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Charles B Chiu

Professor, Department of Physics, College of Natural Sciences

Phone: +1 512 471 1707, +1 512 471 1153

Dr. Charles Chiu is the Friar Centennial Teaching Fellow, 1998-99. He did his undergraduate work at Seattle Pacific College summa cum laude and completed his Ph.D. in High Energy Physics at the University of California at Berkeley. He did his postdoctoral work at CERN in Geneva, Switzerland; at Cambridge University, in Cambridge, England; and at Caltech in Pasadena, California. He joined the faculty of The University of Texas Department of Physics in 1971. He became a full professor at UT in 1981. He has received many teaching excellence awards including President' s asociates Teaching Excellence Award in 1991, Marian-Harris Thornberry Centennial Professorship (in recognition of teaching excellence), 1994-96, Special Award for Excellence in Teaching UT College of Engineering 1995, Dad's Association Centennial Teaching Fellowship in 1997. With the UT Classtalk project, Dr. Chiu pioneered the large class interactive teaching approach on UT campus. He was selected to the Academy of Distinguished Teachers in 1998. Up until several years ago, Dr. Chiu's main research was in Theoretical Particle Physics. He was engaged in this area of research since 1965. Starting from the summer of 1998, his research has been shifted to following a new direction. He has been very interested in accelerator physics based on accelerating electrons through a laser-wakefield acceleration mechanism. His current investigation is on ultra-high energy accelerators which may have the potential to be used for high energy experiments in the future. He plans to devote most of his near-future research effort to low-energy compact accelerators for medicine.


Particle theory; laser-plasma physics;physics education, environment & earth science