Changes to Registration Access Periods

TO:  Undergraduate Students

Registration for summer and fall 2014 begins in mid-April. I wanted to let you know about some improvements we’re making that will make it easier for you to register for the courses you need as you get closer to completing your degree.

The new process will determine your registration access time by your progress toward degree completion; the closer you are to completing your degree, the earlier will be your access period. If you are a double major, the degree profile that indicates the greatest progress towards degree will determine registration access period. This improvement is another of the changes we’re making to help you make steady progress toward and complete your degree on time.

Summer course schedule will be published March 25 and fall course schedule on April 1. Your individual registration access period will be posted to your Registration Information Sheet (RIS).  

Information on your RIS is available here:   

Academic advising for summer/fall begins on April 9 and registration begins on April 14. Your academic advisors will be working to update degree profiles and make updates to student records by March 3 – the date on which any needed changes must be in place before we can begin assigning registration periods. 

Your advisor may be in touch before then if he/she has questions about your degree profile or your record.  

If you have questions or issues, please contact your advising office or the advisor you usually work with for assistance.


David Laude
Senior Vice Provost for Enrollment and Graduation Management