Guiding Policy

students walking on campus

Over the past year, several members of the Educational Policy Committee have examined the Task Force on Graduation Rates report to assess which policies could be implemented quickly and have a potential impact on four-year graduation rates. After all, we want to develop policy that makes it easier for our students to navigate their academic success in four years.

Recently, the committee presented various proposals to the university's Faculty Council that would change existing policy, three of which were approved unanimously:

  • Limiting the timing of internal transfers to different colleges, as well as the number of attempts.
  • Requiring that decisions to add a simultaneous major take into account a student's ability to graduate in four years.
  • Dropping the "24-hour" rule that requires students seeking multiple degrees to add 24 hours beyond the number demanded by the degree with the most units required.

The committee will continue to meet to evaluate existing policy and work with colleagues across campus to help facilitate changes which will help improve our four-year graduation rate.