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Expanding knowledge and inspiring discovery are at the heart of The University of Texas at Austin, which leads the nation in producing intrepid researchers and innovative scholars whose impact resonates through Texas and beyond. DDCE advances the university’s excellence in research by collecting and disseminating vast knowledge about the value of academic and campus diversity and community engagement.

DDCE also supports engaged scholarship with community roots, encourages research in campus and community learning and working environments, and implements best practices toward achieving academic and campus diversity. A number of DDCE initiatives engage students in undergraduate research and encourage their advancement to graduate school and further research activities.

By sharing its knowledge—whether by publishing in journals and books, engaging in policy discussions, or presenting findings to local groups or audiences far and wide—DDCE provides solutions to critical issues in higher education and exerts a positive impact on students, faculty, staff, policymakers and communities everywhere.

Campus Diversity and Strategic Initiatives is leading the research goal and its corresponding initiatives.  A portfolio within the Division of Diversity and Community Engagement, CDSI supports and enhances an equitable campus culture at The University of Texas at Austin by engaging in divisional strategic planning, campus diversity planning, campus climate incident response, diversity education, research and special projects.

The DDCE Research Committee supports division-wide research efforts in the creation of knowledge and best practices for diversity and community engagement through innovative scholarship, teaching, policy development, programs and services.

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