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Daniel A Bonevac

Professor, Department of Philosophy, College of Liberal Arts

Phone: +1 512 471 4857, +1 512 232 4333

Bonevac's research focuses on the intersection of metaphysics, philosophical logic, and ethics. His first book, "Reduction in the Abstract Sciences," received the Johnsonian Prize from The Journal of Philosophy. His other books include: "Deduction," "The Art and Science of Logic," "Simple Logic," and "Worldly Wisdom." He is the editor of several texts that make philosophical concepts understandable to a lay audience, including "Today's Moral Issues," now in its fifth edition, and "Understanding Non-Western Philosophy." Bonevac teaches the popular undergraduate course, "Contemporary Moral Problems" as well as "World Philosophy," "History of Christian Philosophy" and "Logic."

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Philosophy; Logic; Moral Issues; Ethics; Philosophy in Popular Culture; Christian Philosophy.

"Today's Moral Issues," "Understanding Non-Western Philosophy," "The Art and Science of Logic."