p. 727

tzah                                          cah  'tasty, savory, anything tasty, tasty fruit'

intzah                                        'tasty, savory'

tzah ha'                                     'any fruit beverage'

tzahran                                     'be tasty or savory' [cl.3]

tzahres                                      'make tasty, savor or flavor' [cl.2a]

tzahrub                                     [? cah-jurup']  'capulín de montaña, capulin montés (large

                                                wild L. shrub yielding an edible cherry-like fruit)'

tzahtzah                                    'tasty, savory'

tzak                                          'urging, persuasion'

tzakar                                       'urged, urgent, persuasive'

tzakarnib                                  'goading stick (used for oxen)'

tzakarbir                                   'urged, goaded'

tzakre                                       [cakar-e]  'goad, order or command, chase away, drive in animal, frighten' [cl.2]

tzakraaxin                                 'urge or order someone to go'

tzakraaxaa wayan                     [axaawayan : get sleep] 'order someone to get sleep'

tzakraaxaawe'                           'order or persuade someone to eat'

tzatz                                         'hardness, ripeness'

intzatz                                       'hard, ripe'

tzatzpa't                                    'small fish resembling the pescadito'

tzatz te'                                     'cachimbo (wild H. hardwood tree)'

tzatzatz                                     [cac-cac] 'hard, very hard, ripe'

tzatzir                                       'hard, ripe

tzatzir a'n                                  'hard ripe maize'

tzatzir bu'ur                               'hard ripe beans'

tzatzran                                     'become hard, ripen, clot (as blood)' [cl.3]

war atzatzran e nar                    'the maize is hardening'

tzatzres                                     'harden a thing' [cl.2a]

tzatzres e tz'ihk'                         'harden clay'

tzatzresnib                                'tempering material'

tza'put                                      [? Span. corr.] zapote (cultivated lowland native tree yielding a valuable fruit)'   

k'ank'an tza'put                         'yellow zapote'

tza'put te'                                  'zapotón (wild L. tree used in woodworking)'

tza'put ch'a'an                           'zapullulillo (spiny woody vine the crushed leaves of which smell like zapote seed)

tzehp                                        [from cep]  'a chip, a part cut away'


p. 728

tzem                                         'chest of the body, lung'

k'ux tzem                                  'chest pain'

sihk tzem, sihk tzemer               'chest catarrh'

tzem te'                                     'elder (shrub with white flowers)'

tzemir                                       'pertaining to the chest or lungs'

mak tzemir                                'chest congestion, pneumonia'

mok tzemir                                'intestinal sickness or upset'

moch'tzemir                              'mo'ch' tzemir  'sinking of one's chest'

bak tzemir                                'rib'

k'ahk' tzemir                             'chest inflammation, diphtheria'

tzep                                          'a cutting, a chipping'

tzepe                                        'cut, chip, cut in two' [cl.1]

tzer                                           'crest, summit'

tzer ut e k'in                              'rainbow'

tzereh                                       'stand upright, form a crest' [cl.3]

tzerek                                       'comb of fowl, crest of bird, anything standing upright, crested

ridge, tibia'

tzerer                                        'yoke for oxen'

tzere'                                        [syn for cerek] 

tzetze'                                       [? ce'-ce']  'piñuela (a cultivated shrub or coarse herb, piñuela común, piña de castila)'

uhor e tzetze'                            'piña cabezona (cul. varity of piñuela)'

burem tzetze'                            'piña cabeza de negro (a cul. piñuela)'

tzetze' huh                                 'piña de garrobo (a wild piñuela)'

tze'                                           'squat, squatting, squat object'

tze'eh                                        'squat, be or grow in a squatting position' [cl.3]

intze'eh                                     'I squat'

tze'n                                         'laughing, a laugh'

tze'neh                                      'laugh' [cl.3]

intze'neh takarob                       ince'neh takarop   'I laugh at them'

tze'ner                                      'laughter'

tze'ner wah                               'be laughed at'

tzih                                           'rawness, crudeness, newness'

tzihpak                                     'tamale made of uncooked spring maize (??spaque)'

tzihtah                                       'be new or in good condition, be unfinished or raw' [cl.3]


p. 729

tzihtes                                       'make new, renew, improve' [cl.2a]

tzihtzih                                      'raw, crude, new, uncooked'

tzihtzih k'ewe'r                          'untanned hide'

tzitzih we'r                                'raw meat, meat cooked rare'

tzihtzih bu'ur                              'uncooked beans, beans as sold in the market'

tzihtzihran                                 'be raw, crude, etc.' [cl.3]

tzihtzihres                                  'make raw' [cl. 2a]

tzihm                                        'a sneeze'

tzihm k'opot                              'florecilla (wild h. herb)'

tzihmah                                     'sneeze' [cl.3]

tzihmar                                     'sneezy, a sneeze'

tzihmran                                    'be sneezy' [cl.3]

tzihmres                                    'induce sneezing' [cl.2a]

tzihr [from tzir]                          'a break, broken part'

tzihtz                                         'a sprinkle, a sprinkling, a scattering broadcast'

tzihtz ha'                                   'sprinkle of water, light rain, ceremonial  sprinkling of water (in imitation of rain, as at Quetzaltepeque), Catholic sprinkling

of holy water'

tzihtzir                                       'sprinkling'

tzihtzru  [tzihtzir-u]                    'sprinkle, scatter' [cl.2]

e ixik utzihtzru e ha'                   'the woman sprinkles water (on the floor)'

tzihtzrubir                                  'sprinkled, it has been sprinkled'

tzik                                           'a count, a number, a recounting (as a story)'

tzikar                                        'number or count of, story, account'

tziki                                          'count, report something' [cl.1]

tziki uyarakob                           ciki uyarakop  'count one's domestic animals'

tzikmah                                     'count, tell a story, narrate, make a report'  [cl.3]

machu'una'ta'atzikmah               'he doesn't know how to count'

tzikbu'ur                                   'pijuy, a pijuyo (a bird)'

tzik'                                          'hard shell or crust'


p. 73O

tzik'tzik'                                    'having a hard shell or crust; cacaricu (shrimp-like fish)'

tzim                                          'thick skin, hide, or peel'

tzimah                                       cimaj  'gourd or fruit with thick skin'

tzimah te'                                  'morro, palo de morro, or morro de sábana (large semi-cul. tree bearing large round thick-skinned fruit)'

tzimin [? cim-in]                        'tapir'

tzir                                            'a break, a breaking in two'

tziri                                           'break, break in two' [cl.1]

tzitz                                          'a sowing, a scattering'

tzitzi                                          'sow, scatter broadside' [[cl.1]

tz'i'                                           tzi'  'dog'

korom tz'i', ah korom tz'i'          'hunting dog'

uyar tz'i'                                    'puppy'

kohk tz'i', ah kohk tz'i'               'watch dog'

palax tz'i'                                  'mangy dog'

tz'i' ha'                                      'perro de agua (small god-like aquatic animal)'

tz'i'ir                                         'dog-like, pertaining to dogs'

k'ux tz'i'ir                                  'dog-bite'

tzo                                            'nest' [v. sihk']

tzohp [from tzop]                      'handful, bundle or collection, cluster'

tzohp uyopor                            tzohp uyop'or  'cluster of leaves'

tzohp uyutir                               'cluster of fruit'

tzohp te'                                   'any clustered tree (as a pacaya or palm)', guarumo [v. ch'ohbte']

tzohpor                                     'bundled, clustered'

tzohpro  [cohpor-o]                  'do up in bundles or packages' [cl.2]

tzohr  [from tzor]                      'straight line, line or row of objects, series'

tzohr e xinich                            'line of (marching) ants'

tzohr e beht                              'pots placed in a line (as in a boiling vat)'

-tzohr                                       [num. class.]

in tzohr tun tor e ha'                  'line of stones over a stream (used for crossing dry ?h??)'

in tzohr winikob tu'ut e tekpan  'procession of people in front of a church'

in tzohr uchab                           'one line (3 olla-fulls in a vat) of cane juice)'

tzohr k'in                                  'a series of days, Christian calendar'

tzop                                          'a holding, retention'

tzopi                                         'hold or grab many things in the hands, hold a bundle of' [cl.1]

tzor                                          'line, procession, row'


p. 731 tzori                               'place in straight lines, from a procession of, stack or plant in rows' [cl.1]

tzo', ah tzo'                               'turkey' [v. also chumpi']

tzuhp  [from cup]                      'hanging object, anything dangling'

tzuk                                          'old, worn out (used only in reference to inanimate objects)'

tzuk ubuhk                                'one's old clothes'

intzuk                                       'old, worn out'

tzuk bi'ir                                   'old or unused trails'

tzuk chor                                  cok.chor   'worn out or unused milpa'

tzuk yotot                                 'old house ???????'

tzukix                                       'already old or worn out' [cl.3]

tzukran                                     'be old or worn out' [cl.3]

tzukres                                     'wear a thing out' [cl.2a]

tzuktzuk                                    'old, worn out, used'

tzun                                          'greed, avarice'

ah tzun                                      'greedy person'

tzunih                                        'be greedy or avaricious' [cl.3]

tzunle                                        'keep, hold onto (without sharing), keep more than one's share, hoard'

tzunle'er                                    'stinginess, avarice, selfishness'

tzup                                          'hanging object'

tzup uchikin                              'ear pendant, ear plug, coin worn in the ear'

tzup uni' e wakax                      'ring in a bull's nose'

tzupi                                         'hang or suspend a thing' [cl.1]

tzupi ubitor                               'hang up one's hat'

tzupom, tzupon                         'any kind of hanging bag, small shoulder bag (matate)'

tzupom u'ut e ku'm                    tzupom uut e qu'm   'scrotum'

utzuponir e wakax                     'cow's udder'

tzupom uk'ab e ch'ant'in            'quiver for arrows'

tzupom e k'ewe'r                      'leather (hunting) bag'

tzupom e tumin                         'small money bag'

tzupom tun, tzupon tun              'scrotum'

tzur                                           'unnatural, false, untrue, not genuine or real, foreign, non-Chorti or non-native, introduced (as a foreign plant)'

tzur a'n                                     'any maize-like fruit, berry, or seed'

tzureh, tzuryeh [ej ; tooth]         'fang of snake, tusk of boar'


p. 732

tzur muy, tzurumuy                    [mui : sapodilla]  'anona colorada, or red custard apple'

ha' chur muy                             'pond apple'

tzur muy te'                               'cherimoya (a large wild anona; churumuya)'

tzur umuy ch'a'n              'a'n  'anona ??te (a wild climbing vine)'

tzus                                          'care, attention [meaning not ?????]

tzustah                                      'be careful' [cl.3]

tzuste'en [imp.]                         'be careful! (Sp. tenga cuidado)'

tzustaka                                    'carefully, hardly'

kiki tzustaka                             'go carefully!'

tzustaka axanah                        'walk carefully, walk with difficulty limp, walk as a young child'

tzustaka amusihk'ah                  'breathe with difficulty, breathe slightly or hardly at all'

tzustako'ohron                          [ohron ; speak] 'whisper'

iran tzustaka                             'look carefully!'

tzustes                                      'handle or treat with care, avoid, stay clear of'  [cl.2a]

tzutz                                         'hair, head hair, wool, feathers, fur, woolen cloth'

tzutz u hor                                 'one's head hair'

tzutz uhor e chih                        cuc uhor e ch'ij   'horse's mane'

tzutz e ak'ach                            'chicken feather'

tzutz e nar                                 'maize silk'   

tzutz e chumpi'                          'turkey feather'

ut e tzutz                                   'hair, feather'

ut u tzutz                                   'hair of one's head'

kachbir tzutz                             qachp'ir.cuc  'the hair tied up behind the head'

int' ut e tzutz kachbir tor uk'u'x  'hair tied around a wart (tightened each day until it falls off)'

intzutz                                       'hairy, shaggy'

lap tzutz                                    'the doing up of the hair'

lok' tzutz                                   'falling hair, loss of hair'

tzutz hor, tzutz horor                 'head hair'

tzutz nar, tzutz narir                   'maize silk'

tzutz k'ab, tzutz k'abir                'arm hair'

tzutz ch'a'n                                'cabello de ángel, crispillo (wild climbing vine)'

tzutzer                                      'hair, feathers (coll. term)'

u tzutzer                                    'one's (its) hair, its feathers'

u tzutzer uneh                            'its tail feathers, its tail hair'

u tzutzer u pat unuk'                  'hair at nape of neck'

u tzutzer tor urax                       'hair hanging over one's forehead (as the men wear it)'

tzutze'                                       'feather'


p. 733

tzutzir                                       'hairy, feathery, furry, wooly'

tzutzir u neh                              'hairy- or bushy-tailed'

inte' tz'i' tzutzir uneh                   'bushy-tailed dog'

tzutzir sirin                                'cirín velludo (wild shrub)'

tzutzran                                     'be hairy, grow hair' [cl.3]

tzutzres                                     'thicken one's hair (with remedies)' [cl.2a]

tzutz-tzutz                                 'much or abundant hair, hairy'

tzutzur                                      'hairy, wooly, covered with hair'

tzutzur bu'ur                              'frijol vellano (a black bean covered with down)'

tzutz'                                         'a redoing, a repetition'

tzutz'i                                        'do over, repeat, transplant' [cl.1]

tzutz'i uchor                              'replant one's milpa'

tzutz'i inte' ch'a'n                       'transplant a vine'

tzutz'bir                                     'redone, transplanted'

tzutz'bir chor                             'replanted milpa'

tzuh                                          'press, a pressing down'

tzuhtzi  [cuj-c-i]                        'press a thing' [cl.2]

tzuhtzi uti'                                  'kiss ("press one's mouth")'

tzu'k                                         'body hair'

tzu'k uni'                                   'hair in the nostril(s)'

tzu'k tor uk'ab                           'hair on the arm(s)'

tzu'k tor uyok                           'hair on the leg(s)'

tzu'k tu'ut usuy                          'hair on the buttock(s)'

ah tzu'k, ah tzu'k ladino            'a Ladino'

tzu'kbir                                     'hairy'

tzu'kbir uti'                                'bearded, he is bearded'

<in t'ahwiaani inte' winik tzu'kbir uti'>    'I met a bearded man'

tzu'k ti' [ti' ; mouth]                   'beard, short hair, end(s) of woven strands (barba)'

tzu'k ti' u'ut                               'face beard'

tzu'k ti' e pohp                          tzu'k ti' e pohp'  'ends of strands of a sedge mat'

tzu'k ti' una'ku'ut                       'eyelashes'

tzu'k ti' u ni'                               'long nostril hairs'

tzu'k ti' u ti'                               'moustache'

tzu'k ti' e koko                          '"hair" on a coconut'

tzu'k ti' uk'ab e chih                   'fetlock of a horse'

ayan utzu'k ti'                            'to have beard, he has beard'

tzu'k ti' yotot                             '{cane}of a thatched roof'

tzu'k ti'bir                                  'bearded'

tzu'k ti'bir uti'                            'mustached'

tzu'n                                         'pubic hair, genitals, genital region, thin spines, type of spider (the nest of which is said to resemble the pubic hair of an old woman)'

tzu'n u ch'e'                               'hair of underarm'

tzu'n u tux                                 'hair of vagina'

tzu'n u xahr                               'hair of crotch, pubic hair'


p. 734

tzu'n un                                     'any avocado or pear-like fruit (covered with hair  or thin spines)'

tz'u'n un t'ix                               'pepenance (wild spring tree with pear-like fruit)'


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