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The University of Texas at Austin Medallion of Office was presented by the student body to each of the academic officers of the university during Commencement exercises in May 2000.  The metal finish distinguishes the role of the person wearing the medallion.   Deans are identified by a bronze medallion, the provost by a silver medallion and the president by a gold medallion.

photo of the Mace of Authority

The medallion contains the historic wreath and star from the seal of the State of Texas set over a scenic sunrise.  Framed by the name of the university, the sun rises over an open book, symbolic of the institution of learning. Inscribed are the words Disciplina  Praesidium  Civitatis, a terse rendering of the apothegm of Mirabeau B. Lamar, the first president of the Republic of Texas:  “A cultivated mind is the guardian genius of democracy.”

When this new tradition began, 1999-2000 Student Government President, Parisa Fatehi said: "The images on these medallions are adapted from an emblem on the diplomas of 1900.  At that time, the sunrise represented the rays of hope that would come from an educated populace in the Lone Star State, something that was not a reality in 1900.  The Class of 2000 represents the fulfillment of a vision for the future.  This medallion will be passed on to every generation of leadership in the university with the hope that its presence at official academic ceremonies will embody the hope, spirit and high achievement of all students who have ever, or ever will, pass through these halls of learning."


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