University Offices - W

Waggoner Center for Alcohol and Addiction Research (see Alcohol and Addiction Research, Waggoner Center for)

Waller Creek Residence Halls (Brackenridge, Roberts, Prather, Moore-Hill, Creekside, San Jacinto) (see Residence Halls)

Walter Library (see Geology [Walter] Library)

Warfield Center for African and African American Studies, John L. (see African and African American Studies, John L. Warfield Center for)

Wasserman Library (see Public Affairs [Wasserman] Library)

Water Quality (see Environmental Health and Safety)

Water Resources, Center for Research in: Lynn E. Katz, Director, CWR, R8000, 512-471-3131, fax 512-471-0072

  • Mailing Address: The University of Texas at Austin, Center for Research in Water Resources, 10100 University Station, MC R8000, Austin, TX 78758
  • Physical Address: 10100 Burnet Rd., Bldg 119 (CWR)

Wellness and Work/Life Balance Programs: NOA 3.302, 512-475-7207

  • Work-life Balance and Wellness Manager: Claire Moore, MPH

Whitis Residence Halls (Andrews, Blanton, Carothers, Duren, Littlefield, Kinsolving, Whitis Court) (see Residence Halls)

Wildflower Center, Lady Bird Johnson: JWC L01, T5000, 512-232-0200, fax 512-232-0156

Winedale: Barbara White, PO Box 11, Round Top TX 78945-0011, 979-278-3530, fax 979-278-3531, e-mail

Wireless Networking and Communications Group (WNCG): UTA 7.518, 512-471-6500, fax 512-471-6512

Women in Engineering Program: Tricia Berry, Director, ECJ 2.108, C2100, 512-471-5650, fax 512-232-1885, e-mail

Women in Natural Sciences: WCH 3.104, G2500, 512-471-3285, fax 512-471-4998

Women's and Gender Studies: Susan Heinzelman, Director, BUR 536, A4900, 512-471-5765, fax 512-475-8146, e-mail

Work/Life Services and Employee Assistance Program (EAP) (see Human Resource Services)

Worker Safety (see Environmental Health and Safety)

Workers' Compensation Insurance (see Human Resource Services)

Workforce Planning, Human Resource Services (see Human Resource Services)

WPR Building Management: WPR, R9600, fax 512-232-9445, e-mail

Writers, James A. Michener Center for: FDH (702 E Dean Keeton St), A3400, 512-471-1601, fax 512-471-9997

  • Director, Michener Center for Writers: James Magnuson
  • Graduate Adviser, MFA Program: Michael Adams
  • E-mail:

Writing (see Rhetoric and Writing, Department of; Undergraduate Writing Center; Writers, James A. Michener Center for)

Writing Across the Curriculum Office, Liberal Arts (see Rhetoric and Writing, Department of)

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