University Offices - S

Safety Office (see Environmental Health and Safety)

Sam Rayburn Library and Museum: Echo Uribe, P O Box 309, Bonham TX 75418-0309, 903-583-2455, fax 903-583-7394, e-mail

Sanger Learning Center: (see Undergraduate Studies, School of)

Sanskrit (see Asian Studies, Department of)

SAT Prep Course, Continuing and Innovative Education: 512-471-2912

Scandinavian Program, Department of Germanic Studies: C3300, 512-471-4123, fax 512-471-4025

  • Undergraduate Advising in Scandanavian Studies: Sandra Straubhaar, BUR 316
  • Danish: Jakob Holm, BUR 376
  • Norwegian: Sandra Straubhaar, BUR 316
  • Swedish: Lynn Wilkinson, BUR 360

Scanning and Scoring Services, Continuing and Innovative Education: 512-471-7211

Scheduling (see Registrar, Office of the)

Scholarships (see Accounting, Office of)

School Psychology Training Program: Timothy Z. Keith, Director, SZB 254, D5800, 512-471-4407, fax 512-475-7641, e-mail

Schusterman Center for Jewish Studies: (see Jewish Studies, Schusterman Center for)

Science and Mathematics Education, Center for: James P. Barufaldi, Director, SZB 340, D5700, 512-471-7354, fax 512-471-8466, e-mail

Science and Technology Commercialization Program(see Technology Commercialization Program)

Science Libraries Division, University of Texas Libraries: Susan Ardis, Head, ECJ 1.300, S5435, 512-495-4511

Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics Education (STEM): James P. Barufaldi, SZB 340, D5700, 512-471-7354, fax 512-471-8466, e-mail

Science, Technology, and Society (see Anthropology, Department of)

Scoring Center and Scoring Services, Continuing and Innovative Education: 512-471-7211

Senate of College Councils: Geetika Jerath, President, SAC 2.102, A6210, 512-471-3166, fax 512-471-3408

Senior Vice President: James L. Hill, MAI 400, G3400, 512-471-2314, fax 512-232-9396

Serbian/Croatian (see Slavic and Eurasian Studies, Department of)

Service Calls, Department of Facilities Services (see Trouble Calls, Department of Facilities Services)

Services for Students with Disabilities (see Disabilities, Services for Students with)

Shakespeare at Winedale: CAL 302, B5000, 512-471-4726, e-mail

Signature Courses (see Undergraduate Studies, School of)

Sign Shop (see University Sign Shop)

Slavic and Eurasian Studies, Department of: Mary Neuburger, Chair, BUR 452, F3600, 512-471-3607, fax 512-471-6710

  • Graduate Coordinator: Agnes Sekowski, BUR 444
  • Graduate Adviser: Michael Pesenson, BUR 464
  • Undergraduate Coordinator: Olga Macha, BUR 452
  • Undergraduate Adviser: Bella Jordan, BUR 470

Small Business Office (see Historically Underutilized Business/Small Business Office)

Social Work Research, Center for: Noël Busch-Armendariz, Director, 512-471-3470,

Social Work, School of: Luis H. Zayas, Dean, SSW 2.202, D3500, 512-471-1937, fax 512-471-7268, email

  • General Information/Faculty: 512-471-5457, fax 512-471-9600
  • Academic Affairs: SSW 2.204
    • Prospective Student Inquiries: 512-471-9819 or 877-875-7352
    • Admissions: 512-471-7482
    • Undergraduate Student Services: 512-471-5457
    • Graduate Student Services: 512-471-5457
  • DiNitto Center for Career Services/Alumni Relations: 512-232-7362
  • Social Work Professional Development: SSW 3.116B, 512-471-2886
  • Social Work Development: SSW 3.106H, 512-475-6840
  • Learning Resource Center: SSW 1.218, 512-471-0224 or 512-471-9223

Sociology, Department of: Robert Crosnoe, Chair, CLA 3.306, A1700, 512-471-8329, e-mail

  • Main Office: 512-232-6300
  • Advising (undergrad): 512-232-6344
  • Graduate Program: 512-232-6347
  • Computer Services: e-mail
  • Fax: 512-471-1748

Software Distribution and Sales (see ITS [Information Technology Services] Frequently Called Numbers)

Software Engineering Master's Degree Program: CEE, Ste 2.206, A2800, 512-232-5169, fax 512-471-0831, e-mail

  • Faculty Director: K. Suzanne Barber, 512-471-6152
  • Senior Program Coordinator: Murray Altman-Kaough, 512-232-5169

Software Quality Institute: CEE, Ste 2.204, A2800, 512-471-4875, fax 512-471-0831, e-mail

  • Senior Program Coordinator: Theresa Dobbs, 512-471-4875

South Asia Institute: Kamran Asdar Ali, Director, WCH 4.132B, G9300, 512-471-3550, fax 512-471-3336

South Asian Library Program: Merry Burlingham, South Asian Studies Librarian, PCL 3.313, S5482, 512-495-4329

Southwest Center for Accelerated Schools: Bonnie Hamill, Director, TCB 1.146C, L1000, 512-232-0700, fax 512-232-0707, e-mail

Space Research, Center for: Byron D. Tapley, Director, WPR, Ste 200, R1000, 512-471-5573, fax 512-232-2443

Spanish and Portuguese, Department of: Jossianna Arroyo Martínez, Interim Chair, BEN 2.116, B3700, 512-471-4936, fax 512-471-8073, email

Special Education, Department of: Mark F. O’Reilly, Chair Ad Interim, SZB 306, D5300, 512-471-4161, fax 512-471-2471

Special Events Center, Frank C. Erwin Jr.: ERC, D0200, 512-471-7744, fax 512-471-9652

  • Director and Associate Athletics Director: John M. Graham, ERC 1.126, 512-471-4716
  • Associate Director: Jimmy Earl, ERC 1.126, 512-471-4716
  • Ticket Office: ERC 1.102, 512-477-6060

Speech and Hearing Center: Lisa Bedore, Clinic Coordinator, CMA A2.200, A1100, 512-471-3841, fax 512-232-1804, e-mail

Staff Council (see University Staff Council [UTSC])

Staff Ombuds Office: WWH 401, G9250, 512-232-8010, fax 512-232-8240, e-mail

  • Ombudsperson: Jennifer Sims
  • Staff Ombuds Coordinator: Cynthia Ivey

Staffing and Career Management Services (see Human Resource Services)

Standing Committees of the University:

StarDate: McDonald Observatory Education and Outreach Office, UA9 3.118, A2100, 512-471-5285, fax 512-471-5060, e-mail

Statistics and Data Sciences, Department of: GDC 7.504, D9800, 512-232-0693, fax 512-475-8297

Statistics Courses (see Information, Risk, and Operations Management, Department of; Mathematics, Department of)

Statistics, University (see Information Management and Analysis, Office of)

Strategic Advising, Center for (see Undergraduate Studies, School of)

Strategic Analysis, Center for (see Advanced Technology, Institute for)

Strategic and Innovative Technologies, Center for: Steven E. Kornguth, Director, WPR 400, R6000, 512-232-4485, fax 512-471-9103

Strategic Communications (see ITS-Communication and Strategy Management, Office of)

Strauss Institute (see Civic Participation, Annette Strauss Institute for)

Structural Biology, Center for: Jon D. Robertus, Director, WEL 5.266, A5300, 512-471-3175, fax 512-471-8696, e-mail

Structural Engineering Laboratory, Phil M. Ferguson: Oguzhan Bayrak, Director, FS1, R7200, 512-471-7298, fax 512-471-1944

Student Academic Records (see Registrar, Office of the)

Student Accounts Receivable, Office of Accounting: MAI 4, K5308, 512-475-7777, fax 512-471-0212

  • Manager, Tuition Billing: Lois Stahlke, 512-232-4051
  • Manager, Receivables and Loan Collections: Karen DeRouen, 512-232-4063

Student Activities: Office of the Dean of Students, SSB 4.104, A5800, 512-471-3065

Student Activity Center (see University Unions)

Student Affairs, Office of the Vice President for:

Student Bar Association: School of Law, Shauna Gibbons, President, TNH 2.128, D1806, 512-232-1391

Student Events Center (see University Unions)

Student Financial Services (See Office of Financial Aid)

Student Government: Kornel "Kori" Rady, President, SAC 2.102, 512-471-3166, fax 512-471-3408

Student Health Center (see University Health Services)

Student Ombuds, Office of the: SSB G1.404, A6000, 512-471-3825, fax 512-475-6096, e-mail

  • Ombudsperson: Brittany Linton

Student Organization Center: Student Activities, Office of the Dean of Students, SSB 4.102, A6200, 512-232-4165, fax 512-232-4243

Student Publications (see Texas Student Media)

Students' Attorney (see Legal Services for Students)

Students, Dean of (see Dean of Students, Office of the)

Student Veteran Services: Jeremiah Gunderson, Interim Director, SSB 4.104, A5800, 512-232-2835, fax 512-232-7833, email

Student Union (see University Unions)

Studio Art (see Art and Art History, Department of)

Study Abroad (See International Office)

Stuttering Institute, Michael and Tami Lang: Courtney T. Byrd, Director, CMA 2.236, A1100, 512-232-1503, e-mail

Support Services, Department of Facilities Services: Bridget Blizzard, Associate Director, FC1 1.102, H7055, 512-471-4110, fax 512-471-7739

Surplus Property, Department of Facilities Services: Dewayne Digby, Supervisor, P45, R6600, 512-471-7889

Survey Research, Office of: Veronica Inchauste, Program Director, LAC 2.238, R2100, 512-471-4980, fax 512-471-4101

Sustainability, Office of: Jim Walker, Director, FC1 3.102, SSB 1.302, H7035, 512-475-6549, fax 512-475-7084, e-mail,

Sustainable Design (see Architecture, School of)

Sustainable Development, Center for: Elizabeth Mueller, Director, SUT 4.114, B7500, 512-471-1151

Swedish (see Scandinavian Program)

Swimming Center, Lee and Joe Jamail Texas: Charles Logan, Director, TSC 1.102B, D4000, 512-471-7703, fax 512-471-0598, e-mail

Systems (see ITS-Systems)


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