University Offices - J

Jackson School of Geosciences (see Geosciences, John A. and Katherine G. Jackson School of)

Jewish Studies, Schusterman Center for: Robert Abzug, Director, CLA 2.402, B3600, 512-475-6178, fax 512-475-6681

J. J. Pickle Research Campus:

  • The Commons Café: 512-471-5920
  • Commons Learning Center: 512-471-5898
  • Facilities Services: (See Facilities Services)
  • Guard Gate and Kiosk (UT Police): 512-471-5804
  • WPR Building Management: 512-750-2654
  • For other offices located at the Pickle campus, see individual entries.

John Nance Garner Museum: Echo Uribe, 333 N Park St, Uvalde TX 78801-4658, 830-278-5018, fax 830-279-0512, e-mail

Journalism in the Americas, Knight Center for: Rosental Alves, Director, BMC 3.212, A1000, 512-471-1391, e-mail

Journalism, School of: R.B. Brenner, Director, BMC 3.338, A1000, 512-471-1845, fax 512-471-7979

Junior Fellows Program: Larry Carver, GEB 1.206, G6210, 512-471-3458, fax 512-232-2886, e-mail