Graduate Field Course in Rainforest Research

Student Research Web Pages

The following table lists the study organisms and research topics of recent or current student researchers at Sirena.

Erika Deinert
UT Austin butterflies sexual selection in pupal mating Heliconius
Charles Foerster
Universidad Nacional, C.R. tapirs foraging behavior and habitat utilization
Nelson Guda
UT Austin frogs evolution of communication and sexual selection
Kate LeVering
UT Austin frogs evolution of distress calls
Peter Sherman
U Mich, Ann Arbor crabs faunal control of plant diversity and nutrient cycling
Karen Warkentin
UT Austin frogs predation and life histories
David Westcott
CSIRO-Tropical Forest Research Centre
Atherton Qld, Australia
Ana Washington U
St. Louis
Marcus Kronforst UT Austin butterflies
Carla Guthrie UT Austin beetles
Nicole Gerardo UT Austin
Monica Swartz UT Austin army ants

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1 May 2002
Lecture Hall at UT Austin
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