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Kathryn Wiley (primary)

Alexa M Stuifbergen

Professor, School of Nursing

Phone: +1 512 471 4100, +1 512 232 4764

Alexa Stuifbergen's research focuses on assisting individuals and families who are living with chronic disabling conditions to maximize their health and quality of life. She is presenty engaged in two NIH-funded studies: one is a health promotion intervention for women with multiple sclerosis and the second is a longitudinal survey study of persons with multiple sclerosis and post-polio to examine how self-care behaviors influence quality of life outcomes, progression of disease-related disability and the development of secondary conditions. Stuifbergen is a fellow of the American Academy of Nursing and recently served on the DHHS subcommittee to develop health promotion objectives for persons with disabilities for Healthy People 2010.


Health promotion, chronic illness, disability, multiple sclerosis; rehabilitation, post-polio syndrome, fibromyalgia