UT Tower Garden Dedication
August 1, 1999

Lowering of the Flags Ceremony
9:00 a.m.

Displaying the flags at half-staff
The University of Texas R.O.T.C.
Texas State Guard, Camp Mabry

Dr. William S. Livingston, Senior Vice President
Tower Garden Dedication Ceremony
4:00 p.m.

Musical Prelude
Selections from Fantasia, G. F. Teleman


Dr. Larry R. Faulkner, President

Moment of Silence

Musical Interlude
"Sarabande" from Sonata in A-minor, J. S. Bach

Concluding Remarks
Dr. Faulkner


Musical Postlude
"Benedictus" from Mass in B-minor, J. S. Bach

Darkening of the Tower

The Tower will be darkened this evening
in remembrance of those we honor today.

Megan Meisenbach, flute
Victor Quintanilla, reader
Phyllis Waelder, reader

Readings selected from the
writings of Kahlil Gibran

We dedicate this Tower Garden, a most precious parcel of land on the campus, in memory of all the people who suffered as a result of the tragedy on August 1, 1966. This event touched our community in a profound way, and it is our hope that this Tower Garden will be a place where people can come for reflection and renewed serenity.

Dr. Larry R. Faulkner, President
The University of Texas at Austin

2 August 1999
The University of Texas at Austin
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