Our goal is to make the process of creating communication projects easy for you and your staff.

Creative Services can help you with:

  • Providing creative planning, strategy and creative direction

    Our award-winning design team provides art direction and design consulting for print design, Web design and photography for advancement materials, branding, identity and logo development, view books and brochures, direct mail, invitations, magazines, newsletters, media campaigns and more.

  • Handling project management and billing

    We provide planning, scheduling and resource allocation to accomplish your project objectives. We work collaboratively with you to define project plans and estimate project costs, ensure client requests are complete and clear, coordinate project meetings, track review phases and monitor the project budget. Project Management is a service offered at no cost to the client.

  • Hiring freelance design and market research professionals

    We help find and hire the designers, copywriters, photographers, Web developers and other communication professionals such as market researchers who are appropriate for your project. We handle the paperwork and bidding associated with this process. We do our best to negotiate with vendors to get the most competitive fees for the scope of work, and we always provide a detailed proposal and estimate for approval before starting any work.