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Occupational Health Program: NOA 3.302, A9250, 512-471-4OHP (512-471-4647), fax 512-471-2666, e-mail

  • Sr. Administrative Associate: Kasey Kitzmiller
  • Senior Occupational Health Nurse: Henry Guevara, RN, MPH, PhD
  • Clinical Staff: Janelle Wilt, RN
  • Clinical Staff: Diane Tyler, RN, FNP, PhD

Occupational Safety (see Environmental Health and Safety)

Odyssey (noncredit, personal enrichment), Continuing and Innovative Education:

  • General information: 512-471-2912
  • Director: Lois Kim, 512-232-7709

Official Publications: (see Registrar, Office of the)

Offshore Technology Research Center: Spyridon A. Kinnas, Associate Director, ECJ 8.6, C1786, 512-475-7969, fax 512-471-8477, e-mail; Dori Eubank, Administrative Associate, 512-471-3753, fax 512-471-8477, e-mail

Oil and Gas Training and Materials, Continuing and Innovative Education (see Petroleum Extension Service (PETEX), Continuing and Innovative Education)

Ombuds: (Staff Ombuds, Student Ombuds, or Faculty Ombuds)

Online High School Courses, Division of Continuing Education: 512-232-5000

Online Computer Application Training, Continuing and Innovative Education: 512-471-2938

Online High School Courses, Continuing and Innovative Education: 512-232-5000

Online College Credit Courses, Continuing and Innovative Education: 512-471-2900

Online Degrees (see UT TeleCampus, UT System)

On-Site Training, Continuing and Innovative Education: 512-471-4633

Open Educational Resources and Language Learning, Center for (COERLL):MEZ 2.126, B3500, 512-232-2312, fax 512-471-7718, e-mail

Operations Management / Supply Chain Management (see Information, Risk, and Operations Management, Department of)

Operations Research and Industrial Engineering: J. W. Barnes, Graduate Adviser, ETC 5.128D, C2200, 512-471-3083, fax 512-232-1489, e-mail

Organization Development, Human Resource Services (see Human Resource Services)

Organizations Research, Center for: Pamela R. Haunschild, Director, CBA 4.202, B6300, 512-471-3676, fax 512-471-3937

Orientation: Office of the Dean of Students, SSB 4.104, A5800, 512-471-3304, fax 512-232-3963

Oscar Brockett Theatre (see Texas Performing Arts), during events call 512-471-5793


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Updated 2013 Sep 4
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