p. 752

wahp                                        'continuation, keeping up or on'

wahpi                                       'continue, go on with, keep on' [cl.2]

u wahpi otro inte' patnar            'he goes on with other work'

wahpi a way yan                       'he sleeps continuously, he goes on sleeping, he's still asleep'

ti cha'n u wahpi                         'he continues upward (as up the hillside)'

wahr                                         'fanning, winnowing, fan, fly-brush'

wahri                                        'winnow, sweep, blow air on' [cl.2]

wahri u ut                                 'fan one's face'

wahri e k'ahk'                           wahri e q'ahq' 'fan a fire'

wahri e ixim                              'winnow maize'

wahri e maku'                           'sweep a floor'

wahrnib                                    'fan, bellows'

wahrnib e bu'ur                         'bean winnowing basket'

wahrnib chiki'                           'winnowing basket'

wahroh                                     'blow (said of the wind)' [cl.3]

a wahroh e ik'ar                        'the wind blows'

way ku'm                                  wai.qu'm   'guaic???? [guayacán ??] (large semi-cul. L. tree with fruit said to be somewhat soporific)'

way te'                                     wai.te'  'conacate, guanacaste (large wild L. tree the root of which

is used as a fish poison)'

way                                          wai  'sleep, sighing, wilting, analgesic, soporific, narcotic'

waynem                                    'made sleepy, drowsy, drugged'

waynem t'ix                              'espina dormilona (small spiny plant said to resemble the sensitiva)'

wayner                                     'sleepiness, drowsiness'

ak'bar wayner                           'night drowsiness'

waynes                                     'put to sleep or to bed, induce sleep, drug'  [cl.2a]

waynib                                     'narcotic, soporific, sedative, anything used to induce sleep or

kill pain, any ????  poisonous plant'

waynib te'                                 'any plant having narcotic or soporific effects; guayacán, guayaco (cul. L. tree

                                                resembling the Lignum-vitae)'

waynib chay                             'matapescado (wild L. shrub the fruit of which is used as a fish poison)'

waynib uch'                              'matapiojo (wild L. woody vine)'

waynibir                                   'pertaining to sleep, drugs, etc'

waynibir otot                            'sleeping house'


p. 753

waynih                                      wainij  'sleep'

ah waynih                                 ah wainij   'god of sleep or dreams (companion of the death


take'e waynih                            [taka e wainij]  'sleepy, drowsy'

turuh take'e waynih                   'he's sleepy'

ne'n ture'en take'e waynih          'I am sleepy'

wayk'ah  [wai yak-ah]              'dream' [cl.3]

wayak'                                     waiyak  'dream'

ah wayak'                                 'dreamer, padrino who is paid by a hunter to make a divining

dream for him ??????? before the hunt'

che e wayak'                            'make a dream for someone (as a padrino does)'

wayan                                      waiyan  'sleep, wilt, droop, asleep' [cl.3]

a wayan u nichir                        'flower wilt'

wayan t'e ab                             'sleep in a hammock'

wayan tor e rum                        'sleep on the ground'

wayan taku'uwixkar                  'sleep with one's wife'

wayan u bahaner                       'sleep alone'

wayan te'ete'                             '???t in a tree'

wayan tame'e yax k'in               '??t (a plant) sleep during the dry season'

ma'achu'uyu'u a'awayan            'he can't sleep (has insomnia)'

cha'awayan che-a-wai-y-an]    'induce sleep, make someone sleep'

wayan k'opot                            'zarza dormilona (a wild spiny plant resembling the sensitiva),

zarza blanca'

wayan te'                                  'Lignum-vitae (cul. L. tree; palo santo)'

wayan t'ix                                 'sensitiva, or sensitive-plant (wild L. spiny herb, used medicinally

for its soporific effects'

wakax  [corr. of vaca]              'cow(s), cattle'

uyar wakax                               'calf, young bull'

but'bir wakax                            p'u't'p'ir wakax  'bred cow'

inte' niwakax                             'one of my cows'

uwihch'ok wakax                      'heifer'

wakax k'opot                           'yerba del toro (wild medicinal herb or weed, a common pest in

the milpas)'

waka'                                       'string, bark string, cord, twine (mecate)'

waka' sukchih                           maguey mezcal (a cultivated maguey)'

waka' te'                                   'mezcal, palo mezcal (large wild tree with valuable inner bark)'

wako' [Sp. corr.]                      'guaco vine (v. chumpi' ch'a'n, chiki ch'a'n)'

wan                                          'quail'

wan tzereh                                'large crested quail'

war, warar                                'light, brilliance, radiance'

uwarar e k'in                             'sunlight'

uwarar e kat tu'                         'moonlight'

ut e warar                                 'ray of light, beam'

waran                                       'light, shiny, radiant'

warih                                        'light up, cast light (as the sun or a torch)' [cl.3]

wara'                                        'visit, walk, loafing'

ah wara'                                   'visitor, loafer'

ni wara' tamu'uy otot                 'my visit in his house'


p. 754

wara'ah                                    'visit, visit with (as to chat with a neighbor), take a walk, loaf,

drift, pass the time (pasear)' [cl.3]

wara'ahse                                 'pay a visit, return a call' [cl.2]

warkikulo                                 'sparrow (Sp. gorrión)'

was                                          'type of tortilla'

sak was                                    'tortilla made of spring maize'

wax                                          'bowl, cup, small round gourd (made into bowls and cups)'

wax te'                                     'morrito (large wild gourd tree resembling the morro)'

wat, watar                                'come, come back, return home, come to fruition, happen, occur' [cl.4]

ne'n waten                                'I come'

watenix                                     'I came'

ha'x watar                                 ja'x watar  'he comes'

watet, watox                             [sing & plu. imp.]  'come!'

war in kohko tua' watar e bik'it nar        'I am waiting for the 4O-day maize to come in (ripen)'

watarob e ah patnar winikob     'the working men (rain gods) come (to bring rain)'

no'n wataron                             'we come'

war no'n wataron                      'we are coming'

watet irah                                 'come here!'

watet koner                              'come now!'

tuk'a wata'ani                            'what happened?'

way                                          'any large seed, zapote seed (zapullulo)'

wa'                                           'being, being in a place or condition'

wa'an                                       'rising, standing, straight, be standing or straight' [cl.4]

wa'an k'in                                 'day, daytime, morning, east'

ah wa'an k'in                             'the day, spirit of the day'

ak'bi' wa'an k'in                        'yesterday morning'

wa'an k'in wia'ar                       'morning meal'

wa'ar                                        'standing, stood up, erect or erected, perpendicular, spot, place, locality, be, be in a place, there is (are)'

ah wa'ar                                   'bystander, onlooker'

wa'ar u kur                               wa'ar u qur  'erect penis'

wa'ar u neh                               'upright tail'    

wa'ar u chu'                              'erect breast(s)'

wa'ar u chikin                           'erected ears'

inte'e tz'i'i wa'ar u chikin            'dog with erected ears'

wa'ar sian tun ta ni rum              'there are many rocks on my land'

inna' ta tia' wa'ar                       'I know where he (she, it) is'

wa'ar e kin                                'be dry (as the weather)'

hay wa'ar e kin i'in xin impatnah             'if it is dry I shall work'

wa'ar a'n                                   'growing spring maize'

wa'ar te'                                   'standing or growing tree, erect tree, vertical timber, Christian cross'

ta wa'ar te'                                'shrine, site of a cross'

wa'ar te' ta bi'ir                         'wayside cross'

wa'ar te' k'in                             'Holy Cross day (May 3)'


 p. 755

wa'arib                                     'opening, tube, carrier, container, conductor, nerve, foundation, support'

wa'arib e ab                              'hammock loom'

wa'arib e atz'am                        'large bag for carrying salt'

wa'arib e buhr                           'support for round bottomed olla' [rodete BS]

wa'arib e ha'                             'olla for storing water (usually by catching rain water from the caves), concrete water tank (in the pueblos, Sp. pila)'

wa'arib e kohn                          'bed of a stream'

wa'arib e nar                             'maize support (on which the ears are stacked in the storehouse)'

wa'arib e bak                            'hollow of bone'

wa'arib e buhk                          'clothes chest'

wa'arib e tumin                         'money purse'

wa'arib e chabi'                         'candle holder'

wa'arib e ch'ur                          wa'arib e chur  'saint case (in which saint's effigy is kept)'

wa'arib e ch'o'h                         'base of food hanger (on which the food bowl is kept)'

wa'arib e yotot                          'house foundation, scaffolding (around a new house)'

inte' u wa'arib e tua' ni yotot      'an earth foundation for my house'

wa'arib u hor                            'bed pillow'

wa'arib u nak'                           wa'arib u nak   'womb'

wa'arib u ni'                              'nasal passage, nostril'

wa'arib u kur                            'opening of penis'

wa'arib u tux                             'opening of female genital'

wa'arib u chich                          'one's vein or artery'

wa'arib rum                              'foundation or container of earth'

wa'arib tak'in                            wa'arib ta'k'in   'forge, anvil'

wa'arib tun                                'stone foundation'

wa'artoix                                  'be just, have just happened'

wa'artoix akuxnah                     'is is just born'

wa'bu                                       'stop or halt anything, put a stop to, accost, set aside, put or

place, stop an ailment or condition' [cl.2]

wa'bu e chicha                          'set the chicha aside (in an olla to ferment for fiesta-drinking)'

wa'bu inte' k'ahn tua'                 'place a chair for (someone)'

wa'bu upia'ar                            wa'bu up'iaar   'accost one's friend'

wa'bu awe'                               'stop eating'

inwa'bu inwe'h                          'I stop eating'

wa'bu e chih                             wa'p'u e ch'ij   'stop a horse'

wa'bu uwoyir                            'set up the corner posts (of a house)'

wa'bu apatnah                          'stop from working'

wa'bu uchikin                            'erect its ears (as a dog)'

wa'wan                                     'stand, rise up' [cl.3]

wa'wan ukur                             'his penis erects, his erect penis'

wa'wan e te'                             'the tree grows'

wa'wan uchikin                         'its ears erect (as an animal's)

wa'wan a abchih                       wa'wan aa'pchih  'he urinates standing'

we'er                                        [weh-er] 'meat'

uwe'erir masa'                           'venison'

uwe'erir wakax                         'beef'

uwe'erir chitam                         'pork'

ut we'er                                    'one's gums'

k'optar we'er                            'any wild meat'

k'ux we'er                                 'meat consumption'

pohpbir we'er                           pohpp'ir.weer  'roasted meat'

we'erar                                     'any fleshy part of the body (human or animal)'

we'erar uti'                                'one's lips'

we'erar ukuch                           'lip(s) of vagina'

we'erin                                     'fat person, fleshy animal'


p. 756

weh                                          'flesh, pulp, fleshy or pulpy, part of anything'

wehr                                         'rip, tear, remnant'

wehrem                                    'ripped, torn'

wehremar                                 'tear, ripped place or part'

wehrtz'ah                                  'tear or rip of itself, tear loose' [cl.3]

wehrch'es                                 'cause to tear' [cl.2a]

wehru                                       'tear, rip out with the hands' [cl.2]

wehru e buhk                            'tear a cloth'

wehch'  [from wech']                'anything unwound or unbraided, untwisted maguey fiber,

woman's hair let down'

wet                                           'companion, fellow, neighbor'

ka wetob                                  ka wetop   'our companions or neighbors'

ut niwet                                    'a companion of mine, a neighbor of mine'

wech'                                       'an unrolling or untwisting'

ah wech                                    ah wech'  'tatugo (armadillo-like animal)'

wech'e                                      'untwist, unfold, unbraid, roll down' [cl.1]

wech'er                                    'unrolled, unwound'

wech'bir                                   'unrolled, untwisted'

wech'bir sukchih                       'untwisted maguey fiber'

wech'k'ah                                 'unroll of itself, open out' [cl.3]

awech'k'ah e chan                     'the snake uncoils'

we'                                           'food'

k'ux we'                                    'food consumption'

lup we'                                     'eating with spoon (as Ladinos do)'

we' k'ahn                                  'eating table or bench'

we' chapih                                [chapi : cook]    'cook food' [cl.3]

we'eh                                       'eat'  [cl.3]

in we'eh                                    'I eat'

nen we'en  [we'eh-en                'I ate'

we'ehse                                    'give food to, support a person or family'  [cl.2]

we'ehse uyarakob                     'feed one's animals, raise animals'

we'ehse inte' uyamigo                'offer food to one's friend'


p. 757

we'hta  [we'eht-a]]                    'nibble, taste food (probar), eat without appetite' [cl.3]

we'h  [we'-ej]                           'food, food preparation'

we'ch'                                       'a sprinkling, a scattering'

we'ch'e                                     'scatter, throw about' [cl.1]

we'ch'er                                    'sown, a sowing'

we'ch'erbir                                'sown'

we'ch'ru  [we'ch'er-u]               'sprinkle, sow' [cl.2]

we'ch'ru e k'uhtz'                      'sow tobacco'

wia'ar  [? we'-ar]                      'meal, an eating'

noh wia'ar                                 'important meal, feast'

wihr                                          'wing'

wihrih                                       'fly' [cl.3]

wiht  [from wit]                         'split, crack'

wihtah                                      'be split or cracked' [cl.3]

wihtib                                       'cap used to explode powder in a shotgun, iron wedge used to

split logs, corner post of sugar press (against which hot

cane stalks are exploded)'

wikomo                                    'variety of macaw'

wik'oy                                      wik'oi   'guicoy (cul. white-striped squash)'

wilitamoh                                  [? wi'-ir-ih tam-oj]  'tolobojo (a bird)'

winik                                        'man, of male sex, person'

inte' winik                                 'a (one) person'

ne'n winiken                              'I am a man'

ya'x winik                                 'he is a man'

nian winik                                 'no man, nobody'

noh winik                                  'important man, official'

noxi' winik                                'grown man, tall man, giant'

winikob                                    'men, people, crowd'

e winikob                                 'the people, the crowd'

winikob witzir, ah winikob witzir            'highland (Chorti) people'

ah patna'ar winikob                   'group of rain-making sky deities (angeles trabajadores)'

ah ku'mix winikob                     'group of lesser rain-making deities'

winikres                                    'wish to hatch eggs, wish to bear a child'  [cl.2a]

winkir  [? winik-ir]                    'owner, supernatural protector (dueño)'

ah winkir                                  'owner'

uwinkir e yotot                          'house owner, man of the house'

uwinkir e masa'                         'spirit guardian of deer'

uwinkir e muh                           'guardian spirit of deep spots in streams'

uwinkir e chay                          'guardian spirit of fish (one of the names for siguanaba)'

winkirar                                    'owner, guardian'



p. 358)

wis                                           'care, attention, guardian or protector'

wisi                                          'tend or see to, look after' [cl.1]

wisi uwakax                              'tend one's cows'

wisi e tekpan                            'look after the church (as the mayordomos do)'

wixkar  [? u-ixkar]                    'wife'

wit                                            'explosion, burst, an opening up'

witi                                           'split open or into pieces, explode an object, crack or break open' [cl.1]

witi e k'ewe'r                            'crack a whip'

witi e te'                                    'split wood'

witi e sik'ab, witi e bomba        'explode hot cane stalks against the sugar                                    press'

witir                                          'bursting, exploding'

witk'ah                                     witq'ah   'explode or open of itself, open (as a flower bud), pop open (as popcorn), crack (as a ???)'

war awitk'u'unichir e te'             'the flowers of the tree are opening'

witrum  [rum : soil]                    'breaking of the soil (as by a sprouting plant), a sprouting'

witrumah                                  'sprout' [cl.3]

wich'                                        wich   'wing feather, fin'

sak wich'                                  'gavilan blanco (white winged hawk)'

witz                                          'hill, mountain, peak [seldom used except with suffix -ir]

witzir                                        'hill(s), mountain, highland areas, mountain range, wild, mt.

growing [witz is not used independently]

tuno'r e witzir                            'all the hills, everywhere'

witzirob                                    'hills, all the mountains'

tawitzir  [ta- : locative]              'highland Indian'

ah tawitzirob                             'highland people'

atz'am witzir                              'native salt'

murak witzir                              'jocote de montaña (a wild jocote)'

noxi' witzir                                'high hill'

witzir ak    [ak : grass]               'zacate corredor, or zacate Pirí (tall wild grass found in the

higher hills)'       

witzir nar                                  'a variety of maize, (maiz de montaña)'

witzir tar                                   'hilly locality'

witz'                                         'waterfall'

inte' witz' tama e kohn               'a waterfall int he stream'

noxi' witz'                                 'high waterfall'

k'ar witz'                                   'ar.wic'   'waterfall (issuing from a fissure)'

wia'r  [we'-ar]                           'an eating, a meal'

wih                                           'source, origin, navel, umbilical cord, root'

uwi'ir  [u wih-ir]                        'its root, its tuber, its navel'

k'ux wi'ir                                   'navel pain'

wih ha'                                      'source of a stream, source of rain-bearing winds'


p. 759

wi'irih                                       'grow a root, take root, sent its roots down' [cl.3]

awirih intam                              'it sends its roots deep'

ma'achu'uy upa'awirih               maachuuyupaawi'rih  'not to be able to take root'

wi'iria'ar                                    'root producing'

wi'iria'ar te'                               'any root plant'

wi'n                                          'hunger'

wi'nah                                       'be hungry' [cl.3]

wi'nar                                       'hunger'

take'e winar                              'hungry, having appetite'

chamaih umen e wi'nar              'die of hunger'

wi'nes                                       'make hungry, starve an animal' [cl.2a]



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