University Offices

The Offices A-Z directory contains contact information for official university offices. This directory is maintained by University Communications.

We do not maintain the Student, Faculty and Staff Directory. If you have questions about your listing in the Student, Faculty and Staff Directory, visit the Directory FAQs

How to Request Edits

University Communications does not routinely make updates to this directory based on press releases or news items; you must notify us in order for any changes to appear.

To request an update or a new listing in Offices A-Z, send an email to Pending approval, your edit will be made within 45 days of receiving your request.

For new listings, please send the following information:

  • Official name
  • Telephone number
  • Website URL

Offices A-Z Update

This version of the Offices A-Z directory will be retiring in summer 2016. The new Offices A-Z directory will contain office names, websites, and phone numbers only.