u ti'                     'thirst, mouth dryness, lacking saliva'

takinir u yak'                 takinir u ya'k   'lack of saliva'

takinir u tzem                'dryness in the chest'

takinir u nuk'                 takinir u nuk  'throat dryness'

takinir u che'k               'dryness in a sore'

takinir u bah                  'general "dryness", anemia'

takinix                          'already dry or stiff, completely dried up'

takbah                          'dry of itself, become dry (as the weather), die or wither (as a plant)' [cl.3]


p. 662

taka                              'with, by, having'

take eyanam                 [taka 'e anam]   'muddy, having mud on it'

ne'n tureen take e yanam           'I am muddy'

take ewaynih                [waiynij : sleep]  'I am sleepy'

take e yatz'am               [ac'am]  'salty'

kusum taka                   'moldy'

taka e pohwi                 taka e pouhi   'pusy, having pus'

taka e sihk                    'catarrhal'

takre [takar-e]              'help' [cl.2]

utakre'en                      'he helps me'

intakre ha'xir                 'I help him'

u takre enob                 utakreenop   'they help me'

takra a kuxmah             'help a woman in delivery'

takre yah                      takre yaj  'help, cooperation'

ah takre yah                  'helper, one who cooperates'

ah takre-yah-ob            'lesser rain deities ("ministers" of God, who assist the latter in ??????? rain)'

taka'                             'quiet, silent'

taka' wa'ar e kohn       'still spot in a stream'

tak'as                           'pushed, shoved'

tak'asbir                       'pushed, shoved'

tak'asbir e otot              'lengthwise beam of a house (laid over the corner post)'

tak'su  [tak'as-u]           'push a thing' [cl.2]

tak'su tor ukehreb         'push with one's shoulder'

tam                               'center, middle, interior, depth' [cf. CHL mal '(adv) adentro' au:78  BS]

u tamar e kohn              'bottom of stream'

u tamar e ch'en             'interior of a hole'

intam                            'deep'

tamar                            'depth, deep spot'

tamar ta kohn               'deep spot in a stream'

tameh                           tamej  'deep spot or place, steep-sided arroyo'

tamran                          'be or become deep'  [cl.3]

tamres                          'deepen'  [cl.2a]

tamres uyok e ha'          'deepen an irrigation ditch'

tamres ubah                  'deepen itself (as in erosion)'

tamtam                         'deep'

tamtam ha'                    'deep water, deep stream'

tama [? tam-a]              'in, within, at'

mani tama                     'buy for (a certain amount)'

tama ha'                        'in water, aquatic, swamp-dwelling'

tameirah                       [tama-irah]    'in here, in this place'

tamo e finitivo             [tama e finitivo]  'finally'

tamarin  [Sp. corr.]       'tamarind [fruit BS]'

tamarin witzir                'tarmando montaña (wild tamarind-like tree)'

tan                                'ash, powder, pollen'

tan taka e ha'                'lye water (containing ash and used in soap-making'

utanir e te'                     'wood ash'

utanir uta' e wakax        'manure ash'

utanir unichir                 'flower pollen'

pus tan                         'ash-sprinkling'

tanlum                          'dust'

tanlum ta bi'ir                'dust on the trail'

ayan imbon e tan lum teik'ar [ta-ikar]    ayan imp'on e tan.lum te ikar  'there is much dust in the air

(in the wind)'

tan t'et'                         tan.t'e't'  'bejuco de ceniza'

tanir                              'ashy, resembling ash, dusty'

tanran                           'turn into ash' [cl.3]

tanres                           'reduce to ashes or powder, pulverize, burn completely (as a milpa)' [cl.2a]

tanih                             tanij  'cane lath (to which a wall or roof thatch is tied); tanij (a wild cane)'

tantan                           'gray, ash-colored'

tantan mach'                 'a gray moss (found hanging in trees; musgo negro)'

tantan nar                     'maize de ceniza (variety of maize)'

tantan pehpem              'moth'

tantan bah                     'taltuza negra (a dark gray burrowing animal)'

tantan bob                    tantan.p'ohp'  'zorro (gray coyote-like animal, possibly the fox)'

tantan bu'ur                   'frijol cachito (ashy-black variety of vine bean)'

tantan sutz'                    'a grayish bat'

tantan xo'x                    'gray owl'

tantan tah te'                 'cypress'

tantan tuy'is                   'garcita grís (a grayish garcita)'

tantan t'ohrok               'cotete (a small crested lizard resembling the charancaco)'

tantan cho'k                  'toadstool (sombrillo de zapo)'


p. 664

tantan chuch                 'grey squirrel'

tantan ch'o'k                 'ratón de monte (a gray field rat)'

tantan us                       tantan u's  'mosquito chiquito (a small fly)'

tantan hoh                     joj  'garza grís, garza real (a gray heron)'

tantan huh                     juj  'a dark-gray iguana'

tantanran                      'be gray, resemble ash' [cl.3]

tantanres                       'made gray' [cl.2a]

tanchih                          tanchij  'lime'

tanchih take e ha'          'liquid lime'

takin tanchih                 'dry lime'

burut tanchih                 'baked lime'

tap                               'tanning process [not certain]'

tapi                               'to tan' [cl.1]

tak'                               taq'  'fruition, ripeness'

tak'ah                           'ripen, mellow, come to an end' [cl.3]

tak'ahse                        'allow to ripen, hasten ripening, finish, cook well-done, toast tortillas' [cl.2]

tak'ahse e pa'                'toast or bake tortillas'

tak'ahsabir                    'ripened'

tak'ahsabir pa'              'baked tortilla'

tak'ahsabir uyutir           'fruit made to ripen'

tak'an                           'ripe, soft or mushy (as a fruit), hard (as a ripe cereal), prepared,

well-cooked, in a finished state, chronic (as an illness)'

tak'an ixim                    'hard ripe (shelled) maize'

tak'an murak                 'ripe jocote'

tak'an pa'                      'baked tortilla'

tak'an burer                  'chronic fever'

tak'anir                         'ripeness, ripe portion (maize or fruit)'

utak'anir                       'its ripeness, its ripe part'

tar                                'a coming, arrival; come [cl.4]

ah tar                            'comer [arriver], arrival'

utarir                            'his coming'

atar                              'he comes'

tares                             'bring, carry, deliver (entrega)' [cl.2a]

ma tuk'a intares             'I bring nothing'

e ixik utares e ha' tu uyotot        'the woman brings water to her house'

tares ubah                     'betake oneself  (????)'

kaka atares                   'go bring it!'

taresbir                         'brought, carried'

tarih                              'come' [cl.3]

a'axin atarih                  'he is going to come'

no'n tario'on                  'we came'

ne'n tarie'n                    'I came'

intarih                           'I come'



taray                             tarai   'taray, taraya (wild tree related to the willow)'

tas                                'cutting, slashing'

tas k'opot                     'cutting of wild vegetation (with machete)'

tas yoknar                    'cutting down of dead maize stalks (after harvest)'

tasi                               'cut, slash, strip' [cl.1]

tasi e k'opot                  'cut weeds'

tasi u yok e nar             'cut maize stalks (after the harvest)'

tasi u pa't teete'             'strip a tree of its bark'

tasbah                          'cut or slash itself, become shredded or peeled (as eucalyptus bark)' [cl.3]

tat                                'thick, thickness (as of a liquid), dense'

intat                              'thick, dense'

tatar                             'thick part of liquid, any thick liquid, coagulate[d] blood'

u tatar e chu'                 u tatar e cu'  'cream'

tatbah                           'thicken of itself, coagulate, clot (as blood)' [cl.3]

tatran                            'be thick or dense' [cl.3]

tatres                            'thicken a liquid' [cl.2a]

tata'                              'father, of male sex, male of animal or fowl [with poss. u-]'

tata' e maxtak               'male head of family'

utata'                            'one's father'

utata' ak'ach                 'rooster'

utata' chitam                 'boar'

utata' wakax                 'bull'

kat tata'                        'christian god'

tata'noy                        'father's father, mother's father'

tach                              'a laying open, out, slicing, dividing'

tachi                             'cut or lay open, divide' [cl.1]

ta'                                 'plant or animal excretion (as excrement, sap, juice, gum); anything left, shed,

or cast off (as an egg, fruit, shell, skin, placenta); residue (as scum, a footprint, viscera)'

ta' e ixik                        'menstrual blood'

ta' e pekpek                 'foam left by a frog'

ta' e cha'k                     'slimy trail left by a snail'

ta' una'k' uut                 'any eye excretion'

ta' uni'                           'dried nasal mucous'

ta' ukur, ta' uch'en ukur             'wax under the foreskin'

ta' uti'                           'drooling saliva'

ta' uch'ich'er                  'white discharge at menstruation , leucorrhoea'

ta' uyar                         'placenta'

ta' uyak'                        ta' uya'k  'coat on the tongue'

ta' uyeh ch'lak               'dirt or matter under the fingernails'

kisih ta'                         'a cockroach-like insect'

korkor ta'                     qorqor.ta'  'a small black beetle'

k'an ta'                         'yellow stools'


p. 666

ta' ak'ach                      'hen's egg'

ta' ixik                          'menstrual blood'

ta' k'in                          'iron, made of iron, iron point, fishhook, pressing iron'

ab ta'k'in                       'swinging bridge with cable'

uni' ta'k'in                     'its iron point'

pahrnib ta'k'in               'any iron tool'

pahrnibir ta'k'in             'worked iron'

beht ta'k'in                    'metal kettle'

xek' ta'k'in                    'spur, dagger'

ta'mut                           'bird's egg, bird excrement'

ta' mut ich                     ta'.mut.i'ch   'chiltepe, chile chiltepe (largest of the chillis, growing both

wild and cul.)'

ta' ni', ta' uni'                 'dried nasal mucous'

ta' pohp                        ["residue-bake"]  'carbon' [charcoal  BS]

ta' pohp te'                   'chaperno (wild h. tree much used in making carbon  [charcoal  BS])'

ta' bohb                        'coyote dung'

ta' kux, ta' kuxir            ta'.qux, ta'.quxir  'vaginal excretion'

ta' a'an                          'gold, golden, made of gold'

ta' k'an rum                   'gold ore'

ta' ti'                             'drool'

ta' chay                         ta' chai  'viscera of a fish'

ta' cha'k                        'snail's trail'

ta' chan                         'any excrement or intestinal worm'

ta chab                         'scum of boiling cane juice (dipped off while boiling'

ta' che'k, ta' uche'k       'pus, any excretion form a sore'

ta' chikin, ta' uchikin      'earwax'

ta' ch'ich'                      'blood in the excrement'

ta' ch'o'k                       'rat excrement, cebadilla (a wild herb)'

ta' ya'k, ta' ya'kir           'coat on the tongue'

ta'ah                             'defecate' [cl.3]

inta'ah                           'I defecate'

ne'n te'en [ta'-en]          'I defecated'

ta'an                             'fruit, produce'

ta'an tar                        'fruitful locality, rich area'

ta'ah                             'pitch, any pitch-like sap, gall, filth, dirtyness, pollution'

ta'ah te'                         'pine tree, pine torch (cf. tah te')'

ta'ah te' tar                    'pine forest or area'

ta'ah u ut                       'film on the eye (nube)'

ta'ah e huh                    'gall of an iguana'

ta'ahen                          'be filthy, dirty, or polluted, be smeared, be soiled' [cl.3]


p. 667

ta'ahenres                     'pollute, dirty a thing' [cl.2a]

ta'hk  [ta'-h-k]              'patch, anything attached'

ta'hkib                          'tying rope (as of a tumpline), rope hinge (as on a                               door)'

ta'htz'  [from ta'c']         'anything straightened out or unwound'

-ta'htz'                          [num class]

in ta'htz' e sukchih         'length of untwisted maguey fiber or rope'

ta'k                               'anything with joints,???t, unit, group, mechanism'

ta'kar                            'any attached or joined things, joined, attached'

chate' ta'kar                  'two joined parts, two things joined together'

ta'kem                          'patched, patch'

ta'kem e buhk               'cloth patch'

ta'ki                              'tie, fasten' [cl.1]

ta'kmah                        'patch (as cloth)' [cl.2]

ta'kmeybir                    'patch, patched place'

ta'kbu                           'join or fasten together, tie or glue' [cl.2]

ta'kbu e nar tor ukehreb            'tie (a load of) maize onto one's shoulders'

ta'kbunib                      'glue'

ta'kwan                        'be joined or fastened to, be glued' [cl.3]

tak'                               ta'k'  'burning up, destruction by fire'

tak'ar                            ta'k'ar   'burning'

tak'bu                           'burn anything, set fire to' [cl.2]

tak'ran                          'burn up' [cl.3]

tak'ran uchor                'his milpa burned'

tak'res                          'set fire to, burn anything up' [cl.2a]

utak'res e sohk             'he burns up trash'

tak'wan                        'burn (said of fire)' [cl.3]

atak'wan e k'ahk' hay ahuhtana             ata'k'wan e q'ahq' jai ahuhtana  'the fire burns if it's blown on'

tatz'                              ta'c'   'straightening out, unfolding'


p. 668

ta'tz'i                             'straighten a thing out, unfold (as clothes), unbind' [cl.1]

tatz'i u or u k'ab            'straighten out one's fingers'

tatz'i e buhk                  'unfold clothes'

tatz'k'ah                        ta'tz'q'ah  'straighten itself otu, become straight or folded out' [cl.3]

te'enxehr [te-inxehr]      teenxehr  'at the side of, beside'

wayne'en te'enxehr e xukur       'I slept beside the river'

tehn  [from ten]             'peg, bushing, tightening wedge (as that used to tighten the rollers of a

sugar press)'

tehnib                           'mallet, hammer'

tehrom                          'boy, youth, young male animal or fowl (with poss. u-)'

tehromih                       'take a man or youth (as a husband without marriage)' [cl.3]

tehch' [from  tech']        'anything spread out, table cloth, bed sheet or cover'

tekpan  [from Nahua]   'Catholic church and plaza'

kohk tekpan                 'keeping of the church'

ten                                'pounding, hammering, flattening, flat place or area, plain'  [cf. TZE 

tenleh 'plain' BS]

ten ta'k'in                      'blacksmithing'

ah ten-ta'k'in                 'blacksmith'

tene                              'drive in with an instrument, pound or beat into shape, forge, pound earth

(as in a ???????), flatten'  [cl.1]

tene e ta'k'in                 'forge iron or steel'

tene e rum umen e machit          'pound on earth with a machete'

tenon                            'forging, pounding'

ten on er                       'forging, pounding'

ah tenoner                    'blacksmith'

tepemich  [? tep' e mech]          'a small shellfish (tepemeche)'

tepemech tom               'small shellfish'

tepolkua' [? Nahuan corr.]        'non-poisonous snake said to enter the rectum of  a defecating woman and to cause sickness)'

teb                               tep'  'hardness, hard object, hardwood, hard shell or peel'

teb kar                         'tepemiste (wild L. hardwood tree)'

teres                             'false, unreal (meaning uncertain)'

tech'                             'expansion, opening up'


p. 669

tech'e                           'open up, spread anything out' [cl.1]

tech'e u buhk tor e tun tua' atakih          'spread one's clothes on rocks to dry'

tech'e e sukchih            'spread out maguey fiber (to dry)'

tech'u'ubah                   'spread itself out, open (as a flower bud), flood (as a river)' [cl.3]

tech'er                          'spread out, opened out'

te'                                 'any kind of plant, tree (especially wild tree), cane, plant stalk, neck of

an object, stick, pole, club, splint; wood, made of wood, wooden

machine (especially the sugar press)'

te' e nuk'                       te' e nuk  'neck of anything'

te' e k'uhtz'                   'tobacco stalk'

te' e pohp                     'sedge stalk'

te' e trapich                   'long pole used to turn the sugar press'

te' e ch'ant'in                 'bow'

k'at te'                          'christian cross'

mak te'                         'fence'

mak te' t'ix                    'fence of (growing) spiny plant'

muhkib te'                     'grave post'

mut te'                          'bird trap'

uni' te'                           'its wooden point'

noh te'                          'large beam, central beam (of house)'

pahn te', pahnbir te'       'hollowed out piece of wood'

pahr te'                         'wood working, wood carving'

pahrbir te'                     'board, plank, shaped timber'

pohch'nib te'                 'washboard (for clothes)'

ben te'                          'shrub'

burich te'                      'bluegum tree'

burem te'                      'tree charred by fire'

bu'ur te'                        'any leguminous plant'

kahchib te'                    qahchip'.te'   'wooden splint'

kach te'                        qahch.te'  'wooden splint'

k'ahn te'                        q'ahn.te'  'wooden bench or stool'

k'an te'                         'madre cacao (large tree)'

k'echbir te'                    'driftwood'

k'uhtz' te'                      'tobacco tree'

rax te'                           'whetting block'

saksak te'                     'palo blanco tree'

sis te'                            'sour lime tree'

sutz te'                          'capulín (wild cherry tree)'

xanab te'                       'wooden sandal'

te' k'opot [k'opot : weed, herb]             'any wild herb or shrub, small wild vegetation'

te' pan                          'breadfruit (pan)'

te' bu'ur                        'alveya, arveya (small L[owland] shrub yielding chickpea-like pods)'

te' xah                          'any lowland-growing tree or plant, savannah tree'

te' witzir                        'any mountain-growing tree or plant'

-te'                               [general num. class.]

ux te' winik                   'three men'

inte'                              'one, a'

inte' ixik                        'one (a) woman'


p. 67O

te'er                              'tree-like, growing like a tree'

te'eran                          'having a trunk or stalk, growing erect or like a tree'

te'eran bu'ur                  'any stalk bean'

te'erar                           'trunk of tree, stalk of upright plant, leg, shin, the "tree" part of any fruit

tree, any cul. tree or large shrub (with poss u-)'

ute'erar e kakaw           ute'erar e kakau'   'cacao tree'

ute'erar e chi                 'nance'

ute'erar e patah             'guava tree'

te'eh                             'trees, grove, forest'

te'te' [te'-te']                 'stick-like, stiff, stiffness, impliability, paralysis, spit (used for roasting meat)'

ute'te'ir u nuk'               ute'teir u nuk   'neck stiffness, crick in the neck'

ute'te'ir u pat                 'back stiffness'

te'te' u pat                     'stiff back'

ute'te'ir u bah                'body stiffness, general paralysis'

ute'te'ir u yok                'paralysis of leg(s)'

te'te' tua' e we'r             'spit (for roasting meat)'

inte'te'                           'stiff, paralyzed'

te'te'er                          'stiffness, paralysis'

te'te'en u k'ab               'stiffness in the arm'

te'te'en u bah                'general paralysis'

te'te'ran                        'be stiff or paralyzed, stiffen up' [cl.3]

te'ete'eres                     'stiffen a thing' [cl.2]

te'ete'eres u buhk          'starch clothes'

ti                                  'in, on, within, from, pertaining to'

ti ka rum                       'native, local ("in our land")

ti k'in                            'in the sun, during the day, by day'

ti chan                          'up, above, high, in the sky'

ti chan ta'arah               'up here'

ti chan yaha'                  'up there'

noxi' ti chan                  'high up, aloft'

ti winik                         'in man, pertaining to man'

tia, tia'                          'when, where'

tia iixin                          'where are you going? (salutation)'

tiaki                              'when, wherever'

tih, tihi                          'land, plot of ground, milpa(s)'

tihr                               'disintegration, falling apart'


p. 671

tihran                            'fall apart, disintegrate' [cl.3]

tihires                           'tear down or apart, allow to disintegrate or go to ruin' [cl.3]

tihrbah                          'fall apart' [cl.3]

tihrbi'ix                         'already fallen apart, completely gone to ruin'

tihrbir                           'completely torn down or away, destroyed'

tihru                              'tear down completely or into bits, remove every vestige of' [cl.2]

tihx [from tix]                'strip of wood, thin split stick, split or crack'

tihxib                            'iron wedge (used for splitting log)'

tiht                                'cloth, rag, tatter'

tihti                               'shake or flip a thing in the air' [cl.2]

tihti u buhk                    'shake one's clothes (to clean them)'

tihti inte' k'ewe'r            'crack a whip'

tihtk'ah                         tihtq'ah  'crack (as a whip does), flap in the wind' [cl.3]

ti'inah [tih-jinaj]             tiinaj  'site on which a house or house group rests  (sitio)'

hor ti'inah                      'patio of house, front yard'

tinam                            'cotton fiber, cotton plant'

hax tinam                      'twisting of cotton (as into wicks)'

hin tinam                       'cotton-picking'

hux tinam                      'cotton-picking'

tis                                 'intestinal gas'

tis tu'unak                     'flatus, intestinal gas'

alo'ok'oih u tis               'he lets gas (his gas comes out)'

ut utis                           'emission of gas'

tis am, tis amar              'flatus, having flatus'

tis amar te'                    'matilisguate (large wild tree)'

tis te'                            '?????'

tisih                              'let gas' [cl.3]

tisran                            'have flatus' [cl.3]

tisres                            'cause flatus' [cl.2]

e bu'ur utisres ni bah     'beans cause flatus in my body ("flatus my body")'

tix tah te'                       'splitting of pine wood (into thin strips to be used as torches)'

ah tix tah te'                  'torch maker and user'

tix                                 'split, a splitting'


p. 672

tixar                              'splinter, strip of wood, pine stick (use 1 as a torch, especially on the trail

at night; sp. ocote)'

tixar u yeh                     'toothpick'

tixar e tah te'                 'strip of brazil wood (use 1 w. dying)'

tixar te', tixar tah te'       'pitch pine (a highland pine rich in pitch; ocote pino)'

tixi                                'split (as firewood)' [cl.1]

tixi e tah te'                   'split pine (into thin strips)'

tixi e si'                         'split firewood'

tixk'ah                          'split of itself, burst (as a ripe fruit)' [cl.3]

titam                             'chilacayote, cilacayote, chiberre (cul. H. gourd vine)'

tih                                 'anything clinging or attached, clinging'

tihin                              'clinging object, lice eggs (clinging to body hair)'

tihkirin                          'hoot owl (tecolote)'

tihu' [? tij-u']                 tiju'  'dew'

tihu' y ak'bar                 'night dew'

tihu' sakohbar               'morning dew'

u tihwi'ir e te'                'water clinging to leaves (after a rain)'

ti'                                  'mouth, opening, passage, language'

ti' e xu'r                        'single hole of a clay flute'

ti' e buhr                       ti' e p'uhr   'mouth of a water jar'

ti' e ti'inah                     ti' e tiinaj  'point where a trail enters the family courtyard'

ti' e chiki'                      'open end of a basket'

ti' e chor                       'gate or entrance to a milpa'

ti' e witzir                      'mountain pass'

uti' k'opot                     'mountain pass, pass thru a forest'

ut' e chinam                  'point where a road enters the pueblo'

uti' chihr                        'open end of a netted bag'

ti' uni'                            'nostril'

ti' ukuch                        'opening of vagina, vaginal lips'

ti' uchikin                      'ear opening'

ti' uch'on                       'opening of chest, windpipe'

uti'                                'one's mouth, one's language'

uti' e Carlos                 'the writer's English' [refers to the speech of Charles Wisdom  BS]

a'ruar te'                       'speech, prayer'

k'ux ti'                          k'ux ti'  'a kiss'

mach' ti'                        'face beard'

k'an ti'                          q'an ti'  'vibora (poisonous snake)'

k'um ti'                         q'um ti'  'mouth wash, gargle'

k'ux ti'                          q'ux ti'  'mouth pain, aching of teeth'

ti' kuk                           'type of shipe (made of ground maize and green beans, (ticucu)

ti' kuchir                       ti' quchir  'opening of vagina'

ti' chikinir                      'ear opening'

ti' ch'onir                       'windpipe'

ti' yotot, ti' yototir          'door opening of a house'

ti'an                              'word'


p. 673

ti'ir                                'pertaining to the mouth'

pah ti'ir                         'sour taste in the mouth'

mo'ch' ti'ir                     'sunken cheeks'

mak ti'ir                        'dumbness'

hap ti'ir                         'sagging mouth, hanging lower lip, open-mouth condition'

k'ux ti'ir                        'a kiss'

k'ahk' ti'ir                      'mouth inflammation

sak ti'ir                         'dumbness'

ik'in                              i'k'in  'ticklish, cause a tickling' [cl.3]

ti'ik'nes                         'cause tickling, tickle a person' [cl.3]

ti'x                                'old woman'

tohb  [from top']           'anything shelled or skinned'

tohb e bu'ur                  'waste pods of beans'

tohbib                           'anyting used for shelling or skinning'

tohbib e bu'ur               'basket used for shelling beans'

tohr  [from tor]             'bruise, bruise mark'

inte' tohre tu'uk'ab         'bruise on one's hand'

tokar                            'cloud, fog, vapor'

tokar tu'ut e k'in            'clouds in the sky'

tokar tor e witzir           'cloud(s) hanging over a mountain'

sian tokar                     'many clouds, cloudy sky'

tokarir                          'cloudy, foggy'

tokarir ut e k'in             'cloudy sky, rainy sky'

tok'                              'a striking or breaking off, a chipping, any thing used for striking off,

flint steel, flint stone'

tok'tun                          'small flint used for striking fire; small flint h?t?? to (said to have been

thrown by sky deities that produce lightning'

tok'chi                          'force apart with the hands, pull out or off, break off, dig up' [cl.2]

tok'chibir                      'pulled or broken off, harvested (as a milpa)'

tok'chibir nichor            'my milpa has been harvested'

tom                              'tepemechin (fish)'

tomas                           'kidney'

tomas beich                  'large cul[tivated] tomato (originally imported

                                    from the U.S.; tomate de riñon)'


p. 674

to'or  [ta-hor]               'by, near, near to, over, on'

to'or e ha'                     'over the ocean, over a stream'

to'or e rum                    'on or over the ground'

to'or e witzir                 'over the mountains, over all the land'

to'or u kehreb               'over or on one's shoulder'

to'or ni k'ab                  'on my hand'

to'or irah                       'over this spot, over here'

tor ti inah                      tor.tiinaj  'courtyard (of house group), site occupied by a family's houses'

tob                               top'  'pod, shell, or skin of a fruit'

tobi                              'remove from a pod, shell, or skin' [cl.1]

tobi e bu'ur                   'shell beans'

tobi e kakaw                top'i e kakaw'  'obtain the seed from cacao fruit'

tor                                'bruise, bruising'

ut u tor                         'bruise, one's bruise'

tor uch'uhmur                'bruise on the heel'

tori                               'bruise' [cl.1]

tori taka ante' tun          'bruise with a stone'

torem                           'bruised'

torem uni'                     'bruised nose'

toremar                        'bruise, bruised spot on the body'

toror                             'bruised'

toror u bah                   'bruised body'

toror u ch'uhmur           'bruised heel'

tostocillo te'                  'tostocillo (small shrub)'

toch                              'snub or flat point, snub tail or nose'

toch u t'ur                     'rabbit's tail'

toch uni'                        'tip of one's nose'

 toch u or u k'ab           'end(s) of fingers'

toch u ut u k'ab             'knuckle(s)'

toch e chitam                'pig's snout'

toch u yok                    'leg stump'

intoch                           'snub, flat pointed'

toch ni'                         tox.ni' 'tip of nose'

toch te'                         tox.te'  'tree stump'

tochir                            'snub, flat-ended'

tochran                         'be snub or flat-ended' [cl.3]

tochres                         'make snub, pound an end flat' [cl.2a]

tochtoch                       'flat, snub'

top                               to'p  'flying, flight, soaring'

toper                            top'er  'flight, ability to fly'

ah toper                        'any flying animal or insect'


p. 675

topoih                           'fly, rise up (a fog), soar' [cl.3]

a topoih e katu'             'the moon rises'

topoih tor e kohn          'leap over a stream'

a topoih e yuch'            'the spark "jumps"'

war atopoih e k'in         'the sun is rising'

atopoih e tokar             'the fog rises'

topse                            to'pse  'propel forward, cause flight, scare to flight'

topse e ch'ant'in            'shoot an arrow'

topse e koror                to'pse e qoror  'bounce a ball'

topse e mut                   'make a bird take flight'

tran  [? tar-an]              'differently'

tranran                          'be different' [cl.3]

tranres                          'make different' [cl.2a]

trapich                          'sugar press [corr. of trapiche, which is listed in Spanish dictionaries as a word of Cuban origin, meaning "sugar mill"]'

pahr trapich                  'press-building'

tua, tua'                        'until, for, to, in order to, concerning'

mani tua'                       'buy for (a person or for a reason)'

tuh                                'stink, bad odor, stinking, rotten flesh, ? gangrene'

tuh umusik                    'foul breath'

u tui'ir e pa'y                 u tuiir e p'a'i   'odor of skunk'

u tui'ir e ch'e'                 u tuiir e ch'e'   'odor of armpit'

intuh                             'stinking'

tuh tze'                          ["stinking squatter"] 'frog (see also much)

tuhran                           'stink' [cl.3]

tuhres                           'cause to stink, add fetid parts to remedies' [cl.2a]

tuhtuh                           'stinking'

tuhtuh sukchih               'aloe (coarse cluster herb of great medicinal use; zábila)'

tuhtuh te'                       'apacina, epacina (cul. L. herb with small yellow stinking flowers)'

tuhyan                          'stinking, having stinking parts'

tuhyan te'                      'any plant with bad or nauseating odor'

tuhyan ixik                    'rue (cul. herb having great medicinal use)'

tuhyan ixik k'opot         'wild rue (a wild L. herb resembling the cultivated rue; ruda cimarrona, hediondilla)'

tuhk [from  tuk]            'junk, refuse, anything thrown away'

tuhrux                           'cabellito del diablo (insect which throws drops of water with its tail'



p. 676

tuht  [from tut]              'congestion, stopped-up condition'

tuhtib                            'plug, stopper'

tuhtib e buhk                 'cloth stopper'

tuhtib tua' e botella        'stopper for a bottle'

tuhtur                            'stem, twig'

u tuhtur unichir              'flower stem'

u tuhtur uyutir                'fruit twig'

tuhtz'  [from tuc']           'anything extended or opened out, flower bud just opening'

tu'ix  [? tu'-ix]               'garcita (a small heron)'

saksak tu'ix                   'a small white heron (garcita blanca)'

tuk                               'throw out, a spilling

tuki                               'spill out (as from an olla), cause liquid to spill, throw a liquid out, waste, give away' [cl.1]

tukuk                            'any fish poison'

tukuk t'ix                      'siete pellejos, arbol de siete pellejos (small wild M. spring tree yielding

a fish poison)'

tum                               'narrowness, thinness, thin or narrow part of'

utumir                           'its narrowness, its narrow or thin part'

intum                            'thin, narrow'

tum pat                         'thin skin, peel (as of a fruit), any thin covering'

tumir                             'thin, narrow'

tumran                          'be thin, be narrow' [cl.3]

tumres                          'narrow a thing, make thin' [cl.2a]

tumres ubah                  'narrow itself'

tumres uyok e ha'          'narrow an irrigation ditch'

tumin                            [? corr. of tomin, small coin of 17th century Spain] 'money, coin(s), silver'

ut e tumin                      'a coin'

tumin ta uchikin             'coin (worn) in one's ear'

ne'n tuminen                  'I have money'

ayan inbon nitumin       'I have much money'

tun                                'hard round part of, round object, testicle, large nut (seed, pit, or stone), stone, growing attached to or among stones, made of or  resembling a stone'

tun e kohn                    'rock or boulder in a stream'

tun t kohn, tun ta ha'      'stone in a stream, stream stone'

tun u nak'                      tun u nak  'gallstone'

tun u nuk', tun u ch'orch'or        tun u nuk, tun u ch'orch'or   'adams apple'

tun u nuk' uk'ab            'round bone at outer side of wrist'

tun ubah                       'wen, hard lump under the skin'

tun u k'ab                     'elbow bone'

tun u suy u nuk'             tun u sui u nuk   'collar bone'

tun uyok                       'ankle bone'

tun uya'                         'lump or groin'

tun tu ukuchir yabich    tuuquchir ya'pich   'stone in one's bladder'

tun tu upat uchikin         'bone behind one's ear'

utun                              'one's testicle'

atz'am tun                     'rock salt, rock containing salt'

intzak' tun                     'rough stone, volcanic rock'

insa's tun                       'any clear or transparent stone'

k'ab tun                        'water filter (of porous stone)'

k'ibitz tun                      'rockslide'

mask'ip tun                   'any copper colored stone'

mach' tun                      'moss covered stone'

muhkib tun                    'grave stone'

muhr tun                       'stone mound'


p. 677

u nichir tun                    'flor de piedra (wild herb)'

noxi' tun                        'boulder'

mak tun                        'stone fence'

pahr tun                        'stone-working, stone carving'

pahrnib tun                   'any stone tool'

huhk'ib tun                    huhq'ip'.tun   'whetstone'

pohch'nib tun                'rock in a stream on which clothes are washed'

ponem tun                    ponem tun  'spotted rock'

puch'ib tun                    pu'chip'.tun  'stone seat'

bik'it tun                       'pebble, gravel'

bitz'bitz'resnib tun          'polishing stone'

buch'nib tun                  p'u'ch'nip'.tun  'stone mortar'

k'ahn tun                       'stone bench or stool'

k'ahk'tun                       'flint stone'

k'ank'an tun                  'any yellow stone'

k'ux tun                        'testicle pain'

rax tun                          'whetstone'

saksak tun                    'pumice stone'

sak' tun                         'rough stone, stone in a stream on which clothes are washed'

sa's tun                         'transparent stone, glass'

sian tun                         'stony or rocky area (pedregal)'

tun kohn                       'rocky stream, stream containing boulders'

tun law wi'                    tun.lauhui  'hoja de piedra   ?????? cul. woody vine usually found clinging to large rocks'

tun nak, tun nakir          'gallstone ailment'

tun nichir                       'flor de peña (wild herb often seen on sta??? cliffs)'

tun nuk', tun nuk'ir         tun.nuk, tun.nukir  'adam's apple'

tun bi'ir                         'rocky trail, trail or road over boulders or a rocky area'

tun k'ahk'                      'flint stone'

tun k'ab, tun k'abir        'elbow'

tun rum                         'rocky soil or land'

tun tanchih                    'limestone'

tun te'                           'any rock-growing plant, palo de piedra (wild H. tree resembling the lime)'

tun chih ch'a'n, tun chir te't'        'paterna montés (wild climbing woody vine with guava-like fruit)'

tun ch'a'n                      'any rock-growing vine, bejuco de corral (wild woody vine)'

tunir                              'pertaining to stone or stones, stone-like'

k'ax tunir                      'passage of a (bladder) stone'

tunoh                            ????????  {blank space here}

tuno'or  [tunoh-or]        'all, every, whole, completely, wealth, possessions'

tuno'or ni tumin             'all my money'

tuno'or ubah                 'all over one's body'

tuno'or e k'in                 'every day, all the days'

tuno'or e winikob          'all the men, everybody'

tuno'or e bi'ir                'all the trails'

tuno'or e ak'bar            'every night'

tuno'or e witzir              'all the hills'

nituno'or                       'my property, my possessions'


p. 678

e bi'ir tuno'or                'the whole way, the whole distance'

e k'in tuno'or                 'all day, the whole day'

e ak'bar tuno'or            'all night'

inte' ak'bar tuno'or        'all of one night'

inte' k'in tuno'or            'a whole night'

mok tunor                     'general sickness or ailing'

k'ux tunor                     'genreal pains'

tuno'oron                      'all of us'

tuno'orob                      'all of them'

tuno'orox                      'all of you (plural)'

tuno'or nyahr                [tunoor iny-ahr]  'every time, always'

tuno'or witzir                 'everywhere ("all the hills")'

tuk'a                             'what, which [interrog. or rel.], some'

tuk'a'ahr                       [tuq'a-ahr]   'when, what time, at what time'

tuk'a anyahr                  [tuq'a-inyahr]  'sometime, someday'

tuk' ora                         tuq'hora  'at what hour'

tuk'ot                            tuq'ot  'why'

tur                                'state, condition, being'

turtar                            'place, locality, habitat (lugar), rendezvous'

u tur tar                        'his locality, his neighborhood, his home (Sp. su lugar)'

u tur tarob                    'their places (their seats in school)'

u turtar te' te'                'his accustomed place (or job) at the sugar press'

u tur tar e tah te'            'habitat of pines, pine area'

ho'n turtaron                 'we are in our places (said in Spanish, in chorus, by school children as a roll call)'

ix turtarob                     'your [plu.] places'

turan                             'be in a place, inhabit a locality, sit down'  [cl.4]

turan tu uhor e ch'ih       'ride a horse'

ne'n turan en tu uhor ni ch'ih      'I ride my horse'

turan ta rum                  'live on the ground, sit on the ground'

turan tame e rum           'live in the ground'

turan tor e k'ahn            'sit on a stool'

turan tame e ha'            'soak in water, be aquatic'

ha'xir turan tu'uy otot     'he lives in his house'

turib                             'bench, stool, sitting place, pen, any enclosed space'

turib e chitam                'pig sty'

turib e ak'ach                'chicken pen'

turib e k'ahk'                 'center of the 3 stone fireplace'

turba                            'put, place, set aside, appoint, decide or agree on' [cl.2]

turba in te' k'in              'appoint a day (as for a meeting)'

turba inte' winik  ??? uche         'appoint a man to do it'

turba kora chab            'set aside a little cane juice (to be made into chicha)'

turba e k'ahn tua' u yahwarar     'set a stool for one's visitor'

tuk'a k'in k'anaa turba awire'en              'what day of the week to appoint to see me?'

turbabir                        'appointed, set aside'

inte' k'in turbabir tua' i'inxin ta chinam   'a day set aside to go (that i go) to the pueblo'

turuh                             'be, be in a place, be present at' [cl.4], being, sitting'

turuh tu'uyotot               'be in one's house, be at home'

ne'n turuen ta ni otot      'I am at home'

turuh tu'ubah                 'be at home'

turuh ta rum                  'live on the ground, grow along the ground'

turuh tame'ek'in             'back in the sun'

turuh a xanah                'scoot (as an infant)'

turuh a xin                     'go on horseback'

ma'chi turuh                  'he is not at home'

ma'chi in na'a ta huy turuh          ma'chi in naata jui turuh  'I don't know if  he is at home'

turuyix  [turuh-ix]          'already it is'


p. 679

??a'chi inhapi niti' kocha ma'chi turen takes wayinih        'I do not yawn because I am not sleepy'

turuk'                            'seat, stool, mushroom or toadstool' [see chok']

k'an turuk'                    'a yellow mushroom'

???????h                      'seated, in sitting position

turwan                          'sit down, settle or thicken (as boiling cane juice), settle (as indigo in a vat)' [cl.3]

????turwan                   'we sit down'

i? inturwan                    'I wish to sit down'

aturwan                        'it is settling, it is thickening'

tursme  [Sp. corr.]        'peach'

turtuke  [Sp. corr.]        'tortoise, tortuguita (small spotted tortoise, terrapin).'

tut                                'female genitals'

tut                                'plug, stopper, plugged up, congestion, navel'

tut bakar                       'cob stopper'

tuti                                'plug a hole, stop a flow, clog, stuff in' [cl.1]

tuti takaante' bakan       'plug up with a cob'

tuti inte' botella             'plug a bottle (with a stopper)'

tuti u ch'ich'er                'stop one's excessive menstrual flow'

tutu'                              'jute (small edible snail-like crustacean)'

tutu' te'                         'cordoncillo (wild tree with edible fruit)'

tuch                              'short or snub tail, snub point or end of'

utuch e t'ur                    'rabbit's tail'

utuch e chuchu' masa'    'fawn's tail'

tuch u'ut usuy                tuch uut usui  'protruding anus'

intuch                           'snub, flat ended'

tuchran                         'be snub or short' [cl.3]

tuchres                         'pound flat, give a snub end to, flatten, crush'  [cl.2a]

tuchru  [tuchur-u]          'flatten, crush' [[cl.2]

tuchur                           'snub, flattened, crushed'

tuch'                             'point, end, pointed object, ???'

tuch'i                            'point at, point out'

tuch'i e bi'ir                   'point out the way'

tuch'bir                         'pointed out'

tutz'                              'extending, opening out'

tutz'i                             'extend a part of the body, open out' [cl.1]

tutz'i u wich'                  tuc'i u wic'    'take flight ("open its wings")'

tutz'i u bah                    'stretch oneself'

tutz'i e ab                      'hang a hammock'

tutz'i u buhk tor e ch'an             'hang out clothes on a rope (to dry)'

tutz'i u yak'                   tutz'i u ya'k  'stick out one's tongue'

tutz'i u k'ab                   'shake hands, offere one's hand'


p. 681

tu' lum ta'                      'earth god (possibly ihben who is guardian of property and land)'

tu'k                               'reed grass, cane'

tu't                                'type of quail'



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