University Offices - D

Daily Texan, The: HSM second level, E4100, 512-471-4591, fax 512-232-5793

  • Editor: HSM 2.120E, E4100, 512-232-2212
  • Managing Editor: HSM 2.120D, 512-232-2217
  • News and Editorial: HSM 2.120, 512-471-4591
  • Editorial Adviser: Peter  Chen, HSM 2.120F, 512-232-2214

Dana Center, Charles A. (see Charles A. Dana Center)

Danish (see Scandinavian Program)

Dean of Students, Office of the: SSB 4.104, A5800, 512-471-5017, fax 512-471-7833

  • Dean of Students and Senior Associate Vice President for Student Affairs: Soncia Reagins-Lilly
    • Associate Dean of Students: Douglas Garrard
  • Leadership and Ethics Institute (LEI): SSB 4.400, A5800, 512-232-5163, fax 512-471-6273
  • Legal Services for Students: SSB 4.104, A0500, 512-471-7796, fax 512-471-8625
  • Legislative Student Organizations: SAC 2.102, A6210, 512-471-3166, fax 512-471-3408
    • Senate of College Councils: SAC 2.102, A6210
    • Student Government: SAC 2.102, A6210
    • Graduate Student Assembly: SAC 3.102, D7400, 512-475-6900, fax 512-475-6972
  • Sorority and Fraternity Life: SSB 4.400, A5800, 512-471-9700, fax 512-471-6273
  • Student Activities: 2609 University Avenue, A5800, 512-471-3065, fax 512-471-6273
  • Student Emergency Services: SSB 4.104, A5800, 512-471-5017, fax 512-471-7833
    • Behavior Concerns Advice Line (BCAL): 512-232-5050
  • Student Judicial Services: SSB 4.104, A5800, 512-471-2841, fax 512-475-7942
  • Student Veteran Services: SSB 4.104, A5800, 512-232-2835, fax 512-471-7833

Degree Audit (see Registrar, Office of the)

Dell Medical School: SZB 562, D2000, 512-495-5000, fax 512-495-5556

  • Dean and Vice President for Medical Affairs: S. Claiborne Johnston
  • Vice Provost for Biomedical Sciences: Robert Messing, BME 6.116A
  • Executive Vice Dean for Academics and Chair of Medical Education: Susan Cox, 512-495-5555
  • Vice Dean for Strategy and Partnerships: Maninder Kahlon
  • Associate Vice President for Business Affairs: John McCall, Jr., 512-492-5005
  • Executive Director of Communications and External Affairs: John Daigre, III, 512-495-5056
  • Director of Development: Courtney Manuel, 512-495-5105

Developmental Studies: (see Texas Success Initiative [TSI], Undergraduate Studies, School of)

Development Courses, Continuing and Innovative Education: College Courses, 512-471-2900

Development Office, University: DEV, A3000, 512-471-5424, fax 512-471-3673

  • Executive Director of Operations: Lee Bash, 512-475-6071
  • Executive Director of Regional Development: Karl Miller, 512-471-4124
  • Executive Director of Endowment Services and Compliance: Jamie Cantara, 512-232-5577
  • Interim Executive Director of Gift Planning: Marcia Inger Navratil, 512-232-8054
  • Director of Corporate and Foundation Relations: Maria Nehring, 512-475-9625

Development Office, University of Texas Libraries:

  • Constituent Relations: Linda Abbey, PCL 3.200, 512-495-4366
  • Chief Development Officer: Gregory S. Perrin, PCL 3.242A, 512-495-4349
  • Development Associate: Eve R. McQuade, PCL 3.248, 512-495-4363

Digital Initiatives Division, University of Texas Libraries: Mark McFarland, Associate Director, Digital Initiatives, PCL 3.200, S5400, 512-495-4358

Digital Media Collaboratory (DMC) (see IC2 Institute)

DIIA (see Instructional Innovation and Assessment, Division of)

Dining Service (see Housing and Food Service, Division of)

Diploma Services (see Registrar, Office of the)

Disabilities, Services for Students with: Division of Diversity and Community Engagement, SSB 4.104, A4100, 512-471-6259, fax 512-475-7730

Disability Studies, Texas Center for (see Texas Center for Disability Studies)

Discovery Scholars Program (see Undergraduate Studies, School of)

Dispute Resolution (see Public Policy Dispute Resolution, Center for)

Dispute Resolution Office, Human Resource Services (see Conflict Management and Dispute Resolution Office, Human Resource Services)

Distance Education, UT System (see UT TeleCampus, UT System)

Distance Learning, High School Courses, Continuing and Innovative Education: College courses, 512-471-2900; high school courses, 512-232-5000

Diversity and Community Engagement, Division of: Gregory J. Vincent, Vice President for Diversity and Community Engagement, MAI 12, G1050, 512-471-3212, fax 512-471-0819

Diversity and Community Engagement, Office of the Vice President for:

  • Vice President: Gregory J. Vincent, MAI 12, G1050, 512-471-3212, fax 512-471-0819
  • Senior Vice President and Chief of Staff: Jennifer Maedgen, FAC 402, G4600, 512-471-6259, fax 512-475-7730
  • Associate Vice President for Development: Robiaun Charles, FAC 402, G4600, 512-471-5977
  • Assistant Vice President for Community and External Relations: Erica Saenz, G1050, MAI 12, 512-232-4460
  • Associate Vice President and ADA Coordinator: Linda Millstone, FAC 402, G4600, 512-471-1849, fax 512-471-8180
  • Deputy to the Vice President: Enrique Romo, MAI 12, G1050, 512-471-3212
  • Director of Communications: Leslie Blair, FAC 402, G4600, 512-232-4621

Division of Instructional Innovation and Assessment (see Instructional Innovation and Assessment, Division of)

Dobie-Paisano Project (see Paisano Project)

Document Express, Copy and Retrieval Service, University of Texas Libraries: PCL 1.343, S5463, 512-495-4130

Document Solutions: PPB 1.102, E3500, 512-471-5464, fax 512-471-1876

  • Director of Document Solutions: Richard Beto, 512-232-2437; Rebecca Torres, Senior Administrative Associate, 512-232-4173
  • Printing Services: 512-471-5464, fax 512-471-1876
  • Copy Services: 512-471-1615, fax 512-471-4989
  • Campus Mail Services: 512-471-3670, fax 512-232-2141
  • Mail Special Services (Bulk Mailings): 512-475-7823, fax 512-471-1866
  • Accounting: 512-471-4986

Documents Collection, University of Texas Libraries: Paul Rascoe, Librarian, PCL 2.200, S5462, 512-495-4250

Dolph Briscoe Center for American History (see American History, Dolph Briscoe Center for)

Drug and Diagnostics Development (TI-3D), Texas Institute of (see Texas Institute of Drug and Diagnostics Development [TI-3D])

Drug Dynamics Institute: Janet Walkow, Director, PHR 3.206, A1902, 512-471-4841 or 512-471-4843, fax 512-471-2746, e-mail

Dutch Program (see Germanic Studies, Department of)


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