Boards move Dell Medical School forward

September 17, 2013

An ambitious construction schedule is the hallmark of the plan to begin teaching medical students in summer 2016. That goal leaves little room for delays. A key milestone was approval of the needed realignment of Red River Street, which cuts an arc through campus, making the medical school site nearly unbuildable. UT System and UT Austin staffers intensively consulted with city staffers as well as boards and commissions to identify and resolve any transportation concerns. The Austin City Council unanimously approved the realignment Aug. 29.

Also in August, UT Austin and Central Health signed a nonbinding agreement that lays the groundwork and framework for the final binding agreement that will govern how $35 million in local property tax moneyapproved by voters last November will be spent. The memorandum spells out the alignment between the work and training of faculty members, researchers, clinicians, administrators and students at the Dell Medical School with the health care needs of the local community, especially the residents who are most medically vulnerable. 

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