Excellent Facilities

Seton Healthcare Family announced June 18 that it has received authorization from its parent company, Ascension Health, to build a new, $295 million teaching hospital. The money will come from Seton revenues, fundraising and other sources.

Construction of the new hospital is expected to begin in 2014, with completion slated for 2017.

UT is fortunate to have the geography that matches the mission for medical education. To fully integrate the school into the life of the university requires the medical school to be united with the historical campus. A student can benefit from the best research in the world in chemistry and biomedical engineering and then help a patient who needs a suture — all within a few blocks.

Now that funding is secured and a master plan is being finalized, there is renewed interest from Austin Mayor Lee Leffingwell and others in creating an “innovation corridor” in downtown Austin. Private-sector researchers and startups will surely be attracted to the synergy created by a hospital, research facilities and a major research university all in close proximity.