Complaint Process Flow Chart


The Office of Institutional Equity (OIE) serves the University in fulfilling the intent and spirit of equal opportunity laws by providing equitable resolutions to complaints and striving for an environment free of discrimination, harassment, and retaliation. The ranges of issues include discrimination, sexual harassment, sexual misconduct, consensual relationships, and retaliation. OIE provides advice and consultation, investigates the facts of the case, and initiates corrective procedures and other measures necessary for resolution of the complaint. OIE is equally committed to the adherence of all Federal and State EEO/AA compliance mandates as related to all reporting, educational and outreach opportunity partnerships that are required of a tier one research institution and Federal Contractor.

OIE is responsible for implementing and monitoring the University's harassment, discrimination, and retaliation policies that ensure and support an environment free of harassment, discrimination, and retalition.

You have the right to raise a concern or complaint regarding harassment or discrimination. You also have the right to utilize available resources, such as OIE, and do not have to follow any “chain of command” before contacting OIE to raise a concern/submit a complaint of harassment or discrimination.

Our policies prohibit retaliation against anyone for coming forward with a concern or submitting a complaint. If you believe you have experienced prohibited retaliation, you may contact OIE to address this concern.

Of course at any time during the process, you have the right to consult individuals or agencies external to or outside of the University.


The Office of Institutional Equity Complaint Process:

Complaint Process Flowchart