About Enrollment Management

Ensuring students have the opportunity and support to complete a world-class undergraduate education within four years is an essential part of The University of Texas at Austin's constitutional mandate to serve as a "university of the first class for the people of Texas."

That's why in May 2011 President William Powers Jr. set a goal to graduate 70 percent of our students within four years by 2017.

Students who graduate in four years begin their careers or pursue graduate education sooner than their peers while incurring less student loan debt. Their parents save money on tuition costs. The university, itself, proudly sends these graduates into the broader world as representatives of the university while gaining additional capacity for new students.


GRADUATION RATES at The University of Texas at Austin
have steadily increased over the past three decades.

Read the Final Report of the Task Force on Undergraduate Graduation Rates

By reaching our goal of 70 percent four-year graduation rates, we will continue to fulfill our constitutional mandate while sending future generations of Longhorns out to change the world.

Why Now?

Currently, about half of UT Austin undergraduate students receive a degree in four years. This rate is higher than at any other public college or university in Texas, but lower than several peer, public research universities across the nation, which already meet the goal to which we aspire.

And while more than 80 percent of our students currently graduate within six years, it is vital to increase that success rate by retaining more students and helping those who will ultimately graduate do so more quickly.

We recognize that to continue to excel as a top tier research university, we must improve our four-year graduation rates and remain competitive among our peer institutions.

We welcome the challenge.