Degree Modernization

students in library studying

Today's students are using technology at unprecedented rates, and naturally, they are using it to navigate their academic experiences as a Longhorn.

As a result, the university has incorporated innovative learning techniques into the classroom, especially through Curriculum Innovation Grants, which improves lower division gateway courses by using transformative approaches to teaching and learning.

We deployed our first four massive open online courses (MOOCs) in fall 2013, followed by an additional five in spring 2014. Faculty and course development teams used state-of-the-art approaches to build the content, assessments and technology for each course.

Additionally, we're developing interdisciplinary degree paths that respond to societal needs — creating degrees in emerging intellectual areas that don't fit within existing degree programs.

As a university, we understand what it takes to be successful in providing an innovative academic experience, and we embrace the evolution.

Check out the video to the right that's featured on the university's "What Starts Here" website to see for yourself how UT Austin seamlessly blends tradition and innovation, delivering the best of both worlds for today's students.