Graduate Field Course in Rainforest Research

Structure of the course: A brief tour of a variety of Costa Rican montane and lowland habitats will be made in route to Golfito, our point of air departure for Corcovado. Once at Sirena we will spend 5-6 days in general orientation to local habitats, organisms, and research trails. General lectures by Gilbert, resident researchers, and students as well as group help with ongoing plant and animal surveys will be part of the orientation period.

The second week is devoted to individual exploration, search for interesting problems, and preliminary work on research ideas worked up prior to the course. At the end of week 2, research proposals are revised and discussed in seminar format. The remaining time is devoted to individual research with regular progress reports. When appropriate, students will develop and lead one day field problems based on their projects.

Drafts of research reports are due after three weeks of individual research. In practice, some participants choose to continue work in Corcovado beyond the end of the course and submit final reports in September.

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1 MAY 02
Lecture Hall at UT Austin
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