University Offices - T

TAMEST (see Medicine, Engineering and Science of Texas, The Academy of [TAMEST])

Tarlton Law Library (see Law Library)

Teaching Effectiveness, Center for (see Teaching and Learning, Center for)

Technology Commercialization, Office of: WPR, Ste 1.9A, R3500, 512-471-2995, fax 512-475-6894, e-mail

Technology Commercialization Program: GSB 5.148, B6004, 512-471-2283, fax 512-471-4131, e-mail

Technology Licensing and Intellectual Property (see Technology Commercialization, Office of)

Technology and Information Policy Institute: CMA 5.102, A0800, 512-471-5826, fax 512-471-4077,

Technology Resources, University Operations (TRecs): WPR 4.11072, F3500, 512-471-4751, fax 512-232-9357

Technology Transfer (see Technology Commercialization, Office of)

Telephone Counseling: 512-471-CALL (512-471-2255)

Telephone Service (see ITS-Networking and Telecommunications)

Teresa Lozano Long Institute of Latin American Studies (see Latin American Studies, Teresa Lozano Long Institute of)

Testing and Evaluation Services: 512-471-0222, e-mail 

Texas Advanced Computing Center (TACC): ROC 1.101, R8700, 512-475-9411, fax 512-475-9445, e-mail

  • Executive Director: Dan C. Stanzione Jr.
  • Associate Director, User Services: Chris Hempel
  • Education & Outreach Manager: Rosie Gomez 
  • Industrial Partners: Melyssa Fratkin
  • Public Relations/Media: Faith Singer-Villalobos

Texas Alliance for Technology Commercialization: Steven Nichols, Director, C2200, 512-471-3565, fax 512-232-4128, e-mail

  • Mailing address: The University of Texas at Austin, Texas Alliance for Technology Commercialization, 1 University Station C2200, Austin TX 78712

Texas Archeological Research Laboratory (TARL): Brian Roberts, Director, TAR, R7500, 512-471-6007, fax 512-232-6563, e-mail

  • Jonathan H. Jarvis, Associate Director, 512-471-5959
  • TARL Administrative Office: 512-471-5960
  • TARL Records: 512-475-8162
  • TARL Collections: Marybeth Tomka, Head of Collections, 512-475-6853

Texas Box Office:

  • Manager: Mike Bos, 512-471-8680
  • Campus box office locations: BEL, ERC, PAC
  • Telephone reservations: 512-477-6060

Texas Business Review: Bureau of Business Research, CBA 6.444, B8500, fax 512-475-8901

Texas Center for Disability Studies: Penny Seay, Director, TCB 137, L4000, 512-232-0740, fax 512-232-0761, TTY 512-232-0762, e-mail

  • Texas Technology Access Project: 512-232-0740
  • Mailing address: The University of Texas at Austin, Texas Center for Disability Studies, Pickle Research Campus, 10100 Burnet Rd, The Commons, Ste 1.154, Austin TX 78758-4445

Texas Center for Education Policy: Angela Valenzuela, Director, SZB 518J, D8000, 512-471-7055, e-mail

  • Administrative Associate: Andrea Melendez, SZB 518J, D8000, 512-471-7055

Texas Center for High Energy Density Science: (see Center for High Energy Density Science)

Texas Commission for the Blind (see Assistive and Rehabilitative Services, Department of [DARS], Division of Blind Services)

Texas Exes, The: UTX, F1200, fax 512-471-8832, e-mail

TEXAS Extended Campus

Texas Higher Education Network (THEnet and WAN support): L. Wayne Wedemeyer, Director, SER 319, C2900, 512-471-2444, fax 512-471-2449

Texas History Collections, Barker: SRH 2.106, D1100, 512-495-4515

Texas Institute for Discovery Education in Science: Erin Dolan, Executive Director, PAI 3.04, G2550, 512-232-9358, fax: 512-232-1435

Texas Institute of Drug and Diagnostics Development (TI-3D): Brent Iverson, Director, WEL 5.320, A5300, 512-471-5053, fax 512-232-3493, e-mail

Texas Interdisciplinary Plan (TIP): Sue Harkins, Assistant Dean, FAC 334, F2500, 512-232-6493, fax 512-232-2800

  • TIP Scholars: Cassandra Delgado-Reyes, Assistant Director, FAC 334, 512-475-9391
  • Mentor Academy: Jenny Smith, FAC 334, 512-232-6197

Texas Language Center: HRH 4.196, B7800, 512-471-6574, fax 512-475-8866

Texas Language Technology Center (TLTC): (see Open Educational Resources and Language Learning, Center for [COERLL])

Texas Law Review:

  • Editorial Office: TNH 4.138, D1807, 512-232-1280, fax 512-471-3282, e-mail
  • Editor-in-Chief: Michael T. Raupp
  • Managing Editor: Daniel C. Clemons
  • Administrative Editor: Tania M. Culbertson

Texas Materials Institute: Arumugam Manthiram, Director, ETC 8.102, C2201, 512-475-8293, fax 512-475-8482, e-mail

Texas Memorial Museum TMM, D1500, 512-471-1604, fax 512-471-4794

  • Mailing address: The University of Texas at Austin, Texas Memorial Museum, 2400 Trinity St, Austin TX 78705
  • Director: Edward C. Theriot, TMM, D1500, 512-232-2379, fax 512-471-4794
    • Associate Director: Pamela Owen, TMM, D1500, 512-232-5511
    • Accounting: Laura Naski, TMM, D1500, 512-232-5507
    • Gift Shop: 512-232-4278
    • Technical Support Coordinator and Webmaster: Melissa Winans, TMM, D1500, 512-232-4263
    • Security: Michael Fallon, TMM, D1500, 512-471-5533

Texas Newswatch: Broadcast News Lab, CMB B4.132, 512-232-3371

  • Mark Tremayne, Producer, CMA A4.304, A1000, 512-471-7865, fax 512-471-7979

Texas Parents, The Parents' Association of The University of Texas at Austin: Susie Smith, Director, GRE 1.107, D7500, 512-471-2353, 888-690-0012 (toll free), fax 512-232-7089, e-mail

Texas Performing Arts: PAC 2.4, E3300, 512-471-2787, fax 512-471-3636

  • Director and Associate Dean: Kathy Panoff, 512-471-0395
  • Associate Director, Administration and Operations: April Busby, 512-471-6158
  • Associate Director, Programming and Production: Rachel Durkin Drga, 512-471-0638
  • Director of Communications and Marketing: Gene Bartholomew, 512-471-0632
  • Director of Development: Ann Stafford, 512-471-7583
  • Assistant Director, Campus and Community Engagement: Judith Rhedin, 512-471-6376
  • Assistant Director, Performance Logistics: Yvonne Kimmons, 512-471-0667
  • Assistant Director, Ticketing Services: Kristina Malmgren, 512-475-7104
  • Ticket Office (including Department of Theatre and Dance Tickets): TPA, E3300, 512-471-1444

Texas Program in Sports and Media: Michael J. Cramer, Executive Director, BMC 5.204, A0900, 512-471-2431, fax 512-475-9711

Texas Space Grant Consortium: Wallace T. Fowler, Director, R1000, 800-248-8742, fax 512-471-3585

  • Mailing address: 3925 W Braker Ln, Ste 200, Austin TX 78759

Texas Student Media: HSM 3.200, E4100, 512-471-5083, fax 512-232-5793

  • Director: Gerald Johnson, HSM 3.304, 512-471-3851
  • Business Office: HSM 3.200, 512-471-5083
  • Advertising: 512-471-1865 or 

Texas Student Television: HSM fourth level, E4100, 512-471-7899, fax 512-232-5793

  • Station Manager: HSM 4.106, 512-471-7899
  • Broadcast Adviser: Robert Zimmer, HSM 4.108, 512-471-3098

Texas Studies in Literature and Language: Kurt Heinzelman, Editor-in-Chief, PAR 121, 512-471-6688, e-mail

  • Mailing address: Department of English, PAR 108, B5000

Texas Success Initiative (TSI) (see Undergraduate Studies, School of)

Texas Technology Access Project (see Texas Center for Disability Studies)

Texas Travesty Humor Magazine: HSM second level, E-4100, 512-471-7898, fax 512-232-5793

  • Editorial Adviser: Peter Chen, HSM 2.120F, 512-232-2214

Textiles and Apparel, Division of: Michele Forman, Division Head, GEA 113, A2700, 512-471-4287, fax 512-471-5630

  • Undergraduate Adviser: GEA 37, A2700, 512-471-7219, e-mail
  • Graduate Coordinator: Tiffany Swonke, GEA 121, A2700, 512-471-0941, fax 512-471-5630, e-mail
  • Historical Textiles and Apparel Collection: GEA 4, A2700, 512-471-5096

Theatre and Dance, Department of: Brant Pope, Chair, WIN 1.144, D3900, 512-471-5793, fax 512-471-0824

Theoretical Chemistry, Institute for: John F. Stanton, Director, WEL 3.204, A5300, 512-471-3555, fax 512-471-1624, e-mail

Theory Group: Steven Weinberg, Director, RLM 9.306, 512-471-4394, fax 512-471-4888, e-mail

  • Mailing address: The University of Texas at Austin, Theory Group, 1 University Station C1608, Austin TX 78712-0269

Thomas Jefferson Center for the Study of Core Texts and Ideas

Thompson Conference Center, TEXAS Extended Campus: E4302, 512-471-3121, fax 512-232-7033, e-mail

  • Director: Patrick Watson, TCC 1.102A, 512-471-2930, e-mail
  • Catering/Food Services: TCC 1.108, 512-471-3121
  • Conference Services: 512-471-3121, fax 512-232-7033
  • Learn It Online Computer Courses: 512-471-2938
  • Registrar (for Thompson Conference Center programs): TCC 1.102, 512-471-2938
  • Room Reservations and Meeting Planning: TCC 1.108, 512-471-3121
  • TraveLearn, Studies on Tour: 512-471-3121

Ticket Office, Texas Performing Arts: PAC, E3300, 512-471-1444, fax 512-471-3636

Trademark Licensing, Office of: Craig Westemeier, Associate Athletics Director, NEZ 7.770, E2400, 512-475-7923, fax 512-232-7080, e-mail

  • Trademark Licensing Coordinator: Martita Huntress, NEZ 7.772, E2400, 512-475-7923, fax 512-232-7080, e-mail
  • Mailing address: The University of Texas at Austin, Office of Trademark Licensing, PO Box 7399, Austin TX 78713
  • Packages address: The University of Texas at Austin, Office of Trademark Licensing, 2139 San Jacinto Blvd, RMRZ B206, Austin TX 78712

Transcripts (see Registrar, Office of the)

Transportation Research, Center for: Chandra Bhat, Director, 512-232-3100, fax 512-232-3153

  • Mailing address: The University of Texas at Austin, Center for Transportation Research, 1616 Guadalupe, 4.202, Austin TX 78701
  • Campus address: D9300

Travel Management Services: Lee Loden, Director, SER 104, C2800, 512-471-6641, fax 512-471-0771, e-mail

Travel Vouchers (see Accounting, Office of)

Trouble Calls, Department of Facilities Services: Please call the zone maintenance shop for your area. To determine which zone your building is in, please refer to

  • North Campus Zone Maintenance Shop (Zone 1): 512-471-7728
  • Central Campus Zone Maintenance Shop (Zone 2): 512-471-0043
  • East Campus Zone Maintenance Shop (Zone 3): 512-471-0244
  • South Campus Zone Maintenance Shop (Zone 4): 512-232-3980
  • General information: 512-471-6188. Outside regular working hours: 512-471-2020
  • Work Order Request and Query System (WORQS) (routine maintenance, custodial, or nonemergency requests)

Tuition Billing, Office of Accounting: Lois Stahlke, Manager, MAI 4, K5308, 512-475-7777, fax 512-471-0212


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