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Choosing a Strong Password

All UT EID holders are expected to choose strong passwords and guard them well. If someone else obtains your UT EID password, they can use your account to access your private data (including e-mail), alter or destroy your files, and perform illegal or inappropriate activities in your name. In such cases, it is difficult to find the culprit. Ultimately, you are responsible for your account and any activities performed using it.

The Importance of a Strong Password

If your computer is on the UT network or the Internet, someone else can have their computer test hundreds of password combinations against yours every second. This is called “brute-force” password cracking, and the best protection against it is a strong password.

What Makes a Password Strong?

A strong password is as long as possible. You must use at least eight characters in your password, and you can use as many as twenty characters. The longer the password, the less vulnerable it is to a brute-force attack.

Strong passwords:

A strong password in the UT EID system should not:

Creating a Strong Password

It may take a few minutes to create a strong password that is easy to remember. ITS suggests that you try using phrases to create strong passwords. For example (do NOT use any of these examples as your password):

Even if your passwords are strong, ITS recommends you change them approximately every six months. Also, never use your UT EID password for other online services such as shopping, your bank account, or e-mail accounts. You should have a unique password for your university accounts.