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Do I need to upgrade my UT EID?

Having an upgraded UT EID means that The University of Texas has seen physical proof of your identity (such as a driver's license or passport) and that you have signed a form giving your UT EID legal signature authority.

When you have an upgraded UT EID, you can use your EID as your electronic signature to complete transactions online that normally require you to go to a UT office in person, show a photo ID, and/or require your signature. You claim responsibility for everything that happens with your UT EID when it is upgraded.

Who Needs an Upgraded UT EID?

UT Austin students can complete many typical student activities online without needing an upgraded UT EID, such as registering for classes and updating their addresses. However, online services for students, such as ordering a transcript or applying for an emergency loan, require an upgraded UT EID.

All UT Austin faculty and staff are required to upgrade their UT EID to access online UT services and resources, such as payroll and W2 information.

Faculty and staff at UT institutions other than UT Austin are not generally required to upgrade their UT EID, but they may want or need to do so for reasons similar to those listed above for UT Austin faculty and staff.

Getting an Upgraded UT EID

To see if you are eligible to upgrade your UT EID, either in person or remotely by mail, refer to the self-service tool Upgrading Your UT EID. The easiest way to upgrade your UT EID is to bring your driver's license or passport to the ID Center nearest you.