p. 735

tz'a'ak                                       c'aak  'improvement, betterment, good condition

                                                or health, remedy, remedial herb'

tz'a'akar                                    'right, exact, correct'

tz'a'akran                                  'succeed, be successful' [cl.3]

tz'a'akat                                    'well, cured, satisfactory'

tz'a'akse                                   'regulate, arrange or adjust, put in order, improve a thing, repair'


tz'a'akse u'ut e otot                   'repair the roof of a house'

tz'a'aktah                                  'improve or get better, be satisfactory, get well' [cl.3]

a tz'a'aktah                               'that's alright! very well!'

a tz'a'aktah takarem                  'it's all right with me!'

war atz'a'aktah uche'ek             'his sore is getting better'

tz'a'aktes                                  'satisfy' [cl.2a]

utz'a'aktesen                             'it satisfied me'

tz'a'akse e nar                           'arrange the maize ears (in the storehouse)'

tz'a'aksu'uyak' tor upat              c'aaksuuyaq' tor upat  'arrange one's load on

                                                one's back'

tz'a'aksu/ubah tame'e ch'a'ak te'            'arrange oneself in bed'

tz'a'akse inte' machit                  'repair a machete'

tz'ah                                         'wetness, dampness'

utz'ayir e rum tama ni chor         'the dampness of the soil in my milpa'

tz'ahmah                                   'wet, irrigate' [cl.3]

iinxin intz'ahmah tia' a tahbah     'I shall irrigate when it (the weather) gets dry'

tz'ahmah ak'bi'                          'he irrigated yesterday'

tz'ayi  [c'ah-y-i]                         'wet or dampen, irrigate' [cl.1]

tz'ayi u bah                               'get oneself wet (as in the rain)'

utz'ayob e rum                          ukc'ayop e rum   'they irrigate the world (said of the rain gods

when they send rain)'

tz'aibir                                      'dampened, irrigated'

tz'aibir rum                                'irrigated land'

tz'aibir hinah                              c'aip'ir jinaj  'irrigated milpa'

maha'x tz'aibir                           'not irrigated, non-irrigable'

tz'ahk'  [from tz'ak']                  tz'ahk  'bundle, collection, joint, splice'

tz'ahk'ar                                    'joined, bundled, tied together'

tz'ahk'ib                                    'joint, splice, junction, material used for tying bundles in joining; piece spliced to the end of a beam to give desired length'

tz'ahk'ib e pohp                        'joint or splice in sedge mat'

tz'ahk'ib e ha'                            'junction of two streams'

tz'ahk'ib e kohn                         'junction of two streams'

tz'ahk'ib u k'ab                          'knuckle'

tz'ahk'ib u or u k'ab                   'joint of finger'

tz'ahk'ib u or u yok                   'joint of toe'

tz'ahk'ibir                                  'joints (coll. form), inner side of joint'

tz'ahk'ibir u nuk' u k'ab              'inner side of wrist'

tz'ahk'ibir u k'ab                        'knuckles'


p. 736

tz'ahk'ru [c'ahk'ar-u]                 'do up in bundles' [cl.2]

tz'ak                                         'remedy, remedial herb, narcotic, poison; brasilete (large wild tree)'

ah tz'ak                                     'herbalist'

chamen e chay umen e tz'ak      'fish dead from poison'

ute'rar e tz'ak                            'any plant used as a remedy or fish poison'

k'ani inwahk'u e tz'ak tua' atz'akbah       'I wish to give him a remedy in order that he get well'

t'zk chebir uyopor                     c'ak chep'ir uyop'or  'remedy made of leaves'

tz'ak tua' e ik'ar                         c'ak tua' e ikar   'remedy for an aigre'

tz'ak tua' e ch'ich'nak'                'remedy for dysentery'

tz'ak tua' e k'ux horir                 'remedy for headaches'

am tz'ak                                    'a wild herb'

ha'tz' tz'ak                                 'poison-beating (in a stream to poison the fish'

muxmux tz'ak                            'toasted remedy'

num tz'ak                                  'laxative, purgative'

pohk tz'ak                                'medicinal wash'

puk' tz'ak                                  puq' c'ak  'preparation of medicines'

koror tz'ak                                qoror.c'ak   'medicinal plaster'

k'u'm tz'ak                                'medicinal paste or salve'

tz'ak ak                                    'barley (imported and used medicinally only)'

tz'ak te'                                     'zopilote, zopilocuaro, zopilopato (large wild tree the bark of

which is commonly used as a fish poison)'

tz'ak chay                                 c'ak.chai  'fish poisoning; limoncillo (wild L. shrub with

lemon-scented fruit which is used as a fish poison)'

ah tz'ak chay                             'fish poisoner'

ah tz'ak chayob                         ah c'ak chaiyop'   'fishing party'

tz'ak chay k'in                           'fish-poisoning season'

tz'ak ch'a'n                                'bejuco de barbasco (wild H. vine used as a fish poison)'

tz'aka                                       'cure with remedies; fish with poisons' [cl.2]

tz'aka e chay                             'poison fish'

tz'aka u bah                              'cure itself, cure oneself'

in tz'aka ni bah                          'I cure myself (with remedies)'

tz'akon, tz'akoner                      'cure, a curing'

ah tz'akoner                              'curer, herbalist'

tz'akbah                                    'get well, heal up, become cured' [cl.3]

tz'akbir                                     'cured, healed, poisoned'

tz'akbir chay                             'poisoned fish'

ah tz'akbir                                 'cured person'

tz'akbiren                                  'I have been cured'

ah tz'akbiren                             'I have been cured'

tz'akbirix                                   'completely cured'

tz'ak                                         tz'ak'   'a joining, a splicing, a bringing together'


p. 737             

tz'ak tun                                    c'ak' tun 'laying of stones, masonry'

ah tz'ak tun                               'stone mason'

tz'ak tz'ihk                                c'ak'.c'ihk'  'laying of adobe brick'

ah tz'ak tz'ihk                            'adobe bricklayer'

tz'ak ut [ut : eye]                       c'ak'.ut   'squint-eyed'

tz'akar                                      c'ak'ar    'bundled, joined, spliced'

tz'aki                                        c'ak'i  'join together, splice, do up in bundles, lay out end to end' [cl.1]

tz'aki e pohp                             c'ak'i 'e pohp'   'splice the two halves of a mat'

tz'aki e te' tua' uyotot                'splice the timbers for one's house'

tz'aki u'ut                                  'squint one's eyes'

tz'aki e tun                                'lay stones end to end, build a stone wall'

tz'aki e tz'ihk                             c'ak'i 'e c'ihk'   'lay adobe bricks'

tz'akbir                                     c'ak'p'ir   'joined, spliced'

tz'akbir pohp                            c'ak'p'ir pohp'  'completed mat (with the 2 halves spliced)'

tz'am                                        'wetness, dampness'

tz'amaih                                    'be or get wet, bathe' [cl.3]

tz'amen                                     'wet, damp'

tz'amse                                     'wet or dampen a thing, steep (as a remedy in water)' [cl.2a]

tz'ah                                         c'aj  'luster, polish, illumination, bright color, bright-colored dye

or paint'

tz'ah tun                                    'quartz, any polished stone'

tz'ahbah                                    'shine, have polish, burn' [cl.3]

tz'ahba'ar  [c'ajp'ah-ar]             'bright, lustrous, illuminated, polish'

utz'ahba'ar e yax tun                  'luster of greenstone'

utz'ahba'ar e tz'ihk                     'the polish on pottery'

tz'ahbes                                    'polish, set fire to, illuminate, make a light' [cl.2a]

tz'ahbes e k'ahk'                       'make a fire, increase a fire'

tz'ahbes u k'ahk'                       'show its light (said of the firefly)'

tz'ahbes e bi'ir                           'light a trail (with a torch)'

tz'ahbib  [c'ajp'ah-ip']                'polishing stone'

tz'ak                                         c'a'k'    'sufficiency, enough'

tz'akse                                      c'a'k'se   'make a thing last, make enough of' [cl.2a]

tz'ak tah                                    c'a'k'tah   'suffice, be enough, last' [cl.3]

tz'aktes                                     'suffice, last' [cl.2a]

utz'aktesen                                uc'a'k'tes en   'it suffices me'

tz'a'n                                         'piquant fruit, hot spice, condiment, piquant part of'

utz'a'nir e ich                             'chilli seeds'

intz'a'n                                      'piquant, seasoned'


p. 738

tz'a'ner                                      'piquancy'

tz'a'nir                                       'piquant'

tz'a'nran                                    'be piquant or spicy' [cl.3]

tz'a'nres  [c'a'nles]                     'spice, flavor or season'    [cl.2a]

tz'erer  [? cer-er : yoke]            'guama (large semi-cul. leguminous tree yielding large edible pods)'

tz'erer te'                                  'cuje, cujín, or cujinicuil (large cul. Tree with guama-like fruit)'

tz'ihk                                        c'ihk'   'clay, made of clay, general name for pottery objects (barro)'

tz'ihk taka e yi'                          'sandy clay'

pak' tz'ihk                                 p'ak.c'ihk'   'clay-molding, pottery-shaping'

beht tz'ihk                                 'olla made of fired clay'

burut tz'ihk                                'fired pottery'

but tz'ihk                                   p'ut.c'ihk'  'pottery firing'

sak tz'ihk                                  sak.c'ihk'  'kaolin'

tz'ihk rum                                  'clayey soil, clay bed'

tz'ihk rum tar                             'clay bed, clay locality'

tz'ihk tun                                   'clay stone, hard clay'

tz'ihker                                     'pottery pieces or utensils'

tz'ihn                                         'cassava'

korbir tz'ihn                              qorp'ir.c'ihn   'cassava shaped and ??????'

tz'ihn sa'                                    'atol made of cassava'

tz'ihn te'                                    'cassava palnt (small s. American shrub from the root of which cassava is made; yuca)'

tz'ihb                                        'a painting or decorating, color, paint'

ah tz'ihb                                    'painter, writer'

tz'ihb tun                                   'any paint stone'

tz'ihb tz'ihk                                c'ihp'.c'ihk'   'pottery-painting'

tz'ihb tz'ihk                                'pottery painter'

tz'ihba                                       'design, paint, decorate, write' [cl.2]

tz'ihba e tz'ihk                           'decorate pottery'

tz'ihba tor e hun                        'write on paper'

tz'ihban                                     'anything painted or decorated, painted piece'

tz'ihbabir                                   'decorated, painted'

tz'ihbabir tz'ihk                          'decorated pottery'

maha'x tz'ihbabir                       'unpainted, undecorated'

tz'ihbar                                     'a writing, a drawing or decoration'

tz'ihbar e ch'euhuy                     c'ihp'ar 'e ch'eujui  'decoration on a bowl'

tz'ihbar e hun                            'picture paper, newspaper'

tz'ihbar k'opot                           'four-o-clock (flor de maravilla)'

tz'ihbayah                                 'a painting or decorating'


p. 739

tz'ihbnib  [c'ihp'a-n-ip']              'feather used in painting pottery, pencil'

tz'ihr  [from c'ir]                        'anything inserted, peg, finger on which a ring is worn, end,

timber fitted into a mortise or joint'

tz'ik                                          'left, left side'

tz'ik ik'ar  [ikar : wind]              'north wind, the north'

tz'ik k'ehreb                              'left shoulder'

tz'ik k'ab  [q'ap' : arm]              'left arm or hand'

tz'ik k'abir                                 'left handed'

tz'ik yok  [ok : leg]                    'left leg'

tz'ir                                           'a fitting into, an insertion'

tz'iratz'ir  [?Sp. corr.]                'sirasil (wild H. shrub with black poisonous fruit)'

tz'iri                                          'insert one object into another, take into (as a married member into

a family), douche'  [cl.1]

tz'iri tu'uk'ab                             'put (as a ring) on one's finger'

tz'iri maku'ur                             'put or place inside'

tz'iri e k'uhtz' tu'u chikin             'carry or place a cigar behind one's ear'

tz'iri e koror tu'ubah                  'apply a medicinal plaster around a part of the body'

tz'irk'ah                                     c'irq'ah  'fit, be of right size' [cl.3]

atz'irk'ah                                   'it fit'

tz'i' k'in                                     [k'in : day ; meaning of c'i' unknown]  c'i'.k'in   'death ceremony

or festival, a funeral'

tz'i'n                                          [syn. for c'ihn]     

tz'ohk  [from c'ok]                    'broken part or half, piece, broken off end'

-tz'ohk                                      [num. classifier]

tz'ohnok                                   [? c'oht nok]       'cotton thread, candle wick'

tz'oht                                        [from c'ot]            'roll or bundle'

-tz'oht                                       [num class.]

cha'tz'oht k'uhtz'                        'two rolls of tobacco'

tz'ok                                         'a breaking, a snapping in two, an opening up'

tz'okar                                      'a rain'

tz'okem                                    'broken'

tz'okemir                                  'a break, a snap'

tz'oki                                        'break a thing, break in two, pull apart, open up' [cl.1]

tz'okbah                                   'break in two of itself, open itself up (said of the sky, meaning

"to rain")'


p. 74O 

tz'or                                          'story, related account, record, anecdote'

inte' tz'or tua' e Ladinob           'a story about the Ladinos'

ah tz'or                                     'story-teller'

tz'oroa'ar  [c'or-oh-ar]              'story-telling'

tz'oroh                                      'relate about, tell a story'[cl.3]

k'ahta tua' a tz'oroh                   q'a;hta tua' a c'oroh  'ask one to tell a story'

tz'ot                                          'a rolling up, a bundling, roll or bundle'

tz'ot k'uhtz'                               'cigar-making'

ah tz'ot k'uhtz'                           'cigar-maker'

tz'oti                                         'roll up, make into a bundle' [cl.1]

tz'oti e k'uhtz'                            'make cigars'

tz'oti uyex                                 'roll up one's trouser legs'

tz'oti uk'ab ukoton                    'roll up one's shirt sleeves'

tz'oti e tz'ak                              'roll herbs (into bundles)'

tz'otu'ubah                                'roll itself up'

tz'oti'ix  [c'ot-i-ix]                      'rolled up, completely rolled'

tz'otor                                       'rolled up, bundled, a roll'

tz'otor uk'ab ukoton                  'one's sleeves rolled up'

tz'otor e k'uhtz'                         'rolled tobacco, cigar'

tz'otbah                                    'roll up of itself, get rolled' [cl.3]

tz'otbir                                      'rolled, bundled, anything bundled'

tz'otbir pohp                             'rolled-up mat (ready for sale)'

tz'uhp [from c'up]                      'eroded spot, eroded soil'

tz'uhr                                        'skinned hide, shell, peel, peeled-off bark'

tz'uhr e wakax                          'cowhide'

tz'uhr e masa'                            'deerhide'

tz'uhr take'e tzutz                      'hide covered with hair, fur'

ah tz'uhr                                    'skinner'

tz'uhri                                       'skin an animal, remove a peel, shell, or husk' [cl.2]

tz'uhrnib                                    'skinning knife'

tz'uhr bah                                  'skin itself, shed its hide or shell' [cl.3]

tz'uhtz'ah  [? c'uhr-c'aj]             'guachipilin tree (wild tree the wood of which  is used for dying yarn)'

tz'uhtz'ah te'                              'palo chipilín (wild H. tree said to resemble

                                                the guiachipilin)'

tz'unun                                      'hummingbird (chipe gorrión, guiche gorrion)'

tz'up                                         'licking, lapping, wearing away, erosion'

tz'up rum                                  'earth carried by running water, eroded earth, upper soil'


p. 741

tz'upi                                        'lick with the tongue, lap (as a dog), erode' [cl.1]

tz'upi u k'ab                              'lick one's hand'

tz'upi u ti'                                  'lick one's lips'

tz'upi e ha'                                'lap up water'

e kohn utz'upi e rum                  'the stream erodes away the soil'

tz'upi u nak'                              'erode its bank (as a stream bed)'

tz'u'                                          'sip, a sipping'

inte'e tz'u'u e ha'a                      'a sip of water'

tz'u' ha'                                     'sip of water, the chujá (woodpecker-like bird said to sip water from flowers with its long beak)'

tz'u'  [? c'u'-u]                           'sip, take by sips' [cl.2]

intz'u' inte' tz'ak                         'I take a medicine'

utz'u' e chicha'                           'he sips chicha'

tz'u'nib                                      'container used for sipping liquids, soup bowl, coffee cup or gourd'

tz'u'p                                        'shrinking, drying up, decrease'

tz'u'pah                                     'shrink, dry up' [cl.3]

war atz'u'pah e noh ha'a            'the lake is drying up'

tz'u'pes                                     'shrink or dry up anything [cl.2a]

e k'in utz'u'pes e ut ha'               'the sun dries up the spring'

tz'u'pi'ix                                    'dried up, shrunk, completely dry'

tz'u'pi'ix e ha'                            'slow, nearly dry stream'


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