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Deborah A Bolnick

Assistant Professor, Department of Anthropology, College of Liberal Arts

Phone: +1 512 471 7532, +1 512 471 2781

Bolnick's research focuses on human genetic variation and how it is shaped by culture, language, history, and geography. She uses both ancient and modern DNA to reconstruct Native American prehistory. She is also interested in genetic ancestry testing and how it affects our understanding of race and ethnicity. On the subject of genetic ancestry testing, she has been widely interviewed by the popular press, including the PBS News Hour, BBC World Radio, and the Wall Street Journal. Bolnick's research was featured in a 2007 UT homepage feature story, Deep Roots?.

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Molecular anthropology, ancient DNA studies, human biological variation, race, population genetics, Native American prehistory, anthropology of science, DNA ancestry testing

"The Science and Business of Genetic Ancestry Testing" Science, 2007. "Asymmetric Male and Female Genetic Histories among Native Americans from Eastern North America" Molecular Biology and Evolution, 2006. "Native American DNA Tests: What are the risks for the tribes?" The Native Voice, 2004.