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The tradition of the "UTexas@" program began in 1998, the year Dr. Larry R. Faulkner became the 26th president of The University of Texas at Austin. At UTexas@115 in 1998, Dr. Faulkner delivered his first State of the University Address and was presented with the Mace of Authority designating his authority as president. In 2004, the program title was adapted to "The University at 122." The event is planned annually in conjunction with the date when the university first opened its doors to students on September 15, 1883.

The 2006 celebration is the occasion at which William Powers Jr. will be installed as the 28th president of The University of Texas at Austin.  As a part of the program, he will deliver his Inaugural Address on the State of the University.

The University at 122 September 14 , 2005
The University at 121 October 6, 2004
UTexas@120 logo UTexas@120 September 17, 2003
Graphic for UTexas@119 program UTexas@119 September 18, 2002
Graphic for UTexas@118 program UTexas@118 September 21, 2001
Graphic for UTexas@117 program UTexas@117 September 15, 2000
Graphic for UTexas@116 program UTexas@116 September 15, 1999
Graphic for UTexas@115 program UTexas@115 October 6, 1998

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