p. 764

yah                                           'sore, sore spot, soreness, poison, poisoning, complaint, disease'

yah unuk'                                  yah unak  'soreness in one's neck'

yah upat                                   'back soreness, backache'

yah ubahker                              'soreness in one's joints'

yah ukur                                   yah uqur  'soreness of the penis'

yah uku'm                                 yah uqu'm   'soreness in the testicles'

yah uk'ab                                  'arm soreness (as of the muscles)'

yah uk'ark'un                            'soreness of the tonsils'

yah usuy                                   'soreness of the rectum'

yah uut uta'                               'soreness of the rectum'

yah usuy unak'                          yah usui unak  'soreness in abdomen'

yah uchichar                             'soreness in the muscles'

yah uchu'                                  'soreness or tenderness of breast(s)'

yah utzem                                 'soreness in chest'

in yah                                       'sore, tender'

noh yah                                    'extreme soreness'

yah pekir                                  'soreness in the head of the penis'

yah nak'ir                                  yah.nakir  'soreness in the stomach or stomach region'

yah nuk'ir                                  yah.nukir   'soreness in the neck, crick in the neck'

yah patir                                   'back soreness, back ailment'

yah kurir                                   'penis soreness'

yah k'abir                                 'arm soreness (in the muscles)'

yah k'ark'unir                            'tonsil soreness'

yah suyir                                   yah.suiyir   'rectum soreness, piles'

yah tar                                      'sore spot or region (of the body)'

yah chicharir                             'muscle soreness'                  

yah chui'ir                                 [yah chu'-ir]    'tenderness or soreness of the breast(s)'

yah tzemir                                 'chest soreness, pleurisy'

yahran                                      'be sore or poisonous, get sore' [cl.3]

yahraner                                   'soreness, all types of soreness'

yahres                                      'make sore, cause soreness, poison' [cl.2a]

yahres unak'                             'poison one's stomach'

yahyah                                      'sore'

yahyah unak' uut                       yahyah una'k' uut  'sore eyes'

yahyah uti'                                'sore mouth'

yaha' [also given as yeha']         'there, that place'

yaha' a'axin                               'there he goes'

yaha' turuh                                'there he (she, it) is'

yaha' nahtir                               'over there (far away)'

ta yaha'                                     'in or at that place, in there'

kocha yaha'                              'like that, in that manner'

ehmar yaha'                              'down there'

xe yaha'                                    'that [demons. pron.]

yaha' nyahr                               'that time, at that time'

yaha' tar                                   'that place, in or at that place'

 p. 765

yahr  [from yan]                        'mold of anything, anything molded'

inte' yahr nichab                        'one mold of my panela (sugar)'

yahr (num. class.)           

inyahr                                       'one mold'

yahrib                                       'anything used for molding'

yahrib chab                               'sugar mold'

yahrib tz'ihk'                             'pottery mold (used by the pokomam)'

yakan                                       'shrimp'

yam                                          'round, circular, ring, rounded surface or area'

uyam e k'ahk'                           'rounded interior of the firebox (of the fireplace)'

yamchan   [chan  : snake]          'ringworm'

yamyam                                    'round, ring-shaped, any ring-shaped mark on the skin, coloradilla (tiny red stinging insect found on wild vegetation), arador       (worm)'

yan                                           'difference, inequality, alteration'

yanah                                       'be different, be unequal' [cl.3]

yanhutir  [in-yah ut-ir]               'conjunctivitis (mal de ojo)'

yanyan                                      'different, altered'

yanyaner                                   'difference, inequality'

yanyanran                                 'differ, be altered' [cl.3]

yanyanres                                 'make different, alter or change a thing'  [cl.2a]

yar                                           'a throw, a hurling, a putting in'

yar chab                                   'sugar-molding'

ah yar chab                               'worker who molds sugar at the press'

yartz'ak                                    'throwing of poison into a stream (in fishing)'

ah yartz'ak                                'member of fishing party who throws the poison'

yarah                                        'fall, fall into place, drop' [cl.3]

yaran                                        'parturition'

uyaranir                                    'her parturition'

yares                                        'drop a thing, let fall' [cl.2a]

yari                                           'put or place a thing, put to a task or to work, put into, throw in or out, hurl forward, expel, mold, add (as sugar or salt), tend'

yari e k'ahk'                              'tend a fire (throw sticks on)'

yari e chab                                'mold sugar'

yari e chabtar                            'add sugar to it (as to a food)'

yari e atz'am                             'salt'

yari e tz'ak                                'throw poison (into a stream)'

yari e tantar                              'spread ash on it'


p. 766

yari inte' ma'n tor e hinah           'put a laborer to work in a milpa'

yari uwi'ir                                  'send out its root, take root'

yari uyar                                   'give birth to a child'

yari ut e tun                               'throw a stone'

yarbir                                       'placed, hurled, etc.'

yarbir chab                               'molded panela'

yark'ir                                       'insect (generic), bee, any bee-like insect [used with u- prefix to form names of several insects]'

u yark'ir ahk'ab                         'any nocturnal insect; cricket'

u yark'ir ixim                             'maize weevil'

u yark'ir max                             [syn. for max]

u yark'ir nar                              [syn for u.yarq'ir.ixim]

uyark'ir buk'                             u.yarq'ir.pu'k'  'any stinging insect'

u yark'ir xux                              'any wild bee, any buzzing insect, wasp, hornet'

u yark'ir te'                               'beehive, hollow log containing wild bees (slung from the house eaves)'                                            

u yark'ir chab                            'any honey bee, large domestic honey bee (imported from the U.S.)'

u yark'ir yax                              'a large green beetle (escarabajo verde)'

yax                                           'green, greenish, clear, transparent, fresh, tender, alive (s a plant), young, first'

yax ut e k'in                              'clear sky

yax ha'                                      'clear water, clean or fresh water, drinking water'

yax hor                                     'muskmelon (melón)'

yax kar                                     'fresh tender greens (as at the beginning of  the rainy season)'

yax k'in                                     'dry season (verano)'

yax k'in murak                          'jocote de San Jacinto (a cul. jocote)'

yax k'in nar                               'dry season maize'

yax k'in bu'ur                            'dry season beans'

yax k'opot                                'ceibillo (large wild H. shrub with spiny stalk)'

yax momoh ch'a'n                     'chichicaste verde (wild climbing nettle vine)'

yax mu't                                    'bluebird'

yax mut cherek                         'jay (gayo común)'

yax mu'x k'uruy                         yax.mu'x.q'urui  'poleo, poledo (native perennial mint)'

yax nar                                     'maize verde (variety of maize)'

yax bu'ur                                  'ejote, ejotillo (a highland string bean)'


p. 767

yax te'                                      'living tree or plant, young tree, the ceiba (large wild tree)'

yax tun                                     'greenstone, jade, turquoise'

yax chan                                   'tamagaz (a black and green water snake, extremely poisonous)'

yax chan k'opot                        'yerba del tamagaz (wild woody vine)'

yax ch'iwan                               'huisquilquen  (native climbing vine resembling the huisquil)

yax ch'oror                               'live oak (encino)'

yax ch'um                                 'squash (calabaza de comer)'

yax tzahrub                               'husk cherry (cultivated H. fruit tree, miltomate)'

yax tz'a'n                                  'garlic'

yax ut ha'                                  'clear spring (of water)'

yax uyopor                               yax uyop'or   'hoja verde (wild herbaceous plant with large leaves)'

yaxah                                       'become clear, be fresh or tender, turn green'   [cl.3]

yaxar                                        'greenness, freshness; fresh, young, or green part of a plant, green moss, lichen, shine, first or beginning of a series'

uyaxar k'in e hab                       'first day of the year'

uyaxar ku'm                              'hen's first egg'

uyaxar e ch'um                          'green (unripe) part of a pumpkin'

uyaxar ukur                              'woman's first fornication'

uyaxar uch'ich'er e ixik              'woman's first menses'

uyaxar uhinah                            'first sprout(s) in one's milpa'

uyaxar uyar                               'one's first child'

uyaxar uyeh                              'its (baby's) first tooth'

uyaxar uyok e nar                     'first ear(s) on a maize stalk'

uyaxar uyopor e te'                   'first leaves on a tree'

uyaxar uyutir                             'its first fruit'

yaxar k'in                                  'first day (as of week, year, etc.)'

yaxar ku'm                                'first egg (as of a hen)'

uyaxar ku'm                              'its first egg'

yaxar tun                                  'lichen (epiphyte usually found on stones and tree trunks in shady places)'

yaxah                                       'large fly [gen.]; mosca verde (large green fly)'

yaxah chih  [ch'ij ; horse]           yaxaj ch'ij   'horsefly' (tábano)'

yaxyax ak                                 'zacate coronita (a wild grass)'

yaxyax kar                                'mostaza del país, mostaza blanca (wild mustard)'


p. 768

yaxyax kene'                             'guineo criollo (variety of banana)'

yaxyax k'opot                           'alfalfa montés (wild alfalfa-like grass)'

yaxyax mach'                            'green hanging moss (musgo verde)'

yaxyax momoh                         'chichicaste verde (small wild H. nettle tree, similar to the chichicaste tree)'

yaxyax nar                                'spring maize (maiz tierno)

yaxyax sahk'                             'grasshopper'

yaxyax xe'x                               'green shuck (of maize)'

yaxyax tak'in                             yaxyax ta'k'in  'lead, zinc'

yaxyax te'                                 'pepeto (wild H. tree)'

yaxyax tun                                'any greenish stone'

yaxyax t'ohrok                          'cotete [cuatete  BS] verde (small lizard)'

yaxyax ch'oror                          'evergreen oak (roble verde)'

yaxyax tza'put                           'green zapote (a semi cul. H. zapote; zapote verde)'

yaxyax tz'ihk'                            'green clay'

yaxyax uus                                'small green fly (its wings are used as a love charm; cantárida)'

yaxyax huh                               'small dark-green iguana'

yaxyaxran                                 'be green or fresh' [cl.3]

yaxyaxres                                 'make green, freshen, clarify (as a liquid)'  [cl.2a]

yawal                                       'twisted cloth worn on the head by women as an olla rest'

yawirir                                      [? yah wii'rir]   'yagüiril (med L. shrub with poisonous root)'

yah                                           'quebracho (a wild tree)'

saksak yah                               'quebracho blanco (wild hardwood tree resembling the quebracho)'

ya'hb                                        [from ya'p']   'mixture, any mixed substance'

ya'htz'  [from ya'c']                    'squeeze, crushing, wringing'

ya'htz'ib                                    'container into which liquids are squeezed; gourd or olla used when milking'

ya'non                                      'chichicuilote (small wild palm)'

ya'b                                          'mixture, mixed substance, mixing'



p. 769

ya'bar                                       'mixed together, mixed substance'

ya'bar bir                                  'mixed, mixture'

ut e bu'ur ya'barbir take'etan     'beans mixed with ashes'

ya'bi                                         'mix, combine' [cl.1]

ya'bru  [ya'p'ar-u]                     'mix ??????ly' [cl.2]

ya'bru e hi' take'e tz'ihk'            'mix sand with clay (as in pottery-making)'

ya'r                                           'some of, a little of, of '

ko'ra ya'r nichab                       'a bit of my sugar'

ya'tz'                                         'squeezing, crushing in the hand'

ya'tz' wakax                              'cow milking'

ya'tz'i                                        'squeeze in the hands' [cl.1]

ya'tz'i e wakax                          'milk a cow'

ya'tz'i inte' u yutir                       'squeeze a fruit (for its juice)'

ya'tz'i e buhk                             'wring (laundered) clothes'

ya'h te'                                      'guaje, nacascahuite (wild L. tree)'

yo kon                                      'dyed or decorated mat'

yopor                                       yop'or  'leaf, leaves, any small single-leafed plant [appears always with poss. u- ; may be u-hop'-p'or ; its covering growth]

uyopor e te'                              'the leaves of the tree'

imbon uyopor                           'its many leaves, many-leafed'

inte' iyopor                               'one of its leaves'

yoporih                                     'produce leaves, leaf out' [cl.3]

war a yhoporob e te'e               'the trees are leafing out'

yoporia'ar                                 'leafy, leaf-bearing'

yor                                           'a hitting, a strike'

yori                                          'strike, hit' [cl.1]

yo'hb     [ from yo'p']                'piece of anything, broken up, fragment'

-yo'hb                                      [num. class.]

yo'hbib                                     'breaking or striking implement, weapon'

yo'hr  [from yo'r]                      'hole, anything perforated'

yo'hrib                                      'chisel (for hole-boring), brace and bit'

yo'p                                          'come, arrive'

yo'par                                       'a coming, one's arrival'

umen uyo'par                            'because of the coming'


p. 77O

yo'pah                                      'come' [cl.3]

yo'pah inte' winik tua' uwire'en  'a man came to see me'

tia' inyo'pah                              'when I come'

yo'pes                                      'bring, bring along, make come' [cl.2a]

i'inxin inyo'pes inte' nipi'a'ar       iinxin inyo'pes inte' ni p'iaar  'I shall bring a friend of mine'

yo'pes ubah                              'betake oneself'

yo'b                                          'blow, strike, striking; fight'

yo'bi                                         'hit violently, break into pieces, shatter, fight, attack or waylay' [cl.1]

yo'bi tu'uk'ab                            'strike with one's hand'

u yo'bi en ani                            'he hit me'

yo'bi e tun                                 'break stone into bits'

yo'bu'u bah                               'strike oneself (as a drunk or epileptic is said to do'

yo'bmah                                   'hit at, strike out (as with a stick)' [cl.3]

yo'bor                                      'blow, fight, feud'

inte' yo'bor tu'ubah                    'a body blow'

yo'bk'ah                                   'break of itself' [cl.3]

yo'bk'i'ix  [yo'p'q'ah-ix]             'it broke (se quebró)'

yo'bro  [yo'p'or-o]                    'strike continuously, fight, feud' [cl.2]

yo'r                                          'hole, perforation'

yo'ri                                          'bore a hole, perforate' [cl.1]

yuhk [from yuk]                        'thing joined, joint, union'

yuhk [from yuk']                       yuhk' 'shaking or trembling, spasm, convulsion'

yuhku bah                                 'spasm or convulsion of the body, general convulsion'

yuhk te'                                    'venadillo (wild L. bush much used medicinally)'

yuhkbah                                    yuhk'bah  'ripple (s water), wave' [cl.3]

yuhkbes                                    'cause to ripple, wave anything' [cl.2a]

yuhkrem                                   'shaking, swaying'

yuhkremah                                'rock back and forth, sway' [cl.3]

yuhkremah umen e ik'ar            'sway because of the wind'

yuhku                                       'shake a thing, rock a thing back and forth'  [cl.2]

yuhku u hor                              'shake one's head'

yuhku ubah                               'shake itself (as a wet dog), have a convulsion'

yuhku inte' buhk                        'wave a cloth'

yuhku u neh                              'wag its tail'

yuhkur                                      'shaking, trembling, rippling, convulsing'


p. 771

yuhp  [from yup]                       'cluster; anything clustered or attached'

yuhpib                                      'glue'

yuhch                                       'flood gate (built as part of a fence over a stream)'

yuhchi                                       'enclose, fence in or across, close off' [cl.2]

yuk                                           'a joining, union'

yuki                                          'join things, unite' [cl.1]

yuk                                           yuk' 'stirring or trembling; shaking of the body, convulsion'

yuk k'ux                                   yuk' q'ux  'painful convulsion, convulsion suffered during labor or until the placenta is expelled'

yuk k'ux murur                          'tecomacuche (wild native tree from which many remedies are made; similar plants, which may be identical, are called      tecomatillo, berberilla, and flor amarilla)'

yuki                                          'shake a thing' [cl.1]

yukbah                                     'shake or tremble of itself' [cl.3]

yukba'ar                                   'shaking, earthquake'

u yukba'ar e chihchan                u yuk'p'aar e ch'ijchan   'movement of chicchan (in the earth, thus causing earthquake)'

yum, ah yum                             'master, owner, controller, deity'

ah yum ik'ar                              'wind gods'

yumar                                       'owner, headman'

u yumar e chor                          'owner of milpa'

u yumar e maxtak                     'headman of family'

yup                                           'cluster, anything joined, clustering of objects'

yup bu'ur                                  'piñon (L. native tree)'

yup bu'ur te'                              'tempote (large native shrub or small tree resembling the piñon)'

yupay  [? yup-aih]                     'tigüilote, urbito (wild L. tree with white flowers)'

yupay te'                                   yupai.te'   'yupay (wild L. tree resembling the Tigüilote)'

yupayih                                     yupaih 'grow in a cluser or together [cl.3]; clustering, glue'

yupayih                                     yupaij   'glue'

yupi                                          'attach, join, stick things together' [cl.1]

yupi u yopor e k'uhtz'                yupi u yop'or e q'uhc'  'glue cigar leaves together'


p. 772

yupru  [yupur-u]                       'stick things closely together, from things in clusters' [cl.2]

yupur                                        'attached, clustered, joined'

yur                                           'breaking thru, coming forth or out'

yuri                                           'break a thing open, force out' [cl.1]

yuri u bi'ir                                 'force one's way (as thru underbrush)'

yuru'                                         'tiny chick'

yutir                                          'fruit, berry, pinecone (utir appears only with poss. u-, and may

be a compound ? u-yut-ir, u-y-ut-ir)'

uyutir                                        'its fruit'

uyutir e te'                                 'fruit of a tree'

yutirih                                       'bear fruit' [cl.3]

yutiria'ar                                   'fruit-bearing, fruitful'

yutiria'ar te'                               'fruit bearing tree or plant'

yutiria'ar ch'a'n                          'fruit-bearing vine'

yuch'                                        'point of light, star'

yuch' e k'ahk'                            'spark from a fire'

yuch' e k'in                               'comet, "falling star"'

yuch' e tun k'ahk'                      'spark from flint'

yuch' tu'ut e k'in                        'star, planet'

noh yuch'                                  'planet, bright star'

yuch'o'k  [? yu'-ch'ook]            'guacamaya, guacamaya roja, flor barbona (semi-cul. L. tree with brilliant red flowers)'

yuch'o'k witzir                           'guacamaya amarilla, guacamaya de montaña (wild L. tree)'

yuh                                           yuji  'necklace, anything worn or wrapped around in necklace fashion'

yuh e tz'i'                                  'necklace of lemons placed around a dog's neck (to cure it of a cold)'

yuh e sakir                                'necklace of white seeds'

yuh e chakar                             'necklace of red seeds (worn as a protection against evil eye)'

yuh ta'k'an                                yuj.ta'q'an   'gold necklace'

yu'                                            'coyol palm (large wild L. palm resembling the coconut)'

yu'hx  [from yu'x]                      'half of anything'

yu'k                                          'stirring, beating'

yu'ki                                         'stir' [cl.1]

yu'ki e kakaw                           yu'ki e kakau'  'stir (boiling) cacao'

yu'ki e ha' tur uyanamres           'stir water in order to muddy it'              

yu'kru  [yu'kur-u]                      'stir continuously' [cl.2]

yu'kru e sa'                               'stir or beat chilate (while boiling)'

yu'kur                                       'stirring, churning'

yu'kur ha'                                  'water churning thru stones (as in a rapids)'

yu'kurbir                                   'stirred, churned'


p. 773

yu'kurnib                                  'stirring stick'

yu'kurnib e ha'                          'stirring stick (used by fishermen to stir poisoned water in a stream)'

yu'x                                          'halving, dividing'

yu'xi                                         'divide in half, place something in the center' [cl.1]

yu'xin                                        'center, middle, interior, core'

yu'xin e tekpan                          'interior of church'

yu'xin u yutir                             'core of fruit'

yu'xin e te'                                'heart of tree'

yu'xin e ha'                                'center of stream'

yu'sin te'                                   'heartwood'

yu'xinran                                   'be in the center or middle' [cl.3]

yu'xinres                                   'place erect upon the center' [cl.2a]


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