University Offices - I

IC2 Institute: 2815 San Gabriel St, Austin TX 78705, 512-475-8900, fax 512-475-8901

ID Center (see ITS-User Services)

Identity, Center for: POB 5.402, Mail Code C4300, 512-471-6139, 

Imaging and Documentation Services (IDS), Office of Accounting: Ian Cooper, Supervisor, MAI 132, K5300, 512-471-7406, fax 512-471-1651

Imaging Research Center: IRC, R9975, 512-232-4203, fax 512-232-4202

Inclusion and Equity, Office for: NOA 4.302, 101 East 27th St. Mail Stop A9400, Austin, TX 78712, phone 512-471-1849, fax 512-471-8180, email

  • Associate Vice President for Inclusion and Equity: Sherri L. Sanders
  • Assistant Vice President: Betty Jeanne Taylor
  • Director of Investigations and Policy, Deputy Title IX Coordinator: Brett Lohoefener
  • Director of Compliance: Ryan A. Miller
  • Associate Director for Inclusion and Equity: Corey Tanner
  • Administrative Associate: Keneshia Colwell

Independent Contractor Vouchers (see Accounting, Office of)

Indoor Air Quality (see Environmental Health and Safety)

Indoor Environmental Science and Engineering IGERT: ECJ 9.102B, C1786, 512-471-4903, fax 512-471-5870

Industry Engagement, Office of: NOA 5.200, A9300, 512-471-3866, fax 512-471-7839

  • Director: Bill Catlett, NOA 5.210, A9300, 512-471-6279, fax 512-471-7839, email
  • Associate Director: Ty Helpinstill, NOA 5.208, A9300, 512-471-6234, email
  • Grants and Contracts Specialists: Rebecca Leamon, NOA 5.204, A9300, 512-232-3512 email; Ted Thomas, NOA 5.206, A9300, 512-471-2668, email
  • Senior Contracts Specialist: JC Rodriguez, NOA 5.202, A9300, 512-471-5859, email
  • Senior Administrative Associates: Matt Howard, NOA 5.206, A9300, 512-475-6709, email; Jennifer Miller, NOA 5.206, A9300, 512-475-6707, email

Informal Classes, Continuing and Innovative Education: TCC 1.108, PO Box 7879, 512-471-3121

Information and Referral Service (see General Information and Referral Service)

Information Assurance and Security, Center for: Dr. Brent Waters, Director, GDC 6.810, D9500, 512-232-7891, fax 512-471-8885

Information Management / Management Information Systems (see Information, Risk, and Operations Management, Department of)

Information Quest (IQ): Dana Cook, Director, MAI 318A, K5300, 512-232-8452, email 

Information, Risk, and Operations Management, Department of: Prabhudev Konana, Chair, CBA 5.218, B6500, 512-471-3322, fax 512-471-0587, email

Information, School of: Andrew Dillon, Dean, UTA 5.202, D8600, 512-471-2742, fax 512-471-3971, email

Information Security Office: FAC 205, G9805, 512-475-9242; email

  • Chief Information Security Officer: Cam Beasley, FAC 205, G9805, 512-475-9476
  • Incident Response and Network Security Problems: 512-475-9242, email
  • Digital Millennium Copyright Act agent (copyright infringement): email

Information Technology, Office of the Chief Information Officer:

  • Associate Vice President and Chief Information Officer: Brad Englert, FAC 248U, G9800, 512-232-9610, fax 512-232-9607, email
  • Director, Applications: Julienne VanDerZiel, FAC 326K, G9805, 512-471-3041
  • Director, Customer Support Services: Susan Roy, FAC 250, G9805, 512-471-4786
  • Director, Networking and Telecommunications: William Green, SER 321J, C3800, 512-475-9295
  • Director, Systems: Trice Humpert, FAC 326N, G9805, 512-471-6690
  • Director, University Data Center: Mike Cunningham, CRB, E7000, 512-471-2703
  • Director, UT System Office of Telecommunication Services: L. Wayne Wedemeyer, SER 319, C2900, 512-471-2454
  • Senior Administrative Associate to the Chief Information Officer: Jo Sherman, FAC 248U, G9800, 512-232-9606
  • Administrative Associate: Kaitlin Piraro, FAC 248U, G9800, 512-471-2218

Information Technology Services (see entries for ITS [Information Technology Services])

Institute for Computational Engineering and Sciences (see Computational Engineering and Sciences, Institute for)

Institute for Historical Studies (see Historical Studies, Institute for)

Institute for Public School Initiatives (see Public School Initiatives, Institute for)

Institute for Urban Policy Research & Analysis (see Urban Policy Research & Analysis, Institute for)

Institutional Accreditation and Program Assessment, Office of: BWY 201, E3000, 512-232-2646, fax 512-471-3509

Institutional Equity, Office of (see Inclusion and Equity, Office for)

Institutional Reporting, Research and Information Systems, Office Of: Tracy Brown, Director, MAI 302, G1100, 512-471-3833, fax 512-471-8950

Institutional Review Board (IRB) (see Research Support, Office of)

Instructional Innovation and Assessment, Division of: (see Teaching and Learning, Center for)

Instruction Services, Perry-Castañeda Library: Michele Ostrow, Librarian, 512-495-4534, fax 512-495-4296

Integrative Biology, Department of: Claus O. Wilke, Chair, BIO 404, C0930, 512-471-5858, fax Biolabs 512-232-9592, fax Patlabs 512-471-3878, email

Intellectual Entrepreneurship Consortium (IE): Division of Diversity and Community Engagement, CMA 7.118, 512-471-1939

Intellectual Property (see Technology Commercialization, Office of)

Intercollegiate Athletics for Men and Women

Interior Design (see Architecture, School of)

Interlibrary Services, Perry-Castañeda Library: Catherine Hamer, Document Delivery Librarian, PCL 1.343, S5463, 512-495-4134, fax 512-495-4283

Internal Audits, Office of: Mike Vandervort, Director, UTA 2.302, D8200, 512-471-7117, fax 512-471-8099, email

International Business (see Marketing, Department of)

International Energy and Environmental Policy, Center for: Charles Groat, Director, Jackson School of Geosciences, 512-471-9875, email

International Office: Janet Ellzey, Vice Provost for International Programs

International Security and Law, The Robert S. Strauss Center for: Robert M. Chesney, Director, SRH 3.370, E2700, 512-471-6267, email

Interscholastic League (see University Interscholastic League)

Intramural Sports (see Recreational Sports, Division of)

Inventory, Office of Accounting: Cecilia Jacobson, Inventory Supervisor, MAI 132, K5300, email

Investment Center, AIM: Juana A. Hardwick, Assistant Director, CBA 6.434, B6600, 512-471-6511, email

Islamic Studies (see Middle Eastern Studies, Department of)

ITS (Information Technology Services) Frequently Called Numbers:

ITS-Applications: FAC, G9805, fax 512-471-5746, email

ITS-Customer Support Services: FAC 200, G9805, 512-475-9400, fax 512-475-9277, email

ITS-Networking and Telecommunications: SER second and third floors, 512-471-5711, fax 512-232-2034, email

  • Director: William Green, SER 321J, C3800, 512-475-9295
  • Network Services: C2900, 512-471-NETS (512-471-6387), fax 512-471-2449, email
  • Telecommunications Services: C3800, email
    • Audiovisual and Multimedia Services: C3800, 512-471-9238, fax 512-471-7717, email
    • Campus Security Systems (BACS): C3800, 512-471-3426, fax 512-471-3696, email
    • Video Services: C3800, 512-471-6878, email
    • Telephone and Voice Mail Services: C3800, 512-471-5711 option 1, fax 512-471-8883, email
    • Voice Mail Services: 512-471-5711 option 1, fax 512-471-8883
  • Video Services: C3800, 512-471-9238, fax 512-471-7717, email
    • Cable TV: 512-471-9238
    • Videoconferencing: 512-471-9238
    • Webcasts and Streaming Media: 512-471-9238

ITS-Systems: COM 1, G2450, 512-475-9300, fax 512-475-9282, email

ITS-Telecommunication Services, UT System Office of: L. Wayne Wedemeyer, Director, SER 319, C2900, 512-471-2454, fax 512-471-2449

ITS-University Data Center: 512-471-0007, Mail Code:E7000

  • Director: Mike Cunningham
  • Operations: 512-471-0007


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